24 Best Coffee Shops In Chelsea, NYC For 2024

Chelsea is a vibrant neighborhood located on the west side of Manhattan in New York City.

Known for its artistic flair, historic architecture, and trendy atmosphere, Chelsea has become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast or just looking for a cozy spot to savor a cup of joe in this dynamic neighborhood, you’re in for a treat.

Chelsea’s coffee scene is as diverse as the neighborhood itself, offering everything from artisanal brews to unique coffeehouse experiences.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a caffeinated journey through Chelsea, highlighting the 24 best coffee shops that not only serve exceptional coffee but also embody the essence of this lively neighborhood.

24 Best Coffee Shops In Chelsea, NYC: At A Glance

  1. Kobrick Coffee Co.
  2. Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee
  3. Yanni’s Coffee
  4. Intelligentsia Coffee Highline Coffeebar
  5. Day Drinks 
  6. Seven Grams Caffe
  7. Telegraphe Cafe
  8. Terremoto Coffee
  9. Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters
  10. Variety Coffee Roasters
  11. Fabrique Bakery
  12. Blue Bottle Coffee
  13. La Colombe Coffee Roasters
  14. St Kilda Coffee
  15. 787 Coffee
  16. Joe Coffee Company
  17. Citizens of Chelsea
  18. Café-Flor
  19. Black Fox Coffee Co.
  20. King’s Street Coffee
  21. Coffee Project
  22. Bluestone Lane Manhattan West Café
  23. Ninth Street Espresso
  24. The Grey Dog

1. Kobrick Coffee Co.

Nestled in the heart of Chelsea, NYC, you’ll find Kobrick Coffee Co., a charming vintage-style coffee shop that’s been serving up fantastic brews for over a century.

This cozy spot is your go-to destination for a delightful array of coffee, craft cocktails, and delicious gourmet snacks.

What sets Kobrick Coffee Company apart is its rich heritage of coffee craftsmanship spanning four generations of the Kobrick family.

They take pride in hand-roasting their coffee in small batches, ensuring a top-notch coffee experience for all patrons.

Conveniently located at 24 Ninth Ave, this cafe never sleeps, welcoming visitors day and night.

What makes this place truly special is the artistic fusion of craft coffee and craft cocktails.

It’s a place where these twin passions come together in a delightful symphony.

If you’re looking for a spot to work or just unwind with a drink, Kobrick Coffee Co. has you covered.

Their menu even offers some exciting combinations, like a refreshing gin and tonic infused with a cold brew or a cozy latte with a hint of Jameson.

With a chill patio and a serene ambiance, this cafe is the perfect spot for coffee enthusiasts and cocktail aficionados alike.

And if you’re curious about the world of coffee, don’t miss out on their coffee cupping sessions.

Join the ranks of locals and visitors who have discovered the magic of Kobrick Coffee Co.

It’s a place where time-honored tradition meets modern creativity, and every sip is a journey through Chelsea’s rich coffee culture.

2. Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee

Located right in the heart of Chelsea, NYC, at 286 8th Ave, you’ll discover the delightful Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company.

This charming cafe is a bagel lover’s paradise, and here’s why you’ll want to pay them a visit:

When you step inside, you’ll be greeted by a treasure trove of mouthwatering bagels and a variety of delectable spreads.

These bagels are something special – big, fluffy, and bursting with flavor.

You’ll find classics like plain, everything, sesame, and poppy, along with tasty options like cinnamon raisin, blueberry, pumpernickel, egg, whole wheat, and more.

But Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee are more than just bagels.

They’ve got a menu that covers all the bases, including fresh coffee, refreshing juices, pastries, smoked fish, deli meats, and lunch sandwiches.

And don’t worry, their cream cheese is pasteurized for your peace of mind!

Sure, during busy times, you might spot a line, but the good news is they’re lightning fast when it comes to service.

