Best Decaf Espresso Beans: 12 Best Options

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Unveil a world of rich, aromatic decaf espresso with our handpicked selection of the 12 best decaf espresso beans.

Whether you’re a caffeine-conscious coffee lover or simply seeking a late-night indulgence, our guide presents the ultimate choices for achieving a velvety, caffeine-free espresso experience.

12 Decaf Espresso Beans: At A Glance

  1. Lifeboost Dark Roast Decaf: Best Overall
  2. Counter Culture Coffee Slow Motion Decaf: Runner Up
  3. Lifeboost Medium Roast Decaf: Best Medium Roast Decaf
  4. Lavazza Dek Dark Roast Whole Bean Decaf: Best Dark Roast Decaf
  5. Volcanica Whole Bean Espresso Decaf Coffee
  6. Lifeboost Highlander Grogg Decaf
  7. Seattle’s Best Coffee Decaf Portside Blend Medium Roast
  8. Koffee Kult Colombia Decaf Coffee
  9. Peet’s Coffee Dark Roast Decaf Major Dickason’s Blend
  10. Cameron’s Coffee Decaf Highlander
  11. Illy Decaf Whole Bean Coffee
  12. Volcanica Sumatra Mandheling Dark Roast Decaf Coffee

12 Decaf Espresso Beans: In More Detail

Let’s take a closer look at these 12 top decaf espresso beans to assist you in determining which one would be the most suitable for you.

Lifeboost Dark Roast Decaf: Best Overall

At the pinnacle of our decaf espresso bean selection is the delicious Lifeboost Dark Roast Decaf—a true embodiment of excellence.

Crafted from 100% USDA organic coffee beans, this single-origin gem goes beyond mere coffee, offering a health-conscious choice.

It boasts an array of attributes, including mycotoxin-free, GMO-free, and pesticide-free credentials, elevating it to the status of the healthiest coffee worldwide.

Beneath its enticing dark roast exterior lies a symphony of flavors.

A subtle mellow foundation with fruity undertones dances alongside hints of raw sugar and black tea, creating an intricate flavor profile that captivates the palate.

As the brew unfolds, a bright, citrusy aura emerges, complemented by delightful notes of cane sugar and vanilla.

This intricately balanced ensemble is achieved through meticulous hand-picking, spring water washing, sun-drying, and small-batch roasting—a true testament to the craftsmanship behind each cup.

The decaffeination process, employing the revered Swiss water method, ensures that caffeine is meticulously stripped away while preserving the coffee’s essential flavors.

This is a dream come true for those seeking the pleasures of coffee without the caffeine jitters, this exquisite creation also stands as a kind ally to sensitive stomachs and dental sensitivities.

Lifeboost’s dedication to catering to diverse preferences is evident in the availability of various forms—ground, pods, or whole bean—ensuring seamless integration into every brewing routine.

With a generous 30-day money-back guarantee, they ensure your satisfaction is paramount.

While the Lifeboost Dark Roast Decaf garners wide acclaim, it’s worth noting that its mild demeanor might not appease those seeking a bolder, sharper taste.

Nonetheless, for those who revel in the symphony of nuanced flavors, this decaf masterpiece is bound to become an unwavering favorite.


  • Low acidity, gentle on the stomach
  • Delightfully smooth taste for refined palates
  • Certified organic and impeccably clean
  • Completely free from additives or chemicals
  • Each batch freshly roasted to order
  • Sourced from a single, distinct origin


  • Generally higher price point for Lifeboost Coffee products
  • Might not satisfy those seeking an intense, bold flavor experience

Counter Culture Coffee Slow Motion Decaf: Runner Up

Coming in at a close 2nd is the Slow Motion Decaf blend from Counter Culture.

This medium roast, whole bean coffee employs the Swiss water process—a gentle, chemical-free technique that employs water and custom carbon filters to gracefully extract caffeine from the green coffee beans.

The beans themselves hail from certified organic partners across Latin America, embarking on a journey to a dedicated facility for storage and decaffeination.

Distinguished by its meticulous approach, the decaffeination process is undertaken in modest batches, ensuring the flavor integrity remains unwaveringly fresh.

Embracing a sweet and complex flavor spectrum, Slow Motion Decaf Blend unfolds on the palate with tantalizing hints of molasses and cocoa, painting a canvas of delectable tastes.

