8 Best Hazelnut Coffee Brands Of 2024: Our Favorite Picks

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably a fan of the rich, aromatic, and comforting world of coffee.

And if you’re like many of us, you appreciate something extra to elevate your daily brew.

That’s where hazelnut comes into the picture – a delightful flavor that’s been winning hearts and taste buds for years.

Hazelnut coffee, with its nutty, creamy, and slightly sweet profile, has become a beloved favorite among coffee connoisseurs.

Whether you enjoy it as a morning pick-me-up or a cozy afternoon treat, there’s something undeniably comforting about the combination of coffee and hazelnut.

In this post, we’ll share our top 8 recommendations for the best hazelnut-infused coffee brands that will tantalize your taste buds.

From the classics to some exciting newcomers, we’ve scoured the coffee aisle to bring you the best in hazelnut flavor.

8 Best Hazelnut Coffee Brands: At A Glance

  1. Lifeboost Hazelnut Medium Roast Coffee: Best Overall
  2. Eight O’Clock Hazelnut Medium Roast Ground Coffee: Runner-Up
  3. Volcanica Hazelnut Flavored Coffee: Best Versatile Option
  4. Seattle’s Best Coffee Toasted Hazelnut Ground Coffee: Best Value For Money
  5. Cameron’s Coffee Hazelnut Roasted Ground Coffee: Best Light Roast
  6. Dunkin’ Hazelnut Flavored Ground Coffee: Best Budget Choice
  7. Starbucks Hazelnut Medium Roast Ground Coffee: Best For Bulk Buyers
  8. Don Francisco’s Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored Ground Coffee: Best Canned Option

1. Lifeboost Hazelnut Medium Roast Coffee: Best Overall

At the top of our list, we’ve got Lifeboost’s Hazelnut Medium Roast – a real treat for coffee lovers!

This special coffee combines medium roast beans with that classic, creamy hazelnut flavor.

It’s all about balance here, with rich, toasty hazelnuts and a medium roast that’s easy on your tummy.

What makes this coffee stand out? Well, it’s low in acidity, so it won’t upset your stomach.

Plus, it’s got the good stuff: it’s non-GMO, USDA-certified organic, and grown in the shade up in the mountains.

They really take their time growing these beans, letting them ripen slowly and naturally.

Local farmers pick each bean by hand, ensuring only the best ones make the cut.

After picking, the beans go through a 26-hour fermentation process to gently remove the skin without harming the seed.

No pesticides are used, so it’s all-natural goodness.

Then, the beans get a spring water bath and are sun-dried until they’re just right – with a perfect humidity level of 11.5%.

But wait, there’s more! The beans get a 30-day “rest” period to develop their rich flavor.

And here’s the kicker – the hazelnut flavoring is sugar and calorie-free, with no hidden allergens.

Now, we have to admit, this coffee is a tad pricier than some others on our list.

But here’s a tip: you can save a bit by subscribing instead of ordering each time manually.


  • Rich hazelnut flavor
  • Medium roast for a balanced taste
  • Low acidity, easy on the stomach
  • Non-GMO and USDA-certified organic
  • Shade-grown at high elevation
  • Hand-picked, premium beans
  • Natural fermentation, no pesticides
  • Sugar and calorie-free hazelnut flavoring


  • Higher price point compared to others

2. Eight O’Clock Hazelnut Medium Roast Ground Coffee: Runner-Up

Securing the second spot on our lineup of top Hazelnut coffee brands is Eight O’Clock’s Hazelnut Medium Roast Ground Coffee.

Crafted from 100% Arabica beans hailing from South America, this premium blend brings together the best of coffee and hazelnut accents.

The medium roast strikes a balance, letting the flavors meld into a delightful symphony.

What makes this coffee stand out? It’s not just about the coffee – it’s about the artful infusion of roasted hazelnut flavors and a sweet, buttery aroma.

The result? A light and balanced finish that’s sure to please.

