9 Best Puerto Rican Coffee Brands For 2024

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Discover the rich and flavorful world of Puerto Rican coffee with our top picks for the 9 Best Puerto Rican Coffee Brands.

From the lush mountains of this Caribbean paradise, these brands bring you the finest beans and unique flavors that define the island’s coffee culture.

Join us on a caffeinated journey as we explore the best options for your morning cup of joe.

9 Best Puerto Rican Coffee Brands: At A Glance

  1. Volcanica Puerto Rico Coffee Hacienda San Pedro: Best Overall
  2. Alto Grande Premium Coffee Whole Bean: Runner-Up
  3. Cafe Yaucono Puerto Rican Original Ground Coffee: Best Budget Choice
  4. Cafe de Oro de Puerto Rico: Best Dark Roast
  5. Puerto Rico Cafe El Coqui Ground Coffee: Best Light Roast
  6. Cafe La Finca Puerto Rican Ground Coffee: Best Value For Money
  7. Café Crema Ground Coffee From Puerto Rico
  8. Cafe Rico Ground Regular Puerto Rican Coffee
  9. Café Lareño Puerto Rican Ground Coffee 

1. Volcanica Puerto Rico Coffee Hacienda San Pedro: Best Overall

Puerto Rico Coffee, Hacienda San Pedro

Our top pick for Puerto Rican coffee is Volcanica’s ‘Hacienda San Pedro’ Puerto Rico Coffee.

This medium roast, whole bean coffee is a flavor sensation.

It hails from Jayuya, a single estate in beautiful Puerto Rico.

Hand-picked and sun-dried with care, this coffee boasts a deep and slightly sweeter taste compared to other roasts, featuring delightful notes of chocolate and spices.

This four-generation artisanal coffee has earned numerous awards and found its way into top coffee magazines.

It’s the result of a direct-trade partnership with the Atienza Family at Hacienda San Pedro.

At one point, Puerto Rican coffee was a global coffee leader, but Hurricane Maria in 2017 took a toll on production.

Today, premium Puerto Rican coffee is a rare gem, seldom found outside the island.

Grown at elevations of 2,500-2,700 feet, it’s a bit on the expensive side, typical for gourmet coffee.

However, you can save 10% with a subscription.

Plus, Volcanica stands by their product with a generous 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

So, if you’re ready to savor a taste of Puerto Rico, this one’s for you.


  • Rich and flavorful taste
  • Single estate, hand-picked beans
  • Deep flavor profile with notes of chocolate and spices
  • Multiple award-winning coffee
  • Grown at high altitude (2,500-2,700 feet)
  • 10% savings available through subscription
  • Generous 100% customer satisfaction guarantee


  • Higher price point (typical for gourmet coffee)

2. Alto Grande Premium Coffee Whole Bean: Runner-Up


Our next pick for Puerto Rican coffee is Alto Grande’s Premium Whole Bean Coffee.

This gourmet delight is renowned for its unique Arabica beans, nurtured in perfect soil and climate conditions, and meticulously processed.

Picture a coffee with a creamy, buttery body, complemented by nutty notes and a touch of chocolate.

Experts can’t contain their excitement, labeling it a “rare and exotic Puerto Rican coffee with robust chocolate undertones and a sweet, inviting aroma.”

Alto Grande enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a luxury Puerto Rican brand, and the good news is that you can conveniently purchase it on Amazon at a reasonable price.

However, there’s a catch – it comes in a 32 oz bag, and that’s your only size option, available in one or more units.


  • Ideal soil and climate conditions
  • Meticulously processed
  • Creamy, buttery body
  • Nutty and chocolate undertones
  • Exotic Puerto Rican coffee
  • Sweet and inviting aroma


  • Limited size options (only 32 oz)
  • Limited quantity choices (one or more units)

3. Cafe Yaucono Puerto Rican Original Ground Coffee: Best Budget Choice


Café Yaucono Puerto Rican Original Ground Coffee is a beloved classic that’s been a part of Puerto Rican coffee culture since 1896.

