Sip and Savor: Unveiling the 25 Best Drinks at Dutch Bros

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Discover the ultimate guide to the best drinks at Dutch Bros, where flavor and quality unite in perfect harmony.

From refreshing iced beverages to decadent hot concoctions, this blog post will take you on a tantalizing journey through the top 25 picks from the renowned Dutch Bros menu.

Unleash your taste buds and prepare for an unforgettable experience as we unveil the drinks that will delight and satisfy your cravings at Dutch Bros.

25 Best Drinks at Dutch Bros: At A Glance

  1. Golden Eagle Breve
  2. Picture Perfect Dutch Freeze
  3. Shark Attack Blue Rebel Energy Drink
  4. White Mocha Cold Brew
  5. Palm Beach Lemonade
  6. Tropical Tea
  7. White Chocolate Dutch Frost
  8. OG Gummy Bear Dutch Soda
  9. Nitro Cold Brew
  10. Peach Smoothie
  11. Cotton Candy Frost
  12. Americano
  13. Dragon Slayer Rebel
  14. Flap Jack Breve
  15. Rebel Dino Egg
  16. Vanilla Cold Brew
  17. Snickers Mocha
  18. The White Chocolate Annihilator
  19. Christmas Morning Chai
  20. 911 Cold Mixture Breve
  21. French Toast Frost
  22. Aquaberry Rebel
  23. Iced Grand Canyon OG
  24. Mango Strawberry Smoothie
  25. The Chocolate Macadamia Annihilator

1. Golden Eagle Breve: The Epitome of Creamy Indulgence

Indulge in the creamy richness of the Golden Eagle Breve, a beloved Dutch Bros classic.

This versatile drink combines bold espresso, half and half, vanilla syrup, and luscious caramel sauce.

Whether you prefer it hot, iced, or blended, the Golden Eagle Breve promises a delightful experience.

Topped with whipped cream and a caramel sauce drizzle, this drink is a true showstopper and a worthy contender to rival even the famous frappuccinos.

2. Picture Perfect Dutch Freeze: A Decadent Delight

Prepare to be captivated by the Picture Perfect Dutch Freeze, a blended coffee beverage that lives up to its name.

Crafted with blended espresso, whole milk, and a tantalizing drizzle of caramel and chocolate sauce, this drink is an irresistible treat for the senses.

Its aesthetic appeal is so remarkable that you may feel compelled to capture its beauty in a photograph before taking your first indulgent sip.

3. Shark Attack Blue Rebel Energy Drink: Energize and Satisfy

If you’re seeking an invigorating and flavorful energy boost, the Shark Attack Blue Rebel Energy Drink is a top choice.

This Dutch Bros creation combines the renowned Rebel Energy Drink with blue raspberry, coconut, and lime syrups, culminating in a refreshing and energizing beverage.

Topped off with a delightful touch of pomegranate syrup, it is available both iced and blended, making it a perfect companion for an active day.

4. White Mocha Cold Brew: A Refreshing Coffee Bliss

For coffee enthusiasts seeking a refreshing twist, the White Mocha Cold Brew is a must-try.

Dutch Bros expertly combines their signature cold brew coffee with white chocolate sauce and their exclusive chocolate milk, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavors.

Satisfyingly bold yet sweet, this drink showcases the allure of cold brew and adds a touch of indulgence to your day.

5. Palm Beach Lemonade: Escape to Tropical Paradise

No beach vacation? No problem.

Let the Palm Beach Lemonade whisk you away with its tantalizing blend of pomegranate syrup, peach syrup, and Dutch Bros’ signature lemonade.

This delightful combination of sweet and tart flavors evokes images of palm trees and ocean breezes.

Available in both iced and blended forms, the Palm Beach Lemonade is the perfect tropical escape in a cup.

6. Tropical Tea: A Taste of the Islands

Indulge in the exotic flavors of Dutch Bros’ Tropical Tea, available hot or iced with your choice of green tea or Paris black tea as the base.

This captivating beverage is sweetened with a blend of passion fruit syrup, coconut syrup, and blue raspberry syrup, transporting your taste buds to a tropical paradise.

Whether you opt for the invigorating green tea version or the bold black tea option, the Tropical Tea is a refreshing and delightful choice for tea lovers.

