21 Best Coffee Shops In Portland, Oregon For 2024

Portland, Oregon, is a city that takes its coffee seriously.

With a thriving coffee culture deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest, it’s no surprise that this city boasts some of the finest coffee shops in the country.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a cozy spot to enjoy a cup of joe, Portland has a coffee shop to suit your taste.

In this post, we’ll take you on a caffeinated journey through the 21 best coffee shops in Portland, highlighting each one’s unique atmosphere, coffee offerings, and what sets them apart from the rest.

From quaint neighborhood cafes to trendy roasteries, you’ll discover a diverse range of coffee experiences that showcase the city’s commitment to quality and creativity in every cup.

With that being said, let’s get to it!

21 Best Coffee Shops In Portland, Oregon: At A Glance

  1. Futura Coffee Roasters
  2. Proud Mary Coffee
  3. Coava Coffee Roasters
  4. Puff Coffee
  5. Heart Roasters
  6. Good Coffee
  7. Sterling Coffee
  8. Never Coffee Lab
  9. Stumptown Coffee Roasters
  10. Cafe Zamora
  11. Prince Coffee
  12. Case Study Coffee Roasters
  13. Nossa Familia Coffee
  14. La Perlita
  15. Deadstock Coffee Roasters
  16. Tov Coffee
  17. Push X Pull Coffee
  18. Ovation Coffee & Tea
  19. Upper Left Roasters
  20. Lionheart Coffee Company
  21. Portland Coffee Roasters

1. Futura Coffee Roasters

At the very top of our list of the best coffee spots in Portland, Oregon, we have Futura Coffee Roasters.

Futura Coffee Roasters is not your average coffee joint; it’s a coffee roastery with several locations scattered throughout Portland.

What makes them stand out? Well, they’ve got an impressive selection of coffee, from your everyday classics to some pretty exotic brews, all made using various techniques.

They offer an exceptional collection of unique single-origin coffees crafted to awaken your senses and ignite your passion for the perfect cup of joe.

But that’s not all – Futura Coffee Roasters is all about being environmentally friendly.

They’re big on supporting regenerative agriculture, which is a crucial part of the fight against climate change.

You can find them in two spots in Portland, one on NE Glisan St, and the other in Arbor Lodge.

Now, when you step inside, you’ll immediately feel the warmth and welcome.

It’s like a cozy oasis with lots of natural light streaming in and plenty of greenery to make you feel right at home.

2. Proud Mary Coffee

Proud Mary Coffee is a coffee gem that hails from Melbourne, Australia and has found its way to Portland, Oregon.

This café is a one-stop delight, serving up a full-day breakfast, lunch, premium tea, fresh juices, smoothies, heavenly cakes, and delectable pastries, all with the added charm of table service.

Now, let’s talk coffee – they’ve got quite the menu.

First up, you’ve got your classic espresso-based drinks, your cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos.

But here’s a twist – try the Magic, a special take on cappuccino or macchiato that’s a Melbourne specialty.

Expect a dusting of chocolate on top, just like they do Down Under and in other parts of the world.

Moving on, there’s a fantastic selection of single-origin coffees that can be served as espresso or Americano.

But that’s not all, they’ve got filter coffees, including a rotating lineup of batch-brewed options (and they’ve got quite a few to choose from).

If you’re looking for something extra special, go for the deluxe pour-over coffees.

Yes, they’re on the pricier side, around $10-15 a cup, but these are coffee experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

3. Coava Coffee Roasters

Coava Coffee Roasters is a Portland-based coffee roasting company with quite the story.

Back in 2008, a fellow named Matt Higgins started it all in his garage up in North Portland.

Fast forward, and this garage project has bloomed into a global coffee roasting sensation, boasting four locations in Portland and one in sunny San Diego.

What sets Coava apart? Well, they’re all about crafting coffee that’s all about quality, complexity, and balance.

They’ve gone the extra mile, forming lasting partnerships with top-tier coffee producers and honing their roasting skills to perfection.

The result? Some of the highest-rated coffees worldwide.

