Best Organic Coffee Brands In 2024: Our Top 10 Picks

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If you’re a coffee enthusiast who values both flavor and sustainability, you’re in the right place.

Organic coffee not only offers a delicious and aromatic experience but also ensures that your daily cup of joe is produced in an environmentally responsible way.

In recent years, the demand for organic products has soared as people become more conscious of the impact of their choices on the planet.

Organic coffee, grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, is better for the environment and often boasts richer and more nuanced flavors.

With many brands embracing organic farming practices, we’ve sifted through the options to bring you the crème de la crème of organic coffee selections.

In this post, we’ll explore the world of organic coffee and present our carefully curated list of the top 10 organic coffee brands.

10 Best Organic Coffee Brands: At A Glance

  1. Lavazza Organic ¡Tierra! Coffee: Best Overall
  2. Equal Exchange Organic Ground Coffee: Best Ground Coffee
  3. Four Sigmatic Calm Organic Decaf Coffee: Best Decaf
  4. Lifeboost Light Roast Coffee: Best Light Roast
  5. Stumptown Coffee Roasters French Roast: Best Dark Roast
  6. AmazonFresh Organic Fair Trade Peru Ground Coffee: Best Medium Roast
  7. San Francisco Bay Organic Rainforest Blend K-Cups: Best K-Cups
  8. VitaCup Perfect Low Acid Instant Coffee: Best Instant Coffee
  9. Death Wish Dark Roast Ground Coffee: Best For Caffeine Kick
  10. Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass Dark Roast: Best Rich Flavor

1. Lavazza Organic ¡Tierra! Coffee: Best Overall


Topping our list of the best organic coffee is Lavazza’s Organic ¡Tierra! Coffee.

This premium pick features organic Arabica beans sourced from certified farms in Africa, Central, and South America.

These farms follow sustainable practices and hold Rainforest Alliance certification.

The beans are hand-picked for top-notch quality, ensuring only the ripest ones make the cut.

Lavazza’s Organic ¡Tierra! Coffee is 100% Arabica, known for its delicate and fruity flavors.

Expect fruity and floral aromas, making it a unique and subtle blend.

You can brew this coffee using various methods like espresso machines, drip makers, and French presses.

One thing to note is that it’s produced in Italy, which might affect its freshness compared to local brands.


  • Rich and nuanced flavors
  • Environmentally friendly (organic and Rainforest Alliance certified)
  • Hand-picked, high-quality beans
  • Unique fruity and floral aroma
  • Suitable for various brewing methods


  • Produced in Italy, potentially affecting freshness

2. Equal Exchange Organic Ground Coffee: Best Ground Coffee


Equal Exchange Organic Ground Coffee offers a smooth, creamy, and balanced blend of medium and Vienna roast beans.

You’ll detect hints of almond, malt, and dark chocolate in every sip.

These 12oz bags of organic coffee come with a drip grind, making it convenient for your brewing needs.

The magic happens in a solar-powered roastery in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, where a dedicated worker-owner team takes charge.

They perform daily batch roasts and production cuppings to ensure this coffee reaches its full potential.

The medium roast accentuates unique citrus, nutty, fruity, or floral notes, while the Vienna roast adds a smoky aroma and a smooth, rich body for those who prefer darker roasts.

Named “Mind Body Soul,” this coffee aims to provide a moment of zen and centeredness with every cup.

Plus, it’s Fair Trade and USDA certified, emphasizing its ethical and organic qualities.

However, there are a couple of trade-offs to consider.

While it’s undeniably good-tasting, it might not be the kind of flavor that makes you leap out of your seat with excitement.

Additionally, this coffee comes pre-ground, and pre-ground beans tend to lose freshness faster than whole beans.

If you usually grind your beans at the store, there’s no guarantee of when these were ground.


  • Smooth, balanced blend
  • Hints of almond, malt, and dark chocolate
  • Organic, Fair Trade, and USDA certified
  • Roasted in a solar-powered facility
  • Worker-owner team ensures quality
  • Convenient drip grind
  • Designed for a moment of zen


  • Flavor may not be exceptionally exciting
  • Pre-ground coffee can lose freshness quickly

3. Four Sigmatic Calm Organic Decaf Coffee: Best Decaf


Four Sigmatic is an emerging coffee brand that you’ve probably come across on social media or heard about in podcast ads.