This medium roast coffee is a blend of top-quality beans, hand-picked and perfectly toasted to perfection, resulting in an exquisite taste.

Café Yaucono is renowned for its rich, creamy, and well-balanced flavor, accompanied by a sweet, inviting aroma.

It has stood the test of time, gracing Puerto Rican households for over a century, thanks to its balanced flavor, smooth texture, and captivating scent.

This coffee is the definition of mild and easy-drinking, with no overwhelming acidity or bitterness.

Instead, you’ll experience a smooth, well-rounded taste with just a subtle hint of chocolate, and a hearty caffeine kick.

Keep in mind that Puerto Rican coffee is ground to an espresso-level fineness, and occasionally, the beans may not arrive as fresh as desired.

Nevertheless, Café Yaucono remains an authentic Puerto Rican gem, celebrated for its strong heritage and global recognition.


  • Established and trusted brand since 1896
  • Rich, creamy, and well-balanced flavor
  • Sweet and inviting aroma
  • Smooth and easy-drinking coffee
  • Subtle hint of chocolate notes
  • Strong caffeine boost


  • Beans ground to espresso fineness
  • Possible issues with bean freshness at times
  • Not 100% Arabica beans

4. Cafe de Oro de Puerto Rico: Best Dark Roast


Café Oro de Puerto Rico is a coffee brand that’s proudly 100% Puerto Rican from planting to production.

This coffee undergoes meticulous processing in the prime coffee-growing regions of Puerto Rico, using top-notch industry equipment.

What’s great is that it comes in various forms—ground, beans, and even instant coffee.

Café Oro de Puerto Rico isn’t just about coffee; it’s a family-run business with strong community ties.

They employ over 300 Puerto Ricans and collaborate with local schools and small businesses, boosting the mountain region’s economic development and supporting families.

These 100% Arabica beans flourish in the Lares region’s mountainous terrain, where they’re dark-roasted to perfection.

The result? A smooth brew with delightful caramel notes.

It does carry a slight acidity, which can be a pro or con depending on your taste.

The entire roasting, grinding, and packaging process happens right here in Puerto Rico, and the coffee is sealed in metallic packaging to keep it fresh.

If you’re a fan of bold, robust Puerto Rican coffee, Café de Oro, or “Coffee of Gold,” is your go-to choice.

Its natural sweetness means you can enjoy it black, without any need for added sugars.


  • Meticulously processed with top-quality equipment
  • Supports local employment and community development
  • Smooth coffee with sweet caramel notes
  • Roasted, ground, and packaged in Puerto Rico
  • Sealed in metallic packaging for freshness
  • Natural sweetness, no need for added sugars


  • Slight acidity (may vary based on personal preference)
  • Size options are somewhat limited

5. Puerto Rico Cafe El Coqui Ground Coffee: Best Light Roast


Let’s talk about Café El Coqui, a true Puerto Rican favorite that’s been dedicated to quality for over 25 years.

This is no ordinary coffee – it’s the Puerto Rico Café El Coqui Ground Coffee.

This 100% Arabica coffee hails from San Sebastian, Puerto Rico, where it’s grown and crafted to perfection.

What sets it apart is its bold flavor, featuring rich dark chocolate undertones and a subtle nutty touch.

What’s even better is that it’s produced fresh daily, ensuring a delightful aroma, top-notch freshness, and exceptional quality.

Here’s the kicker: It’s a light roast.

That means it’s got a lively character in every cup, offering a fresh twist on classic Puerto Rican flavors.

The only thing to keep in mind is that it comes pre-ground, so be prepared to enjoy it promptly to savor its full flavor.


  • Over 25 years committed to quality
  • 100% Arabica coffee from San Sebastian, Puerto Rico
  • Bold flavor with rich dark chocolate undertones
  • Produced daily for excellent aroma and freshness
  • Lively light roast for a fresh twist on classic flavors


  • Comes pre-ground, so it’s best enjoyed promptly to maintain flavor

6. Cafe La Finca Puerto Rican Ground Coffee: Best Value For Money


The Café La Finca Puerto Rican Ground Coffee is a 100% Puerto Rican coffee that goes through the entire journey right in the Jayuya roasting facilities.