Keep in mind, though, if you’re accustomed to light roast coffee, you might notice a slight dip in some of the flavors and caffeine content.

But fear not, this is still a stellar cup of joe.

What’s great about Eight O’Clock? It’s proudly made in the USA, adhering to high manufacturing standards that guarantee quality in every sip.

And for those with specific dietary preferences, it’s kosher certified, making it accessible to a broader audience.

In terms of convenience, this coffee is already ground, making preparation a breeze.

Just note that this package holds 11oz of the grind – a modest but flavorful offering.


  • Premium Arabica beans from South America
  • Expertly infused with roasted hazelnut flavors
  • The sweet and buttery aroma
  • Medium roast for a balanced taste
  • Kosher Certified
  • Made in the USA
  • Ground coffee for quick preparation


  • A slight loss in flavors and caffeine compared to light roast
  • Smaller 11oz package size

3. Volcanica Hazelnut Flavored Coffee: Best Versatile Option

Let’s talk about Volcanica’s Hazelnut Flavored Coffee, which is a medium roast brew that’s all about sweetness and nuttiness with a silky, creamy twist.

When you wake up craving that morning pick-me-up, this coffee’s got the energy boost you need.

Now, don’t let the caffeine kick fool you – it’s not a robust jolt.

Instead, it’s well-rounded and mild, which might be too laid-back for the die-hard coffee punch-seekers out there.

Here’s the twist – the hazelnut flavor comes from natural substitutes, so there are no real hazelnuts, sugar, calories, or allergens lurking in your cup.

And speaking of cups, you’ve got options – whole beans or ground, with ground coffee available in espresso, French Press, or drip sizes.

Hazelnut coffee? It’s a favorite worldwide for a reason.

That inviting aroma, velvety texture, and nutty sweetness are a comfort-seeker’s dream.

While Volcanica might not boast all the sustainability certifications of our top pick, Lifeboost, it still offers a tasty experience at a wallet-friendly price.


  • Sweet and nutty medium roast
  • Creamy, smooth flavor
  • Good morning energy boost
  • Natural flavor substitutes, no real hazelnuts, sugar, or calories
  • Available in whole bean and various ground sizes
  • An affordable option for hazelnut coffee lovers


  • The mild flavor may not suit those seeking a robust coffee
  • Lacks sustainability certifications compared to some other brands

4. Seattle’s Best Coffee Toasted Hazelnut Ground Coffee: Best Value For Money

Next up, we have, Seattle’s Best Coffee Toasted Hazelnut Flavored Ground Coffee – a brew that’s sure to awaken your taste buds to the nutty delights of hazelnut.

This medium roast coffee brings you a premium blend with a sweet and nutty aroma that’s reminiscent of toasted hazelnuts.

No matter the time of day, you’re in for a rich and delicious cup.

Now, it’s not overly sweet, striking a good balance in flavor.

Folks really enjoy the taste and the inviting aroma, and it won’t break the bank either.

Here’s the thing to keep in mind – they use artificial flavors to achieve that roasted hazelnut magic.

However, if you’re after that unmistakable hazelnut experience, This coffee should be more than good enough.

Just one thing to note – once you open the bag, the coffee’s quality can decline pretty quickly.

To keep it fresh, the manufacturer suggests transferring it to an airtight container, which buys you about a week of freshness.

Oh, and when you’re brewing, it’s recommended to use 5g of coffee for every 180 ml of water.

Check your coffee cups’ capacity to decide how many teaspoons you’ll need.

Last but not least, store this coffee in a cool, dark place to keep those flavors at their best.

Ultimately, we love this coffee and it offers excellent value for money!


  • Sweet and nutty medium roast
  • Good balance of flavor, not too sweet
  • Pleasant aroma and a reasonable price
  • Artificial flavors for a roasted hazelnut taste
  • Comes with storage recommendations for freshness


  • Quality can deteriorate quickly after opening
  • Artificial flavors are used which might not suit everyone

5. Cameron’s Coffee Hazelnut Roasted Ground Coffee: Best Light Roast

If you’re a fan of the pour-over brewing method, Cameron’s Coffee has something special in store for you.