Delivering a coffee experience that transcends mere caffeine cravings, this blend beckons those who seek the genuine essence of flavor.

Counter Culture Coffee, a revered name in the world of specialty roasters since the 90s, proudly embraces its organic certification and boasts a duo of distinguished decaf offerings.


  • Decaffeinated using a gentle, chemical-free process
  • Offers potential health benefits without caffeine
  • Boasts a flavorful, full-bodied coffee experience
  • Upholds a standard of premium quality
  • Showcases a rotating selection of single-origin beans


  • A few users noted beans being overly roasted and dry

Lifeboost Medium Roast Decaf: Best Medium Roast Decaf

Enter a realm of exquisite taste with Lifeboost’s Medium Roast Decaf—a masterpiece of precision and purity.

Sourced from a single origin, this non-GMO, pesticide-free wonder is a testament to nature’s bounty.

Crafted through meticulous small-batch, artisan roasting, it promises an unparalleled flavor journey that indulges the senses.

Comprising 100% pure USDA organic coffee beans, each one individually chosen as a premium gem from the harvest, this blend exudes excellence.

Gentle on the stomach and infused with a symphony of fruity undertones, harmonizing with subtle notes of raw sugar and black tea, it’s an experience designed to captivate.

Embracing your brewing preferences, the Medium Roast Decaf extends its invitation in two forms: ground coffee and coffee pods.

A versatile companion to your morning ritual, it offers a taste of perfection that dances on the palate with every sip.


  • Exceptionally clean and organic coffee choice
  • Boasts a pleasingly low acidity profile
  • Bursting with rich, flavorful notes
  • Offers potential health benefits to the discerning sipper
  • Elevates your coffee experience with gourmet quality


  • Lacks the intricate depth found in the Lifeboost dark roast coffee blends
  • Positioned at a relatively higher price point within the coffee spectrum
  • May leave a slightly more pronounced residue in your cup than anticipated

Lavazza Dek Dark Roast Whole Bean Decaf: Best Dark Roast Decaf

Indulge in the rich heritage of Italian coffee craftsmanship with the Lavazza Dek Dark Roast Whole Bean Decaf.

Curated from a harmonious blend of Brazilian and Vietnamese Arabica and Robusta beans, this decaffeinated masterpiece is a testament to Lavazza’s commitment to excellence.

Processed in the heart of Pozzilli, Italy, the result is a high-quality fusion of flavors that tantalize the senses.

Roasted to perfection at a dark espresso roast level, the Lavazza Dek Dark Roast unveils a creamy and smooth profile, accompanied by an aroma that enchants the room.

Employing a natural decaffeination process, this blend radiates a full-bodied character that is impeccably balanced, culminating in an aromatic symphony that awakens the palate.

Designed for connoisseurs seeking espresso-based delights, Lavazza recommends its use with an espresso machine or Moka pot—a promise of consistency in every cup.

Available in a 1.1 lb bag, this creation emerges from a nut-free facility, ensuring safety and quality with each sip.


  • Delightfully smooth and rich taste, devoid of any chemical aftertaste
  • Medium roast boasting delightful notes of dried fruit
  • Seamlessly prepared using an espresso machine
  • Offers an affordable option within the realm of decaf coffee blends


  • Might not align with the preferences of those seeking a lighter roast
  • Potentially falls short for enthusiasts craving a darker espresso experience
  • Not sourced from a single origin, for those seeking specific regional profiles

Volcanica Whole Bean Espresso Decaf Coffee

For espresso aficionados seeking a caffeine-free delight, the Volcanica Whole Bean Espresso Decaf Coffee is another premium choice.

Tailored to cater to espresso enthusiasts with a penchant for decaffeinated options, this high-quality coffee is an embodiment of refinement.

The offering encompasses two distinct blends: the Espresso Dark Roast Decaf Coffee and the Volcanica House Blend Decaf Coffee—both celebrated for their low acidity, rendering them gentle on the palate.

The Espresso Dark Roast Decaf Coffee is a perfectly balanced coffee with a dense caramel-like sweetness, signature intensity, light acidity, and a complex spicy aroma that will engage all your senses

On the other hand, the Volcanica House Blend Decaf Coffee masterfully blends South and Central American coffees, delivering a harmonious symphony of sweetness and boldness, enveloping the palate in a rich, full-bodied embrace.