They’ve held onto the same trusted methods that have been in play for a century, ensuring an authentic Puerto Rican coffee experience.

This coffee blend combines various grains, including washed and natural coffee, all packed fresh daily to preserve its unmistakable freshness.

It’s a medium-dark roast with low acidity, adding a touch more richness and boldness to the classic Puerto Rican flavor profile.

Whether you prefer it with cream and sugar or enjoy it black, it’s versatile.

What’s more, it’s 100% Arabica coffee, so there’s no mixing with the less delightful Robusta beans.

The profile is described as an “island profile,” offering fresh yet mild flavors that make brewing and sipping a delightful experience for most coffee lovers.

Now, here’s the catch: Café La Finca has had some shipping hiccups in the past, with a few customers reporting bags arriving open and spilling beans.


  • Authentic, century-old processing methods
  • Freshly packed daily for optimal freshness
  • Versatile medium-dark roast with low acidity
  • 100% Arabica coffee for superior quality and taste
  • Island profile with fresh and mild flavors


  • Occasional shipping problems reported
  • Bags arriving open or with spilled beans

7. Café Crema Ground Coffee From Puerto Rico


Café Crema Ground Coffee is a medium roast coffee straight from Puerto Rico.

This brew boasts creamy flavors with just the right touch of balanced acidity.

It’s a local favorite and has been a top coffee brand in Puerto Rico since its beginnings back in 1925, founded by Don José “Pepe” Garrido Morales and his wife Matilde Alonso in the city of Caguas.

The fine grind of this coffee unleashes the intense flavors you’d expect from Puerto Rican coffee, but it’s worth noting that it can lean toward a bit of bitterness.

Additionally, it’s not a single-origin coffee; rather, it’s a blend of various Puerto Rican beans, offering a unique combination of flavors.


  • Creamy flavors with balanced acidity
  • Established and trusted brand since 1925
  • Intense Puerto Rican coffee flavors
  • A blend of various Puerto Rican beans for a unique taste


  • Fine grind can result in some bitterness
  • Not a single-origin coffee

8. Cafe Rico Ground Regular Puerto Rican Coffee


Let’s take a journey back to 1924 when Ramón S. Vélez founded the Café Rico brand in the heart of Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Now, Café Rico Ground Regular Puerto Rican Coffee is where it’s at – a medium-dark roast that’s bold and brimming with aroma.

You’ve got options when it comes to size: 14 oz, 10 oz, 8 oz, and even a 3.6 oz instant ground coffee jar.

Plus, Café Rico comes in different variations like regular, decaf, instant, and espresso, catering to various coffee preferences.

However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

The very fine grind might not suit all brewing methods, so choose wisely.

Some folks have also noticed that the beans may not be as fresh as their best-by date suggests, so factor that in when making your choice.


  • Founded in 1924, a brand with history
  • Medium-dark roast, bold and aromatic
  • Multiple size options available
  • No bitter aftertaste


  • Very fine grind may not suit all brewing methods
  • Beans may not always be as fresh as indicated by the best-by date
  • Higher price point

9. Café Lareño Puerto Rican Ground Coffee 


Café Lareño is a Puerto Rican ground coffee with a legacy of over 30 years.

This coffee is born in the lush, high tropical mountains of Lares, Puerto Rico, where it’s crafted from a blend of robusta and arabica beans, offering a rich texture and a bold flavor.

These beans are carefully sourced from the finest coffee crops that thrive in Lares’ verdant mountains, resulting in a velvety-smooth brew that’s easy to sip, free from any bitter aftertaste.

Whether you prefer whole beans or ground coffee, Café Lareño has got you covered.

Now, here’s the twist: this coffee is robust and packs a serious punch, but some tasters have noticed a distinct burnt flavor.

Additionally, there have been a few reports of coffee bags arriving unsealed or with a slightly stale quality.