7. White Chocolate Dutch Frost: A Creamy Delight

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the luscious White Chocolate Dutch Frost, a velvety milkshake-like drink that is sure to please.

Made with decadent white chocolate sauce and topped with whipped cream, this indulgent treat offers a rich and sweet flavor experience.

Part of Dutch Bros’ Dutch Frost line, which puts a unique twist on classic milkshakes, the White Chocolate Dutch Frost is a delightful choice for those seeking a creamy and delightful beverage.

8. OG Gummy Bear Dutch Soda: A Burst of Flavor

Experience a symphony of flavors with the OG Gummy Bear Dutch Soda, a popular drink that will take your taste buds on a delightful adventure.

Crafted with a blend of pomegranate syrup, passion fruit syrup, watermelon syrup, and grapefruit syrup, combined with Dutch Bros’ exclusive sparkling soda water, this fizzy concoction is a true flavor explosion.

Topped with whipped cream and customizable with the addition of cream, the OG Gummy Bear Dutch Soda offers a balanced and delectable beverage option that keeps customers coming back for more.

9. Nitro Cold Brew: Creamy and Energizing

For the coffee aficionados craving a smooth and energizing experience, Dutch Bros’ Nitro Cold Brew is a must-try.

This classic beverage is nitrogen-infused, resulting in a creamy texture and a frothy head that enhances the coffee-drinking experience.

With no added sweeteners, the Nitro Cold Brew allows the rich and bold flavors of the three-bean blend to shine.

Whether enjoyed on its own or with a flavor infusion of your choice, this cold brew variation packs a caffeine punch, making it the perfect pick-me-up.

10. Peach Smoothie: A Fruity Delight

Start your day off right with the refreshing and flavorful Peach Smoothie from Dutch Bros.

Blended to perfection, this fruit smoothie features the vibrant taste of peaches, complemented by a velvety texture and topped with whipped cream for an added touch of indulgence.

Offering a delightful departure from the usual fruit smoothie options, the Peach Smoothie is a delicious and satisfying way to treat your taste buds.

11. Cotton Candy Frost: A Sweet Delight for Kids and Kids at Heart

Indulge in the whimsical Cotton Candy Frost, a delightful ice cream shake that will transport you back to childhood.

This delectable creation combines the irresistible flavors of blue raspberry syrup and white chocolate sauce, topped with a heavenly whipped cream frosting.

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, the Cotton Candy Frost is a fun and tasty drink that is sure to bring smiles to both kids and adults alike.

12. Americano: The Classic Coffee Elixir

Experience the timeless allure of the Dutch Bros Americano, a coffee lover’s dream.

Made with hand-pulled espresso shots of their Dutch Bros Private Reserve coffee blend, combined with water, this classic drink delivers a bold and mellow cup of coffee.

With its nutty and mild cocoa notes, the Americano provides the perfect balance of flavor and energy, making it a go-to choice for coffee enthusiasts.

13. Dragon Slayer Rebel: A Flavored Energy Kick

For a burst of unique and fruity flavor combined with an energy boost, look no further than the Dragon Slayer Rebel.

This popular energy drink from Dutch Bros features a special raspberry twist.

Built upon the foundation of the Rebel energy drink, the Dragon Slayer Rebel can be customized to your liking.

With blue raspberry and raspberry syrups and a tantalizing blackberry drizzle, this drink offers a low-calorie and easy-to-digest option.

For a sugar-free alternative, simply request your drink to be prepared “as sugar-free as possible.”

14. Flap Jack Breve: Creamy Caramel and Vanilla Delight

Indulge in the velvety goodness of the Flap Jack Breve, a beloved Dutch Bros creation that combines the enticing flavors of salted caramel, white chocolate, and vanilla.

This creamy and decadent treat is a favorite among caramel and vanilla enthusiasts.

With the addition of half-and-half, the Flap Jack Breve reaches new heights of creaminess.

If you prefer a sugar-free option, simply ask your friendly Broista to prepare the drink with sugar-free syrup.

15. Rebel Dino Egg: A Burst of Sweet and Fruity Delight

Unleash your taste buds with the Rebel Dino Egg, a one-of-a-kind customized version of the Rebel Energy Drink.

This unique blend features a delightful combination of blue raspberry, strawberry, white chocolate, and almond drizzle.