Plus, if you’re in a hurry, they offer both delivery and takeout options.

Here’s a fun tidbit: if you’re planning to catch an event at Madison Square Garden, this spot is just a quick 0.4-mile stroll away.

What’s more, Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee has earned a stellar reputation for its fantastic food, top-notch service, great value, and inviting atmosphere.

3. Yanni’s Coffee

Step into Yanni’s cafe, where you’ll find a cozy haven perfect for unwinding after a long day’s work.

This intimate spot offers a straightforward coffee experience with no frills, just great brews.

Yanni’s Coffee is a quaint and spotless cafe drenched in natural light, and the seating lines the windows, making it a prime spot for some casual people-watching.

Despite a compact menu, Yanni’s packs a punch.

Customers rave about its classic coffee favorites, mouthwatering pastries, and irresistible chocolate chip cookies.

Plus, if you’re vegan, fear not – they have options to give you that much-needed energy boost.

Yanni’s may be small in size, but it’s big on quality.

They know their strengths and stick to them, delivering excellence with every cup.

And here’s the kicker – it won’t break the bank, which, by NYC standards, is quite a win.

4. Intelligentsia Coffee Highline Coffeebar

Intelligentsia is a name that coffee lovers know well, and if you’re familiar with them then you already know what to expect but let’s break it down for those who don’t.

You’ll find Intelligentsia Coffee Highline Coffeebar nestled in the lobby of The High Line Hotel, right here in the heart of Chelsea, New York City.

It’s part of a high-end coffee bar chain renowned for its daily roasted brews served in a chic contemporary setting.

What sets this place apart is the ambiance – both indoors and outdoors.

Inside, you can savor your coffee in the hotel lobby, and outside, there’s a charming courtyard with a double-decker bus that’s been transformed into a coffee haven.

Yes, you read that right – a coffee shop on a bus!

The coffee here is top-notch, sourced, and roasted to perfection.

It can easily hold its own against any specialty roaster out there.

The only minor drawback might be the price, but trust us, it’s worth every penny for the quality you get.

As if that weren’t enough, the Highline Coffeebar creates a cozy atmosphere with local artwork adorning the walls and twinkling string lights that add a touch of magic come nighttime.

It’s the whole package – great coffee, great setting, and an all-around delightful experience.

5. Day Drinks 

Tucked away in the vibrant Chelsea Market of NYC, you’ll discover Day Drinks, a coffee and tea bar that’s rewriting the rules of the coffee experience.

Founded by seasoned coffee industry experts, it’s a place where coffee aficionados flock from all corners of the city.

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by an ambiance that’s rich in brass detailing and a chic marble high-top bar.

It’s no wonder people consider it one of Chelsea’s finest coffee havens.

What sets Day Drinks apart is its innovative approach to brewing, featuring cutting-edge hard tank technology.

This means they serve up kegged delights like on-tap espressos, nitro coffees, sparkling teas, and botanical concoctions.

Here’s the twist – they offer the flexibility to customize the caffeine levels in your drink, so you can enjoy your favorites at any time of day, with no caffeine jitters to worry about.

But here’s the kicker – it’s all about coffee here, no alcohol on the menu!

6. Seven Grams Caffe

In the realm of coffee shops, some excel in coffee, others in food, but few manage to master both.

Enter Seven Grams Caffe, a rare gem that delivers exceptional coffee and delectable treats under one roof.

Nestled in Chelsea, NYC, Seven Grams Caffe is more than just a coffee spot – it’s an independent coffee roaster and bakery that’s creating quite a buzz.

Their claim to fame? Gourmet espresso drinks, irresistible pastries, and the stuff of legend, their ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies.

What sets Seven Grams Caffe apart is their fiercely independent spirit.

No investors, no corporate suits – they’re all about being a small, proud business.

They take their craft seriously, from roasting stellar coffee to baking those mouthwatering cookies.

