Best Italian Espresso Machine: Here Are The 8 Best Options

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Finding the perfect Italian espresso machine can elevate your coffee experience to new heights.

From traditional craftsmanship to cutting-edge technology, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best options to elevate your home brewing game.

Unleash the rich flavors and aromas of authentic Italian espresso right in your kitchen with these top-rated machines.

8 Best Italian Espresso Machines: At A Glance

  1. DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica: Best Overall
  2. Gaggia Classic Pro: Best Semi-Automatic
  3. Gaggia Brera: Best Budget Option
  4. Delonghi Dedica: Best Compact Option
  5. DeLonghi Eletta: Best Super-Automatic
  6. Nuova Simonelli Oscar II: Best Design
  7. Rancilio Silvia Pro X: Most Durable Option
  8. DeLonghi Dinamica Plus: Best For Ease Of Use

Why Should You Choose an Italian Espresso Machine?

Italian espresso machines hold a special allure, drawing coffee enthusiasts worldwide to embrace the art of espresso-making.

With Italy being the birthplace of this beloved brew, these machines embody the true essence of the coffee culture.

Crafted with exquisite aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, Italian espresso machines exude quality and durability, promising an authentic and long-lasting coffee experience.

From sleek and stylish designs to a diverse range of styles and price points, Italian espresso machines cater to every palate, offering budget-friendly options and high-end prosumer machines for the discerning coffee connoisseur.

8 Best Italian Espresso Machines: In More Detail

Now, let’s take a look at the 8 Italian espresso machines in more detail to help you decide which is the best choice for you.

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica: Best Overall

Meet the DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica, a timeless super-automatic espresso machine that has stood the test of time, remaining a best-seller for over two decades.

As our top pick for the best Italian espresso machine, this entry-level gem offers an affordable gateway into the world of super-automatic coffee brewing, without breaking the bank.

With a proven design boasting low failure rates and unmatched reliability, the Magnifica promises a seamless coffee-making experience.

Equipped with a patented Direct-to-Brew System and Thermo Block technology, this compact marvel ensures optimal heat distribution, resulting in consistently exceptional brews.

Cleaning is a breeze, thanks to the removable components, including the Thermo Block.

The Panarello milk frother adds versatility to the experience, allowing you to craft the perfect froth to your preference.

Though requiring a little practice to master, the frother’s small air intake hole creates high-quality froth while giving you ultimate control over your milk’s texture.

Navigating the machine is effortless, courtesy of the intuitive control panel with programmable menu settings.

A high-capacity water tank and spent grounds container save you from frequent refilling, while the cup warmer and removable drip tray add to the convenience.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Compact size
  • Affordable price
  • Solid construction
  • Numerous adjustment options
  • 14 different grind settings for brewing versatility


  • Lack of digital interface
  • Noisy operation
  • Limited cup height clearance

Gaggia Classic Pro: Best Semi-Automatic

The Gaggia Classic Pro is a revered espresso machine celebrated for its unbeatable combination of affordability and reliability.

Hailing from Italy, this model is the revamped version of the beloved Gaggia Classic, a long-standing favorite among espresso enthusiasts worldwide, particularly for those entering the semi-automatic realm.

Featuring several upgrades, the Gaggia Classic Pro boasts a new commercial-style steam wand with a two-hole steam tip, enhanced front controls with ready lights, and a redesigned drip tray.

These improvements ensure a smoother and more user-friendly experience.

With the Classic Pro, you can expect high-quality shots of espresso.

However, like any semi-automatic machine, it may require some practice to master the perfect grind, dose, and shot timing.

Nevertheless, this journey of experimentation is part of the fun, allowing you to discover your preferred flavor profile.

Crafted with commercial-grade components, including a 58mm chrome-plated brass portafilter, the Classic Pro guarantees durability and exceptional performance.

The dual heating elements quickly bring the boiler to the desired temperature, catering to busy mornings with swift brews.

For added convenience, the machine features a commercial-style 3-way solenoid valve, minimizing post-brew mess.

Additionally, the pump mounting has been refined for a quieter morning coffee-making routine.

Embracing positive reviews for its outstanding performance and build quality, the Gaggia Classic Pro is a long-lasting companion that can serve you for decades with proper care and maintenance.