They’ve crafted something intriguing called Four Sigmatic Calm Organic Decaf Coffee.

It’s a unique blend that combines organic decaf coffee with special mushrooms like reishi and chaga.

This coffee is all about creating a soothing and relaxing experience, making it an excellent choice for winding down in the evening.

What’s interesting is that they decaffeinate their coffee using the Swiss Water® Process, which is eco-friendly and free from chemicals.

So, it’s gentle on your body and the environment.

The added mushrooms, reishi, and chaga, are meant to lend support to stress relief, mindfulness, and long-term positive mood.

This product also gets a nod for being tested for toxins and holding an organic certification.

Customers seem to love it for its calming effects and smooth flavor, especially if you’re in the market for decaffeinated coffee that comes with extra perks.

But here’s the kicker: during our tests, we noticed a rather strong aftertaste, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea, or in this case, coffee.


  • Unique blend of organic decaf coffee and mushrooms
  • Designed for a soothing, relaxing experience
  • Eco-friendly Swiss Water® Process for decaffeination
  • Added mushrooms for stress relief and mood support
  • Tested for toxins and organic-certified


  • Strong aftertaste, which may not suit everyone’s taste

4. Lifeboost Light Roast Coffee: Best Light Roast

Optimist Light Roast

Lifeboost Light Roast Coffee is a special kind of coffee, carefully crafted to be naturally low in acidity.

They roast it in small batches to capture the richest flavors.

When you take a sip, you’ll discover a coffee that’s light, mellow, and has fruity hints like raw sugar, black tea, cane sugar, and vanilla.

What sets this coffee apart is where it comes from – small family farms in Nicaragua.

It’s shade-grown and sun-dried, with a commitment to being non-GMO, single-origin, and a specialty coffee.

They’ve even put it through a pH test, showing it’s up to 27.7% less acidic than the regular stuff you find in stores.

Their Optimist Light Roast, in particular, shines with its bright and citrusy flavor, making it a hit with those who prefer lighter brews.

And don’t worry about pesticides or mycotoxins – this coffee is free from both.

You can enjoy it your way, whether it’s whole beans, ground coffee, or convenient coffee pods.

The hand-selected Arabica beans come from a region in Central America known for its rich and flavorful coffee.

However, there’s one small downside – Lifeboost coffee, in general, tends to be a bit pricier, and this light roast is no exception.

But if you’re after quality and unique flavors, it might be worth the investment.


  • Naturally low acidity
  • Small-batch roasted for rich flavor
  • Fruity notes of raw sugar, black tea, cane sugar, and vanilla
  • Non-GMO, single-origin, and specialty coffee
  • Up to 27.7% less acidic than common store-bought coffees
  • Bright and citrusy flavor in the Optimist Light Roast
  • Pesticide-free and mycotoxin-free


  • Relatively higher price compared to some other coffees

5. Stumptown Coffee Roasters French Roast: Best Dark Roast


Stumptown Coffee Roasters brings you their French Roast, a unique take on the classic dark roast.

This toasty, organic blend is created from some of the best organic-certified coffee beans sourced from Central, South American, and East African regions.

The magic happens during roasting, where they extend the heat and roast time to infuse sweetness and body into every cup.

The result? A balanced and full-bodied brew with a flavor profile that includes toasty and malty notes, featuring hints of clove, bittersweet chocolate, and toasted marshmallow.

This coffee is all about being rich and smoky, known for its bold chocolaty body and a lingering touch of spiciness.

What’s great is its versatility.

Whether you prefer it with milk, brewed using different methods, or even as a cold brew, it delivers.

Stumptown takes pride in their sustainability efforts and their “direct trade” approach, ensuring fair prices for growers without compromising quality.

Most folks love its lower acidity, great taste, and freshness right out of the bag.

However, we did notice that some might find the flavor slightly on the milder side, but taste preferences can vary widely.

