20 Best Coffee Shops In Tampa To Try In 2024

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Get ready to embark on a caffeinated adventure through the vibrant city of Tampa, Florida.

In this guide, we’ve curated a list of the “20 Best Coffee Shops in Tampa” that will satisfy your caffeine cravings and introduce you to some of the city’s most inviting and unique java joints.

Whether you’re a local seeking a new favorite spot or a visitor in search of a memorable coffee experience, this list has you covered.

From cozy neighborhood cafes to trendy roasteries, Tampa’s coffee scene offers something for everyone.

So grab your favorite mug and let’s explore the rich flavors and inviting atmospheres that these coffee shops have to offer.

20 Best Coffee Shops In Tampa: At A Glance

  1. The Lab Coffee
  2. Buddy Brew Coffee
  3. Felicitous 
  4. Spaddy’s Coffee Co. 
  5. Ginger Beard
  6. Blind Tiger Café
  7. DI Coffee Bar
  8. Caffeine Roasters
  9. Jet City Espresso
  10. Mojo Books and Records
  11. Guanabo Coffee Shop
  12. Sucré Table
  13. Twist Vapor Café
  14. Zeal Coffee Roasters
  15. Kahwa Cafe
  16. Foundation Coffee Co.
  17. Oxford Exchange
  18. Victory Coffee
  19. The Attic Cafe
  20. Lady And The Mug

1. The Lab Coffee

In Tampa, our top coffee shop recommendation is The Lab Coffee.

This unique coffee haven can be found in two spots: one in West Tampa and the other in Seminole Heights.

What makes The Lab Coffee stand out? Well, they’re all about crafting exceptional coffee experiences.

Their coffee game is strong, offering a delightful range of specialty coffee and espresso drinks.

They take their coffee seriously, ensuring that the beans they use are carefully sourced.

Their mission? To redefine how people savor and appreciate coffee.

But wait, there’s more! The Lab Coffee isn’t just about coffee.

They also serve breakfast delights like bagels, burritos, and pastries.

They have a sleek, garage-style space that exudes a cool laboratory vibe.

Customers love not only the coffee but also the friendly and patient baristas.

And here’s a bonus – The Lab Coffee is dog-friendly!

So, if you’re looking for a coffee spot that ticks all the boxes, try The Lab Coffee.

2. Buddy Brew Coffee

If you’re on the hunt for top-notch coffee in Tampa, look no further than Buddy Brew Coffee.

They take coffee seriously, sourcing the finest specialty-grade beans from around the world and roasting them on the same day they arrive.

With a presence in eight bustling locations across Tampa Bay, from the charming streets of Hyde Park Village to the vibrant Tampa Heights spot at Armature Works and even the quaint downtown Sarasota, Buddy Brew Coffee has become the heart and soul of Tampa’s coffee scene.

While they might not offer a full food menu, their array of coffee drinks and snacks is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Plus, their cafes provide plenty of seating, and you can always count on their friendly staff for assistance.

It’s no surprise that Buddy Brew Coffee has earned its stripes, winning the coveted title of “Best Coffee Shops in Tampa” in a local magazine.

Whether you call Tampa home or you’re just passing through, this is a must-visit coffee haven.

And here’s a fun twist – keep your eyes peeled for the BBC Brewtruck cruising around Tampa Bay, bringing that signature Buddy Brew goodness right to your neighborhood. Happy sipping!

3. Felicitous 

This locally owned gem isn’t your typical coffee spot – it’s a delightful coffee shop and roastery all in one.

Set in a converted house, this coffeehouse welcomes four-legged friends and offers free WiFi.

It’s the perfect place to unwind, catch up on work, or simply enjoy a cup of Joe.

And speaking of coffee, Felicitous has you covered with a wide range of beverages and tasty panini sandwiches.

What sets Felicitous apart is its commitment to deliciousness and sustainability.

Their menu is a haven of decadent delights, including options for vegans.

Plus, they’re making eco-conscious choices to reduce their environmental impact.

The atmosphere here is pure coziness.

You’ll find art adorning the walls, a stack of board games by the window, and even a boutique tucked away in the cafe.