Now, let’s talk about their flagship café, nestled at 1300 SE Grand Ave in Portland.

This place isn’t just any coffee spot – it’s an experience.

Picture a spacious, airy setting with an industrial-chic vibe that screams modern coffee haven.

It’s worth a visit just to soak in the atmosphere alone.

But here’s the best part – Coava isn’t just about the fancy digs.

Their coffee is, in a word, amazing.

Every cup is a masterpiece brewed with expert hands.

Plus, their baristas are an absolute delight to chat with, creating a friendly and welcoming vibe that makes every visit feel like a warm coffee embrace.

4. Puff Coffee

Puff Coffee is a charming small-batch coffee roaster right here in Portland, Oregon.

This coffee venture was started by Duane Sorenson, the brain behind Stumptown Coffee, and he kickstarted Puff Coffee back in 2017 as an independent coffee company.

Their roastery is right in the heart of Southeast Portland.

What sets Puff Coffee apart? Well, they’re all about roasting and delivering top-notch beans.

You can find everything from their exciting experimental blends to exquisite single-origin coffee gems.

And yes, they keep the classics in their lineup too.

But here’s the kicker – it’s all done in small batches, which means they’re always cooking up something interesting.

Overall, we really love the design of this cafe and it has a really beautiful interior.

From the outside, it might look a bit unexpected, with a jet-black building seemingly sprouting from the sidewalk.

There’s a cozy wooden addition on the side with covered outdoor seating.

Inside, you’ll find a few bar-style seats along the windows, the perfect spot to savor Puff’s cold brew, espresso, or lattes.

And if you can’t make it to the café, don’t fret.

Puff Coffee has a handy website where you can snag their coffee and coffee-related goodies.

5. Heart Roasters

Heart Coffee Roasters is a coffee roasting company and café chain that calls Portland, Oregon home.

It all started back in 2009 when Wille and Rebekah Yli-Luoma had a brilliant idea.

Heart Coffee Roasters doesn’t just have one cafe; they’ve got two, plus a roasting facility, all right here in Portland.

What makes them stand out? Well, they’re all about creating a positive, comfy, and supportive workspace for their employees – safety first.

Now, when it comes to their coffee, Heart takes things to a whole new level.

They work directly with farmers in places like Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, and Guatemala.

Their goal? To make sure those hardworking farmers get the financial stability they deserve and build solid, trust-based relationships.

But what about the coffee itself? Each one of Heart’s offerings has a specific roast profile that’s all about bringing out the flavors.

During the roasting process, they’re all about even development to make sure you get maximum sweetness without overdoing it or drying out the coffee.

This approach gives their coffee a fruity kick and a rich, juicy finish.

Here’s something cool – Heart’s got something called a Transparency Report.

Not many companies, in any field, put this kind of effort into it.

It’s a deep dive into Heart’s impact on the supply chain, including the farmers they partner with, and it even shows you the exact prices they pay for coffee.

It’s a fascinating read and gives you a peek into just how seriously they take those direct farmer relationships.

6. Good Coffee

Let’s talk about Good Coffee, and trust us, the name doesn’t lie.

In fact, “excellent” might be a better way to describe their coffee.

Especially their cappuccinos – they’re so good, you’ll find yourself craving another sip.

Good Coffee isn’t just your run-of-the-mill coffee spot; it’s a chain that’s making waves in Portland, Oregon.

You’ll find their welcoming presence in six different locations scattered across the city, including one right at PDX airport.

What sets Good Coffee apart? Well, it’s all about quality and ethics.

They’re serious about sourcing their beans responsibly.

Whether you want whole-bean coffee to take home, a coffee subscription, or even wholesale options, they’ve got you covered.

Each Good Coffee location has its own unique vibe that perfectly matches the neighborhood it calls home.

When you step inside, you’re in for a treat.

It feels like you’re relaxing in your grandma’s sunroom on a lazy afternoon.

The décor is warm, inviting, and packed with greenery.

Time seems to fly by as you sip your coffee in this cozy atmosphere.

So, whether you’re looking for a productive place to work or just a spot to unwind and enjoy some quality coffee, Good Coffee is the place to be.