  • Over 30 years of coffee legacy
  • Rich texture and bold flavor
  • Carefully sourced from high-quality beans
  • Velvety smooth and easy to drink


  • Some find a distinct burnt flavor
  • Reports of unsealed or slightly stale coffee bags

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Puerto Rican Coffee

When it comes to selecting the best Puerto Rican coffee, there are several key factors to consider.

From flavor profiles to sourcing methods, here’s a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you make an informed choice.

Coffee Type and Roast Level

The first decision to make is the type of coffee and roast level that suits your taste.

Puerto Rican coffee typically comes in various forms, including ground, whole bean, instant, regular, decaf, and espresso.

Consider your brewing method and preference—whether you enjoy a classic black coffee, a bold espresso, or something in between.

Roast levels can vary from light to dark, with each offering a unique flavor profile.

Light roasts tend to be more acidic and showcase the coffee’s origin, while dark roasts have bolder, richer flavors with less acidity.

Flavor Profile

Puerto Rican coffees are known for their distinctive flavor profiles.

Depending on the region and the bean type (typically arabica or a blend of robusta and arabica), you can expect varying notes and undertones.

Some may offer chocolatey, nutty, or caramel flavors, while others may have fruity or floral notes.

Consider what flavor profile aligns with your personal taste preferences, whether you prefer a smoother, milder cup or a more robust and bold experience.

Sourcing and Origin

Take a close look at where the coffee is sourced and the origin of the beans.

Puerto Rico boasts several coffee-growing regions, each with its unique terroir and characteristics.

Lares, Jayuya, and Yauco are some of the renowned coffee-producing areas.

If you’re looking for a specific regional flavor or want to support a particular community, be sure to check the coffee’s origin and the sourcing practices of the brand.

Single-origin coffees can provide a more distinct and traceable flavor experience.

Packaging and Freshness

Coffee freshness is crucial for a flavorful cup.

Look for coffee that is packed in a way that preserves its freshness, such as airtight bags with one-way valves.

Pay attention to the packaging date and the best-by date to ensure you’re getting the freshest product possible.

Some brands offer coffee that is freshly roasted and ground daily, which can make a significant difference in taste.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

Research the brand’s reputation and read customer reviews.

Established brands with a history of producing quality coffee are often a reliable choice.

Customer reviews can provide insights into the coffee’s taste, aroma, and any potential issues with packaging or freshness.

Keep an eye out for consistently positive feedback from other coffee enthusiasts.

Price and Value

Price can vary widely among Puerto Rican coffee brands, depending on factors like quality, sourcing methods, and packaging.

Consider your budget and the value you’re getting for your money.

Some premium coffees may come at a higher price point, but they can offer exceptional quality and unique flavors that justify the cost.

Additionally, look for subscription options or discounts that can help you save on your favorite coffee.

Sustainability and Fair Trade Practices

Supporting brands that prioritize sustainability and fair trade practices can be an ethical choice.

Some Puerto Rican coffee producers work directly with local communities, offering fair wages and contributing to the economic development of the region.

Look for certifications like Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance to ensure your coffee purchase aligns with your values.

A Brief History Of Puerto Rican Coffee

Puerto Rican coffee boasts a fascinating history that traces its roots back to the 18th century when Spanish colonists introduced it to the island.

Coffee production really started to take off during the mid-19th century and reached its peak in the late 19th century when Puerto Rico ranked as the world’s seventh-largest coffee producer.

Today, Puerto Rico is home to more than 2,000 coffee farms, with approximately 10,000 dedicated individuals involved in the art of producing Puerto Rican coffee.

The lush Puerto Rico mountains, nestled in towns like Jayuya, Adjuntas, Lares, Maricao, and San Lorenzo, are where you’ll find some of the most renowned coffee farms on the island.

So, what’s the buzz about Puerto Rican coffee? It’s all about the smooth and sweet flavor profile, boasting low to medium acidity and delightful notes of chocolate and caramel.