The Rebel Dino Egg stands out with its sweet and fruity flavors, setting it apart from other energy drinks or coffee beverages.

Experience a delicious caffeine boost with a visually appealing drink boasting a beautiful swirl of colors.

16. Vanilla Cold Brew: Smooth and Satisfying

Experience the perfect harmony of smooth cold brew coffee and velvety vanilla syrup with Dutch Bros’ Vanilla Cold Brew.

This popular drink showcases the simplicity of just two ingredients, allowing the rich flavors to shine.

For those seeking a creamier texture, a splash of cream or alternative milk can be added.

With its low acidity and higher caffeine content, the Vanilla Cold Brew offers a refreshing and invigorating beverage, perfect for coffee aficionados seeking a strong vanilla taste.

17. Snickers Mocha: A Secret Menu Sensation

Indulge in the delightful flavors of the Snickers candy bar with Dutch Bros’ secret menu item, the Snickers Mocha.

While it may not be listed on the menu board, simply ask for it by name and customize it to your liking.

This scrumptious concoction combines caramel, hazelnut, and mocha flavors, providing a decadent treat reminiscent of the beloved candy bar.

Give your taste buds a delightful surprise with this hidden gem.

18. The White Chocolate Annihilator: A Creamy Espresso Delight

Prepare for an explosion of flavors with the White Chocolate Annihilator, a high-energy coffee drink from Dutch Bros.

This irresistible blend combines the richness of white chocolate, the depth of dark chocolate, and the boldness of espresso.

Infused with hazelnut syrup and enhanced by half-and-half and house-made whipped cream, the White Chocolate Annihilator strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and strength.

Available in hot, iced, or blended variations, it’s a must-try for those seeking a creamy and indulgent coffee experience.

19. Christmas Morning Chai: A Holiday-Inspired Elixir

Transport yourself to the nostalgic mornings of Christmas past with Dutch Bros’ Christmas Morning Chai.

This specialty drink from the chai menu combines the warmth of chai latte with the sweetness of white chocolate and a touch of festive spices.

Made with a base of chai latte, featuring black tea, powdered milk, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger, this creamy chai can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Crafted with love and care, it’s the perfect way to savor the spirit of the season all year round.

20. 911 Cold Mixture Breve: An Intense Energy Boost

For those in need of a powerful pick-me-up, the 911 Cold Mixture Breve is the ultimate choice.

Combining six shots of espresso, half and half, and the rich flavor of Irish cream syrup, this drink delivers a robust caffeine kick.

Known alternatively as the Annihilator Breve, it is a variation of the popular Annihilator drink.

Creamy, rich, and satisfying, the 911 Cold Mixture Breve is designed to provide a strong energy boost that leaves a lasting impression.

21. French Toast Frost: A Sweet Morning Nostalgia

Transport yourself to the comforting memories of your mom’s French toast with the delectable French Toast Frost.

Although not officially listed on the menu, this secret concoction can be ordered from Dutch Bros’ secret menu.

Indulge in the creamy and sweet blended beverage that captures the essence of cinnamon and sugar flavors, reminiscent of the beloved breakfast treat.

22. Aquaberry Rebel: A Burst of Refreshing Energy

Experience a refreshing burst of energy with Dutch Bros’ Aquaberry Rebel, a blended energy drink that combines the delightful flavors of strawberry, kiwi, blue raspberry, and watermelon.

Available in both iced and blended forms, this popular drink can be customized to suit individual preferences.

Enjoy the invigorating taste while staying cool and energized, but do note its high sugar content and calorie count.

23. Iced Grand Canyon OG: The Perfect Half-Caf Indulgence

Uncover the hidden gem of the Iced Grand Canyon OG, a secret menu item at Dutch Bros that delivers a delightful half-caf experience.

This unique drink blends half coffee and half chocolate milk with luscious chocolate macadamia nut, white chocolate, and dark chocolate syrups.

Offering an intense flavor profile, the Iced Grand Canyon OG is the perfect choice for those seeking a rich and indulgent treat.

Despite not being officially listed, it can be ordered like any other drink at Dutch Bros.

24. Mango Strawberry Smoothie: A Tropical Escape

Embrace the tropical vibes with Dutch Bros’ Mango Strawberry Smoothie, a refreshing blended fruit smoothie topped with whipped cream.

