VSSL Java Coffee Grinder Review: Ultimate Camping Companion?

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In this VSSL Java Coffee Grinder review, we delve into whether this compact and innovative device truly earns its place as the ultimate camping companion.

Join us as we explore its design, functionality, and performance, assessing whether it lives up to the hype for coffee enthusiasts on the go.

Key FeaturesDescription
DesignCompact, water-resistant aircraft-grade aluminum build
Grind ConsistencyStainless steel burrs for uniform grind size
Grind Settings50 settings for versatile brewing methods
PortabilityCarabiner attachment for easy transport
Efficient GrindingProduces 20g of grounds in under a minute
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty for defects
Replacement PartsAvailability of replacement parts
Ease of CleaningSimple cleaning process with a provided brush
Value for MoneyPremium investment with durable build and features

A Short Summary Of The VSSL Java Coffee Grinder

The VSSL Java Coffee Grinder is the perfect solution for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a fantastic cup of coffee anywhere.

Crafted with durability in mind, this manual grinder boasts a compact, water-resistant design forged from strong aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel burrs.

Its clever clip and flip carabiner-to-grind handle makes it effortless to carry.

Despite its smaller 20-gram bean capacity, it’s ample enough for a single serving

The VSSL Java Coffee Grinder also offers 50 grind settings which are quite remarkable for such a small coffee grinder.

This means you can customize the grind consistency to perfectly match your chosen brewing method.

Incredibly efficient, it swiftly produces 20 grams of grounds in under a minute.

While priced a bit higher than other manual grinders, the VSSL Java Coffee Grinder’s exceptional quality and resilience justify the investment.

Note that its limited capacity and absence of fine adjustments for espresso grind could be potential downsides.


  • Compact and robust design
  • Consistent grind with high-quality stainless steel burrs
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handle
  • Remarkable durability
  • Swift grinding process
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Replacement parts are readily available


  • An expensive price tag for a manual grinder
  • Limited grinding capacity
  • Cleaning challenge due to non-dishwasher-safe parts

VSSL Company Overview

VSSL is a brand dedicated to crafting outdoor utility tools tailored for survival enthusiasts.

Founded in 2014 by Todd Weimer, who first conceived the idea during his upbringing in Northern Canada, VSSL Gear specializes in integrated gear systems catered to the outdoors.

Their range includes vital supplies, purpose-built equipment, and space-efficient storage solutions.

With a strong focus on the consumer experience, VSSL Gear aims to provide products that empower self-reliance and encourage a thirst for deeper exploration.

From being featured in national magazines and receiving many positive product reviews, VSSL Gear stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability.

The Design

This manual grinder is a dream for nature-loving coffee aficionados seeking that perfect brew on the go.

Crafted from water-resistant aircraft-grade aluminum and equipped with stainless steel burrs, this grinder guarantees a consistent grind without any of those annoying “wobbles” lesser models might give you.

Sporting an elegant yet rugged design, the VSSL Java Coffee Grinder oozes high-end quality.

Its aluminum body and stainless-steel burrs exude durability, while the carabiner connection adds a playful touch that gives it a more outdoor feel.

Opening the top produces a satisfying click, and the handle glides out effortlessly, making grinding feel surprisingly easy.

The standout feature? The dual-purpose extendable grinder handle, which a unique addition that ensures precision and a smooth rotation.

Loading beans is a breeze with the magnetic handle attachment and pop-off top.

Don’t let its tough exterior fool you—this grinder is equally at home indoors.

It’s not just built to withstand outdoor adventures; it’s so good that you’ll find yourself reaching for it in your kitchen, too.

Using The Grinder

When it comes to manual burr grinders, a bit of effort is always part of the deal.

Yet, VSSL has managed to make the process remarkably straightforward.

Considering this is a manual grinder, it’s impressively user-friendly.

In just under a minute, the VSSL Java churns out 20 grams of grounds – just the right amount for a single cup of coffee.

Follow these easy steps to use the VSSL Java coffee grinder:

  1. Pop Off the End Cap: Press the release button while pulling the end cap to remove it.
  2. Load the Beans: Fill the grinder up to the fill point with your desired amount of coffee beans (around 20g).
  3. Seal the Deal: Place the end cap onto the grinding bolt and give it a firm press to ensure it’s securely closed.
  4. Flip & Hold: Unscrew the carabiner attachment and flip it over to serve as the grinder handle.
  5. Fine-tune the Grind: Use the adjustment dial – turn it clockwise for finer grinds.
  6. Get Grinding: Rotate the handle to grind those coffee beans.
  7. Wrap It Up: Once your grinding is done, remove the end cap and pour out those freshly ground coffee beans.