It’s all about what suits your palate best.


  • Unique take on the classic dark roast
  • Made from high-quality organic-certified coffee beans
  • Balanced and full-bodied brew with toasty and malty notes
  • Flavor includes hints of clove, bittersweet chocolate, and toasted marshmallow
  • Versatile, suitable for various brewing methods
  • Committed to sustainable practices and fair trade
  • Low acidity and fresh taste


  • Some may find the flavor slightly milder, depending on personal preference

6. AmazonFresh Organic Fair Trade Peru Ground Coffee: Best Medium Roast


Did you know that Amazon has its own coffee brand, and it’s earned the stamp of approval from thousands of satisfied customers?

One of their standout offerings is the Fair Trade Peru roast, cherished for its delightful hints of brown sugar and cocoa.

It’s made entirely from 100 percent Arabica beans, which translates to a low acidity level, making it easy on the stomach for those with mild sensitivities.

What sets this coffee apart is its commitment to freshness.

Amazon ensures that these beans are freshly roasted to deliver maximum flavor and aroma.

Coffee enthusiasts appreciate that it’s strong without crossing over into bitterness, striking just the right balance for a medium roast.

The icing on the cake is its affordability.

You can snag a 12-ounce bag at a wallet-friendly price.

However, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind.

Since it’s an Amazon product, its distribution network may be somewhat limited, and delivery might take a day or two.

Also, while it may not be the most flavorful coffee on the block, it should still satisfy the taste buds of most coffee lovers.


  • Highly recommended and customer-favorite
  • Pleasant hints of brown sugar and cocoa
  • 100% Arabica beans for low acidity
  • Freshly roasted for maximum flavor
  • Strong without bitterness
  • Affordable price
  • Fairtrade and organic certification


  • Limited distribution network due to Amazon brand
  • The flavor may not be the most intense

7. San Francisco Bay Organic Rainforest Blend K-Cups: Best K-Cups


If you’re a fan of Keurig coffee, you might want to give San Francisco Bay Organic Rainforest Blend K-Cups a try.

These K-Cups offer a medium-dark roast coffee sourced from Central America.

What’s great is that they hold the USDA Organic certification, promising full flavor, smoothness, and balance.

You can choose from different package sizes, and here’s a bonus – the pods are environmentally friendly, and commercially compostable to be exact.

As for the flavor, it’s described as full-bodied with delightful hints of sweet berry and dark chocolate, all wrapped up with a touch of jasmine.

Plus, it’s compatible with Keurig 2.0 and other K-Cup brewers.

Now, the only minor drawback to consider is that these coffee pods come at a slightly higher price point.

But if you’re looking for quality and sustainability, it might be worth the investment.


  • Convenient for Keurig users
  • USDA Organic certification
  • Full flavor with sweet berry and dark chocolate notes
  • Environmentally friendly, compostable pods
  • Compatible with Keurig 2.0 and other K-Cup brewers


  • Relatively higher price for coffee pods

8. VitaCup Perfect Low Acid Instant Coffee: Best Instant Coffee


VitaCup’s Perfect Low Acid Instant Coffee is the coffee that understands your stomach’s needs.

It’s a dark roast, and it’s all about 100% USDA organic, dark roast Arabica beans.

Why does that matter? Well, it’s low in acid, which is excellent news for folks with sensitive stomachs.

But it’s not just about being gentle on the tummy; this coffee is bold and smooth, delivering a full-bodied flavor profile.

What’s more, it packs chlorogenic acid antioxidants, which are known for their health-preserving properties.

Worried about toxins and chemicals? Don’t be – it’s free from mycotoxins, pesticides, and unwanted additives.

Plus, it’s sealed tight to keep that rich aroma and flavor intact.

Now, here’s a surprise: it’s instant coffee that doesn’t taste like instant coffee.

People can’t stop raving about its dark, deep roast flavor with delightful hints of chocolate and spices.

And the best part? It comes in convenient on-the-go packets, so you can whip up a decent cup in mere seconds.

Although to be fair, we did find the flavor slightly milder, but that’s the trade-off you get with instant coffee.


