Aeropress Go Review: Your Ultimate Travel Coffee Companion

If you’re a coffee lover who’s always on the move, you’re probably familiar with the AeroPress, a renowned portable coffee maker loved by travelers and home brewers alike.

But now, there’s an even more travel-friendly version available: the AeroPress Go! In this in-depth review, we thoroughly tested and tasted the AeroPress Go to provide you with a comprehensive verdict.

For the first time since its original release, the creators of the beloved AeroPress have introduced the AeroPress Go travel coffee press.

Packed with innovation and designed for maximum portability, this new device aims to elevate your coffee experience no matter where you are.

Curious to know how the AeroPress Go measures up against its predecessor? In this article, we’ll explore the features, performance, and overall superiority of this ultra-portable coffee maker.

Join us as we unveil whether the AeroPress Go is the reigning champion in the world of travel coffee makers, and discover if it’s the perfect brewing companion for your next adventure.

AeroPress Go: Your Compact Brewing Solution

The AeroPress Go is the ultimate companion for coffee enthusiasts seeking exceptional brews on the go.

Designed to be even more portable than its predecessor, this compact coffee maker is perfect for travel.

With its ingenious design, all the components neatly fit inside a gray plastic mug, sealed with a red silicone lid.

The inclusion of a small spoon, foldable stirrer, and a convenient filter case ensures a complete brewing experience.

Similar to the original AeroPress, the AeroPress Go delivers a smooth and flavorful coffee devoid of bitterness and high acidity.

While the AeroPress Go offers impressive portability, there are a few factors to consider.

Its reduced capacity may not satisfy those looking for larger servings, and the folding stir stick could benefit from improvements in design.

Additionally, the AeroPress Go may not accommodate wider cups, limiting compatibility with favorite wide-brimmed mugs.

Nonetheless, coffee lovers seeking high-quality brews on the move will find the AeroPress Go to be a fantastic choice.

Its compact size, versatility, and ease of use make it a popular option for travelers, campers, and anyone craving a delightful cup of coffee at work or while on the road.


  • Smaller and more portable than the original AeroPress, perfect for travel, hiking, or camping
  • Includes a mug and silicone lid, serving as an all-in-one design for easy storage and transport
  • Smart design upgrades enhance portability and aesthetics
  • Maintains a budget-friendly price point
  • Improved plunger gasket for smoother operation
  • Allows for the production of delicious and robust coffee


  • Smaller brewing capacity compared to the original AeroPress
  • Incompatible with wider cups

Build Quality and Design: Compact and Functional Excellence of the AeroPress Go

The design of the AeroPress Go exemplifies a compact and functional approach, prioritizing portability and user-friendliness.

Slightly smaller than its predecessor, the AeroPress Go offers enhanced convenience when it comes to packing and carrying.

While aesthetics take a backseat to performance, this coffee maker’s design remains highly utilitarian.

Constructed primarily of plastic, it boasts an impressively lightweight build, weighing in at a mere 11.5 ounces (excluding paper filters).

Though it may not exude the sleekness or modernity of other coffee presses, its functional durability is unmatched.

Nevertheless, the AeroPress Go, proudly made in the USA, is far from unattractive.

Its small and cute body, accompanied by a red silicone cap and matching red print on the brewing chamber, reveals the thoughtful touch of a designer with an eye for style.

Notably, the flanges on both the plunger and cylinder have undergone modification.

Moving away from the original hexagonal shape, the bottom now showcases a slightly elliptical design, while the top features a narrow circular shape.

While these changes enhance performance, it’s important to note that the AeroPress Go may not seamlessly fit on cups with wider openings, unlike its classic counterpart.

Ease of Use: Effortless Brewing with the AeroPress Go

The AeroPress Go shines in its simplicity, making it incredibly user-friendly, even for beginners.

The provided instructions are clear-cut and easy to follow, ensuring a seamless brewing experience.

If you’re already familiar with AeroPress brewing, transitioning to the AeroPress Go will be a breeze.