Utilizing the washed process—an artful technique of extracting coffee fruit before drying and roasting—both blends maintain a clean and consistent flavor profile that elevates each cup.

The decaffeination process, conducted through the Swiss Water Process, is entirely natural and chemical-free, preserving the captivating flavors that define the Volcanica experience.

Packaged in 16-ounce bags, the Volcanica Whole Bean Espresso Decaf Coffee is a testament to freshness.

Roasted with care and sealed to perfection, it ensures that every brew encapsulates the essence of quality and craftsmanship.


  • Decaffeinated naturally through the Swiss Water Process
  • Responsibly sourced from global local co-ops
  • Indulge in a rich, dark roast minus the acidity
  • Ground finely, ideal for a burr grinder’s precision


  • Considerably higher price point for these premium coffee beans

Lifeboost Highlander Grogg Decaf

The Lifeboost Highlander Grogg Decaf is a medium-roasted, low-acid masterpiece that indulges the senses with a symphony of flavors.

Embark on a journey where buttery richness intertwines with sweet caramel, accompanied by a subtle nutty undertone.

Crafted from the finest single-origin coffee beans, each hand-selected gem contributes to a decaffeinated delight that knows no compromise.

Available in ground coffee form and convenient single-serve cups, Lifeboost ensures your preferred brewing method is catered to.

Embracing its commitment to quality, this coffee is artisan roasted in small batches, unveiling layers of profound flavor that elevate your experience.

While the Highlander Grogg Decaf might not be the ideal candidate for espresso enthusiasts, its charm truly shines in pour-over or coffee maker preparations.

A splendid choice for those who appreciate their espresso straight, this 100% Arabica blend embodies the pinnacle of taste, thanks to the inherent superiority of Arabica beans over Robusta—offering both quality and naturally lower caffeine content.


  • Smooth and robust flavor profile, even in decaffeinated form
  • Utilizes the Swiss Water Method for clean decaffeination
  • Low acidity ensures gentle digestion
  • Crafted solely from 100% Arabica beans
  • Unique notes of butter, aged rum, and caramel elevate the decaf experience


  • Medium roast may not complement milk-based drinks like lattes or cappuccinos as effectively

Seattle’s Best Coffee Decaf Portside Blend Medium Roast

Seattle’s Best Coffee Decaf Portside Blend Medium Roast is another popular coffee option for those who prefer a decaffeinated beverage.

This 100% arabica blend, hailed for its deep, well-rounded, and smooth character, presents a full-bodied cup of medium roast delight without the caffeine jolt.

Packaged conveniently in 12-ounce bags and readily available through various retailers, you can easily find these coffee beans at most stores.

Notably, the decaffeination process follows a chemical method, differing from the chemical-free Swiss Water Process.

A subsidiary of the iconic Seattle brand Starbucks, Seattle’s Best Coffee offers an economical yet robust alternative that caters to your everyday coffee needs.

Positioned as a simple, hearty choice, the Decaf Portside Blend encapsulates this philosophy, ensuring a flavorful and well-rounded decaffeinated experience for those seeking a smooth medium roast.


  • Delivers a deep, well-rounded, and remarkably smooth flavor
  • Offers a taste akin to premium caffeinated coffee
  • Medium acidity profile enriched with nutty undertones
  • Leaves a clean, satisfying finish


  • Limited availability in ground coffee, only offered in 12-ounce bags

Koffee Kult Colombia Decaf Coffee

Koffee Kult Colombia Decaf Coffee is a medium-dark roast coffee made from 100% Arabica Colombia coffee beans.

The caffeine is removed from the bean with water, which means no chemicals or chemical taste in your coffee.

As mentioned with the other coffee beans on this list, this process is called the Swiss Water Process (SWP)

The decaf coffee beans are more favorable and aromatic since the raw beans are of better quality and the processing is gentle to the green coffee. 

The coffee has a rich, bold flavor, with tasting notes of sweet dark chocolate.

Koffee Kult Colombia Decaf Coffee is available in whole bean or ground coffee form, and in single-serve cups that are compatible with Keurig original and 2.0 brewers.

The coffee is roasted to increase sweetness and highlight the balance between acidity and flavor.

