Best Siphon Coffee Maker: Here Are The 5 Best Options

Are you a coffee enthusiast searching for the perfect cup of joe that combines elegance, precision, and exceptional taste? Look no further than a siphon coffee maker.

This unique brewing method, also known as a vacuum coffee maker, produces a smooth and flavorful brew, captivating coffee lovers worldwide.

In this blog post, we unveil the top 5 siphon coffee makers, carefully selected for their superior performance, quality, and user satisfaction.

Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or an aspiring home barista, join us as we explore the best options available, ensuring you achieve coffee perfection with every sip.

Choosing the Best Siphon Coffee Maker: A Detailed Buyer’s Guide

Design and Material

When selecting a siphon coffee maker, pay attention to the design and material of the chambers.

Borosilicate or Pyrex glass chambers are common choices due to their transparency, allowing you to observe the brewing process and monitor the coffee as it brews.

Some models may feature metal or plastic chambers, offering different aesthetics and durability.

Size and Capacity

Siphon coffee makers come in various sizes and capacities, typically ranging from 3 cups to 8 cups.

Consider your brewing needs and how much coffee you intend to brew at once. Choose a size that accommodates your desired serving size to ensure a satisfactory brewing experience.

Heat Source

Siphon coffee makers require a heat source to boil the water in the lower chamber. Certain models include their own heat sources, while others rely on external options such as butane burners, alcohol burners, or gas stoves.

Assess the convenience and availability of heat sources and select a siphon coffee maker accordingly.

Filtration System

The filtration system in a siphon coffee maker is essential for separating the coffee grounds from the brewed coffee.

Different models utilize various methods, including reusable plungers, cloth filters, or paper filters.

Consider your preferences in terms of convenience, maintenance, and the desired level of coffee clarity when choosing a filtration system.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Siphon coffee makers require attention to grinding techniques, precise measurements, adherence to specific brewing instructions, and regular maintenance.

Evaluate the ease of use and maintenance requirements of each model before making a purchase.

Opt for a siphon coffee maker that aligns with your comfort level and fits seamlessly into your brewing routine.


Siphon coffee makers are available across a wide price range, from around $20 to over $200.

Establish a budget that suits your financial constraints and explore options within that range.

Keep in mind that higher-priced models may offer advanced features, superior build quality, or additional accessories, while more affordable options can still provide satisfactory brewing results.

Brand and Reviews

Consider the brand reputation and product reviews when selecting a siphon coffee maker. Look for established and reputable brands known for their quality craftsmanship and positive customer feedback.

Reading reviews from other users can provide valuable insights into the performance, durability, and overall satisfaction with a specific model.

By taking these factors into account, you can make an informed decision and choose the best siphon coffee maker that meets your specific requirements, ensuring a delightful brewing experience and a delicious cup of coffee every time.

Best Siphon Coffee Makers: At A Glance

  • Yama Glass 5 Cup Stovetop Coffee Siphon: Best Overall
  • Hario “Technica” Glass Syphon Coffee Maker
  • Kendal Glass Tabletop Siphon
  • Nispira Luxury Balance Siphon
  • iCoffee Coffee Siphon

Best Siphon Coffee Makers: A Closer Look

Now join us as we explore the details and unravel the great qualities that make these siphon coffee makers stand out from the rest. Let’s get into it:

Yama Glass 5 Cup Stovetop Siphon: Best Overall

The Yama Glass 5 Cup Stovetop Siphon Coffee Maker offers a unique and visually captivating way to brew coffee using the vacuum brewing technique.

Designed to produce a cleaner, richer, and smoother cup of coffee, this brewing method adds a touch of theater to your coffee brewing routine.

Crafted from hand-blown Borosilicate glass, the Yama Glass siphon is not only visually appealing but also highly functional.

The glass construction is heat resistant and non-porous, ensuring that all the flavors and essential oils are trapped within, resulting in a truly delightful brew.

With a 5 or 8 cup capacity, the Yama Glass siphon comes complete with essential accessories. These include a reusable filter cloth, filter assembly, coffee scoop, measuring spoon, as well as the lid/stand and the brewer itself.

It is compatible with both gas and electric range tops, and even includes a wire diffuser for use on electric coil burners. Additionally, the Yama Glass siphon is dishwasher and microwave safe, adding convenience to the brewing process.

While the Yama Glass siphon boasts impressive qualities, it’s important to note one potential drawback.

The bowl-shaped upper chamber, although visually appealing, can result in the coffee grounds spreading out quite far and not saturating as evenly as a narrower, cylindrical siphon chamber might.