7. Sterling Coffee Roasters

Let’s talk about Sterling Coffee Roasters, a coffee roasting company and café right here in Portland, Oregon.

This place has quite the backstory, starting back in 2005 when Aric Miller and Adam McGovern decided to take their coffee passion to the next level.

They actually met while working at another popular Portland coffee spot, Coffeehouse Northwest.

Now, what makes Sterling stand out? It’s all about those small-batch, artisanal, micro-hand-crafted coffees.

You can take them home, order them online, or savor them in your coffee drink right there in the shop.

They’ve got quite the lineup of brewing methods and a selection from those small-batch roasts, all up for grabs in-store and online.

But let’s talk about the star of the show – the Blendo Stupendo.

This is Sterling’s signature coffee, and it comes in 11oz, 2.5-pound, and 5-pound bags. Trust us; it’s something special.

Now, when you step inside Sterling, you might be surprised.

It’s got a cozy, welcoming vibe despite the refined coffee offerings.

High ceilings give the place an airy feel, and the lush greenery adds to the warmth.

It’s not just a coffee haven; it’s a place where even non-coffee drinkers in your group can find something delightful.

They whip up their chai in-house, and serve up ceremony-grade matcha tea, and their hot chocolate? It’s so rich, it’s practically a dessert.

And it’s not just us who are singing their praises. Sterling Coffee Roasters has earned some rave reviews on Yelp and other platforms.

People love the friendly staff, the personal touch they bring to customer service, and of course, the top-notch coffee.

8. Never Coffee Lab

Prepare to be enchanted by the unique charm of Never Coffee – a place that won our hearts with its eclectic vibes long before our very first sip of their extraordinary lattes.

Yes, they do whip up fantastic regular espresso-based drinks, but what truly sets them apart are their one-of-a-kind signature concoctions.

Never Coffee is all about artisanal coffee drinks, retail beans, and beverages that take creativity to the next level, infusing herbs, cocoa, and more.

In their cozy cafe, you’ll find a treasure trove of innovative drinks, like the Holy Grail, packed with turmeric, ginger, and a secret mix of ingredients, and the Oregon, which combines cascade hops, dulce de leche, and Jacobsen sea salt.

And if you’re craving a little something to nibble on, fear not; they’ve got pastries and cookies to satisfy your taste buds.

Now, what’s really cool is that they roast their coffee beans right on-site.

You can take a piece of Never Coffee’s magic home with you in vibrant, eye-catching bags that, when stacked together, form a rainbow of colors.

Speaking of locations, Never Coffee Lab has two spots in Portland – one on SE Belmont Street and another on SW 12th Ave.

Both places boast interiors that practically radiate warmth and cheer, even on Portland’s rainiest days.

Picture whitewashed walls adorned with colorful murals and a lineup of rainbow-hued coffee mugs neatly lined up by the espresso machine.

Plus, both spots offer outdoor picnic table seating, making them ideal for those sunny days when you just want to soak up the atmosphere.

9. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

When it comes to Portland’s top coffee roasters, there’s no way we’d leave out Stumptown – it’s practically a coffee legend.

What can we say about them? They’re all about professionalism and quality, and you probably already know exactly what you’re in for when you step into Stumptown – a world of fantastic coffee.

Now, Stumptown’s flagship café and roastery kicked things off back in 1999.

They’re known for their house-roasted direct-trade coffee, and they’ve got more than just beans on offer – think top-notch brewing gear and other coffee-related goodies.

But that’s not all – Stumptown doesn’t just have one cafe; they’ve got five in Portland, each with its own unique charm.

If you’re downtown, check out their largest retail spot.

There’s plenty of room to hang out, meet up with friends, or simply watch the world go by.

And of course, you’ll find the full range of coffee offerings, from espresso to drip coffee, brew-by-the-cup options, and cold brew.

They’ve even got Dona Chai and Spirit Tea beverages, along with tasty pastries and breakfast sandwiches from Shoofly Vegan Bakery and Sparrow Bakery.

Now, what really sets Stumptown apart is their service.

