Best Portafilter Basket For Espresso In 2024: Our Top 9 Picks

In the world of espresso enthusiasts, the portafilter basket plays a crucial role in determining the quality of your coffee.

A well-chosen portafilter basket can enhance the extraction process, leading to a rich and flavorful shot of espresso.

With a plethora of options available in the market, finding the right one can be a daunting task.

Fear not! In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of the top 9 portafilter baskets that stand out in terms of quality, performance, and customer satisfaction.

If you’re a seasoned barista or a homebrewing aficionado, our recommendations are sure to guide you toward the perfect choice for your espresso setup.

9 Best Portafilter Baskets: At A Glance

  1. E&B Lab IMS Nanoquartz Precision Basket
  2. HUGH IMS Precision Filter Basket 51 mm
  3. Verybarista Triple IMS Precision Nanotech Filter Basket
  4. IMS 54mm Basket for Breville 18-22g Precision Portafilter Basket
  5. IMS Competition Filter Basket for La Pavoni
  6. IMS Precision 18-22 g filter basket B62.52TH28E 
  7. Rancilio 58mm Backflush Disk Blind Portafilter Basket
  8. Univen Espresso Maker Filter Basket Cup
  9. E&B Lab NT (NanoTech) Double Espresso Portafilter Basket 58mm Ridgeless

Do Portafilter Baskets Make A Difference?

Certainly, the selection of a portafilter basket does indeed influence the espresso’s quality.

The basket’s design and perforation play a pivotal role in determining the flow rate, extraction yield, and ultimately, the flavor of the espresso.

Precision baskets stand out for their accelerated flow rate, accommodating a finer grind and extracting more flavors without the risk of bitterness from over-extraction.

These distinctions in performance hold considerable weight, affecting how finely the coffee must be ground and leading to noticeable differences in taste.

Precision baskets, however, demand more meticulous puck preparation and careful attention during the brewing process.

In a comparison between stock and specialty portafilter baskets, the specialty ones exhibited a lower Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) extraction yield, resulting in a discernible flavor difference.

Moreover, the basket’s design influences extraction time and shot strength.

In essence, the choice of a portafilter basket significantly shapes the quality and flavor of the espresso, making precision baskets a wise investment for those seeking to elevate their espresso experience.

1. E&B Lab IMS Nanoquartz Precision Basket


Here’s our #1 game-changer in the world of espresso – the IMS Filtri project E&B Lab’s specially crafted portafilter basket.

Designed to accentuate the flavors of light to medium roasts, this Precision Filter basket, coated with Nanquartz, boasts the largest filtration area with 715 holes.

What does that mean for your coffee? It allows for the extraction of a much finer grind, ensuring a taste experience like never before.

It’s also pretty versatile, accommodating 16 to 19 grams of coffee, depending on the roast and grind.

Compatible with 58mm Portafilters and 58.5mm Tampers, this basket is a universal fit for your espresso setup.

The Nanoquartz coating takes it up a notch – not only does it make the surface smoother, promoting better flow, but it also ensures that coffee and oils won’t stick.

The result? A cleaner basket and an easier cleaning process.

Crafted for double espresso lovers, this ridgeless basket with a flat bottom is tailor-made for E61 group head portafilters, fitting seamlessly with brands like Gaggia, Astoria, Rancilio, and more.

In the vast landscape of espresso machines, this portafilter basket finds its home with a range of popular brands including Rocket, Faema, La Marzocco, Synesso, and many others.

Up your espresso game with this versatile and performance-driven accessory – your taste buds will thank you.

2. HUGH IMS Precision Filter Basket 51 mm


The HUGH IMS Precision Filter Basket is a stainless steel gem for coffee lovers aiming for perfection in every brew.

This basket is your go-to companion if you’re using 51mm standard portafilters, and it’s a match made in heaven for brands like Breville, DeLonghi, Hamilton Beach, and more.

Designed to hold a coffee payload of 18 grams, this basket’s 0.3 mm precise hole size is a game-changer.

Say goodbye to fine powder hassles and hello to effortlessly extracted espresso.

Crafted from top-notch stainless steel, this basket is not only durable but also a star performer.

It’s part of the IMS Competition Series, boasting efficient extraction, an optimal hole size, and the maximum number of holes for a 51 mm filter basket.

What sets it apart? The patent IMS perforation technology.

Uniform-sized holes with a smooth surface, free from any rough edges, work like magic to filter out coffee beans seamlessly, ensuring a flawless extraction.