This sweet and cool concoction combines the luscious flavors of mango and strawberry, creating a delightful blend that tantalizes the taste buds.

While indulgent, do note that the large size carries a higher calorie count, making it an occasional treat for those watching their intake.

25. Chocolate Macadamia Annihilator: Indulgence in Every Sip

Savor the decadent flavors of the Chocolate Macadamia Annihilator, a popular coffee drink that brings together strong espresso, rich half and half, and the irresistible allure of chocolate macadamia nut syrup.

Available in hot, iced, or blended variations, this delightful creation captures the essence of Dutch Bros’ commitment to flavor and energy.

For an added twist, try the Nitro Cold Brew breve variation, which offers a smooth and creamy experience with the same delectable chocolate macadamia nut syrup.

Mastering the Dutch Bros Experience: How to Order Drinks at Dutch Bros

To make the most of your Dutch Bros visit, here are some handy tips on how to order drinks at this beloved coffee shop:

1. Choose your drink size

Dutch Bros offers a range of sizes to cater to your preferences. Select from small, medium, large, or extra-large, depending on your desired serving.

2. Choose your drink type

Explore Dutch Bros’ extensive drink menu, which includes an array of options to suit different tastes.

Whether you’re in the mood for coffee, tea, smoothies, lemonades, sodas, or energy drinks, Dutch Bros has you covered.

3. Choose your flavor combo

Dutch Bros emphasizes named flavor combinations rather than specific drinks, so be prepared to order with more specificity compared to other coffee shops.

Consult Dutch Bros’ secret menu, which features popular flavor combinations to inspire your selection.

4. Add modifiers

If you want to customize your drink, don’t hesitate to inform your friendly barista.

Whether it’s an extra shot of espresso for an added kick or swapping regular milk for almond milk, specifying your desired modifications ensures your drink is tailored to your liking.

5. Add syrups and sauces

Dutch Bros offers an enticing array of syrups and sauces to enhance your drink.

From classic caramel and vanilla to indulgent chocolate, take the opportunity to personalize your beverage with the flavors that tempt your taste buds.

6. Add toppings

For an extra touch of delight, consider adding toppings to your drink.

Whipped cream, sprinkles, and other delectable options can add a playful and enticing element to your Dutch Bros experience.

7. Explore food options

While primarily known for their drinks, Dutch Bros also offers a selection of food items to complement your beverage.

Treat yourself to scrumptious muffins, bagels, breakfast burritos, or other delectable bites available at your Dutch Bros location.

One More Thing To Note

Remember, Dutch Bros specializes in flavor combinations, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t find your exact favorite drink on the menu.

Feel free to experiment and combine flavors to create a custom beverage that suits your preferences.

Additionally, keep in mind that certain Dutch Bros locations may have regional specialties, so don’t hesitate to inquire about popular drinks unique to your area.


Dutch Bros offers an exceptional array of beverages to satisfy every craving and delight every palate.

From the rich and indulgent White Chocolate Annihilator to the refreshing Aquaberry Rebel, each drink on this list showcases the unique flavors and creativity that Dutch Bros is renowned for.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, a tea enthusiast, or a fan of fruity concoctions, there’s a drink waiting to be discovered at Dutch Bros.


Are the drinks on this list available at all Dutch Bros locations?

Yes, the drinks featured in this list are available at Dutch Bros locations across the country.

However, it’s always good to check with your local Dutch Bros to ensure availability.

Can I customize the drinks mentioned in the blog post?

Absolutely! Dutch Bros prides itself on its customization options.

You can modify the drinks by adding or substituting ingredients to suit your preferences.

Are there any sugar-free options available?

Yes, Dutch Bros offers sugar-free syrup options that you can request for your drinks.

Just let your barista know your preferences, and they will be happy to assist you.

Are there any dairy-free or vegan options?

Dutch Bros understands the importance of catering to various dietary needs.

They offer alternatives such as almond milk and soy milk, making it possible to enjoy dairy-free or vegan versions of their drinks.

How can I find the secret menu items mentioned in the blog post?

Dutch Bros’ secret menu items are not typically listed on the menu board.

However, you can ask your barista for specific secret menu drinks, and they will be happy to assist you in ordering them.

Additionally, you can often find secret menu items shared by fans online or through Dutch Bros’ social media channels.

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