Pour-over really brings out the intricate flavors, making it a perfect match for this coffee.

What sets this blend apart is its inclusivity – it’s gluten-free, catering to those avoiding gluten-rich foods, and it’s a safe bet for those with allergies.

Now, when it comes to where they source their coffee beans, the manufacturer isn’t too fussy.

But when it comes to roasting, they’ve got it down to a tee.

This blend is light-roasted, resulting in a sweet, smooth, and slightly zesty flavor profile.

And here’s the kicker – only top-quality Arabica beans make the cut.

The secret to its consistency? Small-batch roasting, ensuring uniform grinds.

Speaking of grinds, this coffee comes preground, which is fantastic if you don’t have a grinder at home.

It’s just the right size for pour-over, but can also work for drip coffee.

Although, we do wish it came as whole beans too.

Why? Well, different brewing methods benefit from different grinds, and whole beans stay fresher longer.

This 12-ounce bag can easily last you a week or two, depending on your coffee consumption.


  • Ideal for pour-over brewing
  • Gluten-free and allergy-friendly
  • Light roast with sweet and zesty flavors
  • Made from Arabica beans, small-batch roasted
  • Can also be used for drip coffee


  • Not available as whole beans
  • Preground coffee may lose freshness quicker

6. Dunkin’ Hazelnut Flavored Ground Coffee: Best Budget Choice

For coffee lovers who swear by Dunkin’, we’ve got some great news – you can now enjoy that same trusted quality right in your own kitchen.

No more rushing to the coffee shop every day; Dunkin’ Hazelnut Flavored Ground Coffee brings the cafe experience home.

This medium roast brew boasts a clean and crisp hazelnut flavor with earthy undertones.

It’s a balanced flavor profile – not too overpowering – just enough hazelnut goodness to make your coffee delightful.

Want it black or prefer adding your own flavorings? You’ve got the freedom to craft your perfect cup.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that Dunkin’ sticks to medium roast here, which, while perfect for many, might not satisfy those craving an extra-strong morning kick.

The best part? This coffee is specially blended and roasted to replicate that beloved Dunkin’ shop taste.

Plus, it’s ground, making it versatile for various brewing methods – think drip coffee maker, pour-over, French press, or even an AeroPress.

However you brew at home, these beans have you covered.

So, if you’re ready for a taste of Dunkin’ in your own kitchen and don’t mind a medium roast, Dunkin’ Hazelnut Flavored Ground Coffee might be your go-to morning companion!


  • Trusted Dunkin’ coffee quality at home
  • Clean and crisp hazelnut flavor
  • Balanced, not overpowering
  • Customize with your own flavorings
  • Versatile for various brewing methods


  • May not be strong enough for some drinkers
  • Ground coffee, so freshness can diminish over time

7. Starbucks Hazelnut Medium Roast Ground Coffee: Best For Bulk Buyers

If you’re the type who zips through coffee bags like there’s no tomorrow, you’re not alone! We all know the hassle of constant restocking.

Well, Starbucks has a solution – a bulk set that includes six 12-ounce coffee bags, sure to keep you caffeinated for a good while.

And here’s the bonus: the bag size is just right to ensure your coffee stays fresh with no flavor loss.

What’s really impressive about Starbucks is their commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing.

They lay it all out, from bean to your cup, so you know your coffee is made with the Earth and its people in mind.

Now, let’s talk flavor.

Starbucks Hazelnut Medium Roast Ground Coffee combines the rich, nutty goodness of hazelnut with its signature coffee.

It’s a delightful blend, naturally sweet, with those nutty and toasty notes taking center stage.

It’s a warm and comforting cup, not overly strong, and a reliable choice for any coffee lover.

The one downside? It’s preground, and that’s our only gripe.

While it’s great for drip and pour-over, the medium-coarse grind might not be ideal for espresso or cold brew enthusiasts.