  • High-quality espresso shots
  • Longevity with proper care, lasting for decades
  • Rugged construction with an appealing stainless steel finish
  • Included commercial steam wand for professional frothing
  • Straightforward and user-friendly interface


  • It may require tweaking and modifications for optimal results
  • Lacks “smart” features or a touchscreen interface

Gaggia Brera: Best Budget Option

The Gaggia Brera is a compact and affordable entry-level super-automatic espresso machine that delivers both taste quality and the convenience of automatic brewing.

With its sleek Italian design, this machine fits seamlessly into any kitchen space, making it an excellent choice for beginners and espresso enthusiasts alike.

The Brera boasts a quick heat-up time and a stainless steel boiler, ensuring efficient performance with lower energy consumption.

It’s compact size and lighter build make setup and cleaning a breeze, complemented by a descale indicator light for timely maintenance.

Impressively, the Brera features a ceramic burr grinder, a rarity in budget espresso machines, ensuring precise and consistent grinding.

Moreover, the machine includes a pre-infusion function, adjustable coffee strength, and a powerful manual steam wand, providing the freedom to customize your espresso to perfection.

Though it offers a limited number of grinder settings, the Gaggia Brera remains a remarkable value for its price, offering good-tasting espresso and a decent lifetime value.


  • Lower price point compared to other super-automatic machines
  • Smaller and lighter with lower energy consumption
  • Easily removable brew group (side panel)
  • Compact design that fits well in small kitchens
  • A built-in ceramic burr grinder
  • Delightfully user-friendly and simple to use


  • Made with more plastic than stainless steel
  • Limited grinder settings

Delonghi Dedica: Best Compact Option

The next De’Longhi on this list is the De’Longhi Dedica, a sleek and compact espresso machine that brings authentic flavors to your home.

With its slim and stylish stainless steel design, measuring a mere 6 inches in width, this machine effortlessly saves precious counter space while adding an elegant touch to your kitchen.

Despite its more basic nature and budget-friendly price, the Dedica boasts everything you need for an incredible espresso experience.

Its user-friendly control panel offers flexibility and customization, featuring a unique flow stop feature to select between 1 or 2 shots of espresso according to your preference.

Enhancing its versatility, the Dedica includes a patented manual cappuccino system with an advanced frother, empowering you to create rich and creamy foam for delightful milk beverages.

The 3-in-1 portafilter allows for easy switching between single shots, double shots, and espresso pods, making it a breeze to cater to your coffee cravings.

Additionally, the machine offers programmable options for shot temperature, offering low, medium, or high settings.

Equipped with a 15-bar pump for optimal extraction and thermoblock technology for quick heating and temperature stability, the Dedica stands as a high-performing machine, consistently delivering quality espresso.


  • Very thin and elegant design
  • Quick water heating for immediate brewing
  • Auto shut-off feature for convenience
  • Excellent espresso extraction for its price point
  • Durable and well-built construction


  • Frother may experience issues with steam and temperature
  • The steam wand can overheat after 20 seconds

DeLonghi Eletta: Best Super-Automatic

Experience the epitome of convenience and taste with the DeLonghi Eletta, a fully automatic espresso machine designed to deliver a wide array of coffee and milk-based beverages at the touch of a button.

With the innovative LatteCrema System, savor dense, rich, and long-lasting foam, elevating your espresso indulgence to perfection.

Customize your coffee aroma and quantity to match your preferences, which the Eletta will remember for future use.

The machine’s ability to brew two espresso cups simultaneously adds efficiency to your coffee routine.

Prepare milk-based drinks effortlessly, thanks to the auto-clean milk carafe that comes with the Eletta.

With its sleek black finish, stainless steel details, and user-friendly button control panel, this machine seamlessly complements any kitchen.

Enjoy a vast selection of 11 different drinks, all customizable to suit your taste.

Seven of these options, including single and double espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, and more, are available with a single button press.

The integrated burr grinder ensures that you get freshly ground beans with every brew, and you can easily adjust it to match your coffee beans’ preferences.

