Best Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew: The 7 Best Choices

If you’re a coffee enthusiast looking to achieve the perfect cold brew at home, we’ve got you covered.

Achieving the ideal grind is essential for creating the ultimate cold brew, and the type of grinder you use is critical in achieving this goal.

In this post, we’ll present you with the top 7 choices of coffee grinders that are specifically tailored to enhance your cold brewing experience.

Get ready to elevate your coffee game to a whole new level!

7 Best Coffee Grinders For Cold Brew: At A Glance

  1. Capresso Infinity 565.05: Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew
  2. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder: Runner Up
  3. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder: Best Manual Coffee Grinder
  4. Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Coffee Grinder: Best For Ease Of Use
  5. Breville Smart Grinder Pro: Best For Customizability
  6. OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder: Best Value For Money
  7. Houselog Portable Manual Coffee Grinder: Best For Travelling

The Significance of a Quality Coffee Grinder for Cold Brew

Having a good coffee grinder for making cold brew is paramount to achieving a superb coffee experience.

The key lies in obtaining a consistent and even grind size, which plays a vital role in extracting the finest flavors from your coffee beans.

Cold brew demands a coarse grind size for optimal flavor release and seamless filtering.

A reliable burr coffee grinder ensures uniformity in your grounds, resulting in a more flavorful and fully extracted brew.

Conversely, blade grinders, while more budget-friendly, produce uneven grind sizes that can potentially scorch your coffee.

Moreover, freshly ground coffee is unmatched in taste, and with a coffee grinder, you can grind your beans just before brewing, preserving maximum freshness and flavor.

Overall, investing in a good coffee grinder is essential for attaining the ultimate cold brew coffee experience.

Now, let’s take a look at these 8 coffee grinders in more detail!

7 Best Coffee Grinders For Cold Brew: In More Detail

Let’s explore the 7 top contenders that are guaranteed to take your cold brews to new heights.

Capresso Infinity 565.05: Coffee Grinder For Cold Brew

Our top pick for crafting the finest cold brew is the Capresso Infinity 565.05 electric burr grinder, striking the perfect balance between functionality and affordability.

Crafted with precision, this stainless-steel conical burr grinder boasts an advanced design typically reserved for commercial models, ensuring reduced noise and static buildup.

With an extensive grinding range, from ultrafine Turkish to coarse, this powerhouse offers 16 clearly marked fineness settings, each with four levels – extra fine, fine, regular, and coarse, catering to all your coffee preparation needs.

The grinder’s multiple-gear motor delivers slow grinding action, operating at under 450 rpm, resulting in unparalleled precision for your Turkish fine to percolator coarse grinds.

Assembled with meticulous attention to detail in Switzerland, the conical burrs are perfectly matched for exceptional performance.

The generous 8.8 oz bean hopper and 4 oz removable coffee grounds container guarantee a seamless grinding experience.

Equipped with a built-in timer that can be set between 5 to 60 seconds, the Capresso Infinity allows you to grind with ease and convenience.

Ensuring safety and peace of mind, a lock mechanism prevents the grinder from starting without the bean hopper in place.

This grinder comes complete with a cleaning brush and measuring scoop, making maintenance a breeze.


  • Compact design
  • Great value for money
  • Consistent grinding performance
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Minimal noise while grinding


  • Not ideal for espresso grind
  • Requires regular cleaning

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder: Runner Up

The Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder stands out as a top choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking an automatic grinder with remarkable performance.

Endorsed by the Specialty Coffee Association, Baratza grinders have gained worldwide acclaim among coffee experts.

Sporting a sleek design and compact form, the Encore adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen, available in black or white variations.

Despite its small footprint, it boasts an 8 oz bean hopper for ample coffee storage.

Built with precision, the Encore features 40mm burrs and a powerful DC motor, ensuring consistent and reliable grinding results.

With an impressive array of 40 grind settings, users can easily customize their grind size to match their preferred brewing method, making it a versatile companion for various coffee experiences, including cold brew.

