What do you dream about?

Last night I dreamt about moving tables and chairs at work.  Sometimes space is important.  Functional space depends on what will happen in the room.  You all know we sell coffee, food and kicken’ pastries.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacking allowed.

With the right combo of seating, space, tables and chairs with people creating that lovely hum of chumminess, business meetings and chilling the day passes idyllically.  On certain days we get to push all of our chairs and tables into groupings to fit big 20 –  30 person groups.  Then we get to serve book groups, ladies who lunch, bridal showers, business meetings and just for fun luncheons.  What fun to see what people choose to eat and what they linger over.

Lately we had requests for fall drinks.  We created the perfect pumpkin spice syrup for all things pumpkiny.  Our Kelsey created a Cinnamon Toast Latte that tickles the fall leaning tastes too.  Today though with our September temperatures soaring in the high 90’s our customers were delighted to order everything iced.  What will be tomorrow’s drink forecast?


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