When it comes to coffee, Felicitous takes it up a notch with a unique menu that includes signature lattes and delectable pastries.

And if you’re in the mood for some retail therapy, they’ve got a small boutique for you to explore.

Felicitous has not one but two locations in Tampa – one on the 51st and the other on the 42nd.

So, whether you’re a local looking for your new go-to spot or a visitor seeking a taste of Tampa’s coffee culture, Felicitous Coffee & Tea House has something special in store for you.

4. Spaddy’s Coffee Co. 

Tucked away in the heart of Tampa, Florida, you’ll discover Spaddy’s Coffee, a locally-owned coffee shop all about coffee and community.

At Spaddy’s, they’re serious about their coffee game, offering a delightful array of specialty coffee options along with tea, cookies, Cuban bread, and some light bites to satisfy your cravings.

This coffee adventure began back in 2015 when Spaddy’s started as a mobile coffee bar, popping up at local markets, weddings, food truck rallies, and various events throughout the Bay Area.

But then in 2016, something magical happened – Spaddy’s found a vacant lot next to Faedo’s Family Bakery and Vintage Post Marketplace on Florida Avenue.

That’s where Spaddy’s Courtyard came to life, an outdoor coffee haven that quickly became a vibrant part of the Seminole Heights community.

In 2019, they teamed up with Raw Smoothie Co. and opened their very first brick-and-mortar location in South Tampa.

While Spaddy’s focus is mainly on coffee, they do offer a few delectable treats like Cuban butter toast and Cuban cheese toast to complement your caffeine fix.

So, if you’re in the mood for exceptional coffee and a warm sense of community, make a stop at Spaddy’s Coffee.

5. Ginger Beard

Meet Ginger Beard Coffee, a fantastic coffee shop with not one, but two welcoming locations right in sunny Tampa, Florida.

In 2015, two friends, Josh and Derek, brought their love for coffee and people together to create something special.

It’s like your favorite bar but with coffee instead of spirits.

That was the idea behind Ginger Beard Coffee when it first opened its doors.

To make their brews extra special, they even used equipment typically reserved for crafting beer.

When it comes to coffee, they’ve got it all – hot, cold, and nitro brews to cater to every palate.

And if you’re eager to elevate your home brewing game, they’ve got you covered with brew guides that’ll turn you into a coffee maestro.

Their coffee beans? Roasted right here in Tampa by Joe and Rishi at Brown Bear Roasters.

Ginger Beard Coffee takes sourcing seriously, partnering with Olam Coffee and Yellow Rooster Imports to bring the finest coffee from around the world to your cup.

They’ve got food covered too, teaming up with Buddy Brew Coffee and Datz Dough Donuts to bring you handcrafted deliciousness.

It’s no wonder they’ve racked up rave reviews from satisfied customers on Yelp and Tripadvisor.

So, if you’re in Tampa and craving a delightful coffee experience, Ginger Beard Coffee is where you’ll find it.

6. Blind Tiger Café

Let’s take a journey to one of our favorite spots in Tampa – Ybor City, where you’ll find the extraordinary Blind Tiger Café.

This coffee shop is a hidden gem nestled right in Tampa, Florida.

The story of Blind Tiger Café begins in the historic cigar city of Ybor City, where the founders had a passion for rekindling the city’s coffee legacy.

Inspired by the charm and craftsmanship of a speakeasy, they set out to create their very own version – a Blind Tiger, which is another name for a speakeasy.

Their goal? To serve up original roasts so incredibly delicious, they’d almost feel illicit.

But Blind Tiger is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a lifestyle brand that embraces the pursuit of quality and richness in life’s simple pleasures.

Lucky for us, they’ve spread their love for coffee across several locations in the Tampa Bay area.

Now, let’s talk about what truly matters – their offerings.

Blind Tiger Café is your go-to spot for gourmet coffee, delectable sweet treats, and a range of breakfast delights.

Their coffee is nothing short of extraordinary, boasting unique flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

And when it comes to pastries, trust us, they’re simply irresistible.

So, whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day of work or exploring the city, Blind Tiger Café is the perfect place to do just that.

It’s where great coffee meets cozy vibes, making it a must-visit destination in Tampa.

7. DI Coffee Bar

Step into the chic world of DI Coffee Bar, where artisan coffee and delightful bites come together in perfect harmony.

This charming spot is a place to savor both indoor comfort and the great outdoors.

Located on the serene Davis Island in Tampa Bay, the “DI” in their name pays homage to their picturesque setting.

It’s a haven just off East Davis Boulevard, where you can relish the tranquil ambiance.

At DI Coffee Bar, they’ve got their coffee game on point, sourcing their beans from Panther Coffee, a renowned specialty coffee roaster hailing from Miami.

The coffee menu is a journey in itself, offering everything from classic espresso to comforting lattes and indulgent hot chocolate.

But the surprises don’t end there – they also host wine tastings, elevating your coffee experience to new heights.

And when hunger strikes, you’ll find mouthwatering options like Cuban pesto and pepper jack cheese, among other customer favorites.

Now, let’s talk about the sweet stuff.

DI Coffee Bar’s baked goods are nothing short of heavenly.

In our book, they serve up some of the best coffee in Tampa, and their delectable treats only add to the charm.

So, if you’re looking for a cozy spot to sip, savor, and unwind, DI Coffee Bar is your go-to destination.

8. Caffeine Roasters

In the heart of Tampa, Florida, you’ll find Caffeine Roasters – a haven for coffee enthusiasts that’s a bit out of the ordinary.

The story of Caffeine Roasters began in 2016 when four passionate coffee lovers and entrepreneurs came together to create something special.

Their first location, right at 212 E Cass Street in downtown Tampa, marked the beginning of their coffee journey.

But they didn’t stop there – they later introduced “The Mothership,” a spacious roastery with over 40 seats and a convenient drive-thru.

What sets Caffeine Roasters apart is their inclusive approach to specialty coffee.

They’re all about sharing innovative coffee recipes with the community, and their unique creations quickly won the hearts of locals.

Their secret? Premium coffee sourced from the finest growers, resulting in rich and complex flavors that’ll awaken your taste buds.

But there’s more to their mission – they’re champions of female leadership in the coffee industry, making sure women have a prominent role at Caffeine Roasters.

When it comes to their offerings, the choices are aplenty.

From specialty coffee beverages to a range of house-made breakfasts, lunches, and pastries, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

Here’s the icing on the cake – you can even order their delicious coffee beans online and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.

And let’s not forget about their lattes, a crowd favorite that never disappoints.

If you’re up for a more intricate coffee experience, their slow bar is a must-try, even if it means a little extra waiting time – it’s worth every sip.

9. Jet City Espresso

Jet City Espresso is a walk-up-to-go coffee shop located in a historic Hyde Park house in Tampa, Florida. 

What’s on the menu? Organic fair trade coffee that’s as rich in flavor as it is in ethical goodness.

And if you’re looking for a little extra kick, they whip up some mouthwatering smoothies.

But that’s not all – Jet City Espresso takes a conscious approach to their offerings.

They’ve got freshly baked scones, and their menu is paleo-conscious and gluten-free.

Plus, they use local organic fresh eggs in their sandwiches, ensuring you get the best of Tampa’s flavors.

Now, let’s talk about mealtime. Whether you’re an early bird or a late riser, Jet City Espresso has you covered with breakfast and lunch served from open to close.

And if you need to catch up on work or connect with friends, they’ve got free Wi-Fi and parking, making your visit a breeze.

You can soak in the Tampa sun on their inviting front porch while sipping on your coffee – it’s the perfect recipe for relaxation.

When it comes to coffee, they proudly serve Seattle-style brews, from their signature Jet City Cafe Borgia to a classic Americano.

But the choices don’t end there – they’ve got an array of teas and smoothies on hand, along with dairy alternatives to suit your preferences.

In a city bustling with coffee options, Jet City Espresso is a hidden gem where you can savor your coffee in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

And here’s a fun fact – they’ve been proudly serving Tampa residents since the early ’90s.