Here, coffee isn’t complicated with a myriad of milks and flavorings.

It’s straightforward, and it doesn’t need any frills.

The espresso stands tall, boasting a smoothness that’s hard to beat, and the flavor? Well, it packs quite the punch.

So, if you’re in Chelsea and craving coffee that’s as unpretentious as it is delicious, Seven Grams Caffe is where you want to be.

7. Telegraphe Cafe

Next up in the hip neighborhood of Chelsea, New York City, you’ll find the cozy Telegraphe Cafe.

This family-owned and operated espresso bar brings a touch of modern elegance to your daily routine.

At Telegraphe Cafe, they’re not just serving coffee – they’re crafting an experience.

From French-inspired breakfast bites to gourmet sandwiches and fresh salads, they’ve got your cravings covered.

What really sets this cafe apart is its commitment to building connections.

Here, you’re not just a customer; you’re treated like a friend.

And the best part? They’re open year-round, ensuring you can savor their healthy and delicious offerings whenever the mood strikes.

Occasionally, they infuse a dash of French flair into their menu, adding a little extra magic to your meal.

The reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor sing their praises, highlighting the inviting atmosphere, creative and flavorful sandwiches, hearty soups, and fresh salads.

Don’t forget to indulge in their cappuccino and delightful sweets – they’re fan favorites.

Telegraphe Cafe is your go-to spot in Chelsea for a satisfying bite to eat.

Our top recommendation? Try their roasted pepper & onion breakfast sandwich on a croissant, paired with a robust cup of coffee.

Trust us; it’s the perfect fuel to kickstart your day with unstoppable energy.

8. Terremoto Coffee

On the bustling West Side of Manhattan, you’ll stumble upon the charming Terremoto Coffee, a quaint spot that oozes warmth and character.

Stepping inside feels like entering a cozy haven adorned with captivating artwork and distinctive wallpaper that adds to the inviting atmosphere.

Now, here’s the catch – Terremoto is small, so it’s not exactly your hangout spot (at least not indoors).

But what it lacks in space, it more than makes up for in flavor.

They take pride in serving up single-source, fair-trade coffee brewed in a gleaming gold-plated machine, accompanied by scrumptious French pastries.

Terremoto has made quite a name for itself with its signature Purple Rain Latte and live jazz performances that light up the weekends.

And when it comes to coffee quality, they don’t mess around.

Yes, it’s a tad pricier, but that’s because they’re all about putting the customer experience first, and the coffee effortlessly speaks for itself.

If you’re a pour-over coffee enthusiast, you’re in for a treat.

The baristas at Terremoto are true artisans, crafting exceptional pour-overs that justify the slightly higher cost.

9. Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters

Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters is a true family affair with a rich 15-year history of sourcing, roasting, and brewing top-notch coffee right here in New York City.

You can find their coffee shop in four locations spread across the city and New Jersey, including one nestled in the heart of Chelsea.

What sets them apart? It’s all about quality and ethics.

Their specialty coffee beans aren’t just coffee beans – they’re stories that can be traced back to farms or cooperatives.

You’ll find a range of options, from USDA Organic to Fair Trade & Direct Trade coffee.

And they don’t stop there; they seek out exceptional and rare varieties like Gesha, Pacamara, and SL28 from award-winning farms.

Don’t worry, decaf lovers, they’ve got you covered with delicious options too.

Now, let’s talk signature drinks.

The honey latte is a fan favorite, made with oat milk, and yes, it’s available in decaf too.

Their menu is brimming with popular picks to satisfy every palate.

And when it comes to finding a cozy spot to work from home, Bean & Bean is a top choice.

They offer plenty of seating options and outlets, so you can hunker down for hours.

Their cafes are spacious and oh-so-charming, boasting large windows that let in loads of natural light, creating an inviting and open atmosphere.

But there’s more to Bean & Bean than great coffee and comfy spaces; they’re on a mission.