  • Low acidity, ideal for sensitive stomachs
  • Made from 100% USDA organic dark roast Arabica beans
  • Bold and smooth full-bodied flavor
  • Contains chlorogenic acid antioxidants for health benefits
  • Free from mycotoxins, pesticides, and chemicals
  • Convenient on-the-go packets for quick brewing


  • Flavor may be slightly milder due to its instant nature

9. Death Wish Dark Roast Ground Coffee: Best For Caffeine Kick


Death Wish Dark Roast Ground Coffee is the powerhouse of caffeine for the bold-hearted.

Crafted from a blend of premium Arabica and robusta coffee beans, it’s roasted to absolute perfection.

This brew is renowned as the world’s strongest coffee, designed to fuel those who crave intensity.

Sipping this coffee, you’ll discover intriguing notes of dark chocolate and black cherry.

What sets it apart? Well, it’s not just about caffeine.

It’s also USDA organic and holds the certified fair trade badge, ensuring ethical sourcing.

Now, it’s worth noting that being a dark roast means it doesn’t pack as much caffeine as a light or medium roast.

But it makes up for it with a rich and robust flavor that avoids the bitterness often found in lesser roasts.

But here’s the thing, excellence often comes with a price tag, and Death Wish Coffee is no exception.

It’s one of the pricier options out there, but you’re not just paying for coffee; you’re buying into a brand and a reputation for strength.


  • Exceptionally high caffeine content
  • A blend of premium Arabica and robusta beans
  • Intense and robust flavor with notes of dark chocolate and black cherry
  • USDA organic and certified fair trade
  • Low bitterness for a dark roast


  • Not as caffeine-rich as light or medium roasts
  • Premium price compared to other coffees

10. Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass Dark Roast: Best Rich Flavor


Kicking Horse Coffee’s Kick Ass Dark Roast is a coffee that’s all about organic goodness, Fairtrade ethics, and the Rockies’ rugged roasting charm.

It’s a brew that’s sweet, smoky, and utterly audacious, boasting flavors of chocolate malt, molasses, licorice, and a satisfying earthy finish.

These beans aren’t your run-of-the-mill crop; they’re cultivated at higher elevations and nurtured in the shade to ensure unbeatable quality and taste.

The result is a bold and rich flavor profile that coffee lovers adore.

If you’re into cold brews, this one is a strong contender.

Now, here’s the catch: it comes pre-ground for drip machines.

While it’s convenient, this grind size might not be perfect for all systems.

It could lead to more grounds seeping through the filter and into your coffee, which can impact the overall experience.


  • Organic and Fairtrade-certified
  • Distinctive sweet, smoky, and bold flavor
  • Shade-grown at higher elevations for quality
  • Ideal for cold brew lovers


  • Pre-ground for drip machines, may not be suitable for all setups

Buyer’s Guide: Key Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Organic Coffee

When shopping for the best organic coffee, several factors come into play to ensure you find the perfect brew that suits your taste and values.

Here’s a detailed guide to help you make an informed choice:

Coffee Bean Type and Origin

  • Arabica vs. Robusta: Begin by deciding between Arabica and Robusta beans. Arabica is known for its smooth, mild flavor, while Robusta tends to be stronger and more bitter.
  • Single-Origin vs. Blend: Consider whether you prefer coffee from a single origin, which highlights the unique flavors of a specific region, or a blend, which combines beans from different regions for a balanced taste.
  • Country of Origin: Pay attention to the coffee’s country of origin, as different regions offer distinct flavor profiles. For example, Ethiopian coffee is celebrated for its fruity and floral notes, while Colombian coffee is known for its well-balanced taste.

Roast Level

  • Light Roast: Light roasts preserve the bean’s natural flavors, resulting in a more nuanced taste with bright acidity. Ideal for those who appreciate the origin’s characteristics.
  • Medium Roast: Medium roasts strike a balance between flavor preservation and development, offering a well-rounded taste with a slightly deeper flavor profile.
  • Dark Roast: Dark roasts have a bold and robust flavor with less acidity. The roast process brings out caramelized sugars and can even introduce smoky or chocolaty notes.