In a nutshell, the HUGH IMS Precision Filter Basket is a great choice for coffee enthusiasts who want to upgrade their coffee experience and achieve optimal results every time.

3. Verybarista Triple IMS Precision Nanotech Filter Basket


The Verybarista Triple IMS Precision Nanotech Filter Basket is our next choice.

This top-tier filter basket is a perfect match for 54mm Breville Sage Espresso machines, including Express, Bambino, Bambino Plus, Impress, Barista Touch, Infuser, and Duo Temp.

Why does it stand out? The Nano coating not only keeps things spotless but also makes cleanup a breeze.

With 641 thoughtfully placed holes, a flat bottom, and dimensions of 62.5mm width and 32mm height, this stainless Aisi 304 steel basket is tailor-made for bottomless portafilters and 53-53.5mm tampers.

It can handle a coffee load of 20 to 24 grams, and its unique design features more holes at the bottom than any other IMS 54mm baskets.

Closer hole placement ensures an exceptional espresso experience.

If you’re serious about your triple-shot espresso latte adventures, this basket is a must-have.

4. IMS 54mm Basket for Breville 18-22g Precision Portafilter Basket


The IMS 54mm Basket for Breville is another game-changer in the world of espresso.

Crafted with AISI 304 Stainless Steel, it’s designed to keep those metallic tastes at bay, ensuring your coffee stays pure and flavorful.

This basket is your perfect match for a 53mm – 53.5mm tamper, and with a height of 28mm, it’s ready to handle 18-22g of coffee goodness.

What sets it apart? A meticulous design featuring 641 evenly spaced 0.30mm diameter holes, ensuring a smooth and consistent flow for pulling those delicious espresso shots.

Tailor-made for Breville and Sage Espresso machines, including Express, Bambino, Bambino Plus BES450, BES500, BES880, BES810BSS, BES860XL, BES870XL, BES878, this precision filter basket outshines the standard VST portafilter basket.

With dimensions of 62.5mm width and 28mm height, it’s the perfect fit.

And here’s a bonus – each purchase comes with a complimentary Gladwise coffee card!

5. IMS Competition Filter Basket for La Pavoni


If you’re rocking a La Pavoni lever espresso machine, meet your espresso’s new best friend – the IMS Competition Filter Basket.

This little marvel is all about elevating your coffee extraction game and bringing out those delicious flavors.

Designed for double espresso shots packing 14-16 grams of coffee, this basket fits La Pavoni lever espresso machines produced after August 2000.

Think Europiccola, Stradivari, and Romantica – it’s got them covered.

Crafted with top-notch materials like Aisi 304 stainless steel, this filter basket is not only food-safe certified but also designed for perfection.

It has round holes with a conical section, strategically calibrated for that ideal extraction.

Why does it stand out? The shape is optimized to make the most of your coffee puck, preventing channeling, and ensuring a smooth drying and expulsion process.

Plus, it has a sleeker, glossier finish compared to your standard filter basket.

Lastly, what are the dimensions? You’re looking at a height of 25mm, an edge diameter of 60mm, and an inside diameter of 51.5mm.

6. IMS Precision 18-22 g filter basket B62.52TH28E 


The IMS Precision Filter Basket is designed for Breville/Sage espresso machines.

This competition-grade basket is all about delivering the perfect double espresso shot, holding a sweet spot of 18-22 grams.

Crafted with precision, it boasts a wide 62.5mm diameter, a height of 28mm, and 583 strategically placed holes, all sitting on a flat bottom.

Made from durable Stainless Aisi 304 steel, this basket is your go-to for top-notch coffee extraction.

For the perfect fit, pair it with 53-53.5mm tampers and bottomless portafilters.

Just a heads up – you’ll need to bid farewell to the plastic bottom part from your stock portafilter to make room for this filter basket.

Being part of the IMS Precision series, this basket is engineered to bring out the best in coffee extraction.

The optimized shape and perforation ensure an ideal brew, while the bright and polished surface makes cleaning a breeze by preventing dirt from sticking.

Straight from Italy, this filter basket is a versatile addition, perfect for households, milk tea shops, bars, and coffee shops alike.

7. Rancilio 58mm Backflush Disk Blind Portafilter Basket


Got a Rancilio Espresso machine? Meet the Rancilio 58mm Backflush Disk, also known as the Blind Portafilter Basket – your espresso machine’s cleaning superhero.

This stainless steel disc is a must-have for machines equipped with a 3-way solenoid valve.

Using it is a breeze.