The brewing process remains unchanged, allowing ample room for experimentation with different brewing methods.

What sets the AeroPress Go apart from other portable options is its remarkable speed.

Within under two minutes, this coffee maker can deliver a flavorful cup of coffee, making it an enticing choice for travelers with time constraints.

Furthermore, cleaning up is a breeze with the AeroPress Go.

Unlike other brewing methods that require rinsing out messy grinds, this device offers a hassle-free cleaning process.

Simply plunge the used grounds into the trash and wipe or rinse the AeroPress, leaving you with minimal cleanup duties.

Custom Brewing Delights: Unleashing Possibilities with the AeroPress Go

The AeroPress Go offers an array of custom brewing features, allowing coffee lovers to indulge in various flavorful options.

Whether you crave a concentrated shot reminiscent of espresso, prefer the smoothness of an Americano, or desire the refreshing allure of cold brew-style coffee, the AeroPress Go delivers on all fronts.

With three primary brewing methods at your disposal, the AeroPress Go empowers you to explore different tastes and profiles.

You can start by brewing a concentrated espresso shot, capturing the boldness and intensity of a traditional espresso.

Alternatively, dilute the concentrated shot with water to create a satisfying Americano, balancing the rich espresso flavor with a mellow twist.

For those seeking a chilled coffee experience, the AeroPress Go allows you to craft your coffee in a cold brew style, imparting a refreshing and smooth character to your brew.

The combination of immersion brewing, pressurized extraction, and the inclusion of a paper filter ensures that every cup from the AeroPress Go bursts with flavors while maintaining a clean and light-bodied profile.

Brewing with the AeroPress Go is a straightforward process: add medium-fine ground coffee and water, give it a gentle stir, let it steep for 10-30 seconds, and finally, press your perfected cup of coffee into your awaiting mug.

Unparalleled Portability: Exploring the Travel-Friendly Nature of the AeroPress Go

The AeroPress Go stands as a testament to portability and ease of use, designed to cater to the needs of coffee enthusiasts on the go.

As a more compact rendition of the original AeroPress, the AeroPress Go embodies the essence of its predecessor in a smaller form factor.

Retaining the versatility of the original, the Go travel coffee press also allows for inverted brewing, a technique beloved by coffee experts for its flavor-enhancing qualities.

While inverted brewing remains a favored method, it’s important to note that some inverted recipes may pose challenges due to the reduced size of the AeroPress Go.

Inverting the brewer compromises its available capacity, making the technique less practical for this particular model.

However, this limitation does not significantly impact the brewing experience, especially for those who prefer the standard, upright position.

Moreover, various Aeropress techniques can be employed to compensate for the brewer’s smaller size, ensuring an optimal brewing outcome.

Convenient Accessories: Enhancing Your AeroPress Go Brewing Experience

The AeroPress Go travel coffee maker comes equipped with a range of accessories that elevate the convenience and ease of brewing coffee on the go.

Here’s an overview of the accessories included with the AeroPress Go:

Microwaveable Mug and Lid

The compact design of the AeroPress Go features a microwaveable mug, allowing you to heat water or reheat your coffee with ease.

The accompanying lid serves a dual purpose, not only sealing the mug but also serving as a protective case for the entire brewing set-up, making it travel-friendly.

Travel Filter Case

The AeroPress Go provides a dedicated travel case for coffee filters, capable of holding up to 20 filters at a time.

However, keeping track of the remaining 330 filters might be challenging unless you have the filter holder from the original AeroPress.

Paper Micro-Filters

Unlike other press-style coffee makers, the AeroPress Go includes replacement paper micro-filters.

These filters effectively remove grit from your coffee, ensuring a clean and flavorful brew.

Travel Filter Holder

For added convenience, the AeroPress Go offers a travel filter holder.

This accessory allows you to securely carry micro-filters wherever you go, ensuring you have a fresh supply readily available.