10. Mojo Books and Records

Step into the captivating world of Mojo Books and Records, a treasure trove of both new and used books and records right in the heart of Tampa, Florida.

Since its inception in April 2007, Mojo has become a beloved local institution.

As an independently owned store, it proudly holds the title of one of the largest independent book and record shops in Tampa Bay.

The moment you walk in, you’ll be enveloped in a unique atmosphere that beckons you to explore.

With shelves overflowing with literary and musical gems, it’s easy to lose track of time while perusing the aisles with friends and family.

And if you need a breather, you can unwind, study, or simply savor a tasty cup of coffee.

Speaking of variety, Mojo Books and Records has it all.

Whether you’re a fiction fanatic, a history buff, or a music aficionado, they’ve got you covered with a vast selection that caters to a wide array of interests.

But that’s not where the magic ends – Mojo also boasts a coffee and tea bar that’s nothing short of exceptional.

They take pride in manual brewing techniques, delivering handcrafted flavors that’ll delight your taste buds.

11. Guanabo Coffee Shop

When you’re in the mood for fantastic coffee and crave some mouthwatering Cuban cuisine, Guanabo Coffee Shop is the place to be.

Nestled in a cozy corner, this cafe is renowned for its delectable Cuban sandwiches, satisfying breakfast options, tasty frita, and, of course, top-notch coffee.

Stepping inside, you’ll be greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere, where friendly faces await to serve you with a creative touch.

Whether you’re looking to sit down and dine in, grab something to-go, or have your delicious meal delivered, Guanabo Coffee Shop has you covered.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a delightful coffee break paired with outstanding Cuban flavors, make a beeline for Guanabo Coffee Shop.

12. Sucré Table

Indulge your sweet tooth at Sucré Table, a gourmet bakery in Tampa, Florida.

Owned and operated by the talented pastry chef Brenda Villacorta, this bakery is a haven for those who appreciate the art of pastry and exceptional drinks.

Brenda Villacorta, an award-winning pastry chef, is the creative force behind this bakery.

She’s not your ordinary chef—she’s honed her craft in the culinary mecca of New York City, learning from world-renowned experts like Jean George and pastry chef Dominique Ansel.

Before gracing Tampa with her talents, she served as the Head Pastry Cook at Le Bernardin, a three-Michelin-starred restaurant known as one of the finest dining experiences worldwide.

Now, let’s talk about the delights you can find at Sucré Table.

Online reviews speak volumes, with customers singing praises for their croissants, macarons, cakes, and specialty drinks.

And it’s not just about the sweets; savory items like spinach Gruyere quiche and a mouthwatering honey caramel, bacon, smoked Gouda, and egg croissant sandwich have won hearts.

But the magic doesn’t stop there as the bakery also has a rotating menu of spellbinding desserts.

These include Sucré’s version of Strawberry Shortcake, a picture-perfect blend of Japanese cheesecake with creme brulee and strawberry champagne jelee, mango cheesecake, lavender blackberry rose cupcakes, and Galette des Rois.

13. Twist Vapor Café

Step into a unique fusion of flavors at Twist Vapor Café, where coffee meets vaping in a one-of-a-kind experience.

Here, you’ll find a delightful blend of delicious coffee drinks and high-quality e-cigarettes and e-liquids.

It’s a place where your taste buds and your vaping preferences come together for a memorable treat.

According to a Restaurant Guru, Twist Vapor Cafe is known for its perfectly cooked bun cha and tasty suppli, along with a fantastic selection of juice, lattes, and teas—all at budget-friendly prices.

As you step inside, don’t be surprised to see plumes of vape ‘smoke’ swirling about.

Twist Vapor Cafe is a pro-vaping establishment, offering you the chance to enjoy both vaping and coffee simultaneously—an experience that’s all its own.

So, if you’re looking for a unique blend of flavors and a hip atmosphere, make your way to Twist Vapor Café.

14. Zeal Coffee Roasters

Enter the world of Zeal Coffee Roasters, where the art of crafting exceptional coffee beans comes to life in Tampa, Florida.