They’re committed to promoting gender equity in the coffee world and are staunch environmental stewards.

10. Variety Coffee Roasters

Variety Coffee Roasters, a coffee shop chain with six New York City locations, including one in Chelsea, is all about keeping it fresh.

Their secret sauce? A menu that’s ever-changing to match the seasons.

They’re not kidding when they say fresh – they roast their coffee daily right in Brooklyn, ensuring you get only the best.

Now, here’s the kicker: specialty coffee often comes with a hefty price tag, but Variety breaks the mold.

Despite their wallet-friendly prices, their coffee is nothing short of amazing.

Their offerings include a humble selection of blends and single origins, alongside a handful of delectable baked goods.

The Chelsea spot is where it’s at, offering a full menu that includes fan favorites like cold brew with oat milk and mouthwatering zucchini muffins.

When you step inside, you’ll be met with a cozy and inviting atmosphere, complete with friendly faces ready to serve up your caffeine fix.

Variety Coffee Roasters is proof that exceptional coffee doesn’t have to break the bank.

It’s a place where freshness and affordability meet, creating a haven for coffee lovers right in the heart of Chelsea.

11. Fabrique Bakery

No list of Chelsea’s finest coffee spots would be complete without a little bakery, right?

After all, who can resist a heavenly baked treat to accompany their coffee?

Enter Fabrique Bakery, a Swedish bakery chain that’s made its home in Chelsea, NYC.

This bakery is all about the art of baking.

They’ve mastered the craft of artisanal sourdough and pastries using fresh, natural ingredients and time-tested methods.

The result? An array of mouthwatering baked goods that’ll make your taste buds dance with delight.

Picture this: cardamom and cinnamon buns, ham, cheese, and mustard croissants, saffron croissants, and a lineup of sourdough bread that includes delights like a rye baguette and cranberry-infused rye bread.

New York City truly lucked out when Fabrique Bakery came to town.

Our recommendation? Try anything and everything Fabrique Bakery whips up while sipping on some of the finest coffee in Chelsea.

You can find this charming bakery tucked away at 348 West 14th St., right between Eighth and Ninth Avenues in the Meatpacking District.

12. Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee is a beloved coffee chain that’s made its mark in LA, SF, NYC, and even Japan.

In the Big Apple, you’ll find several Blue Bottle Coffee havens, including one nestled right in Chelsea.

Step into the Chelsea location, and you’ll be greeted by a cozy and spacious atmosphere that’s perfect for savoring exceptional coffee.

When it comes to favorites, the English breakfast tea and the orange peel cake are clear winners among patrons.

But it’s not just about coffee here; it’s about the entire experience.

The cafe is meticulously designed to complement your coffee journey.

You’ll find artful and engaging spaces that elevate your visit to a whole new level.

When it comes to the menu, they’ve got it all.

From blends to seasonal single-origin espressos and pour-over stations featuring both blends and seasonally changing single-origin coffees.

Plus, there are two types of iced coffees for those who prefer a cooler sip.

And don’t forget about the treats – they offer granola, yogurt parfaits, and a delightful assortment of pastries.

If you’re a fan of light roasts, you’re in for a treat.

Blue Bottle leans towards the lighter side, which makes their coffee perfect for espresso and pour-over enthusiasts.

13. La Colombe Coffee Roasters

In the heart of Chelsea, NYC, you’ll find the trendy haven known as La Colombe Coffee Roasters.

It’s the kind of place where you can indulge in artisanal house-brand coffee, mouthwatering pastries, and delightful snacks, all within a stylish setting.

Now, La Colombe has made quite a name for itself, with numerous locations sprinkled across the bustling streets of New York City.

So, it’s only natural that it finds a well-deserved spot on any list of Chelsea’s best coffee shops.

At La Colombe, they don’t just serve up your usual coffee and tea.

They take it up a notch by offering a range of specialty drinks on-tap, adding a unique twist to your coffee experience.

