Best Turkish Coffee Grinder: The 6 Best Options

In the realm of coffee, precision is essential, and when it comes to the revered tradition of Turkish coffee, a high-quality grinder becomes the cornerstone of a remarkable brew.

Join us as we explore the art of grinding and its pivotal role in crafting the velvety, intense flavors that define authentic Turkish coffee.

Discover the top 6 grinder options that will transport your taste buds to the bustling streets of Istanbul with each and every sip.

Best 6 Turkish Coffee Grinders: At A Glance

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder: Our Favorite Choice

Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Mill: Runner Up

Capresso 565 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder: Best Electric Grinder

BUNN 1-Pound Bulk Coffee Grinder: Best For Capacity

Crystalia Refillable Coffee Grinder

Pepper Mill Imports Traditional Coffee/Spice Mill

Best 6 Turkish Coffee Grinders: In More Detail

Now that you know what our top picks are for the best Turkish coffee grinders, let’s briefly go over each grinder to help you easily decide which choice is the best for you.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder: Our Favorite Choice

When it comes to our top choice for an exceptional Turkish coffee grinder, look no further than the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder.

This portable gem has earned the favor of coffee enthusiasts and experts for its affordable excellence.

Crafted with care, this grinder boasts a professional-grade ceramic conical burr that skillfully enhances the robust flavors of your coffee.

With a great selection of about 18 different settings, this manual grinder offers versatility that fits snugly into your on-the-go lifestyle.

The components ingeniously meld together, forming a secure seal, while the lid and manual crank arm rest atop the assembly.

Simplicity is key, as this grinder’s user-friendly design ensures smooth operation and hassle-free cleaning.

Suitable for crafting fine, medium, and coarse grinds, this grinder truly shines in creating flavorsome brews and is the perfect grinder for Turkish coffee.

The JavaPresse grinder remains self-contained while in use, keeping stray grinds at bay.

Crafted from robust stainless steel, its durability is evident, making it a prized addition to your coffee arsenal.

Disassembling for thorough cleaning is a breeze, with its handle, lid, top chamber, and bottom chamber easily separable.

The stainless steel exterior maintains a modern, sleek appearance that’s effortlessly kept gleaming.

In a nutshell, the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is a remarkable investment, offering exceptional value for money.


  • Portability perfect for travel
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Effortless disassembly and cleaning
  • Robust stainless steel burrs for lasting use
  • Achieves a uniform grind size with consistency


  • The grinding process can be time-consuming
  • Potential for bottom piece detachment
  • Manual grinding requires physical effort

Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Mill: Runner Up

The Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Mill is a manual coffee grinder meticulously crafted from European beech wood.

Designed to cater to larger coffee quantities, this grinder stands out in both its natural and mahogany finish options.

Boasting a robust German-made conical burr grinding mechanism forged from high-grade, hardened steel, this mill guarantees years of steadfast performance.

Versatility takes center stage as the Santiago coffee mill offers an adjustable grind spectrum, ranging from coarsely textured to finely powdered grounds.

A convenient drawer effortlessly collects your freshly ground coffee, ensuring easy retrieval for your brewing endeavors.

Compact in size, this mill also discreetly fits within your cupboard, combining form with function.

Championing the legacy of German artisans, the Santiago coffee mill emerges as a premium choice among coffee aficionados.

Yet, it comes with a couple of considerations.

While its tabletop designation suggests ease, some users may find it slightly awkward to use due to its unbalanced nature.

A simple workaround is placing the grinder between your knees as you crank to give you a bit more stability.

Furthermore, investing in the Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Mill bears a slightly higher cost.

Nevertheless, this expenditure aligns with a 25-year warranty on its grinding mechanism, affirming its commitment to longevity and quality.


  • Robust German-engineered conical burr grinding mechanism
  • Produces fine to medium-sized grinds
  • Crafted from premium, durable materials
  • Backed by a 25-year warranty on the grinding mechanism
  • Displays an elegant and timeless aesthetic
  • Generous capacity suitable for 2-3 cups of coffee


  • Higher cost compared to other manual grinders
  • Challenging to use on a countertop surface
  • Cleaning process can pose difficulties

Capresso 565 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder: Best Electric Grinder

While hand grinders typically take the reins when it comes to Turkish coffee, the Capresso 565 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder showcases distinct advantages that warrant attention.