Koffee Kult sources the highest quality 100% Arabica coffee beans from all over the world, and once they source coffee beans, they do everything possible to preserve that quality.


  • Highly regarded and top-rated among decaf coffee options
  • Enjoy the pleasure of a sweet, rich, and velvety low-acid coffee
  • Utilizes the Swiss Water Process for pure decaffeination
  • Available as convenient whole beans or pre-ground coffee


  • Falls on the higher end of the price spectrum
  • A few users have noted a slightly acidic and dry taste profile

Peet’s Coffee Dark Roast Decaf Major Dickason’s Blend

Peet’s Coffee Dark Roast Decaf Major Dickason’s Blend is one of the most popular blends of Peet’s Coffee.

It is a decaf version of the original Major Dickason’s Blend, which is known for its rich and flavorful taste.

The decaf version is made from the same premium beans as the original, but without any caffeine.

It is essentially a dark roast coffee that is flavorful, robust, and full-bodied.

However, if we had to describe it, then we would probably say the coffee has an extremely dark roast and a smoky, slightly spicy taste.

The blend combines the best origin coffees from the world’s premier growing regions, each imparting its distinctive regional characteristics while still effortlessly rounding into a smooth, balanced cup.

The coffee is available in ground form and can be prepared using various brewing methods such as a press pot, drip, or espresso.

The decaffeination process used is the water process, which removes caffeine without compromising the flavor of the coffee.


  • Indulge in a rich and robust flavor experience
  • Perfect choice for enthusiasts of dark roast intensity
  • Crafted from high-quality, premium coffee beans
  • Peet’s Coffee boasts a commendable reputation for excellence


  • May prove overpowering for those with milder taste preferences
  • Not the best starting point for coffee novices

Cameron’s Coffee Decaf Highlander

Elevate your decaf coffee experience with Cameron’s Coffee Decaf Highlander Grog—a symphony of flavors crafted from 100% premium Arabica beans.

Indulge in the smoothness of each sip, as the blend entwines the delightful notes of butterscotch, caramel, vanilla, and a hint of rum.

Remarkably, this flavorful experience is achieved without the need for added sugar or artificial sweeteners, ensuring a genuine taste that remains free from any artificial or syrupy undertones.

Whether savored black or accompanied by a splash of creamer or milk, Cameron’s Highland grog offers versatility that will make those pricey flavored creamers a thing of the past.

Packaged in a 10-ounce bag of ground coffee, this delectable creation becomes an accessible part of your daily routine, ideal for those seeking a decaf indulgence.

Be prepared for some packaging variation, as it may differ based on the source.

Incorporate more decaf into your lifestyle while savoring the captivating flavors of Cameron’s Coffee Decaf Highlander Grog.

With its exquisite blend and natural sweetness, this choice stands as a testament to the artistry of coffee crafting.


  • A smooth blend of flavors: butterscotch, caramel, vanilla, and a touch of rum
  • Crafted exclusively from 100% premium Arabica beans
  • A convenient 10-ounce bag ensures a practical personal supply
  • Medium roast strikes a harmonious balance of flavor
  • Boasts an impressive average rating across various marketplaces


  • Packaging presentation might differ
  • People seeking stronger flavor profiles may not be fully satisfied

Illy Decaf Whole Bean Coffee

With a legacy spanning decades, Illy coffee stands as a testament to time-honored expertise in the world of coffee.

The Illy Decaf Whole Bean Coffee, a medium roast 100% Arabica blend, bears witness to their refined craftsmanship.

Decaffeinated through a natural water process, this choice showcases a rich and well-balanced aroma, adorned with alluring notes of chocolate and caramel.

For those looking to stock up or secure the best value on a substantial decaf bean supply, Illy Decaf Whole Bean Coffee is available for bulk orders.

While it may not flaunt uniqueness or extravagant allure, this coffee remains a reliable classic.

It’s your go-to option when you’re after a straightforward decaf experience that still plays well as an espresso.

However, it’s important to note that Illy’s decaf isn’t Swiss Water Processed, which means it might carry some chemicals and subtle off-tastes.

Despite this, if you’re on the hunt for an economical and serviceable decaf choice, Illy Decaf Whole Bean Coffee stands ready to deliver.