And here’s a fun fact: their cold brew and draft coffees are so beloved that you can even snag them in cans at grocery stores nationwide.

When it comes to the menu, you’ll find both traditional and inventive coffee drinks, including the revolutionary Draft Latte.

But it’s not just about the drinks; La Colombe excels in the pastry and snack department too.

What truly sets this cafe apart, aside from its superb offerings, is its warm and friendly staff.

When you step inside, you’re not just a customer; you’re part of the La Colombe family.

14. St Kilda Coffee

St Kilda Coffee is a chic coffee shop with a minimalist Australian-inspired vibe.

Here, they keep things simple but oh-so-good.

What sets St Kilda apart is its focus on seasonal single-origin brews and top-notch local pastries.

Coffee enthusiasts flock here for their complex light roast coffee and a superb selection of high-quality coffee beans.

While the menu isn’t extensive, it offers more than your average coffee shop.

Alongside your favorite brews, you can munch on pastries and breakfast staples, including gluten-free and vegan options.

Now, here’s the catch – St Kilda Coffee isn’t a sprawling space, so finding a seat can be a challenge, especially during busy hours.

But if you’re lucky enough to snag one, you’ll be in for a treat.

Imagine sipping your Americano or pour-over in a cozy and unassuming atmosphere that’s perfect for unwinding.

15. 787 Coffee

Imagine a coffee experience that’s not just about sipping a cup of joe but a journey “from farm to cup.”

Welcome to 787 Coffee, a coffee shop chain that’s making waves with its commitment to sustainability and community in Chelsea and beyond.

Here’s the scoop: their coffee isn’t just sourced, processed, and roasted somewhere far away.

No, it all happens in one magical place – their coffee farm in Maricao, Puerto Rico.

And here’s the kicker – they’re all about sustainability and fair wages for the locals they employ.

The result? Some of the finest coffee you’ll find in Chelsea!

With multiple locations in the city, including two in Chelsea itself (at 131 E 7th St and 256 W 15th St), 787 Coffee is a true gem.

Their menu is a coffee lover’s dream.

You can savor classic brews or step out of your comfort zone with unique flavors like coquito and horchata lattes.

And don’t forget to pair your coffee with mouthwatering empanadas.

Consistency is key at 787 Coffee – you can count on consistently great coffee and baristas who know their craft like no other.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a coffee experience that’s not just exceptional but also ethical and sustainable, make a beeline for 787 Coffee in Chelsea.

16. Joe Coffee Company

Joe Coffee Company is more than just a coffee chain; it’s a friendly neighborhood hub that brings freshly roasted coffee right to your doorstep.

Whether you’re looking for home delivery, classes, wholesale options, or event catering, they’ve got you covered.

Now, let’s talk about their Chelsea location.

Tucked within the historic London Terrace, this cozy spot has been serving up superb coffee since 2007.

It’s the perfect place to unwind after a stroll on the High Line or a visit to local galleries.

What sets Joe Coffee Company apart is not just their excellent specialty coffee but also the warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The staff and baristas are a delight to chat with, especially when they’re not too busy crafting your perfect cup.

The coffee here is roasted right at Joe’s Red Hook, Brooklyn roastery.

You’ll find a range of options, from house espresso and drip brews to limited-release single-origin coffees.

And to sweeten the deal, they offer pastries from Union Square Hospitality, Joe’s partner company since 2017.

Think decadent cookies from Ovenly, whimsical donuts from Underwest, and more.

Now, it’s worth noting that seating is limited, but the vibes are unbeatable, and the coffee is top-notch.

The aesthetics and decor have a unique yet understated charm, making it feel like you’re sipping a hot cup of joe in the cozy home of a close friend.

17. Citizens of Chelsea

Citizens of Chelsea isn’t just your run-of-the-mill cafe; it’s a vibrant Australian gem that’s all about fresh, wholesome food and building a welcoming community.