This story began in 2013 when Peter Davidson, fueled by a deep passion for coffee, embarked on a journey to elevate the coffee experience.

After years of unwavering dedication and thorough research, Zeal Coffee Roasters emerged as a testament to the pursuit of coffee perfection.

At Zeal Coffee Roasters, the offerings are nothing short of impressive.

They present a diverse range of coffee products, each with its own unique character.

From 8oz bags of coffee beans to limited editions like Brazil Cerrado, organic Honduras Marcala, Colombia Caldas, and exclusive blends like Chimera Espresso Blend and Typhon Espresso Blend – there’s something to satisfy every coffee lover’s palate.

And let’s not forget the Ethiopia Natural Sidamo Fair Trade Organic Grade 3 Hache, Nicaragua SHG, and Ethiopia Kembata Grade 1 selections that round out the menu.

When you step into Zeal Coffee Roasters, you’re faced with a delightful dilemma – choosing from a house drip, espresso, americano, Chemex, or cold brew.

With such a wide array of options, finding your favorite roast might take a little time.

But once you do, you can take home a bag of their beans, ensuring that the coffee you’ve grown to love can accompany you wherever you go.

15. Kahwa Cafe

Kahwa Cafe is another delightful coffee shop chain that got its start in the vibrant city of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Since its inception in 2006, Kahwa Cafe has blossomed, boasting 14 locations scattered across the Tampa and St. Petersburg area.

This wonderful journey was set in motion by the visionaries Sarah and Raphael Perrier, who believed in the power of locally roasted coffee.

At Kahwa Cafe, they’re all about 100% premium quality Arabica beans, sourced from various corners of the globe and expertly roasted to perfection.

The result? A coffee experience that’s rich, nuanced, and brings out the distinct flavors of each origin.

But Kahwa Cafe is more than just coffee; it’s a place where handcrafted coffee and tea drinks take center stage, complemented by a delectable array of freshly baked pastries, goodies, and breakfast items.

For the tech-savvy crowd, Kahwa Cafe offers a nifty app that lets you order ahead, earn rewards, and even snag some free drinks along the way.

One dish that’s a must-try is the Egg and Cheese Croissant Sandwich – it’s a real crowd-pleaser.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a coffee experience that celebrates the art of roasting, a warm atmosphere, and a touch of modern convenience, make your way to Kahwa Cafe.

16. Foundation Coffee Co.

Nestled in the heart of charming Ybor City, just steps away from Centennial Park and the Ybor City State Museum, you’ll find Foundation Coffee – a true gem among Tampa Bay’s coffeehouses.

Dedicated to the art of craft coffee, Foundation Coffee is on a mission to bring you the finest coffee and espresso drinks, a tea bar that’s always evolving, and a menu of real, fresh food options.

But there’s more to this coffee haven than just great brews and bites.

Foundation Coffee believes in the power of community, seeing it as an essential part of business, relationships, and the world we all call home.

They’re driven by a passion to ensure that what fills your cup tells a story – from the barista who crafted it to the roaster who perfected it, all the way back to the dedicated farmer at its origin.

Step inside, and you’ll be met with well-managed, polite, and ever-helpful baristas who are the heart and soul of this establishment.

They take pride in witnessing the sense of community that flourishes both within their four walls and beyond.

Foundation Coffee Co. isn’t just about coffee; it’s about a commitment to using the finest ingredients, paired with outstanding customer service and an unwavering dedication to the craft of coffee making.

And if you’re looking for a recommendation, we can’t help but rave about their Ethiopian nitro brew.

It’s unbelievably smooth, refreshingly cold, and packs a mighty punch to keep you energized throughout the day.

17. Oxford Exchange

Oxford Exchange is a European-inspired haven in Tampa, Florida.

This remarkable space is a harmonious blend of a restaurant, bookstore, coffeehouse, gift shop, coworking space, design studio, and event venue – a place where old-world charm meets modern elegance.

The roots of this space trace back to 1891 when it served as a stable for the Plant Hotel.

Over the years, it has witnessed numerous transformations.

After great restoration efforts and a thoughtful design that seamlessly combines the past with the present, Oxford Exchange opened its doors on September 24, 2012.