  • Delivers a gentle, velvety taste
  • Preserves much of the coffee’s inherent flavor
  • Boasts an enticing aroma, free from the bitterness of caffeine
  • Rich and well-balanced aroma with delightful caramel notes


  • Lacks Swiss Water Processing
  • Has a classic diner decaf vibe, potentially feeling dated for specialty coffee enthusiasts

Volcanica Sumatra Mandheling Dark Roast Decaf Coffee

The Sumatra Mandheling Dark Roast Decaf Coffee is a rare Indonesian coffee that is known for its smoothness, rich heavy body, low acidity, and exotic flavor profile.

Drenched in the depth of a dark roast, the coffee unveils a robust and daring flavor that resonates with every sip.

At its heart, an intricate flavor profile weaves together elements of sandalwood, nuttiness, and earthy notes.

The crescendo? An intensely syrupy aftertaste that lingers, crowned by an indulgent earthy richness that defines its character.

Stepping into the world of decaf doesn’t mean compromising on quality or flavor.

The Swiss Water Process has your back, ensuring a 100% chemical-free decaffeination experience.

In fact, it leaves only a mere trace of caffeine—99.9% caffeine-free, to be exact—while keeping intact the distinct origin attributes and flavor identity.

This decaf coffee is a great choice, even if you don’t drink it daily.


  • Boasts a rich, weighty body with subdued acidity and an alluring exotic flavor profile
  • Unveils enchanting notes of sandalwood, nuts, and earthiness
  • Delightfully smooth, offering a mellowness that’s both earthy and sweetly subtle
  • Embraces Swiss Water decaffeination for a chemical-free experience


  • The earthy flavor profile may not resonate with all taste preferences

Decaf Espresso vs. Standard Coffee Beans: Unveiling the Distinctions

Decaf espresso and standard coffee beans stand apart in various facets, encompassing caffeine content, flavor, texture, and processing techniques.

Let’s Delve into the nuances that differentiate these two coffee variations:

Caffeine Content

Decaf espresso stems from decaffeinated beans, ensuring a caffeine-free brew.

Contrastingly, standard coffee beans pack the natural stimulant, caffeine, which lends an energizing lift and heightened mental acuity.

An 8-ounce cup of decaf coffee contains around 7 mg of caffeine, while its regular counterpart boasts 70-140 mg per cup.

Flavor and Texture

Decaf coffee typically exhibits a lighter, smoother character compared to regular coffee, offering a milder taste profile.

In contrast, decaf espresso embraces a thicker, creamier texture, courtesy of the espresso bean’s unique grinding process that liberates more oils, resulting in a luscious mouthfeel.

Processing Methods

Decaf espresso beans undergo a meticulous decaffeination process before roasting, extracting caffeine to create a caffeine-free canvas.

On the other hand, standard coffee beans retain their natural caffeine content, forming the foundation for the quintessential coffee experience.

Flavor Perception

Decaf coffee’s flavor is subject to varied perceptions, ranging from bland or artificial to slightly sour.

Some individuals detect no discernible difference in flavor, while others highlight the disparity.

Decaf espresso, thanks to its robust flavors, masks the slightly sour notes often associated with decaf coffee, rendering a more harmonious flavor profile akin to its regular espresso counterpart.

How to Brew the Perfect Decaf Espresso

To brew decaf beans for the best espresso, there are several factors to consider.

First, it is important to choose high-quality decaf beans that have been roasted to a medium or dark roast.

Swiss Water Process and CO2 decaf processes are recommended as they preserve the original flavors and characteristics of the coffee beans.

When brewing decaf espresso, it is recommended to use a quality espresso machine and to pay attention to the brewing temperature, coffee dose, and extraction time.

The brewing temperature should be slightly lower than usual, and a bit more coffee should be used.

The ideal brewing ratio is generally 1:2, which means using 18g of ground coffee to produce a 36g shot of espresso.

The extraction time should be between 20-30 seconds.

It is also important to grind the beans into a fine powder to ensure the best extraction.

After grinding, make an even bed of coffee in the portafilter and pull the shot.

Once the shot is pulled, it should be enjoyed immediately to preserve the flavor and aroma.

Factors to Consider When Buying Decaf Espresso Beans

When embarking on the journey to find the perfect decaf espresso beans, a few key considerations can guide you towards a satisfying choice.