This high-caliber coffee grinder excels in delivering precision across a spectrum of grind levels, catering to diverse brewing preferences.

Central to its prowess are commercial-grade solid conical steel burrs, designed with advanced cutting techniques.

Hand-assembled in Switzerland, these paired burrs achieve an exceptional fit, ensuring unparalleled grinding accuracy.

Computer-controlled, special grinding heads cut the angles and shapes of the steel burrs to within 0.1 mm precision (1/250 of one inch).

The multiple-gear motor produces the slowest grinding action (< 450 rpm) for the highest precision grinding from Turkish fine to percolator coarse

Safety is another key feature, with a clever lock system that safeguards against accidental operation unless the bean container is securely locked in place.

Coupled with a low-speed RPM motor, this grinder minimizes friction and heat generation, preserving the essence of aroma and flavor across varying grind settings.

The Capresso boasts minimal static buildup and operates really quietly, ensuring an unobtrusive grinding experience.

The user-friendly design boasts 16 distinct fineness settings, each thoughtfully divided into four levels: extra fine, fine, regular, and coarse.

A built-in timer adds further convenience, adjustable from 5 to 60 seconds, with the option for pulse grinding.


  • Automatic operation reduces manual effort
  • Compact design saves space
  • Sturdy casing minimizes noise and vibration
  • Offers 16 versatile grind settings
  • Consistently produces uniform grind sizes
  • Equipped with auto-off feature to prevent overheating


  • Higher cost compared to typical manual grinders
  • Steel burrs require eventual replacement due to wear and tear

BUNN 1-Pound Bulk Coffee Grinder: Best For Capacity

The BUNN 1-Pound Bulk Coffee Grinder is an automatic powerhouse designed for commercial brilliance.

Tailored to coffee shops, delis, supermarkets, and establishments dealing in whole-bean coffee, this grinder stands as a testament to efficiency and precision.

Catering to high-demand environments, the BUNN 1-Pound Bulk Coffee Grinder boasts a formidable capacity, accommodating up to 1 pound of fresh coffee beans.

Operating with remarkable swiftness, it transforms beans into a fine grind in under 30 seconds, all thanks to its heavy-duty precision burrs.

This innovative design safeguards against overheating, preserving the inherent flavors of the beans throughout the grinding process.

The grinder’s adjustable settings range from coarse to medium to fine, accommodating a spectrum of coffee preferences.

The hopper, crafted from opaque plastic, eliminates the risk of misconstruing grounds for glass shards, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

Hygiene is a priority, highlighted by the inclusion of a cleaning lever that facilitates thorough maintenance, enhancing the grinder’s longevity.

However, while convenience reigns, practicality must be weighed.

This grinder demands substantial counter space, which may pose a challenge in compact settings.

Additionally, its aesthetic appeal might not earn it the title of the prettiest grinder on the market.

Furthermore, its premium performance is accompanied by a higher price tag, so if you’re on a budget, this isn’t the best choice.


  • Rapid production of high-quality grinds within 30 seconds
  • Accommodates up to 1 pound of fresh coffee beans
  • Utilizes precision burrs for precise cutting
  • Ideal for bustling commercial settings


  • Bulky and weighty design
  • Commands a premium price tag
  • It’s quite an ugly coffee grinder

Crystalia Refillable Coffee Grinder

The Crystalia Refillable Coffee Grinder is a manual marvel that empowers you to tailor your coffee beans’ coarseness to perfection.

It is a sustainable and compact design that does not require batteries, power, or long plastic cords to operate.

Crafted with ingenuity, its foldable handle discreetly tucks away after your grinding session, ensuring minimal space consumption.

An exceptional feature lies in its stepless grinder, granting you boundless adjustments to achieve the elusive ideal grind.

Embracing a metallic grind burr, this grinder guarantees enduring durability and consistent coffee bean perfection.

Presented in captivating antique copper and antique gold finishes, the Crystalia Refillable Coffee Grinder is a visual masterpiece, poised to ignite conversations while adding an element of elegance to your coffee corner.

Garnering positive feedback from satisfied customers, this meticulously designed product stands as a testament to its quality.

As with any innovation, concerns exist.