The best Puerto Rican coffees offer a lively and complex flavor experience, often characterized by a rich chocolatey taste and an exceptionally smooth cup.

Where Is Puerto Rican Coffee Grown?

As we mentioned earlier, Puerto Rican coffee thrives in a variety of mountain towns like Jayuya, Lares, Yauco, Adjuntas, and Maricao.

Each of these regions brings its unique touch to the coffee culture, and locals have a deep appreciation for their hometown brews.

The most productive coffee-growing areas in Puerto Rico are found in the municipalities of Yauco, Adjuntas, San Sebastián, Lares, and Las Marías.

Coffee flourishes in the central mountainous regions of the island, stretching from Orocovis to Mayagüez.

The volcanic soil and high altitudes, with coffee plants reaching up to 3,500 feet above sea level, play a pivotal role in bringing out the exceptional flavors that Puerto Rican coffee is known for.

These ideal conditions in the shade result in coffee with truly extraordinary flavors.

What Type Of Coffee Do Puerto Ricans Drink?

When it comes to Puerto Rican coffee, you’ll mostly find Arabica beans of the Limaní variety, a unique breed developed right on the island.

What sets Puerto Rican coffee apart are its delightful sweet notes, particularly the chocolate undertones and hints of dried fruits.

As you savor your cup, you might pick up on subtle flavors like almond, plum, and various nuts, but the dominant taste is always chocolate.

This coffee has a rich and smooth body, providing a truly indulgent experience.

It also boasts a pleasant acidity that adds a touch of citrusy brightness without any bitterness.

Locals have their favorite ways to enjoy Puerto Rican coffee, often sipping it as an espresso (pocillo), an espresso with steamed milk (cortadito), or in lattes (café con leche).

Why Is Puerto Rican Coffee So Expensive?

Puerto Rican coffee stands out for its exceptional quality and distinct flavors, thanks to a blend of unique factors.

These include the volcanic soil, elevated growing conditions, and the protective shade provided to the coffee plants.

The methods used to process the beans also contribute to its excellence.

The coffee industry in Puerto Rico boasts a rich history that goes back to the 18th century.

However, it has experienced ups and downs due to a variety of factors, including natural disasters, political influences, and economic shifts.

In terms of cost, Puerto Rican coffee can vary in price, influenced by factors like the place of purchase and the specific brand.

Generally, it tends to be pricier than commercial-grade coffee due to its superior quality and limited availability.

Factors like location, pricing strategies, and the saturation of local coffee shops can significantly impact the success and profitability of a Puerto Rican coffee establishment.

How To Make Puerto Rican-Style Coffee At Home

Getting the authentic Puerto Rican coffee experience involves more than just buying the beans; it’s all in the preparation.

For that perfect Puerto Rican-style café con leche, here’s what you’ll need: strong, full-bodied coffee, whole milk, and white sugar.

Here’s how to make it:

  1. Start by brewing a robust cup of coffee.
  2. While the coffee’s brewing, gently heat the whole milk until it starts to foam around the edges. Be sure to stir it constantly to avoid scorching.
  3. For each cup of coffee, add a teaspoon of white sugar and a quarter cup of heated milk into a saucepan.
  4. Once the milk is warm and foamy, pour it into the brewed coffee and give it a good stir.

To keep it authentic, use your favorite Puerto Rican coffee brand, and savor the rich flavors of a true café con leche.

The Verdict: Which Puerto Rican Coffee Is The Best?

We chose Volcanica Puerto Rico Coffee Hacienda San Pedro as the Best Overall Puerto Rican Coffee due to its exceptional flavor, direct-trade partnership, and four-generation artisanal quality.

This coffee encapsulates the rich heritage and unique taste of Puerto Rican coffee.

Alto Grande Premium Coffee Whole Bean earns the Runner-Up spot for its outstanding Arabica beans and the convenience of purchasing this well-known luxury Puerto Rican brand through Amazon.

Its creamy, buttery body and exotic flavor make it a close contender in the Puerto Rican coffee landscape.

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