It didn’t take long for it to earn its stripes as one of Chelsea’s finest coffee spots.

Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by a burst of color and brightness.

The interior is a lively oasis, decked out with lush green plants and eye-catching tiled floors.

When it comes to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, Citizens Coffee has nailed it.

Now, let’s talk about the menu.

They’re known for serving up inventive breakfast and brunch delights, alongside their house-roasted coffee, and they even offer a selection of beer and wine.

But what really sets this place apart is its exceptional staff, mouthwatering food, and the fact that it’s one of the most charming cafes you’ll find in NYC.

If we were to make a recommendation, it would be the Smashing Avocado (avocado toast).

Trust us; it’s some of the best cafe food you’ll find in Chelsea.

Served on multigrain toast, Citizens Coffee takes it up a notch with pickled onion, feta, and a beetroot hummus that transforms a simple meal into a truly memorable one.

18. Café-Flor

Café-Flor in Chelsea, NYC, is a delightful hybrid – it’s a cafe by day and transforms into a charming bar by night.

But that’s not all; it’s also part coffee shop and part retail wonderland, offering floral delights and home decor treasures.

As soon as you step inside Café-Flor, you’ll be hit with a delightful blend of coffee and floral fragrances.

It’s a sensory experience that’s nothing short of intense, so if you’re particularly sensitive to scents, take note.

The cafe itself is a floral wonderland, adorned with captivating art on the walls.

And here’s the good news: finding a comfy spot to savor a drink or a bite is a breeze.

The place is decked out with bistro chairs and cozy green leather booths, adding to its undeniable charm.

It’s no wonder that it’s considered one of the cutest coffee shops in Chelsea.

Cafe Flor is not just easy on the eyes; it’s also laptop-friendly.

Plus, outlets are in abundance, making it a hotspot for busy New Yorkers looking to combine work and a great cup of coffee.

19. Black Fox Coffee Co.

In the heart of Chelsea, New York City, you’ll discover Black Fox Coffee Co., a specialty coffee company and cafe that’s rewriting the rules of your daily coffee fix.

This venture began in 2016, born from the dissatisfaction of founders Daniel Murphy and Gary Hardwick with their everyday coffee choices.

They embarked on a mission to create something truly special – full-service cafes, espresso bars, and a roastery that embodies the essence of Black Fox Coffee: making exceptional coffee accessible to everyone.

The moment you step into Black Fox Coffee Co., you’ll feel the European espresso bar vibes.

It’s a place designed to foster conversation, engagement, and a sense of community.

What sets Black Fox apart is its unique approach.

They’re one of the rare multi-roasters in the city, curating a global selection of coffee from some of the world’s top roasters.

And then, they work their magic, infusing each cup with their craft and dedication.

You’ll find multiple Black Fox Coffee Co. locations sprinkled across the city, including one right here in Chelsea at 438 W 33rd St.

So, if you’re on a quest for an extraordinary coffee experience that’s steeped in community and culture, Black Fox Coffee Co. should be on your must-visit list.

20. King’s Street Coffee

King’s Street Coffee is your go-to spot for a laid-back coffee experience.

Nestled in a contemporary and rustic setting, this casual coffee shop offers all your favorite classic coffee beverages and cafe goodies.

What sets King’s Street apart are their signature drinks, like the crowd-pleasing oat milk latte and delightful matcha scones.

But here’s the real kicker – their Joe Coffee comes with an array of milk options, so you can customize your cup just the way you like it.

Need to catch up on work or browse the web? No problem – they’ve got both wifi and outlets at your disposal.

Plus, the staff here is as nice as can be, making your visit all the more enjoyable.

With a spacious and open layout, King’s Street Coffee invites you to kick back, relax, and savor a delicious cup of coffee.

It’s the perfect spot for a coffee break, a chat with friends, or a moment of solitude with your favorite brew.