So, if you’re looking to keep your coffee stash well-stocked, sustainably sourced, and flavored with a nutty twist, Starbucks Hazelnut Medium Roast Ground Coffee might just be your next go-to brew!


  • Bulk set for frequent coffee drinkers
  • Perfect bag size to maintain flavor
  • Ethical and sustainable sourcing
  • Rich and naturally sweet hazelnut flavor
  • Suitable for drip and pour-over brewing


  • Preground coffee may not suit all brewing methods
  • Medium-coarse grind is not ideal for espresso or cold brew

8. Don Francisco’s Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored Ground Coffee: Best Canned Option

Don Francisco’s Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored Ground Coffee is the final entry on our list and this is a unique option because it comes in a can.

This can makes storage a breeze, and there’s a freshness guarantee too – each can is vacuum-sealed to lock in that just-roasted flavor.

Now, onto the flavor journey.

This coffee is a medium roast, delivering a rich hazelnut aroma with a hint of coconut, like a taste of the islands.

It’s made from premium Arabica beans and gets its flavor from both natural and artificial sources.

Here’s a bonus – it’s proudly manufactured and packed right here in the USA.

The process involves roasting the coffee and infusing it with those delightful hazelnut and coconut notes.

Since the Arabica beans come from various locations, we didn’t specify their origin.

Just know that this might lead to slight flavor variations.

Oh, and speaking of being eco-friendly, once you’ve enjoyed every drop, you can recycle the can.

It’s a little way to give back to the planet.


  • Convenient can packaging for easy storage
  • Vacuum-sealed for freshness
  • Rich hazelnut and coconut aroma
  • Made from premium Arabica beans
  • Manufactured and packed in the USA
  • The can is recyclable


  • Flavor variations due to beans from various sources
  • Flavors are both natural and artificial

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Hazelnut Coffee Brands

Hazelnut coffee offers a delightful fusion of rich coffee notes and the sweet, nutty essence of hazelnuts.

Choosing the best Hazelnut coffee brand can be a rewarding experience, but with a plethora of options available, it can also be daunting.

To help you make an informed decision, here are key factors to consider:

Flavor Profile and Roast Level

When selecting the best hazelnut coffee brand, pay close attention to the flavor profile and roast level.

Hazelnut coffee often comes in various roast levels, such as light, medium, or dark roast.

Consider your preference for the intensity of hazelnut flavor and the roast level that complements it.

Light roasts tend to emphasize the bright notes of hazelnut, while dark roasts may offer a more robust and toasty flavor.

Some brands may also balance the hazelnut with other flavor undertones, such as chocolate or caramel.

Coffee Bean Quality

The quality of coffee beans plays a crucial role in the overall taste of hazelnut coffee.

Opt for brands that use high-quality Arabica beans, as they generally provide a smoother and more nuanced flavor.

Arabica beans are known for their sweetness and acidity, which can enhance the hazelnut experience.

Flavoring Ingredients

Examine the ingredients used for flavoring the hazelnut coffee.

Some brands use natural hazelnut extracts, while others may incorporate artificial flavorings.

Consider your preference for natural versus artificial ingredients.

Natural flavors tend to provide a more authentic and nuanced taste, but some people may enjoy the consistency of artificial flavors.

Additionally, check for any added sugars or sweeteners if you prefer a specific sweetness level in your coffee.

Packaging and Freshness

The packaging of hazelnut coffee is critical to maintaining freshness.

Look for brands that use airtight and resealable packaging, such as bags with zip locks or cans with secure lids.

Vacuum-sealed packages are also excellent for preserving the coffee’s flavor.

Freshness is vital to ensure that the hazelnut notes remain vibrant, so choose a brand that emphasizes quality packaging to keep your coffee beans or grounds in prime condition.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

For environmentally conscious consumers, consider hazelnut coffee brands that prioritize ethical and sustainable practices.

Check for certifications such as Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance, which ensure that the coffee is produced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner.