The baristas here are not just coffee experts; they’re also friendly and approachable.

They’re more than happy to make suggestions, answer your coffee questions, or just chat when things aren’t too busy.

It’s a great place to immerse yourself in the world of specialty coffee and maybe even pick up a few tips from the pros who are at the top of their game.

10. Cafe Zamora

In May 2019, Café Zamora opened its doors, thanks to Hector Mejía Zamora.

He was inspired by his father’s dream of bringing top-notch coffee directly to coffee lovers and ensuring fair wages for his fellow coffee workers.

But there’s more to Café Zamora than just coffee – it’s on a mission to help lift his village out of poverty.

This coffee shop isn’t just about serving coffee; it’s about connecting Guatemalan and American cultures.

They do it by brewing exceptional coffee and recognizing the hard work of Guatemalan coffee farmers.

You’ll find Guatemalan tamales on the menu, along with coffee beans straight from their own farms in Guatemala.

Sure, Café Zamora might not have all the fancy frills and design of some bigger coffee joints, but it’s got something special.

It’s a comfy spot where you can taste the passion and dedication in every sip.

The coffee itself is a flavor sensation, especially when you pair it with a Topo Chico for a refreshing coffee soda.

During the COVID era, Café Zamora went the extra mile and created one of the best patio spaces in southeast Portland.

So, whether you’re craving an exceptional cup of coffee, a taste of Guatemalan culture, or just a cozy spot to relax, Café Zamora is here to welcome you with open arms.

11. Prince Coffee

Let’s take a delightful journey to Prince Coffee, a unique specialty coffee shop and natural wine bar in both NE and NW Portland, Oregon.

Owned by Katie Prinsen, it’s a coffee haven with a twist that’s been serving the Portland community since 2016.

Step inside, and you’ll instantly feel like you’ve been transported to Europe.

The ambiance is cozy and inviting, with wooden furniture, soothing shades of navy, and coffee-related knick-knacks displayed on a sizable bookshelf.

Prince Coffee seamlessly blends natural wood elements, thrift-store furniture, and a hand-crafted bar, and even showcases pieces from Revive’s showroom.

Now, let’s talk coffee – it’s where Prince Coffee truly shines.

They offer a range of tantalizing drinks, including lattes with unique flavors like lemon curd, stroop, vanilla, cardamom, hazelnut, and anijsmelk.

And for the chocolate lovers, don’t miss their Cloudforest Mocha.

But here’s the cool part – they source their coffee from not one, not two, but three different roasters: Heart, Roseline, and Proud Mary.

The result? A constantly rotating selection of roasts that are expertly crafted into a variety of coffee drinks.

And to top it off, your coffee is served in beautiful hand-thrown ceramics made by Portland-based artisan Ashley Hardy.

12. Case Study Coffee Roasters

Case Study Coffee Roasters is the next coffee company that’s made its mark in Portland, Oregon with multiple locations.

What sets them apart? Well, they’re all about roasting coffee that’s direct trade and in tune with the seasons.

What’s the scoop on their coffee? They’re known for their small-batch roasts, house-made syrups, and the kind of warm, friendly service that makes you feel right at home.

And if you’re an espresso enthusiast, you’re in for a treat. But don’t overlook their filter coffee; it’s pretty darn good too.

Now, when it comes to food, they’ve got you covered for breakfast.

There’s a decent selection of baked goods to kickstart your day.

But here’s what really seals the deal – the cafes themselves.

They’re thoughtfully designed with practical, comfy Eames Case Study chairs, intriguing lighting fixtures, sunny window seats, and music that sets just the right mood.

Those big glass windows? They flood the place with cheerful natural light.

And you know they’re doing something right when they’ve been featured in publications like The Daily Meal, The Oregonian, and Willamette Week.

So, if you’re in Portland and on the hunt for a cozy spot with top-notch coffee, Case Study Coffee Roasters has got you covered.

13. Nossa Familia Coffee

Let’s explore Nossa Familia, which translates to “our family” in Portuguese, and it’s a name that perfectly captures their essence.