Just pop it into your portafilter alongside some backflush cleaner, following the steps laid out in your machine’s manual.

Designed to fit snugly into 58mm portafilters, it’s the perfect match for both Rancilio’s commercial and domestic machines.

Wondering what it’s for? This blind portafilter insert is your go-to for backflushing group heads.

Regular backflushing is like a spa day for your espresso machine – it keeps things clean and in tip-top condition.

Trust us, neglecting this step could lead to a clogged machine, and no one wants that.

So, make the Rancilio 58mm Backflush Disk part of your routine for a happy and healthy espresso experience.

8. Univen Espresso Maker Filter Basket Cup


Attention, Mr. Coffee owners! Up next is a game-changer crafted just for you.

Made from top-notch stainless steel, the Univen espresso coffee filter basket cup is here to upgrade your daily coffee ritual.

Its premium grade material ensures it’s not just durable but built to last.

What sets it apart? This filter basket cup is your ticket to a rich and robust coffee flavor every single time.

Thanks to its unique design, it ensures optimal water dispersion, making sure your coffee grounds get an even soaking for that full and satisfying taste.

Worried about maintenance? Fret not.

The robust construction and easy-to-clean design make it a breeze, all while enhancing the flavor of your espresso.

This stainless steel wonder is a durable and long-lasting alternative to the original filter basket cup.

It fits seamlessly with Mr. Coffee espresso machine models ECM10, EMC2, ECM7, ECM8, ECM91, ECM10, ECM11, ECM20, ECM160-NP, and ECM20-23NP, replacing the Mr. Coffee 4101.

9. E&B Lab NT (NanoTech) Double Espresso Portafilter Basket 58mm Ridgeless


Let’s wrap it up with the E&B Lab NT (NanoTech) Double Espresso Portafilter.

This 58mm Ridgeless is another go-to coffee filter basket, specially crafted for espresso machines.

What’s the secret sauce? Nanoquartz coating.

It not only makes the surface smoother but also amps up the flow while keeping coffee and oils from sticking around.

Translation: cleanup’s a breeze. The basket itself is ridgeless and flaunts a flat bottom for that perfect espresso shot.

Options? You’ve got ’em.

With heights ranging from 20mm to 28mm, it caters to different coffee grind amounts based on the roast.

Crafted from 304 stainless steel, this basket means business, boasting 715 hexagonal holes with a 0.30mm diameter.

It also fits snugly into most E61 58mm group head machines, and fits most 58mm portafilters and 58.5mm tampers.

In a nutshell, the E&B Lab NT Double Espresso Portafilter is here to make your espresso experience smooth, flavorful, and effortlessly clean.

It’s the finishing touch your coffee setup’s been waiting for.

Decoding Portafilter Baskets: Pressurized vs. Non-Pressurized

If you’re diving into the world of espresso, understanding the difference between pressurized and non-pressurized portafilter baskets is key to unlocking the perfect brew.

Let’s break it down:

Pressurized Portafilter Baskets: The Training Wheels

Pressurized baskets are like the training wheels of the espresso world.

They come to the rescue if your grind size isn’t spot-on or if your tamping technique needs a bit of refining.

How? These baskets incorporate a valve that builds up pressure during extraction, compensating for inconsistencies.

While they’re forgiving, they may sacrifice some of the nuances in flavor that coffee aficionados crave.

Non-Pressurized Portafilter Baskets: Unleashing Espresso Purity

On the flip side, non-pressurized baskets demand a bit more finesse.

They let the coffee grounds speak for themselves, relying on your grind size, tamping precision, and overall technique.

The result? A fuller, richer flavor profile that’s a true reflection of your chosen coffee beans.

While they might have a steeper learning curve, the payoff is worth it for those seeking an authentic and nuanced espresso experience.

What Is A Blind Portafilter Basket?

A blind portafilter basket, also referred to as a backflush insert or blind filter, serves a specific purpose in maintaining and cleaning an espresso machine.

Its primary function is to block water flow through the portafilter during the backflushing process, a crucial step in keeping your espresso machine in top-notch condition.

Regular backflushing is a key element in the art of crafting great-tasting espresso, and the blind filter is a fundamental tool for this maintenance task.

To use it, simply place the blind filter in the group handle of the espresso machine, add some Cafiza powder, and initiate the backflushing process.

This routine maintenance helps ensure the cleanliness of essential components such as the group screen, diffuser, passageways, and the 3-way valve, contributing to the longevity and optimal performance of your espresso machine.