Here’s a comprehensive buying guide to assist you in making an informed decision:

Decaffeination Method

Decaffeination is the process of removing caffeine from coffee beans.

There are several methods of decaffeination, including the Swiss Water Process, the Carbon Dioxide Process, and the Solvent-Based Process.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose a decaffeination method that preserves the natural taste and aroma of the beans.

Swiss Water Process and Carbon Dioxide Process are considered the best methods for preserving the flavor of the beans.

Roast Date

The roast date is the next important factor to consider when buying decaf espresso beans.

Freshly roasted beans have a better flavor and aroma than stale beans.

Look for beans that have been roasted within the last two weeks.

If you’re buying pre-ground beans, make sure to check the expiration date.


The origin of the beans can affect the flavor and aroma of the coffee. Different regions produce beans with different flavor profiles.

For example, beans from South America tend to have a nutty and chocolatey flavor, while beans from Africa have a fruity and floral flavor.

Consider your personal taste preferences when choosing the origin of your decaf espresso beans.

Grind Size

If you’re using pre-ground decaf espresso beans, pay attention to the grind size recommended by the manufacturer or the barista.

This will help you get the best results from your beans.

Additionally, it’s important to note that if you grind your beans just before brewing, you’ll ensure maximum freshness.

Different brewing methods require different grind sizes, so make sure to choose the right grind size for your brewing method.

Roast Level

The roast level of the beans can also affect the flavor and aroma of the coffee.

Darker roasts tend to have a bolder and more intense flavor, while lighter roasts have a more delicate and nuanced flavor.

Consider your personal taste preferences when choosing the roast level of your decaf espresso beans.

Brand and Flavor

Different brands of decaf espresso beans have different flavor profiles.

Some brands may have a nutty or chocolatey flavor, while others may have a fruity or floral flavor.

Consider your personal taste preferences when choosing the brand and flavor of your decaf espresso beans.

You can also read reviews and try different brands to find the one that suits your taste.


Decaf espresso beans can vary in price depending on the brand, origin, and decaffeination method.

Consider your budget when choosing your beans.

Keep in mind that higher-priced beans may not always be of better quality, so make sure to read reviews and do your research before making a purchase.


In the world of decaf espresso beans, a spectrum of flavors and nuances awaits your discerning palate.

From the bold depths of dark roasts to the delicate notes of lighter blends, each option offers a unique experience for the decaf aficionado.

As you embark on your decaf journey, consider the factors that align with your taste preferences, brewing techniques, and desired aromas.

Whether you seek a velvety crema, a symphony of flavors, or the perfect companion to your favorite espresso machine, these 12 best options stand ready to delight, proving that decaf can be a nuanced and satisfying indulgence.


Do decaf beans make good espresso?

Absolutely! Decaf beans can indeed yield a delicious and satisfying espresso.

While lacking the caffeine kick, decaf espresso beans offer a range of flavors, aromas, and textures that can rival their caffeinated counterparts.

How to make a good decaf espresso?

Crafting a delectable decaf espresso involves selecting high-quality beans, paying attention to brewing parameters, and using a quality espresso machine.

Opt for Swiss Water or CO2-processed decaf beans, adjust the brewing temperature and coffee dose, aim for a balanced coffee-to-water ratio, and ensure a precise extraction time for a truly exceptional brew.

Will decaf espresso keep me awake?

No, decaf espresso contains only trace amounts of caffeine, usually less than 7 mg per 8-ounce cup.

It is highly unlikely to have the stimulating effects that regular coffee does, making it a suitable choice for those seeking to enjoy the flavors of espresso without the caffeine.

Is decaf espresso really caffeine-free?

While decaf espresso is significantly lower in caffeine compared to regular espresso, it is not entirely caffeine-free.

The decaffeination process reduces caffeine content, but a small amount may still remain.

However, decaf espresso is well-suited for individuals looking to minimize their caffeine intake.

Why drink decaf espresso?

Decaf espresso offers a delightful alternative for coffee enthusiasts who desire the rich taste, aroma, and experience of espresso without caffeine.

It allows you to enjoy the comforting rituals of coffee consumption, indulge in the art of brewing, and savor the nuanced flavors, all while minimizing caffeine’s effects.

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