8 Best Coffee Beans For AeroPress: Perfect For Travellers

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Calling all jet-setting coffee enthusiasts! If you’re an AeroPress lover on the move, finding the right coffee beans is essential for your perfect cup.

In this article, we’ve curated the ultimate list of the 8 best coffee beans tailored to suit your AeroPress brewing style.

Whether you’re exploring new horizons or just need a quick pick-me-up, these coffee beans are your ideal companions for rich, flavorful, and hassle-free coffee, wherever your travels take you.

8 Best Coffee Beans For AeroPress: At A Glance

  1. Lifeboost Embolden Dark Roast Coffee: Best Overall
  2. Volcanica Guatemala Antigua Reserve Dark Roast: Runner Up
  3. Death Wish Dark Roast Ground Coffee: Best Ground Coffee
  4. Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass: Best Dark Roast
  5. Lifeboost Grata Medium Roast Coffee: Best Medium Roast
  6. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend: Most Balanced
  7. Tiny Footprint Coffee Nicaragua Segovia Dark Roast
  8. Klatch Coffee Belle Medium-Dark Roast

Review Of The 8 Best Coffee Beans For AeroPress

So now that you know what the best coffee beans for your AeroPress are, let’s briefly go over each of them to help you decide the most suitable choice.

Lifeboost Embolden Dark Roast Coffee: Best Overall

If you’ve been following our coffee bean recommendations, you’re likely familiar with our love for Lifeboost coffee beans.

And for AeroPress enthusiasts, we can’t help but suggest Lifeboost once again – their coffee beans are top-notch.

Specifically, their Embolden Dark Roast Coffee stands out.

Made from high-quality beans grown in the shade of the mountains, this USDA organic coffee is roasted in small batches for maximum flavor.

What’s great is its low acidity and easy-on-the-stomach nature.

No harmful pesticides or processes are used – just natural spring water washing and sun-drying.

The flavor profile of the Embolden Dark Roast is robust and distinct.

It has hints of raw sugar, black tea, vanilla, cane sugar, and caramel dancing on your palate.

Plus, it’s been thoroughly tested for toxins like mycotoxins, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Customers rave about its rich, full-bodied smoothness that’s paired with a delightfully fruity and floral aroma.

So, if you’re into AeroPress brewing, we genuinely believe these beans from Lifeboost are your best bet.


  • Gentle on the stomach with low acidity
  • Certified organic, mold-free, and pH-tested
  • Boasts a robust and bold flavor profile
  • Offers earthy, woody, and chocolatey-tasting notes
  • Sourced from a single origin, ensuring high quality
  • Supports fair trade practices and is shade-grown
  • Easily customizable with the AeroPress brewing method


  • Positioned as a gourmet brand, potentially straining tight budgets

Volcanica Guatemala Antigua Reserve Dark Roast: Runner Up

The Volcanica Guatemala Antigua Reserve Dark Roast is a coffee that embodies richness, a full-bodied nature, and a smooth, refined flavor.

Its bold dark roast aroma adds to the experience.

This exceptional brew hails from the captivating Antigua district in Guatemala, renowned for its exceptional coffee and varied highland landscapes.

What sets this coffee apart is its gentle acidity, earning it a spot as a low-acid option.

Notably, it holds certifications like USDA Organic, Kosher, and Rainforest Alliance Certified, aligning with conscientious choices.

Delving into its flavor notes, you’ll discover profound hints of caramel, earthiness, and subtle smokiness, all courtesy of the meticulous washed process it undergoes.

Guided by the hands of expert roasters, this coffee’s journey culminates in a dark roast.

This spotlight on the Antigua region’s distinct coffee attributes enhances the coffee’s natural flavors.

So, why did we pick it as a companion for your AeroPress? The answer lies in its diverse flavor profile, which resonates perfectly with an AeroPress, particularly when it comes to dark roast blends.


  • Boasts a smooth and sophisticated flavor profile
  • Intense roasted aroma thanks to the dark roast
  • Carries the USDA organic certification
  • Sourced from Guatemala’s renowned Medina Estate, celebrated for premium beans
  • Forms an ideal partnership with AeroPress brewing method


  • Limited to a dark roast; might not suit those seeking lighter roasts

Death Wish Dark Roast Ground Coffee: Best Ground Coffee

If you’re in search of the finest pre-ground coffee for your AeroPress, consider giving Death Wish Ground Coffee a shot.

This blend arrives ready to brew, sparing you the grinding step – a handy time-saver, especially on busy mornings.

Death Wish Dark Roast Ground Coffee combines top-tier Arabica and Robusta beans, meticulously sourced to create a blend that’s roasted to a satisfyingly deep perfection.

The result? A cup that’s rich, never bitter, boasting enchanting notes of dark chocolate and black cherry.