However, with some experimentation and adjustments to the brewing process, this can be mitigated.

Overall, the Yama Glass 5 Cup Stovetop Siphon Coffee Maker combines aesthetics, functionality, and a unique brewing experience to deliver a flavorful and conversation-worthy cup of coffee.

If you’re seeking a brewing method that adds a touch of drama to your coffee routine while ensuring a rich and smooth brew, the Yama Glass siphon is worth considering.

Hario “Technica” Glass Syphon Coffee Maker

When it comes to creating enduring and high-quality products, Hario is a name that stands out.

The Hario Glass Technica Coffee Siphon continues this tradition, offering both exceptional performance and a visually striking standalone design that elevates the coffee brewing experience.

Constructed with top-notch Hario glass and stainless steel fittings, the Technica Coffee Siphon guarantees durability and longevity.

This well-crafted siphon is built to withstand regular use, ensuring that it remains a reliable brewing companion for years to come.

Supported by a sturdy metal and resin stand, the Hario Technica is designed to be used with an open flame or halogen burner.

As the water in the lower bowl heats up, pressure builds, causing it to rise to the top chamber.

The coffee is then brewed in the upper bowl, and once the desired extraction is achieved, the heat source is removed, allowing the coffee to filter back into the bottom bowl.

The result is a clean and well-balanced cup of coffee.

However, it’s important to note that the Hario Technica combines the inherent challenges of siphon brewing with the complexities of technology from a bygone era.

As a result, it may require a bit of practice and patience to master its operation fully.

Available in either a 3-cup or 5-cup size, the Hario Technica Coffee Siphon comes with its own separate alcohol burner, providing flexibility in brewing methods.

If you’re seeking a classic vacuum coffee maker that delivers both elegance and performance, the Hario Technica should undoubtedly be at the top of your list.

Kendal Glass Tabletop Siphon

If you’re in search of a siphon coffee maker that combines affordability with elegance, look no further than the Kendal Glass Tabletop Siphon Coffee Maker.

With its 5-cup capacity, this coffee maker utilizes the vacuum brewing process to create a clean and exceptionally smooth cup of coffee that will please your taste buds.

One of the standout features of the Kendal Glass Tabletop Siphon is its classic design, which adds an elegant touch to any kitchen.

Additionally, witnessing the brewing process unfold is a visually stunning experience that adds an element of intrigue to your coffee ritual.

Crafted from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, both the upper and lower bowls of the Kendal Glass Tabletop Siphon are durable and capable of withstanding high temperatures.

The gasket is made of silicon, ensuring a secure seal, while the stand is constructed from stainless steel for added stability and longevity.

The Kendal Glass Tabletop Siphon Coffee Maker comes complete with an alcohol burner, a reusable cloth filter, a plastic spoon, and a bamboo stirrer, providing everything you need for a convenient brewing experience.

One of the standout benefits of this coffee maker is its affordability.

Despite its budget-friendly price point, the Kendal Glass Tabletop Siphon does not compromise on taste.

It consistently produces delicious coffee that will satisfy even the most discerning coffee enthusiasts.

Furthermore, this siphon coffee maker is lightweight, making it easy to handle and clean.

However, it’s worth noting that due to its thinner glass construction, caution should be exercised when handling the brewer.

Nispira Luxury Balance Siphon

When it comes to the aesthetics of siphon coffee makers, the Nispira Belgian Balance Siphon takes the crown.

Priced at around $150, this brewer is designed to exude regal elegance, reminiscent of a piece you’d find in a royal household.

The Nispira Luxury Balance Siphon Coffee Maker not only dazzles with its stunning appearance but also delivers a smooth and perfectly brewed cup of coffee every time.

Crafted from high-quality materials and engineered with precision, this coffee maker utilizes the traditional balance siphon brewing process to create a truly exceptional brewing experience.

Available in gold and copper colors, the Nispira Luxury Balance Siphon comes with a brown wooden base that adds to its allure.

The components of this brewer include heat-resistant glass, a plated balancing shaft and handle, a stainless steel water retainer and plug, a filter cloth, a measuring spoon, and a cup.

While not as portable as some other siphon coffee makers, the Nispira Luxury Balance Siphon boasts a compact design.

With a capacity of 16 ounces (500 milliliters), it is well-suited for brewing a few cups at a time.

Although the Nispira Belgian Balance Siphon comes with a higher price tag, its quality matches or even surpasses that of leading national brands.