The restaurant is a culinary gem, serving fresh, uncomplicated dishes crafted from the finest seasonal, local, and organic ingredients.

Whether you’re here for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, or a weekend brunch, every meal promises a delectable experience.

The gift shop is a treasure trove of unique finds for those seeking the perfect gift or decor.

Meanwhile, the bookstore offers a wide array of literary delights to explore.

But there’s more – a champagne bar, private event space, and a commerce club add to the allure of this multifaceted destination.

And if you’re a tea aficionado, Oxford Exchange boasts an extensive selection of white tea, green tea, oolong, rooibos, matè, black tea, and herbal infusions, ensuring you find your ideal cup.

18. Victory Coffee

In the heart of Tampa’s vibrant Channel District, you’ll discover the cozy coffee shop known as Victory Coffee.

Since 2012, Victory Coffee has been winning hearts with its delectable coffee and scratch-made culinary delights.

It’s the place to go when you’re craving a delicious cup of coffee paired with something tasty, like their famous lox bagel.

As you step inside, you’ll find a delightful menu that spans a variety of coffee and espresso drinks, as well as breakfast sandwiches, wraps, and hearty sandwiches.

What sets Victory Coffee apart is its gourmet sandwiches and delectable baked goods, making it a go-to spot for both breakfast and lunch.

Nestled in a rustic-chic setting, Victory Coffee is a favorite spot for regulars and a delightful discovery for visitors seeking a unique coffee experience in Tampa.

So, whether you’re a local seeking your caffeine fix or a curious traveler looking for a delightful discovery, Victory Coffee is your go-to spot for a delicious cup of coffee and culinary treats that’ll leave you craving more.

19. The Attic Cafe

The Attic Cafe is a coffee shop and bar located in the heart of Downtown Tampa, Florida.

This charming establishment is perched on the fourth floor of a century-old historic building that once served as the auditorium for the adjacent Masonic Lodge.

From its outdoor balcony seating, you’ll be treated to captivating views of City Hall and the bustling downtown below.

Now, let’s talk about the food.

The Attic Cafe is where Chef Rosa works her magic, drawing on 30 years of culinary expertise to craft fresh and delectable dishes.

From breakfast to lunch and dinner, every meal is prepared with care and precision.

And of course, what’s a cafe without coffee?

At The Attic Cafe, they take their coffee seriously, offering high-quality, locally roasted brews that satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.

Beyond coffee and culinary delights, The Attic Cafe boasts an impressive selection of craft and mainstream beers, wines, and hard cider.

Whether you’re here for a casual coffee or a cozy evening out, there’s something for everyone.

20. Lady And The Mug

Wrapping up our coffee shop journey is none other than Lady and the Mug.

This coffee shop is all about serving up excellence in every cup and adding a splash of vibrancy to your day.

Here, you’re in for a treat with a wide range of high-quality coffee and beverage options.

Whether you prefer to swing by for self-service, take advantage of convenient curbside pickup, or opt for ease of delivery, Lady and the Mug has you covered.

What sets this coffee shop apart is not just its exceptional brews but also its dedication to making a positive impact on the community.

Each bean that goes into their specialty coffee has been hand-inspected for top-notch quality.

And for those who aren’t coffee enthusiasts, fear not – they offer a variety of non-coffee drinks, like the refreshing iced matcha tea latte that’s perfect for cooling off under the hot Tampa sun.

But that’s not all – Lady and the Mug cater to a diverse range of tastes, including those who prefer vegan options.

From omelets to Jamaican patties, bagels to burritos, tamales to cookie sandwiches, and muffins, there’s something to satisfy every palate.


Sip, savor, and explore the vibrant coffee scene of Tampa with our list of the 20 best coffee shops.

From cozy neighborhood gems to chic downtown hideaways, these coffeehouses offer a diverse array of flavors and experiences.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, a tea lover, or simply seeking a welcoming space to unwind, Tampa’s coffee shops have something for everyone.

So, go ahead, embark on a caffeinated adventure, and discover your new favorite spot in this sunny Florida city.

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