Touted as one of the world’s mightiest coffee brands, it stands out with an intense caffeine punch that sets it apart from the rest.

Crafted with care, this coffee is roasted boldly but never tips into bitterness, ensuring a strong yet smooth cup every single time.

Moreover, it holds the prestigious badges of being USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified, showcasing its support for both coffee farmers’ livelihoods and environmental sustainability.

Summing it up, Death Wish Dark Roast Ground Coffee is the embodiment of boldness and full-bodied flavor.

It’s an ideal pick for coffee aficionados seeking that extra jolt of caffeine to fire up their spirits.


  • Packs a powerful caffeine punch
  • Boasts a delightful and smooth dark roast flavor
  • Carries both Fair Trade and organic certifications
  • Backed by a satisfaction guarantee
  • Offers cost-effective subscription options


  • Includes some lower-quality Robusta beans
  • Falls on the higher price range
  • Might be overpowering for those who prefer milder brews

Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass: Best Dark Roast

Another fantastic contender for your AeroPress adventures is none other than Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass.

This dark roast blend is a medley of 100% certified organic and fair trade Arabica beans, sourced carefully from Indonesia and South America.

It has a smoky, slightly sweet whiff with hints of vanilla and dark chocolate.

Then, as it touches your taste buds, you’ll experience the richness of chocolate malt, a touch of molasses, a hint of licorice, and a subtly earthy finish.

If you’re all about indulging in deep, roasted flavors minus the bitterness, Kick-Ass is your go-to companion.

Bold and daring, this coffee is an exceptional foundation for lattes and cappuccinos.

But don’t limit it to just AeroPress use – it shines equally well in drip machines, French presses, and even as a cold brew.

Delve into the beans’ certifications, and you’ll be pleased to find multiple badges of honor.

The Fairtrade certification speaks to the coffee’s impact, empowering farmers and their communities.

On the other hand, the Organic certification ensures the beans are cultivated responsibly, prioritizing the environment over profit.

What’s more, Kicking Horse Coffee is wholeheartedly committed to sustainable practices throughout its bean-growing journey.


  • Absence of bitterness for a smooth taste
  • Carries the organic label
  • Proudly Fair Trade certified
  • Reliable and unwavering quality
  • A delightfully smoky and sweet aroma


  • Comes at a relatively higher cost
  • Might not surpass the offerings of local roasters

Lifeboost Grata Medium Roast Coffee: Best Medium Roast

Moving along our journey with Lifeboost, we have the Lifeboost Grata Medium Roast Coffee, a perfect alternative if the intensity of the dark roast isn’t your cup of… coffee.

Just like its bolder counterpart, this medium roast gem is single-origin, low in acidity, and proudly free from GMOs.

It’s a result of hand-selecting the finest beans from Nicaragua’s premium harvest.

Grown with patience in the embrace of mountain shade, these beans mature unhurriedly, basking in the sun’s touch.

The meticulous process continues with spring water washing – no shortcuts, no chemical exposure, no pesticides.

It’s all about preserving the true essence of coffee.

As you savor a cup of Grata Medium Roast, you’ll detect delicate fruity undertones and the subtle dance of raw sugar and black tea.

The experience is brightened with citrusy notes of cane sugar and vanilla.

An added feather in its cap: it’s bird-friendly, nurturing a habitat where no pesticides trespass.

Should you want a break from coffee’s usual acidity, this 12-ounce bag of Grata Medium Roast might just be your ticket to a smoother, more enjoyable cup.


  • Offers a smooth and balanced flavor profile
  • Carries the trifecta of organic, single-origin, and shade-grown qualities
  • Gentle on the stomach with its low acidity
  • Certified medium roast using premium Arabica beans
  • Adaptable for AeroPress brewing method customization


  • Being a gourmet brand, it might carry a higher price tag than others
  • The Medium Roast might not cater to those seeking a bolder taste sensation

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend: Most Balanced

This medium espresso roast is a delightful concoction crafted from a combination of Arabica wonders sourced from Brazil, Colombia, and India, intertwined with Robusta treasures from Indonesia and Vietnam.

It is also a blend of 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta beans.

When you sip this brew, you’re in for a harmonious experience.

Notes of roasted hazelnut and a sprinkle of brown sugar fill your cup, making every moment a delicious journey.

Freshness is sealed in with nitrogen packing, ensuring that the first sip is just as vibrant as the last.

One of the jewels of this coffee is the rich crema it produces – thick, velvety, and oh-so-enticing.

And here’s the magic for AeroPress enthusiasts: it’s tailor-made for the AeroPress method.

Primarily designed for espresso lovers, it might come on a tad strong in terms of caffeine for some.

But hey, isn’t that the jolt you need to kickstart your day? And the best part? Quality doesn’t come at a staggering cost.