Organic Certification

Look for coffee that is certified as “organic” by recognized organizations like the USDA.

Organic coffee is cultivated without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, promoting environmental sustainability and reducing exposure to chemicals.

Fair Trade Certification

Consider coffee with Fair Trade certification.

This ensures that the coffee is ethically sourced, and farmers receive fair compensation for their work, contributing to sustainable livelihoods and community development.

Processing Method

The processing method affects the coffee’s flavor and aroma.

Common methods include washed, natural, and honey-processed.

For example, natural processing can result in a fruity and wine-like taste, while washed coffee tends to be cleaner and brighter.

Sustainability and Environmental Practices

Investigate the coffee brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Look for information on their farming practices, shade-grown methods, and eco-friendly packaging, as these factors contribute to reducing the ecological footprint of your coffee.

Flavor Profile and Personal Preference

Consider your personal taste preferences when selecting organic coffee.

Explore tasting notes provided by the brand to find flavors that align with your palate, whether you prefer fruity, nutty, chocolaty, or floral notes.

Whole Beans vs. Ground Coffee

Decide between whole beans and pre-ground coffee.

Whole beans retain their freshness longer but require grinding before brewing, while pre-ground coffee offers convenience but may lose flavor more quickly.

Price and Budget

Determine your budget for organic coffee.

While premium organic options are available, there are also budget-friendly choices that provide excellent quality.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

Research the brand’s reputation and read customer reviews.

Established brands with a history of ethical sourcing and high-quality coffee often deliver a consistent and satisfying product.

Brewing Method Compatibility

Ensure that the coffee you choose is compatible with your preferred brewing method, whether it’s a French press, pour-over, espresso machine, or automatic drip coffee maker.


Lastly, prioritize freshness.

Look for coffee with a “roasted on” date to ensure you’re getting the most flavorful and aromatic experience.

The Verdict: What Is The Organic Coffee?

We crowned Lavazza Organic ¡Tierra! Coffee as the best organic coffee for its premium selection of 100% Arabica beans, certified organic farms, and delightful fruity and floral notes.

Its versatility and ethical sourcing make it a top pick.

Equal Exchange Organic Ground Coffee takes the title of the best ground coffee with its smooth, creamy, and balanced blend.

Roasted in a solar-powered roastery, it boasts quality, fair trade, and delightful flavor profiles, making it a great choice for coffee enthusiasts.

Four Sigmatic Calm Organic Decaf Coffee earned the spot of the Best Decaf for its unique blend of decaf coffee and mushrooms.

Designed for relaxation, it’s eco-friendly and packed with antioxidants.

Though some find the aftertaste strong, its calming effects and smooth flavor make it an appealing decaf option.


What does organic mean?

“Organic” refers to a farming and production method that avoids synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Organic coffee is grown without the use of artificial chemicals, promoting environmental sustainability and reducing potential health risks.

Is organic coffee healthier?

Yes, organic coffee can be considered healthier because it’s grown without synthetic chemicals.

This reduces the risk of pesticide residues in your coffee and promotes cleaner farming practices, which can benefit the environment and farmers’ well-being.

Why is organic coffee so expensive?

Organic coffee tends to be more expensive due to the labor-intensive and eco-friendly farming methods involved.

Organic farms often require more manual labor for pest control and may have lower yields, contributing to higher production costs.

Additionally, organic certification processes can be costly.

Does organic coffee have caffeine?

Yes, organic coffee contains caffeine unless it’s specifically labeled as decaffeinated.

The organic designation pertains to the farming methods, not the caffeine content.

Should we be drinking organic coffee?

Choosing organic coffee is a personal choice that aligns with environmental and health concerns.

If you prefer coffee free from synthetic pesticides and support sustainable farming practices, organic coffee may be a good fit for you.

How do you know if coffee is organic?

Look for organic certification labels on the coffee packaging.

The USDA Organic label is a widely recognized certification for organic products in the United States.

Additionally, reputable coffee brands often provide information about their sourcing and farming practices on their websites, offering transparency to consumers.

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