If you seek a truly unique and high-quality coffee brewing experience, this coffee maker is a fantastic choice.

iCoffee Coffee Siphon

For those on a budget who still want to experience the wonders of siphon coffee brewing, the iCoffee Coffee Siphon is an excellent choice.

While siphon coffee makers can often come with a hefty price tag, this brewer offers a more affordable option without compromising on quality.

However, it’s important to note that the iCoffee Coffee Siphon does come with a few drawbacks.

Despite its solid construction, it is the smallest brewer on our list. While it is advertised as a five-cup brewer, it is actually the smaller three-cup version.

This size limitation may not be a significant concern if you primarily brew coffee for yourself, but it’s something to consider before making your purchase.

If you often brew coffee for larger gatherings or prefer to have a larger capacity, it’s worth exploring other options.

Nonetheless, the iCoffee Coffee Siphon provides a cost-effective solution for enjoying the delights of siphon coffee brewing.

Embrace the opportunity to cosplay as Dr. Doofenshmirtz while savoring a great cup of coffee without breaking the bank.

Just remember to take into account the smaller three-cup size when considering the iCoffee Coffee Siphon as your brewing companion.

Exploring the Art of Siphon Coffee Brewing

A siphon coffee maker, also referred to as a vacuum coffee maker, is a fascinating device that brings a touch of science and elegance to the coffee brewing process.

This brewing method, dating back to the mid-19th century and invented by Loeff of Berlin, utilizes two chambers and relies on the interplay between vapor pressure and gravity to create a flavorful cup of coffee.

Traditionally, siphon coffee brewing has been a manual process that demands precision, attention, and skill.

It involves carefully controlling the temperature and timing to achieve optimal extraction. The result is a rich and nuanced coffee that captivates both the taste buds and the senses.

In recent times, automated siphon coffee makers have emerged to simplify the process while maintaining the unique qualities of siphon brewing.

An example is the Siphonysta by the Japanese Tiger Corporation, which combines the convenience of automation with the artistry of siphon brewing.

These automated machines ensure consistent results while still preserving the charm and flavor of traditional siphon coffee.

Whether you choose to embark on the manual journey of siphon brewing or opt for the convenience of an automated machine, the experience of brewing coffee with a siphon coffee maker is an exploration of precision, science, and craftsmanship.

It is an opportunity to delve into the history of coffee brewing while delighting in the exceptional flavors that this method can deliver.

How Does a Siphon Coffee Maker Work?

At first glance, a siphon coffee maker may appear complex, but its operation follows a simple yet mesmerizing process.

Understanding how it works adds to the appreciation of this unique brewing method.

A siphon coffee maker typically consists of two chambers, the lower and upper chambers, connected by a vertical tube.

The lower chamber is filled with water, while the upper chamber holds the coffee grounds.

To initiate the brewing process, heat is applied to the lower chamber, causing the water to boil.

As the water heats up, vapor pressure increases, creating steam that pushes the hot water upward through the vertical tube into the upper chamber.

Once the water reaches the upper chamber, it mixes with the coffee grounds. Stirring or gentle agitation helps ensure proper extraction.

As the heat source is removed or turned off, the vapor pressure decreases, and gravity takes over.

As the lower chamber cools down, the pressure differential between the two chambers causes a vacuum effect.

This vacuum draws the brewed coffee back down through the vertical tube, filtering it as it descends into the lower chamber.

The filtered coffee collects in the lower chamber, ready to be poured and enjoyed.

The entire process is not only a visual spectacle but also contributes to the unique flavors and characteristics that siphon coffee is known for.

Discovering the Benefits of Siphon Coffee Makers

So, you’ve learned about the inner workings of a siphon coffee maker, but what makes it worth investing in?

Let’s explore the reasons why turning to a siphon coffee maker can elevate your coffee experience from an occasional treat to a daily indulgence.

Unparalleled Taste

Many coffee enthusiasts believe that siphon coffee makers produce the best-tasting coffee.

Unlike traditional brewing methods that involve boiling the coffee grounds, siphon coffee brewing avoids direct contact with boiling water.

This results in a cleaner and more flavorful cup of coffee, as it reduces the chance of bitterness or over-extraction.

Sensory Pleasure

Using a siphon coffee maker is a truly sensory experience.

As you engage in the brewing process, you have the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing dance of vapor pressure and gravity.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, creating an immersive olfactory experience that enhances the anticipation of your cup of joe.

Customizable Brewing Parameters

With a siphon coffee maker, you have greater control over various brewing variables.