A 2.2-pound bag brings high-quality coffee beans to your cup, all at a reasonable price point.


  • Offers a mild and creamy flavor complemented by enticing aromas
  • Perfect choice for coffee lovers seeking balanced and flavorful cups
  • Medium espresso roast featuring delightful hints of hazelnuts and brown sugar
  • Crafted and roasted with care in Italy
  • Maintains a desirable non-oily texture


  • Some individuals might perceive the flavor as too mild or subdued

Tiny Footprint Coffee Nicaragua Segovia Dark Roast

The Tiny Footprint Coffee Nicaragua Segovia Dark Roast is not just a coffee, but an environmentally conscious choice.

This Fair Trade Organic gem goes a step further – it’s carbon negative.

The beans hail from family-owned farms united under the Promotora de Desarrollo Cooperativo de Las Segovias (PRODECOOP) cooperative.

This collaborative effort spans the regions of Estelí, Madriz, and Nueva Segovia in Nicaragua.

The journey from bean to cup is a meticulous one, with thorough washing and sun-drying.

What awaits is a sultry, intense dark roast that plays host to notes of chocolate, a burst of apricot brightness, a whisper of fig, and a dash of spice.

These Arabica beans thrive in the elevated lands of Nueva Segovia and its surroundings, each sip embodying the flavors of Nicaragua.

And here’s why fans of AeroPress are singing its praises: it’s not just the coffee, but the region itself that matters.

Nicaraguan flavors, subtly laced with spices, become an AeroPress lover’s cherished indulgence.

Just remember, the land where coffee grows changes its essence – making this Nicaraguan delight a common favorite among those who value a nuanced coffee experience.


  • Shade-grown, safeguarding biodiversity and the environment
  • USDA organic, indicating no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers
  • Fairtrade certified, guaranteeing fair wages and safe conditions for farmers
  • Carbon negative, surpassing carbon emissions with their offset efforts
  • Simply delicious, a treat for your taste buds


  • Some customers complain that it lacks a full-body taste

Klatch Coffee Belle Medium-Dark Roast

The enchanting Klatch Coffee Belle is a luxurious espresso blend that dances with flavors of blackberry, chocolate, and a touch of brandy.

It has a creamy body that culminates in a sweet embrace, while layers of orange citrus and spice play their part in this coffee symphony.

This blend isn’t just any blend; it’s Klatch Coffee’s crown jewel.

The Belle Espresso wears a well-earned badge of honor: a stellar 94/100 points in a Coffee Review.

It’s the stuff dreams are made of, especially when it comes to crafting milk-based drinks. No wonder it’s a star in Klatch’s coffee shops.

As the sun rises on your coffee journey, know this: your Belle Espresso is roasted on demand, ensuring every sip encapsulates the freshest essence.

And the cherry on top? You can get it in whole bean form, ready for your preferred brewing method.

Should you find dark roasts a tad too bold for your taste, this blend steps in as the perfect alternative.

While still robust in flavor, it takes a milder approach compared to traditional dark roasts.

And the helpful touch? The bag even shares the recipe, a guide to pulling the perfect shot, just in case you’re not using an AeroPress.


  • Roasted fresh upon your order
  • Boasts a delightful medium-dark roast
  • Earns acclaim from critics with its high ratings
  • Welcomes you with an inviting aroma of brandy, chocolate, and caramel


  • No pre-ground alternatives are available
  • Labels could offer more detailed information

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Coffee Beans for AeroPress

When seeking the perfect coffee beans for your AeroPress brewing, several key factors play a crucial role in determining the ultimate flavor and experience.

Let’s delve into these factors to help you make an informed choice:

Roast Level

The roast level of your coffee beans significantly impacts the final flavor.

For AeroPress, you have a broad spectrum to choose from, ranging from light to dark roasts.

Light roasts tend to retain more of the bean’s original characteristics, offering intricate flavors.

Medium roasts strike a balance between brightness and body, making them versatile for various brewing methods.

Dark roasts provide bold, robust flavors, ideal if you love intense, smoky notes.

Choose a roast level that aligns with your taste preferences.

Origin and Single-Origin vs. Blends

The coffee’s origin greatly influences its flavor profile.

Single-origin beans come from a specific region, offering unique flavor notes characteristic of that area.

Blends combine beans from various origins, allowing roasters to create balanced and consistent flavor profiles.

When using an AeroPress, both options can shine.

Single-origin beans may provide more nuanced flavors, while blends can offer complexity and consistency in each cup.

Flavor Profile and Notes

Consider the flavor notes mentioned on the coffee packaging.

These descriptors hint at the tastes you can expect – whether it’s fruity, chocolaty, nutty, or floral.

Pay attention to notes like caramel, citrus, chocolate, or spices.