Brands committed to sustainability often have transparent sourcing practices, demonstrating their dedication to both the planet and the communities involved in coffee production.

Brewing Method Compatibility

Some brands may offer pre-ground coffee, while others provide whole beans.

If you prefer a specific grind size for your brewing method, ensure that the brand offers the appropriate option, whether it’s suitable for a drip coffee maker, espresso machine, French press, or pour-over.

Having the right grind size ensures optimal extraction and flavor in your chosen brewing method.

Price and Value

While quality is paramount, consider your budget when choosing a hazelnut coffee brand.

Prices can vary significantly between brands, and some may offer premium blends with a higher price tag.

Look for brands that strike a balance between quality and affordability.

Additionally, explore subscription options or bulk sets, which can sometimes provide cost savings compared to buying individual bags.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

Before making a final decision, research the reputation of the hazelnut coffee brand.

Read customer reviews to gain insights into the experiences of other coffee enthusiasts.

A brand with a positive reputation for consistent quality and flavor is likely to deliver a satisfying hazelnut coffee experience.

Keep an eye out for reviews that specifically mention the hazelnut flavor, roast level, and overall freshness of the coffee.

The Verdict: Which Hazelnut Coffee Is Best?

We’ve crowned Lifeboost Hazelnut Medium Roast Coffee as our top choice for the best Hazelnut coffee.

Its rich, nutty flavor, low acidity, and commitment to organic, shade-grown beans won us over.

Plus, the meticulous bean selection and processing create a truly premium brew.

While it may be a bit pricier, it’s a treat worth savoring.

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, our runner-up, Eight O’Clock Hazelnut Medium Roast Ground Coffee, is a delightful pick.

It balances the hazelnut notes beautifully and offers a wallet-friendly alternative.

Just remember, it’s a medium roast, so if you crave a bolder coffee, you might need to explore other options.


Are there real hazelnuts in hazelnut coffee?

Hazelnut coffee doesn’t contain real hazelnuts.

Instead, it’s created by incorporating hazelnut flavoring syrup, creamer, spread, or extract into brewed coffee.

These additives aim to replicate the taste of hazelnuts.

While the coffee itself doesn’t have actual hazelnuts, some recipes suggest adding unsalted, shelled hazelnuts to the coffee grinder before brewing to enhance the nutty flavor.

Is hazelnut coffee sweet or bitter?

Hazelnut coffee is characterized by its nutty, slightly sweet, and rich flavor profile.

Some liken its taste to hints of chocolate, while others describe it as having a buttery nuttiness.

Thanks to its mild sweetness and low acidity, hazelnut coffee offers a smooth and enjoyable finish.

In summary, hazelnut coffee leans more towards sweetness rather than bitterness.

How popular is hazelnut coffee?

Hazelnut coffee enjoys significant popularity among coffee enthusiasts and is, in fact, the most favored flavor among all coffee varieties.

Its appeal continues to grow due to its distinctive flavor profile, making it a sought-after choice.

Furthermore, hazelnut coffee is readily accessible and budget-friendly, contributing to its widespread popularity.

Is hazelnut a cappuccino coffee?

Certainly, hazelnut can serve as a flavor infusion for a cappuccino coffee.

Numerous recipes and blends exist that harmoniously blend the hazelnut essence with the velvety richness of cappuccino, resulting in a delightful fusion of flavors.

What flavor goes with hazelnut coffee?

Hazelnut coffee works beautifully with a range of flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and a variety of fruits like apples, apricots, bananas, berries, cherries, citrus, figs, peaches, pears, and plums.

It also complements other nuts such as chestnuts and walnuts.

Hazelnut coffee often finds its way into delectable desserts like cakes, cookies, ice cream, and gelato.

For those seeking delightful beverage pairings, hazelnut coffee blends seamlessly with hazelnut liqueurs and cocktails.

When you’re craving a delightful treat alongside your hazelnut coffee, consider indulging in a fluffy slice of cake or savoring a light and airy biscotti.

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