You can adjust the water temperature, choose the ideal grind size, and experiment with different brew times to achieve your desired flavor profile.

This level of control empowers you to tailor your coffee to suit your personal taste preferences, ensuring a consistently satisfying cup every time.

Intensified Aroma

Siphon coffee brewing enhances the aromatic experience.

The combination of the vacuum brewing process and the careful extraction method results in a more intense aroma compared to other brewing methods.

The coffee’s fragrance permeates the brewing environment, enveloping you in its enticing scent and heightening the overall enjoyment of the coffee-drinking experience.

Full-Bodied Flavor

The unique principle behind a siphon coffee maker lies in the expansion and contraction of gases, particularly water vapor.

This mechanism enables the device to extract a full-bodied and flavorful cup of coffee.

The resulting brew tends to have a rich and smooth mouthfeel, accentuating the nuances of the coffee beans and providing a well-rounded flavor profile.

The Verdict

The world of siphon coffee makers offers a captivating and flavorful brewing experience that coffee enthusiasts can’t resist.

We have explored the top five options available, each with its own unique features and qualities.

From the Yama Glass 5 Cup Stovetop Siphon to the HARIO Technica Coffee Siphon, Kendal Glass Tabletop Siphon, Nispira Belgian Balance Siphon, and iCoffee Coffee Siphon, there is a siphon coffee maker to suit every preference and budget.

Our favorite option is the Yama Glass 5 Cup Stovetop Siphon coffee maker as it provides the best value for money overall.

Whether you prioritize aesthetics, precision brewing, or affordability, these top picks provide a range of options to elevate your daily cup of coffee.

So, embark on your journey of siphon brewing and indulge in the rich, smooth, and aromatic flavors that this remarkable brewing method has to offer.

Cheers to your perfect cup of siphon-brewed coffee!


Is a siphon coffee maker worth it?

Yes, a siphon coffee maker is worth it for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the brewing process and desire a unique and flavorful cup of coffee.

The vacuum brewing method used by siphon coffee makers extracts the coffee’s full potential, resulting in a clean and aromatic brew.

What is the best alcohol for coffee siphons?

Denatured alcohol is commonly used as a heat source for coffee siphons. It burns cleanly and provides consistent heat.

However, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines when using alcohol burners with your siphon coffee maker.

How do you make the perfect siphon coffee?

To make the perfect siphon coffee, start by grinding your coffee beans to a medium-coarse consistency.

Then, add the appropriate amount of water to the bottom chamber and heat it until it reaches the desired temperature.

Place the upper chamber with the coffee grounds on top and allow the vacuum to form.

Once the brewing process is complete, remove the heat source, and let the coffee filter back down to the lower chamber before serving.

Why does siphon coffee taste better?

Siphon coffee often tastes better due to the unique brewing process.

The combination of precise temperature control, proper extraction, and the absence of direct heat on the coffee grounds helps to preserve the delicate flavors and aromas.

This results in a clean, smooth, and flavorful cup of coffee.

Why is my siphon coffee so weak?

Several factors can contribute to weak siphon coffee.

Firstly, ensure you are using the correct coffee-to-water ratio and adjust it according to your preference. Additionally, check the grind size of your coffee beans.

Finer grounds can lead to over-extraction, while coarser grounds may result in under-extraction.

Lastly, verify that your siphon coffee maker is properly assembled and that the vacuum seal is secure during the brewing process.

What is the advantage of siphon brewing?

Siphon brewing offers several advantages.

Firstly, it allows for precise temperature control, ensuring optimal extraction without scorching the coffee.

Additionally, the vacuum brewing method highlights the coffee’s natural flavors, producing a clean and nuanced cup.

The visual spectacle of the brewing process also adds to the overall experience.

How does siphon coffee taste?

Siphon coffee has a distinct taste characterized by its clarity, smoothness, and vibrant flavors.

The vacuum brewing process accentuates the coffee’s subtle nuances, resulting in a clean and well-balanced cup with pronounced flavors and aromas.

The absence of sediment and oils often contributes to a smoother mouthfeel.

The taste can vary depending on factors such as the coffee beans used, grind size, and brewing technique.

What is the most expensive siphon coffee maker?

The most expensive siphon coffee maker available is the Royal Paris Royal Coffee Maker. Handcrafted with luxurious materials such as 24-karat gold or silver, crystal, and semi-precious stones, this exquisite coffee maker truly stands out.

Its exclusive nature is reflected in its limited production, with only eight units meticulously crafted by hand each month.

The price for this siphon coffee maker ranges from $10,000 to $24,000.

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