21. Coffee Project

Nestled in Chelsea, Manhattan, you’ll find the multifaceted gem known as Coffee Project.

It’s not just your ordinary coffee spot; it’s a coffee roaster, a cafe, and a hub for coffee education.

Coffee enthusiasts, both professionals and homebrew aficionados, will find something to love here.

They offer coffee classes that cater to a spectrum of coffee interests, whether you’re looking to up your coffee game professionally or simply want to brew the perfect cup at home.

And yes, they have both online and in-person options to suit your preferences.

With four cafes scattered across New York City, including the Chelsea location, Coffee Project has your caffeine cravings covered.

Their menu is a coffee lover’s dream, offering everything from rich espresso shots to refreshing iced lattes, matcha delights, and meticulously crafted pour-over coffee.

And when hunger strikes, you can dig into a delightful food menu featuring pastries, avocado toast, hummus toast, and croissant sandwiches.

22. Bluestone Lane Manhattan West Café

Step into the heart of Manhattan West, and you’ll find the Bluestone Lane Manhattan West Café, a true neighborhood gem at 435 W 31st St, New York.

Nestled within The Eugene residential tower, it’s a go-to spot for locals seeking top-notch coffee and a menu that’s all about health and progress.

What sets this café apart is its seamless integration into the refined, industrial-style lobby of The Eugene residential tower.

It’s a place that takes inspiration from its vibrant neighborhood and the stylish locals who call the Eugene building home.

Here, you can expect a premium coffee experience that’s second to none, alongside a menu that’s focused on all-day brunch.

Whether you’re a resident or just passing through, Bluestone Lane Manhattan West Café is a place where you can savor a taste of the neighborhood’s charm while enjoying top-quality coffee and delicious, health-focused bites.

23. Ninth Street Espresso

Ninth Street Espresso is where coffee craftsmanship meets approachable service and a refreshingly simple menu.

This coffee shop has been shaking up the scene since 2001 when it first opened its doors in the East Village, at the corner of 9th Street and Avenue C, under the name Higher Grounds Cafe.

Back in the day, Ninth Street Espresso was a pioneer in New York City, making manual espresso service its primary focus.

They’ve earned a legendary status in the modern coffee scene, inspiring countless other independent shops along the way.

And the good news is, you can find Ninth Street Espresso at several locations across New York City, including right here in Chelsea.

So, whether you’re a seasoned coffee aficionado or just looking for a great cup of joe, this is a spot where you can enjoy the art of espresso without any coffee snobbery.

It’s coffee, done right.

24. The Grey Dog

The Grey Dog is a neighborhood coffeehouse and all-day cafe located in Chelsea, New York City.

It has been serving simple and delicious new American classics since 1996.

This cafe wears many hats, offering a menu that covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

From eggs to granola, sandwiches, salads, and a range of vegan options, they’ve got your cravings covered.

But it’s not just about the food.

The Grey Dog is known for its inviting, laid-back atmosphere and an impressive selection of wines and beers.

It’s the perfect pit stop during your shopping adventures, offering a bit of everything to refuel your day.

As you step inside, you’ll notice the colorful wooden boards suspended above the counter, proudly displaying the menu.

While there might be a bit of a wait due to its popularity, you can start deciding what you’ll indulge in.

Their coffee options are extensive, available both hot and iced.

Yes, it’s not the cheapest, but rest assured, you’ll be sipping from generous mugs that make it worth every penny.

And when it comes to lunch or dinner, don’t hesitate to pair your meal with their homemade fries.


So there you have it, folks – the 24 best coffee shops in Chelsea, NYC!

From cozy corners to bustling cafes, each spot offers its own unique blend of coffee, atmosphere, and charm.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a great cup of joe, Chelsea has something to satisfy every coffee craving.

So, grab your favorite book or a friend, and explore these coffee havens to find your perfect brew.

Cheers to good coffee and even better company!

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