Durability might be a subject of consideration, as prolonged wear and tear could happen over time.

Yet, the Crystalia Refillable Coffee Grinder defies these limitations, offering a balance of affordability and value that ensures a satisfying grind with each use.


  • Offers excellent value for its cost
  • Compact design ensures minimal space usage
  • Folding handle enhances portability and storage
  • Visually appealing antique aesthetics
  • Sturdy weight adds a sense of durability


  • Requires manual effort for grinding
  • Limited capacity for beans
  • A potential susceptibility to wear and tear over extended use

Pepper Mill Imports Traditional Coffee/Spice Mill

The Pepper Mill Imports Traditional Coffee/Spice Mill is an embodiment of brass-crafted finesse rooted in history.

Originally created for the Greek Army’s field use, this mill hails from a legacy of over two centuries, handcrafted in Greece using time-honored techniques.

Elegance intertwines with simplicity in its design, a seamless addition to any kitchen counter.

Patented grinding mechanics showcase ingenuity, skillfully cleaving peppercorns to optimize surface area, ensuring a uniform grind that tantalizes taste buds.

Knows for its robust construction, the mill upholds precise tolerances, guaranteeing a seamless grinding experience.

Versatility flourishes, as this mill accommodates coffee beans and an array of spices, elevating its utility beyond conventional confines.

Customization finds its place as the mill bestows adjustable grind sizes, permitting you to tailor the fineness according to your preference.

A fusion of beauty and durability, the Pepper Mill Imports Traditional Coffee/Spice Mill asserts itself as a symbol of quality, boasting a captivating design and steadfast construction.

Yet, like any innovation, there are some other key points to consider if you’re considering buying this grinder.

The grinding process, while portable, does demand a measure of strength.

Furthermore, its modest capacity is only poised to yield ground coffee for a single cup.

The cost, though reflective of its excellence, positions this mill among the more premium options within the realm of Turkish coffee grinders.


  • Robust and durable build
  • Adjustable grind size for personalized results
  • Uncomplicated yet graceful design
  • Consistently delivers exceptional grind quality


  • Elevated price point
  • Packaging lacks sturdiness and instructional guidance

What Exactly Is Turkish Coffee?

Originating from the heart of the Middle East and Europe, Turkish coffee is a revered coffee preparation method that has stood the test of time.

This captivating brew involves a combination of finely ground coffee beans, water, and occasionally sugar.

The concoction is gently heated until it achieves a frothy, foaming state just below the boiling point.

Traditionally, a distinctive pot known as a cezve takes center stage in this brewing ritual.

Crafted from copper or brass, the cezve boasts a long handle, although any small pot can serve the purpose.

Once the desired level of frothiness is attained, the aromatic elixir, complete with its grounds, is thoughtfully divided into cups.

A hallmark of Turkish coffee is its unfiltered nature, endowing it with a higher concentration of caffeine and other beneficial compounds that contribute to potential health advantages.

The brew itself is renowned for its opulent and robust flavor, crowned by its alluringly thick and showy foam.

Yet, Turkish coffee offers more than just a satisfying sip.

It plays the role of a great companion in warm conversations and cherished rituals.

It is often served after meals where friends and family can linger and chat while they digest and enjoy the beverage.

Why Invest in a Turkish Coffee Grinder?

Unlike standard grinders, Turkish coffee demands an exceptionally fine grind, even finer than that required for espresso.

A Turkish coffee grinder is thoughtfully crafted to achieve this ultra-fine consistency, which plays a pivotal role in crafting the velvety, full-bodied cup of Turkish coffee cherished by many.

What’s more, this finely ground coffee aids in preventing any bitter or acidic notes from permeating your brew, ensuring a delightful and balanced flavor profile.

Ease of use is a hallmark of Turkish coffee grinders, catering to both novice and seasoned coffee makers alike.

Their generous grinding chambers are designed to effortlessly accommodate the amount of coffee needed for multiple cups of this delectable drink.

While manual grinders are a budget-friendly choice, electric burr grinders offer heightened efficiency, swiftly transforming coffee beans into the finely powdered foundation of your flavorful concoction.

You can buy a reliable manual grinder for as little as $20, a wise option for those looking for an entry point into the world of Turkish coffee preparation.