Grinding Capabilities

The VSSL boasts an impressive 50 grind settings, catering to the full spectrum of brewing methods.

This mechanism closely resembles those of other manual grinders we’ve tried, like the JavaPresse.

However, we found this one to be more user-friendly, thanks to its clear markings and easy-to-turn dial.

Just bear in mind the grind your chosen method demands—whether it’s coarse, fine, or somewhere in between.

If you’re loyal to one brewing technique, a bit of trial and error can help you nail the perfect setting.

Consistency is key, and the VSSL Java grinder delivers just that.

The conical burr grinder guarantees uniform grind size, ensuring a consistent outcome every time.

Out of the box, the VSSL Java is preset with a default coarse grind setting.

You’ll notice this when the grinding adjustment dial aligns with the top of the grinding bolt.

Craving finer grinds? Simply give the adjustment dial a clockwise twist.

This action narrows the gap between the male and female burr parts, resulting in finer grounds.

For espresso, crank the dial all the way tight (clockwise), then gradually loosen it (counterclockwise).

Cleaning And Maintenance

Simplicity shines through in the VSSL Java coffee grinder’s cleaning routine.

This grinder is a low-maintenance companion, requiring infrequent cleaning.

A quick brush of the burrs and dial with the provided small brush is usually enough to maintain its performance.

Thankfully, VSSL supplies a handy brush with the Java Coffee Grinder, making cleanup a breeze.

A little post-use care ensures your grinder remains primed for your next cup of joe.

For a deeper clean, the manual suggests disassembling the grinder.

But let’s be honest, this process is quite annoying and time-consuming, so it’s not something you’ll want to tackle often.

The main drawback here is that the VSSL Java isn’t dishwasher-friendly at all.

If you’re aiming for a thorough clean, it’s a manual job all the way.

The Warranty

Count on the VSSL Java coffee grinder to come backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

This warranty kicks in for any defects in the product’s materials and workmanship.

Depending on the scenario, you might qualify for a repair, a replacement, or even a refund.

But here’s more good news: VSSL goes the extra mile by providing replacement parts for their products, the Java coffee grinder included.

If you ever encounter a mishap—whether it’s a broken piece or an unfortunate wilderness abandonment—you can easily purchase replacement carabiner caps, grind catches, burrs, grind dials, and handle grips.

Price and Value for Money

The VSSL Java coffee grinder, priced at $160, stands as a premium option in the manual grinder realm.

While the initial investment might raise eyebrows, it’s essential to consider the value it brings to the table.

The construction quality, water-resistant design, and stainless steel burrs underscore its durability, making it a long-lasting companion for outdoor adventures and everyday use alike.

In terms of its grind settings and consistent performance, the VSSL Java’s ability to cater to various brewing methods provides considerable value to coffee enthusiasts.

The 50-grind settings, in combination with the conical burr grinder, offer a level of precision that can significantly enhance the flavor profile of your coffee.

Moreover, the inclusion of a Limited Lifetime Warranty and the availability of replacement parts further bolster the value proposition.

Verdict: Is the VSSL Java Coffee Grinder for You?

The VSSL Java Coffee Grinder emerges as an impressive choice for those seeking a reliable companion in both outdoor escapades and daily coffee rituals.

Its sturdy build, water-resistant design, and stainless steel burrs ensure lasting performance, making it a smart investment for camping enthusiasts and homebrew aficionados alike.

If you’re a devoted camper who cherishes a freshly ground cup of coffee amidst nature’s beauty, or a homebrew connoisseur looking to elevate your coffee game with precise grind settings, the VSSL Java is tailored for you.

Its premium price is justified by its durability, grind consistency, and the added peace of mind offered by the Limited Lifetime Warranty.

On the flip side, if you’re on a tight budget or rarely venture into the wilderness, the higher price might outweigh the convenience and performance benefits.

Also, if espresso is your primary brew method, the limited fine adjustments might leave you wanting more.


How much does the VSSL Java weigh?

The weight of the VSSL Java coffee grinder is less than a pound. the weight of the VSSL Java coffee grinder is approximately 13.8 ounces (396 grams).

What size burrs are in VSSL Java?

The VSSL Java coffee grinder uses stainless steel burrs to grind coffee beans.

The burrs are conical in shape and have a diameter of 38 millimeters.

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