The AeroPress Go is accompanied by a stirrer that is specifically designed to be the perfect length for the device.

This thoughtful accessory facilitates optimal coffee extraction and uniform mixing of coffee and water during the brewing process.


Included with the AeroPress Go is a dedicated scoop, precisely measuring the ideal amount of coffee for delicious and effortless AeroPress Go recipes.

Versatile Mug: Unveiling the AeroPress Go’s All-in-One Carrying Kit

The AeroPress Go introduces a notable addition to its design—a mug that serves a dual purpose as a carrying kit.

With a capacity of 15 oz (444 ml), the Aeropress Go mug accommodates nearly two 8 oz (237 ml) servings of American-style coffee or cold brew.

As mentioned earlier, the Aeropress Go supports mugs with a top inner diameter ranging from 3.25 inches to 2.75 inches (82mm – 67mm), slightly smaller than the original AeroPress.

The Aeropress Go mug is specifically designed to house the Aeropress Go travel coffee press, ensuring a compact and convenient brewing set-up.

However, it’s important to highlight that the Aeropress Original coffee maker and the Aeropress Original coffee maker with tote bag are not compatible with the Aeropress Go mug.

While the mug offers practicality, there are a few drawbacks to this mug.

Because it’s made of plastic, it may not provide the same aesthetic appeal or desirable experience of drinking hot beverages from a traditional ceramic or glass coffee mug.

However, the cleverly ribbed exterior of the Aeropress Go mug serves a dual purpose by providing both insulation and enhanced grip for those on the move.

Another potential drawback to note is that the lid of the Aeropress Go mug does not seal as tightly as a typical travel mug, potentially leading to some spillage.

For individuals seeking a more spill-proof option, alternatives such as the Travel French Press from Bodum might be worth considering.

The Aeropress Go mug boasts additional practical features, as it is microwaveable and dishwasher safe (top rack only), ensuring ease of use and convenient cleaning.

Affordable and Value-Packed: Exploring the Price of the AeroPress Go

When it comes to pricing, the AeroPress Go offers exceptional value for the quality of coffee it produces.

Priced just slightly higher than the original AeroPress, the inclusion of a mug makes it a cost-saving investment for frequent travelers.

The affordability of the Aeropress Go allows coffee enthusiasts to enjoy its concentrated, low-acidity coffee shots without breaking the bank.

While the plastic construction of the Aeropress Go may not exude a high-end feel, its value proposition remains impressive.

Comparatively, the price of the Aeropress Go aligns with mid-range French presses, making it an attractive option for those seeking an affordable and portable coffee maker.

Many users find the concentrated, low-acidity coffee shots produced by the Aeropress Go to be highly preferable, further adding to its value for money.

Despite the lack of luxurious materials, the Aeropress Go delivers on its promise of delivering excellent coffee at a reasonable price.

AeroPress Go vs Original AeroPress: Which One Suits You Best?

The AeroPress Go and the original AeroPress share a similar brewing process, resulting in delicious and concentrated coffee.

However, there are distinct differences between the two that cater to different preferences and needs.

Portability is where the AeroPress Go shines. Specifically designed for travel, it is more compact and optimized for on-the-go brewing.

The inclusion of a case and storage for accessories, such as the mug and filters, makes it a convenient all-in-one solution for coffee enthusiasts on the move.

In contrast, the original AeroPress lacks these portability features and is slightly larger in size.

While both coffee makers deliver the same tasty and complex brew, the choice between the AeroPress Go and the original AeroPress ultimately boils down to personal preferences.

If you prioritize portability and require a travel-friendly coffee maker with compact storage, the AeroPress Go is the ideal choice.

On the other hand, if size and accessories are not major concerns and you prefer a larger brewing device and also want to brew larger volumes of coffee, the original AeroPress might better suit your needs.

Consider your lifestyle, brewing requirements, and the importance of portability when making a decision between the AeroPress Go and the original AeroPress.

Both options promise an excellent coffee experience, and the choice ultimately rests in your hands.