On the other end of the spectrum, specialized electric grinders tailored specifically for the demands of Turkish coffee can reach prices of up to $900.

In essence, getting a Turkish coffee grinder is a pivotal step toward achieving coffee perfection.

With its precision in producing the delicate grind essential for Turkish coffee, this investment ensures that your cup overflows with the rich and smooth flavors that define this beloved beverage.

Buyer’s Guide: Key Considerations for Choosing a Turkish Coffee Grinder

When embarking on the journey to acquire a Turkish coffee grinder, several pivotal factors require careful consideration to ensure a great coffee experience.

Below, we delve into the key elements that should shape your decision:

Grind Consistency

Central to Turkish coffee’s allure is its ultra-fine, consistent grind – a prerequisite for achieving its distinctive flavor and texture.

Prioritize a grinder capable of producing a finely uniform grind, catering specifically to the nuances of Turkish coffee.

While both manual and electric options exist, manual grinders often excel in this department due to their precise mechanism.

Ease of Use

Choose between manual and electric grinders, each with its own set of advantages.

Manual grinders, albeit requiring more physical effort, present affordability, and portability.

Electric counterparts offer ease of use but may demand a higher price and reduced portability.

Opt for a grinder that aligns with your preference for effort versus convenience.


The grinder’s capacity plays a pivotal role, aligning with your brewing aspirations.

If you tend to brew for a small audience, a compact capacity grinder is suitable.

Conversely, larger gatherings will require a grinder with enhanced capacity to accommodate the demand.

Design and Aesthetics

Beyond functionality, aesthetics elevate your grinding experience.

Turkish coffee grinders span a spectrum of designs, from traditional and authentic to modern and sleek.

Choose a design that resonates with your personal style, infusing a touch of individuality into your brewing ritual.


For those who travel a lot or simply yearn for coffee indulgence while on the move, portability emerges as another crucial factor.

Manual grinders often excel in this arena due to their compact and lightweight nature.

However, select electric models are also engineered with portability in mind, striking a balance between performance and mobility.


As the final piece of the puzzle, price stands as a pivotal factor in your Turkish coffee grinder selection.

While seeking a grinder that fits within your budget is essential, it’s equally important to strike a balance between cost and quality.

Invest wisely, considering not only the initial purchase price but also the long-term value offered by a durable and high-performing grinder.

If cost is the main concern, then a manual grinder is probably the better choice as they tend to be cheaper than automatic grinders.

Verdict: Our Top Picks

Our winner emerges as the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder.

With its portability, affordable pricing, and professional-grade ceramic burr, it excels as a versatile and user-friendly choice.

Its range of settings, durability, and ease of maintenance make it a reliable companion for crafting impeccable Turkish coffee.

As the runner-up, the Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Mill captures our attention with its classic wooden craftsmanship and German-made conical burr.

Its large capacity and adjustable grind cater to those seeking a more traditional approach.

While it may demand a tad more effort and bears a higher price, its enduring quality and aesthetic charm earn it a well-deserved 2nd place.


What is the best way to grind Turkish coffee?

To grind Turkish coffee, you can use either a hand-cranked or an electric grinder.

However, not all grinders can achieve the extra-fine grind required for Turkish coffee.

Therefore, it is important to choose a grinder that can grind coffee beans to the consistency you need for Turkish coffee.

Why is Turkish coffee grind so fine?

This extra-fine grind is crucial to the whole Turkish brew method, and what gives it its distinctive body.

Is espresso grind fine enough for Turkish coffee?

Typically, Turkish coffee requires a finer grind than espresso.

The optimal grind size for Turkish coffee is around 200-225µm, which is finer than espresso.

Can I use any coffee beans for Turkish coffee?

Yes, you can use any coffee beans for Turkish coffee.

However, some coffee beans are recommended to get the full depth of flavor when brewing Turkish coffee.

For example, fresh green coffee beans like Yemeni beans or African-based arabica like Ethiopian Harrar are recommended.

Most people who enjoy Turkish coffee tend to purchase Arabica beans, but you can create Turkish coffee with any bean, whether Arabica or Robusta.

What makes Turkish coffee so different?

The unique combination of grind size, brewing method, strength, texture, and serving size makes Turkish coffee different from other coffees such as filtered, espresso, or steeped.

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