The AeroPress brewing method can enhance these notes, providing a dynamic range of flavors.

Acidity Level

Acidity is a critical factor, especially for those with sensitive stomachs.

Coffee beans with higher acidity often have bright, tangy, or fruity flavors.

For AeroPress, beans with moderate acidity tend to work well, offering a balanced and smooth cup.

However, if you enjoy a more vibrant flavor, beans with higher acidity can be a great choice.

Grind Size and Freshness

While AeroPress allows flexibility in grind size, a medium to medium-fine grind is generally recommended.

Opt for freshly ground beans to ensure optimal flavor extraction.

Freshness matters – coffee beans start losing flavor shortly after grinding.

Consider grinding your beans just before brewing for the best results.

Whole Beans or Ground

Choose between whole beans and pre-ground coffee based on your convenience and preference.

Whole beans offer prolonged freshness and allow you to grind them to your desired consistency right before brewing.

Pre-ground coffee is a time-saver, making it a great choice for those mornings when speed is essential.

Ethical Considerations

Choose beans that align with your values.

Look for certifications like Fair Trade, which ensures that the farmers receive fair wages and work in safe conditions.

Organic certification indicates that the beans are grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

If sustainability is a priority, seek beans from companies engaged in environmentally friendly practices.

Brewing Method Compatibility

Certain beans shine brighter with specific brewing methods.

AeroPress’s versatility means it can handle a wide range of beans, but some flavors may be better suited than others.

Consider how the bean’s flavor profile complements the AeroPress brewing process for an enjoyable cup.


Finally, factor in your budget.

Quality coffee beans come at various price points.

While gourmet options might offer exceptional flavors, more affordable options can also deliver satisfying cups of coffee.

Balancing quality and cost is essential.

AeroPress vs French Press Coffee

When it comes to AeroPress and French press coffee, there are several key distinctions that set them apart.

These differences encompass the brewing process, grind size, filter type, acidity, flavor, versatility, and portability.

Both methods share a commonality as full immersion brewing processes that involve pressing, yet AeroPress stands out as a French Press 2.0 due to its enhanced design and durability.

The gentleness of AeroPress brewed coffee on the stomach arises from its rapid brewing process that minimizes acidity.

In fact, AeroPress coffee boasts just one-ninth of the acidity found in French press coffee, all the while preserving a rich, delectable flavor.

Distinct in its own right, French press coffee carries its signature richness due to the presence of coffee oils that are absent in AeroPress coffee.

Adding to AeroPress’s appeal is its flexibility in grind size and filter type, rendering it more versatile than its French press counterpart.

French press, although steadfast in its classic brewing method, can double as a vessel for cold brew or pour-over coffee experiments.

For those seeking simplicity and consistency, the French press takes the lead.

Yet, if you’re the adventurous type who craves experimentation and enjoys a coffee maker that’s easily portable, AeroPress is your match.

Should you desire a bolder AeroPress brew, a simple solution is to increase the coffee amount or brew time – an effortless way to tailor your cup to perfection.

What Coffee Roast Works Best With AeroPress?

Choosing the perfect coffee roast for your AeroPress is a matter of personal taste, yet some suggestions align with flavor profiles that suit this brewing style.

AeroPress’s versatility accommodates both light and dark roasts, making it a versatile choice.

Generally, a dark roast earns favor for AeroPress, as its deep, smoky notes complement the brewing process and enhance the coffee’s inherent flavors.

The Verdict

After savoring the nuances of various coffee beans for AeroPress, our top pick, the Lifeboost Embolden Dark Roast Coffee, stands tall as the best overall choice.

Its low acidity, single-origin richness, and exceptional quality make each sip a true delight.

A close contender, the Volcanica Guatemala Antigua Reserve Dark Roast, captures our runner-up spot, presenting a full-bodied experience with a touch of sophistication.

If convenience is your aim, the Death Wish Dark Roast Ground Coffee steps up as the best ground option, boasting a powerful kick of caffeine, while the Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass takes the crown for the finest dark roast, treating your senses to a bold adventure.

And for those seeking a smoother journey, the Lifeboost Grata Medium Roast Coffee rises as the prime medium roast, offering a harmonious cup that’s perfectly balanced.


What kind of coffee do you use in an AeroPress?

To make coffee with an AeroPress, you should use a medium-fine grind size, which is between drip grind and espresso grind.

Do you need special coffee for AeroPress?

No, you can use any coffee when brewing with an AeroPress coffee maker and you’ll get a delicious cup.

Why is the AeroPress so good?

Overall, the AeroPress is a great coffee maker that offers a lot of flexibility and control over the brewing process, while still being fast and easy to use.

It produces a well-rounded, flavorful cup of coffee that is forgiving of mistakes, making it a great option for coffee enthusiasts of all levels.

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