Designed for user-friendliness, the Encore’s straightforward controls make daily grinding routines a breeze, making it an ideal option for beginners.

For those who seek personalization, the Encore can be easily tailored with accessories like a single-dose hopper, allowing users to match the grinder to their unique style.

Though considered an entry-level grinder, the Baratza Encore provides exceptional value for its competitive pricing, making it a smart investment for coffee lovers looking to elevate their brewing game.


  • An affordable option for an entry-level burr grinder
  • Offers 40 different grind settings
  • Consistent grind size with 40mm conical burrs
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Quiet operation due to the DC motor
  • Durable and long-lasting build


JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder: Best Manual Coffee Grinder

For coffee enthusiasts seeking a manual grinder for occasional cold brew batches, the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is a stellar choice.

This compact and cost-effective option rivals pricier grinders with its impressive performance.

Sporting a professional-grade ceramic conical burr, the JavaPresse grinder elevates the coffee’s flavors to new heights.

With approximately 18 usable settings, you can easily customize the grind size according to your taste preferences.

Effortless to handle, clean, and maintain, this grinder features a user-friendly hand-crank mechanism.

Crafted from durable materials, including stainless steel, it guarantees long-lasting performance.

While its small capacity allows for grinding only 1.5 oz at a time (equivalent to approximately 5 oz of cold brew concentrate), the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder’s compact design makes it highly portable.

Notably, JavaPresse takes pride in its exceptional customer service, offering helpful resources like quick start guides, grind charts, and instructional videos.

For those who don’t mind a little elbow grease, this manual grinder ensures a delightful cold brew experience with each batch.


  • Small and portable design, perfect for travel
  • Provides consistent coffee grinding
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Boasts excellent build quality


Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Coffee Grinder: Best For Ease Of Use

As the higher-end offering from Baratza, the Virtuoso+ Electric Burr Grinder sets new standards for precision and consistency in coffee grinding.

This high-quality grinder features a precision-milled conical steel burr, ensuring the exacting finesse necessary to extract perfectly balanced and delightful cups of coffee.

Powered by a 180W DC direct drive motor and gear reduction system, the 40mm Etzinger burrs maintain a constant speed of 550 RPM under no load, guaranteeing optimal results.

With an impressive 40 selectable grind settings, the Virtuoso+ allows you to fine-tune the coarseness of your grind, accommodating various brewing methods.

Producing ground coffee at a rate of 1.4 to 2.3 grams per second, this grinder ensures efficient and consistent performance.

The 8-ounce bean hopper and ground coffee catcher contribute to its practicality and convenience.

Boasting a sleek design with transparent plastics for the hopper and catcher, the Virtuoso+ exudes contemporary elegance.

LED lights illuminate the grinds area, offering clear visibility during the grinding process.

Though it comes at a higher price point, the Virtuoso+ justifies its worth by providing exceptional versatility, catering not only to cold brew but also to espresso machines, Aeropress, and pour-over enthusiasts.

For those seeking unrivaled precision and multi-purpose grinding, the Baratza Virtuoso+ is a compelling choice.


  • Consistent grind quality across all 40 grind levels
  • Efficient design with low grinds retention
  • Quick and quiet operation
  • LED lights in the grinds bin for improved visibility
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Relatively expensive compared to entry-level grinders
  • Mostly plastic exterior may not appeal to everyone’s taste.

Breville Smart Grinder Pro: Best For Customizability

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro is a feature-packed coffee grinder that caters to coffee enthusiasts seeking precision and convenience.

Despite its relatively low price, this grinder boasts pro-level capabilities, making it a remarkable choice for a wide range of coffee types.

With an impressive 60 grind settings, it offers unparalleled flexibility in achieving the perfect grind size.

Equipped with a user-friendly LCD screen, the Smart Grinder Pro displays the selected grind setting, grind time, and the number of shots or cups chosen, ensuring a seamless grinding experience.