Choosing the Best Portafilter Basket: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

When venturing into the world of espresso perfection, the portafilter basket is a critical element that can significantly impact your coffee experience.

To ensure you make an informed decision, consider the following key factors:

Size Compatibility

Portafilter baskets come in various sizes, so it’s crucial to ensure compatibility with your espresso machine.

Common sizes include 58mm and 54mm, but machines from different brands may have unique sizes.

Verify the size that fits your specific machine to guarantee a proper seal and optimal extraction.


The material of the portafilter basket plays a pivotal role in durability and heat retention.

Stainless steel, especially AISI 304, is a popular choice due to its corrosion resistance and robustness.

Consider the material’s ability to withstand heat fluctuations and its impact on the overall longevity and performance of the basket.

Design and Hole Distribution

The design and distribution of holes in the basket significantly influence the extraction process.

Precision baskets with evenly spaced holes ensure a consistent flow of water through the coffee grounds.

Look for designs that promote homogenous extraction, preventing over-extraction or under-extraction for a balanced and flavorful espresso.


NanoTech coatings, like Nanoquartz, are becoming increasingly common in high-quality portafilter baskets.

These coatings make the surface smoother, aiding in better water flow, and prevent coffee and oils from sticking.

A coated basket is not only easier to clean but also enhances the overall brewing experience.

Ridgeless vs. Ridged

Portafilter baskets come in ridgeless and ridged variants.

Ridgeless baskets are known for easier cleaning and a sleek appearance, while ridged baskets can assist in the stability of the coffee puck.

Consider your preference in terms of aesthetics, maintenance, and how you like to handle your coffee grounds.

Pressurized vs. Non-Pressurized

Pressurized baskets are forgiving, compensating for inconsistencies in grind size and tamping, making them suitable for beginners.

Non-pressurized baskets demand more skill but provide greater control over the brewing process, allowing for a more nuanced and authentic espresso experience.

Brand Compatibility

Check if the portafilter basket is compatible with your espresso machine’s brand and model.

Some baskets are designed for specific machines or group heads, ensuring a seamless fit.

Ensure that the chosen basket aligns with your machine’s specifications for optimal performance.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Consider how easy the portafilter basket is to clean and maintain.

Baskets with smooth surfaces and coatings are often simpler to clean, ensuring that residual coffee oils and grounds don’t compromise the flavor of your future brews.

Choose a basket that aligns with your preferred level of maintenance.

Price and Value

While it’s tempting to chase the most feature-rich option, consider your budget.

High-quality portafilter baskets are available at various price points.

Assess the features that matter most to you and strike a balance between quality and cost to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

Final Word

Finding the perfect portafilter basket is an essential step toward mastering the art of espresso.

Our curated list of the top 9 picks encompasses a range of sizes, materials, and features to suit diverse preferences and machine specifications.

Whether you prioritize precision, ease of cleaning, or compatibility, these selections offer a gateway to an elevated coffee experience.

Choose wisely, brew confidently, and savor the richness of your favorite espresso with the best portafilter basket for your needs.


How often should you change your portafilter basket?

It’s recommended to change your portafilter basket every 6-12 months, depending on usage.

Over time, wear and coffee residue can affect the basket’s performance, and regular replacement ensures optimal espresso extraction.

Are precision baskets worth it?

Precision baskets are worth considering for enthusiasts seeking a higher level of control over their espresso.

They offer even extraction, making them ideal for those aiming to perfect their brewing technique and extract nuanced flavors from coffee grounds.

What size basket is best for a portafilter?

The best size depends on your espresso machine’s portafilter.

Common sizes include 58mm and 54mm.

Ensure compatibility with your machine for a proper seal and optimal extraction.

What size basket is best for espresso?

The ideal size for an espresso basket typically ranges from 18-22 grams.

This allows for a balanced extraction, producing a flavorful and robust shot of espresso.

Why is a 58mm portafilter better?

A 58mm portafilter is considered better for espresso extraction due to its larger size, allowing for a more even water distribution over the coffee grounds.

This can result in a fuller flavor and a more balanced shot.

Is it better to use a bottomless portafilter?

Using a bottomless portafilter provides visual feedback during the extraction process, allowing you to assess the evenness of the coffee puck.

It’s favored by those who prioritize precision and want to refine their tamping and distribution techniques.

Are pressurized portafilters better?

Pressurized portafilters are suitable for beginners as they compensate for variations in grind size and tamping.

However, for those seeking greater control and a more authentic espresso experience, non-pressurized baskets are often preferred.

The choice depends on your skill level and brewing goals.

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