Nossa Familia Coffee is a coffee roaster that calls Portland, Oregon home and was born in 2004, thanks to the vision of Brazilian native Augusto Carneiro.

Their coffee journey is all about fostering strong bonds, and it all began with Augusto’s family coffee farms in Brazil, which go way back to the 1890s.

Now, what makes Nossa Familia truly unique is its commitment to exceptional coffee rooted in exceptional relationships.

They put in the legwork, meticulously sourcing their coffee through direct-trade and family-trade connections from farms in Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, and Ethiopia.

And they don’t stop there – ethical sourcing, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility are at the core of what they do.

You can find Nossa Familia Coffee in various spots across Portland, including the Pearl District Espresso Bar, Central Eastside Café, Seven Corners Café, and their roastery and offices.

They also team up with other businesses like restaurants and grocery stores, including Whole Foods, Market of Choice, and New Seasons Markets, so you can get your Nossa Familia fix.

Now, picture their cafes – they’ve got a rustic-chic vibe that instantly feels like home.

When you’re ready to order, we’ve got a couple of recommendations.

If it’s your first visit, go for the cafézinho. It’s a Brazilian-style espresso served with hot water and raw sugar, and it’s the perfect way to savor the coffee’s nuances.

And if you’ve got a sweet tooth, don’t miss the Bee Sting Latte, made with honey and a special spice blend.

And here’s a secret weapon – their signature chocolate espresso whipped cream. It’s a game-changer for any coffee drink.

14. La Perlita

La Perlita is the next charming coffee shop nestled in the heart of Portland, Oregon.

What sets this place apart? Well, it’s not just a coffee spot; it’s a first-generation POC-owned business, and it’s all about celebrating the rich flavors of Reforma Roasters coffee.

Angel Medina, the owner of La Perlita, also owns the coffee shop’s roastery and República, a popular Portland restaurant.

Before opening these businesses, he spent time exploring the coffee-growing regions of Mexico, gaining a deep appreciation for Mexican coffee.

While Reforma does roast beans from various places, we highly recommend starting with their Mexican beans – that’s where their roastery truly shines.

Now, when you look at the menu at La Perlita, it’s a bit of a departure from your typical coffee shop.

You won’t find the usual lattes and cappuccinos here.

Instead, you’ll discover drinks like “negro” (drip coffee), “con leche,” or “cortadito” – an espresso with milk, Mexican-style, or condensed milk for that Cuban twist.

But the real star of the show is their True Mexican Mocha.

It’s a beverage inspired by hot chocolate and crafted with espresso, chocolate, cafe de olla syrup, and a stunning topping of freeze-dried raspberries and cocoa nibs.

The hibiscus powder and shaved chocolate on top not only look gorgeous but also bring out the full depth of Mexican coffee beans.

La Perlita doesn’t just stop at great coffee. They’ve got two locations – one on SE Woodstock Blvd and another on N Interstate Ave.

Plus, they regularly host food pop-ups led by women and BIPOC entrepreneurs, making it a hub for culinary diversity and creativity.

15. Deadstock Coffee Roasters

Prepare to step into a coffee experience like no other at Deadstock Coffee Roasters, a one-of-a-kind coffee shop right here in Portland, Oregon.

What sets them apart? Well, they’re all about sneaker and hype culture, and it shows in every corner of the place.

Walk in, and you’ll instantly feel the chill vibes, surrounded by sneaker and basketball-themed decor that adds a unique twist to your coffee stop.

The mastermind behind it all is Ian Williams, the owner who personally roasts the coffee.

And let us tell you, the coffee here is top-notch without a hint of pretentiousness.

But there’s more to Deadstock Coffee than just coffee – it’s proudly Black-owned and located in the vibrant Old Town Chinatown neighborhood.

You can also get their beans online, so the coffee magic isn’t limited to the shop.

Now, when it comes to drinks, they’ve got a fantastic lineup of classics and creative signatures that have garnered a loyal fan base.

What’s even better? They offer a variety of non-dairy milk options, so everyone can find their perfect match.

Our personal favorite? The oat milk latte – it’s as good as any we’ve had anywhere.