The Eletta grants you the ability to prepare every cup precisely to your liking, offering a simple and convenient way to relish your favorite espresso beverages at home.

If you prefer manual frothing, you’ll be pleased to know that the Eletta allows you to use a manual steam wand instead, putting you in control of your frothing experience.


  • Easy to use
  • Premium quality machine
  • Easy to clean
  • Programmable
  • Offers a LatteCrema automatic milk foam system or a manual steam wand
  • Integrated burr grinder


  • Pretty expensive
  • The grinder can sometimes get clogged

Nuova Simonelli Oscar II: Best Design

The Nuova Simonelli Oscar II, unveiled in 2016, is a captivating heat exchange espresso machine that exudes modern artistry.

With its shiny chrome exterior and sleek futuristic style, it doubles as a conversation piece and a top-tier coffee maker.

This upgraded version of the original Oscar boasts high-end features, including a soft infusion system and programmable timed dosing, elevating your espresso-making experience to new heights.

Crafted with a professional-sized group head, ergonomic steam lever, and an improved steam wand, the Oscar II ensures precise control over your coffee creations.

The machine’s stainless steel construction enhances its durability, with a stainless steel grate on the drip tray, replacing the plastic found in the original model.

Despite its high-end features, the Oscar II remains compact, efficiently utilizing space while offering impressive steam power through its included 4-hole steam tip.

Remarkably, it stands as one of the most budget-friendly heat exchange espresso machines on the market.

Receiving acclaim from both customers and experts, the Nuova Simonelli Oscar II embodies user-friendliness, futuristic design, and high-quality materials, making it an exceptional choice for espresso enthusiasts seeking both performance and artistry.


  • Budget-friendly pick for a heat exchange espresso machine
  • Impressive steam power with included 4-hole steam tip
  • New-and-improved stainless steel build and futuristic design
  • The low noise level when in use
  • Large 2L heat exchange boiler
  • User-friendly interface


  • Plastic on the back and top of the machine
  • Lacks a built-in grinder

Rancilio Silvia Pro X: Most Durable Option

The Rancilio Silvia Pro X is an upgraded version of the Silvia Pro, carefully crafted in response to valuable customer feedback.

This dual-boiler espresso machine boasts new features, including an updated portafilter and programmable pre-infusion, enhancing your coffee-making precision.

With four buttons, a PID display, and a steam knob, the Silvia Pro X provides intuitive control over your espresso journey.

Its dual boilers allow you to brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously, guaranteeing efficient back-to-back cappuccinos and lattes without compromising steam power.

The machine’s 0.3L insulated brass brewing boiler ensures rapid readiness within four minutes, maintaining thermal stability and accuracy with a sensitive Pt1000 thermometer.

Dual PID controllers further contribute to supreme temperature control.

Additional standout features include a shot timer, adjustable temperature settings down to the degree, and an adjustable soft pre-infusion setting, providing you with tailored brewing options.

Beyond its top-notch performance, the Silvia Pro X boasts a timeless design and affordability, making it an ideal choice for home use, offices, food trucks, and small restaurants.


  • Updated features
  • Dual boiler
  • Temperature stability
  • Reliability and serviceability
  • Great brewing experience


  • Lack of advanced features
  • Needs frequent descaling

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus: Best For Ease Of Use

The DeLonghi Dinamica Plus is a fully automatic espresso machine that redefines home coffee brewing, offering 16 barista-style beverages at the touch of a button.

This top-of-the-range bean-to-cup marvel caters to diverse tastes, preparing a variety of espresso drinks using whole beans or ground coffee, along with full pots of regular coffee.

Equipped with a built-in conical grinder, the Dinamica Plus ensures maximum freshness and flavor with each use, controlled through a colorful touch display.

The intelligent grinder settings guarantee a personalized coffee experience, allowing adjustments for drink size, aroma, and froth level.

Embrace the convenience of the LatteCrema milk frothing system and the Coffee Link app, further enhancing the machine’s user-friendly experience.

With easy cleaning and a sleek touchscreen interface, the Dinamica Plus seamlessly fits into modern coffee routines.

While the pot function may fall short of expectations and user profiles are limited, this machine caters to time-poor coffee enthusiasts yearning for their favorite brew at home without the hassle of manual grinding or milk frothing.