Its intelligent settings guarantee optimal results, effortlessly adapting to the desired fineness or coarseness of the beans.

The precision digital timer allows for precise adjustments, offering programmable grind time in 0.2-second increments.

Built with a brushed metal exterior and stainless steel burrs, this grinder exudes durability and reliability.

Despite its powerful performance, the Breville Smart Grinder Pro operates relatively quietly.

Its espresso-friendly capacity and airtight, tinted hopper contribute to the prolonged freshness of your coffee beans.

Versatility and user-friendliness make the Breville Smart Grinder Pro an ideal fit for coffee enthusiasts of all kinds, delivering unmatched grinding precision and convenience for a delightful coffee experience.


  • 60 grind settings with excellent consistency
  • Provides great value for money
  • Fairly easy to use
  • Boasts impressive build quality
  • Features an LCD screen
  • Programmable grind timer for added convenience


  • Relatively expensive
  • A convoluted user interface may be confusing for some
  • Not the optimal choice for grinding very coarse coffee

OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder: Best Value For Money

The OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder offers great versatility and user-friendliness, delivering consistent and uniform grounds for your perfect cup of coffee.

With 38 grind settings, it caters to a wide range of brewing methods, from fine espresso to coarse French press and cold brew.

The stainless steel conical burrs ensure a consistent grind, resulting in a rich, gold-cup flavor.

Featuring a convenient one-touch timer, the grinder retains your last setting, streamlining your coffee routine for quick and effortless brewing.

Its hopper accommodates around 3/4 pounds of coffee beans, while the compact dimensions (12×7.4×16 inches) allow it to fit snugly in any kitchen space or countertop.

The grounds container can hold up to 110 grams (approximately 12 cups) of coffee, providing ample capacity for your brewing needs.

Priced reasonably under $100, the OXO Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is a fantastic value pick, delivering mostly uniform grounds at various grind settings.

Ideal for those who brew the same amount of coffee daily using a coffee maker or French press, its thoughtful design prioritizes convenience.

Especially well-suited for drip or filter coffee enthusiasts who grind the same amount each day, the OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder promises a delightful coffee experience.


  • Remarkable grind consistency
  • Grinds coffee by weight, ensuring precise measurements
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Great value for money at an affordable price
  • Easy one-touch grinding capability
  • Durable and high-performance


  • The actual dose weight slightly misses the target
  • Louder side with high-pitched noise
  • Lightweight materials may raise longevity concerns
  • Ground container may come out during grinding

Houselog Portable Manual Coffee Grinder: Best For Travelling

The Houselog Portable Manual Coffee Grinder is a reliable and sturdy coffee grinder designed for home, travel, and outdoor adventures.

Crafted with 304 brushed stainless steel, it offers excellent rust resistance and easy cleaning.

The grinder features a conical ceramic burr, ensuring consistent and precise grinding, with adjustable nuts for effortless coarseness control.

Equipped with a robust and well-proportioned crank, this grinder provides optimal leverage for easy grinding.

Its lightweight and portable design make it a convenient travel companion, fitting easily into your luggage without occupying much space.

With a generous 30g capacity (serving 3-4 people), it caters to your coffee needs on the go.

Operating the grinder is straightforward – just adjust the grind setting, add your coffee beans, and turn the crank until you achieve the desired grind size.

Then, Unscrew the catcher (bottle) clockwise to savor your freshly ground coffee.

Users have praised the Houselog Portable Manual Coffee Grinder for its durability, user-friendly design, and portability, making it an ideal choice for coffee enthusiasts on the move.


  • Durable and ideal for travel
  • Features a strong and sturdy cranking mechanism
  • Affordable option


  • Not the best choice for larger-group brewing
  • Requires more manual effort compared to electric grinders

Choosing the Best Coffee Grinder for Cold Brew: A Comprehensive Guide

When selecting the perfect coffee grinder for cold brew, several crucial factors come into play.