16. Tov Coffee

Tov Coffee is a unique and delightful café nestled in the heart of Portland, Oregon.

What sets them apart? Well, they’re all about crafting Egyptian and Turkish-style coffee and tea beverages, and they do it with flair.

Imagine stepping into a retrofitted double-decker bus transformed into a café, adorned with Turkish and Middle Eastern décor.

That’s the unique setting of Tov Coffee, and it’s a feast for the eyes.

Now, when it comes to the drinks, authenticity is the name of the game here.

They whip up genuine Egyptian coffee and tea, traditional espresso, and even introduce some original favorites, with all their syrups and sauces made right in-house.

They take their beans seriously too, sourcing from the esteemed Vivace Roasters in Seattle.

The approach to coffee preparation is steeped in tradition, delivering a solid specialty coffee experience.

The espresso? Well-prepared.

But the Turkish coffee? It’s the real star, offering a delicate balance of flavors – not overly sweet, yet boasting floral and spicy notes.

And here’s a sweet touch – each drink comes with a small dessert like lokum, with an array of larger treats available for purchase.

You’ll find Egyptian pastries like baalawa, falafel croissants, and Konafa that are simply irresistible.

What makes the experience even more special? The fantastic baristas who are both friendly and affable.

Tov Coffee is a truly unique coffee haven that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

So, if you’re in the mood for a different kind of coffee adventure, this is the place to be.

Order your drinks on the bus’s first level and then head upstairs to savor them.

The eclectic décor and the presentation of your drinks on gold-plated, beautifully adorned platters will transport you to another world.

17. Push X Pull Coffee

Push X Pull Coffee is not just your ordinary coffee spot or roastery; it’s a place that radiates positivity and community.

Their mission? To bring people together over the most incredible coffee experience.

As soon as you step inside Push X Pull, you’ll notice it’s more than just a coffee shop.

There’s ample workspace, from a long communal table at the center to cozy bar stools lining the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The atmosphere is inviting, flooded with natural light, and adorned with a soothing turquoise and wood motif.

Founded in 2018 by Christopher Hall and Jacob Cowdin, Push X Pull Coffee has a unique focus.

They shine a spotlight on coffees and processes that often don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Their commitment is to roast the most distinctive and exceptional coffees, all in tribute to the coffee itself and the incredible people who cultivate it.

They explore methods like natural processing, which involves drying the coffee fruit in the sun without removing the skin and pulp from the seed.

This gives the coffee a fruity flavor profile and a hint of acidity, creating a unique and intriguing taste.

But the story doesn’t end there. Push X Pull Coffee is on the move, expanding its horizons.

They’ve recently acquired a shop in Seattle, specifically the former Union Coffee and Wine in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

18. Ovation Coffee & Tea

Let’s take a delightful sip into the world of Ovation Coffee & Tea, where the choices are so plentiful, it’s a delightful challenge to pick just one.

This family-owned gem opened its doors in December 2013, thanks to the Elhabbassi family, who previously ran a Moroccan restaurant in Wilsonville.

And here’s what makes them stand out – they infuse a touch of Moroccan magic into their coffee shop, setting them apart from the crowd.

Ovation Coffee & Tea has built a stellar reputation for quality and exceptional service, making it an integral part of the community.

You’ll find them at two convenient locations in Portland – one in the Pearl and another in South Waterfront.

Whether you’re in the mood for outdoor seating or a quick takeout, they’ve got you covered.

Now, here’s a must-try for your visit – their pistachio latte.

It’s a bit out of the ordinary, and trust us, it’s a flavor sensation that’ll leave you amazed.

Pair it with one of their homemade scones, and you’ve got yourself a heavenly treat.

The only thing to note is that this premium experience comes with a slightly higher price tag.

But it’s well worth it for the quality and unique offerings you’ll find at Ovation Coffee & Tea.

In fact, it’s a place you’ll happily return to for that extra-special coffee fix.

19. Upper Left Roasters

Upper Left Roasters is another fantastic coffee roaster and café nestled in Portland’s Ladd’s Addition neighborhood.