With impressive coffee-making capabilities, even tackling non-dairy milks, the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus is the perfect companion for those seeking barista-style beverages with minimal effort.


  • Really easy to use
  • High-quality espresso
  • Smart features
  • Automatic milk frothing
  • Adjustable settings
  • Easy to clean


  • Pretty pricey
  • Can be noisy at times
  • Plasticky build

Choosing the Best Italian Espresso Machine: A Buying Guide

Picking the perfect Italian espresso machine is a significant decision, but armed with the right knowledge, you can make an informed choice.

Here are the essential factors to consider when selecting the best Italian espresso machine:


The first factor to consider is your budget.

Espresso machines come in a wide range of prices, from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Determine how much you are willing to spend and look for machines that fit your budget.

Size and Design

Consider the size and design of the machine.

Espresso machines come in different sizes, so make sure you have enough space in your kitchen for the machine.

Also, consider the design of the machine and choose one that matches your kitchen décor.


Espresso machines are an investment, so you want to choose one that is durable and built to last.

Look for machines made with high-quality materials that are designed to withstand daily use.

Type of Machine

There are three main types of espresso machines: manual, semi-automatic, and super-automatic.

Manual machines require the most skill and effort to use, while super-automatic machines do everything for you.

Semi-automatic machines are the most popular type of espresso machine and offer a good balance between control and convenience.

Additional Features

Consider additional features such as programmability, cup warmer, and water filtration system.

Programmable machines allow you to customize your espresso shot, while a cup warmer keeps your cups warm and ready for use.

A water filtration system ensures that your water is clean and free of impurities.


Some machines offer more customizability than others.

Look for machines that allow you to adjust the temperature, pressure, and other variables to create the perfect shot of espresso.

Steam Wand

If you like milk-based drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes, look for a machine with a steam wand.

A steam wand allows you to froth milk for your drinks.


A good grinder is essential for making great espresso.

Look for machines that come with a built-in grinder or consider purchasing a separate grinder.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Espresso machines require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them in good working order.

Look for machines that are easy to clean and maintain, and make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance.


The world of Italian espresso machines offers a plethora of exceptional choices, each with its unique features and capabilities.

Whether you’re an enthusiast seeking precise control or a busy coffee lover craving convenience, there’s a perfect machine for you.

From the sleek and compact designs to the advanced technologies, these 8 best options cater to a wide range of preferences and budgets.

With the right Italian espresso machine, you can savor the authentic taste of Italian coffee in the comfort of your own home, bringing the essence of Italian coffee culture right to your cup.


What espresso maker do they use in Italy?

Popular Italian espresso machine brands include De’Longhi, La Spaziale, La Cimbali, Isomac, La Pavoni, and Gaggia.

What do Italians use to make espresso at home?

At home, Italians commonly use a Moka pot, also known as a macchinetta, to make espresso.

The Moka pot is a stovetop coffee maker that brews espresso by forcing nearly boiling water under pressure through finely-ground coffee beans, resulting in a rich and flavorful cup of espresso.

hat is Italy’s favorite espresso?

Italy’s favorite espresso is represented by the renowned coffee brands Illy and Lavazza.

In the northern regions, Illy’s Arabica coffees hold strong appeal, while Lavazza’s Crema e Gusto blend enjoys popularity across the country.

These two brands stand out as the top choices for espresso enthusiasts in Italy.

Are Italian coffee machines the best?

Italian coffee machines are widely regarded as some of the best in the world.

Renowned for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship, many coffee enthusiasts believe that Italian machines deliver superior coffee compared to those made in other countries.

Particularly popular are Italian espresso machines, with well-known brands like La Pavoni, Gaggia, DeLonghi, Nuova Simonelli, and Rancilio leading the way.

Their reputation for excellence has solidified Italy’s place as a frontrunner in the coffee machine industry.

Is Gaggia better than DeLonghi?

When comparing Gaggia and DeLonghi, both brands are well-regarded and offer high-quality coffee machines.

The decision between them may come down to personal preferences, such as ease of use, foam quality, or espresso strength.

It is advisable to read reviews and compare specific models to make an informed purchase decision.

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