To make an informed decision, consider the following key aspects:

Manual or Automatic

Manual coffee grinders are usually more affordable, portable, and quieter than electric grinders.

They are also more consistent and durable than electric grinders in the same price range.

However, manual grinders require more effort and time to grind coffee beans, and they may not be suitable for grinding large quantities of beans.

On the other hand, electric grinders are faster and more convenient, but they can be noisy, expensive, and may produce inconsistent results.

Blade or Burr Grinders

Blade grinders use a propeller-like blade to chop the beans, while burr grinders use two revolving abrasive surfaces to grind the beans.

Burr grinders are generally considered superior to blade grinders because they produce a more consistent grind size, which is essential for cold brew.

Blade grinders can produce uneven grounds, which can lead to over-extraction and bitterness in the coffee.

Generally, you should stick to Burr grinders.

Burr Material

Burr grinders can have steel or ceramic burrs.

Ceramic burrs are more durable and produce less heat than steel burrs, which can affect the flavor of the coffee.

However, ceramic burrs can be more expensive and brittle than steel burrs.

Grind Size Adjustment

The variety of available grind sizes is an essential factor to consider when choosing a coffee grinder for cold brew.

Cold brew requires a coarse grind to extract the desired flavors and avoid over-extraction.

Grinders with a wider range of grind size options offer greater flexibility, allowing you to adjust the coarseness to suit your specific cold brew preferences.

The ability to fine-tune the grind size ensures you can achieve optimal results for different brewing methods, including cold brew.

Look for grinders that offer a wide spectrum of settings, including extra coarse, coarse, and medium coarse, to meet the demands of your cold brewing technique.

Coarseness Selector

Some grinders have a coarseness selector that allows you to choose the desired grind size, while others require you to adjust the burrs manually.

A coarseness selector can be more convenient and precise than manual adjustments.


Consider the capacity of the grinder, especially if you plan to grind large quantities of beans at once.

The capacity refers to the amount of coffee beans the grinder can hold at a time, and it determines how much ground coffee you can produce in a single grinding session.

Electric grinders typically offer larger capacities compared to manual grinders, as they are equipped with larger hoppers to accommodate more beans.


The price of coffee grinders can vary widely, from under $50 to over $500.

Manual grinders are generally more affordable than electric ones, making them an attractive option for those on a budget.

They offer excellent value for money, especially for occasional cold brew preparation.

Electric grinders, particularly burr grinders with advanced features, tend to be more expensive.

While they may require a higher upfront investment, they often deliver superior grind consistency and convenience, making them worth considering for avid cold brew enthusiasts or those who prioritize ease of use.


Choosing the best coffee grinder for cold brew is crucial in unlocking the rich flavors and smooth textures that make this brewing method so delightful.

Among the top 7 choices, each grinder offers unique features and advantages, catering to various preferences and budgets.

Consider factors such as manual or automatic operation, burr type, grind size options, capacity, and price when making your decision.

Whether you opt for a portable manual grinder or a high-performance electric one, finding the perfect match will undoubtedly elevate your cold brew experience to new heights of coffee perfection.

Happy brewing!


What grind size is best for cold brew?

For cold brew, a coarse grind size is ideal.

Coarse grounds allow for a slower extraction process, resulting in a smoother and less acidic brew.

Aim for a consistency similar to sea salt or coarse sand for the best cold brew results.

Can I use espresso grind for cold brew?

Using an espresso grind for cold brew is not recommended.

Espresso grind is much finer than what is needed for cold brew, and it can lead to over-extraction, resulting in a bitter and unpleasant taste.

Stick to a coarser grind to achieve the best flavors in your cold brew.

Is cold brew stronger than espresso?

Despite its rich flavor, cold brew is not as strong in caffeine content as espresso.

Cold brew is typically diluted with water or milk, making it milder and more refreshing.

On the other hand, espresso is a concentrated shot of coffee with a higher caffeine concentration per ounce.

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