What’s on the menu here? Well, you’re in for a treat with their house-roasted, single-origin coffee and a delectable selection of sandwiches.

But that’s not all – they’ve carefully curated a food menu that perfectly complements their distinctive small-batch roasts.

Now, when you step into this café, you’ll immediately notice the inviting and airy ambiance, complete with a seasonal patio that beckons you to enjoy your coffee outdoors.

The interior strikes a perfect balance between modern elegance and cozy charm, boasting a bright, sunlit space.

Those terra-cotta pendant lights dangling from the ceilings and the lush greenery create a patio-like feel indoors.

And here’s the best part – there’s plenty of seating, so you can settle in and enjoy your coffee without worry.

But it’s not just about the atmosphere; it’s also about their coffee philosophy.

Upper Left Roasters takes pride in prioritizing green coffee beans that others in the industry might overlook.

Their mission? To capture the authentic flavors, origins, and journeys of every roast.

And that’s not all they’re committed to.

Upper Left Roasters is all about fostering an energetic and lively community within the vibrant SE Portland neighborhood and the coffee industry at large.

It’s more than just a café; it’s a place where connections are forged over fantastic coffee.

And speaking of fantastic, their food menu is a real standout.

From delightful pastries to heartier options like lox toast and Turkish eggs, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

20. Lionheart Coffee Company

Now, in the suburbs where good coffee is an absolute necessity, Lionheart Coffee Company has become the go-to spot for those residing on the west side of Portland.

Nestled in Beaverton, Oregon, this charming coffee shop has not one, but two locations – one on SW Scholls Ferry Road and the other on SW Watson Ave.

And here’s the best part – both spots are open every day, ready to serve you whether you prefer to dine in, grab takeout, or place your order through a mobile app.

Now, when it comes to ambiance, Lionheart Coffee Company has you covered.

You can choose to bask in the cozy indoor seating or enjoy the fresh air at their outdoor tables.

What’s even cooler is their partnership with the City of Beaverton, which provides public outdoor seating – making it a perfect place to savor your coffee while soaking up the surroundings.

And speaking of coffee, they’ve got it all covered.

From coffee and tea to specialty blends, bagels, pies, pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and even a selection of lunch items – you’re in for a treat.

They take pride in curating a fantastic array of beans from roasters like Elevator, Sterling, Heart Roasters, Upper Left, Water Ave., and more.

When it comes to coffee options, you’ll find brewed coffee, single-origin espresso, pour-overs, and lattes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

But let us tell you about a real gem – their cold brew, served fresh from a nitro tap.

It’s a creamy, luscious delight that not only tastes fantastic but looks gorgeous with a swirl of milk.

And what truly sets Lionheart Coffee Company apart is their knowledgeable and friendly staff.

They’re always ready to assist and make your coffee experience a memorable one.

21. Portland Coffee Roasters

And last but certainly not least, we come to the aptly named Portland Coffee Roasters.

Based right here in Portland, Oregon, this coffee roasting company has been proudly brewing since 1996.

What sets them apart? Their direct sourcing approach, building sustainable connections with coffee farmers and the communities they support.

When you step into one of their cafes – including a convenient spot at the PDX airport – you’ll be greeted by the undeniable aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

While coffee reigns supreme here, they also offer a selection of baked goods and breakfast sandwiches for those seeking a little extra fuel for their day.

If you’re not in the mood for a visit, you can easily order their coffee online for delivery – coffee on your doorstep, what could be better?

What truly makes Portland Coffee Roasters shine is their unwavering commitment to global stewardship and fostering strong, enduring bonds within the global coffee community.

Step inside, and you’ll find a shop adorned with warm wood accents and plenty of seating, inviting you to savor your coffee in comfort.


In the vibrant coffee scene of Portland, Oregon, these 21 coffee shops stand out as some of the best places to savor exceptional coffee, soak up unique atmospheres, and connect with the local coffee culture.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, exploring these coffee shops is a delightful journey through the diverse world of coffee flavors, brewing techniques, and community spirit that Portland has to offer.

So, grab your favorite brew and embark on a caffeinated adventure in the City of Roses.

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