The Verdict

The AeroPress Go is a versatile and portable coffee maker that caters to specific preferences and needs.

Here’s a short verdict on who should and shouldn’t buy the AeroPress Go:

Who Should Buy the AeroPress Go:

  • Travelers: If you’re constantly on the move and crave high-quality coffee wherever you go, the AeroPress Go is an excellent investment. Its compact design and included accessories make it a convenient choice for brewing on the road.
  • Campers and Outdoor Enthusiasts: For those who enjoy outdoor adventures, the AeroPress Go’s durable construction and easy-to-use features make it a reliable companion for brewing coffee in the wilderness.
  • Coffee Enthusiasts on a Budget: The AeroPress Go offers great value for money, providing a flavorful and concentrated coffee experience at an affordable price.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the AeroPress Go:

  • Those with Large Serving Needs: If you frequently brew coffee for a larger group or prefer a larger serving size, the AeroPress Go’s smaller capacity might not be suitable for your needs. Consider the original AeroPress for its larger brewing capacity.
  • Individuals with Wide-Brimmed Cups: The AeroPress Go’s design may not accommodate wider cups or mugs, which could be inconvenient if you have a favorite wide-brimmed coffee vessel. Ensure your preferred cup size is compatible before making a purchase.

Ultimately, the decision to buy the AeroPress Go depends on your specific lifestyle, brewing requirements, and priorities.

If portability, versatility, and value for money are important to you, the AeroPress Go is a fantastic choice.

However, if you have specific needs or prefer larger servings, it may be worth exploring other options.


Is AeroPress worth the money?

Yes, the AeroPress is worth the money for coffee lovers who value convenience, portability, and the ability to brew delicious and concentrated coffee.

It offers a unique brewing method that produces flavorful and clean-tasting coffee, making it a worthwhile investment for many coffee enthusiasts.

Why is my AeroPress coffee not good?

There could be several reasons why your AeroPress coffee may not taste as good as expected.

It could be due to using the wrong grind size, improper water temperature, inaccurate coffee-to-water ratio, or inconsistent brewing technique.

Experimenting with different variables such as grind size, water temperature, and brew time can help you achieve the desired flavor profile and improve your AeroPress coffee.

Is AeroPress as strong as espresso?

AeroPress coffee is not as strong as espresso in terms of concentration and crema.

While AeroPress coffee can be rich, aromatic, and intense in its own right, it doesn’t reach the same level of concentration or intensity as true espresso.

However, by using finely ground coffee, a small amount of hot water, and employing a rapid plunge, you can create a concentrated AeroPress coffee that resembles espresso in flavor and balance, offering a tasty alternative.

It’s important to note that this is not true espresso, but rather a method to achieve a similar profile with the AeroPress.

Does AeroPress make better coffee than French press?

The preference between AeroPress and French press coffee largely depends on personal taste. Both methods offer distinct brewing techniques and produce different flavor profiles.

The AeroPress is known for its clean and smooth coffee with lower acidity and minimal sediment, while the French press delivers a full-bodied and robust coffee with more oils and a slightly heavier mouthfeel.

Ultimately, it comes down to individual preference and the desired characteristics in a cup of coffee.

What type of coffee works best in AeroPress?

The AeroPress is versatile and can work well with various types of coffee beans.

However, it generally performs best with medium to medium-fine grind sizes.

This allows for optimal extraction and prevents over or under-extraction.

Experimenting with different coffee origins, roast levels, and grind sizes can help you discover the flavors that suit your taste preferences when using the AeroPress.

Why is AeroPress upside down?

The inverted or upside-down brewing method with the AeroPress offers more control over the steeping time and allows for a longer immersion period.

It also helps prevent any premature dripping during the brewing process.

The inverted method involves placing the plunger at the bottom of the brewer, adding coffee and water, stirring, and then attaching the filter and flipping the AeroPress onto your brewing vessel to press.

This method can result in a more intense and concentrated coffee flavor profile.

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