8 Best Cuisinart Coffee Makers For 2024: Our Top Picks

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If you’re on the hunt for the perfect coffee maker, you’ve landed in the right spot.

In this article, we’re about to explore the world of Cuisinart, a brand renowned for its innovation and quality in kitchen appliances.

Today, we’ll be unveiling the 8 best Cuisinart coffee makers, ensuring that your daily dose of caffeine is nothing short of exceptional.

So, let’s kickstart your day with the perfect cup of joe!

8 Best Cuisinart Coffee Makers: At A Glance

  1. Cuisinart CPO-850P1 8 Cup Coffee Brewer: Best Overall
  2. Cuisinart DCC-1200BKSP1 12 Cup Brew Central: Runner-Up
  3. Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 14-Cup Coffee Maker: Best Programmable Option
  4. Cuisinart Grind & Brew DGB-550BKP1 Coffee Maker: Best Value For Money
  5. Cuisinart SS-15CP Coffeemaker: Best Premium Option
  6. Cuisinart DCC-T20 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker: Best Design
  7. Cuisinart DCB-10P1 Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker: Best For Cold Brew
  8. Cuisinart Plus CHW-12P1 Hot Water Coffee Maker: Best For Tea Lovers

Cuisinart CPO-850P1 8 Cup Coffee Brewer: Best Overall

At the top of our list for the best Cuisinart coffee maker, we have the Cuisinart CPO-850P1 8 Cup Coffee Brewer, and it’s a real standout for some good reasons.

First off, it’s earned the highly respected SCAA Home Brewer Certification, a mark of quality you won’t find on any other Cuisinart coffee machine.

Now, you might be wondering what that SCAA certification means.

Well, it’s like a gold standard for home coffee makers.

Coffee experts and tasters who really know their stuff have put this machine to the test.

They’ve made sure it meets super high standards for coffee quality set by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).

What’s great about the Cuisinart CPO-850P1 is that it’s a pour-over coffee maker.

That means it uses a special method to brew your coffee, making sure it’s packed with flavor.

It’s all-electric and does this clever thing called pre-wetting the coffee grounds before brewing, which lets the flavor really boom.

Plus, you can adjust the temperature and strength of your coffee to suit your taste perfectly.

Here’s another nifty feature: a laser-etched stainless steel filter that works magic to make your coffee taste even better.

You can also set it to brew on a timer and shut it off when you want.

In a hurry for that caffeine fix? No problem – you can pause the brewing process for a quick cup.

And the best part? It cleans itself! No more scrubbing or fussing around.

You can choose between a glass carafe or a thermal carafe, which keeps your coffee hot for hours without needing a hot plate.

So, with the Cuisinart CPO-850P1, you’re in for a seriously top-notch coffee experience.


  • SCAA Home Brewer Certification ensures exceptional coffee quality.
  • Precision pour-over brewing technique for rich flavor.
  • Customizable temperature and strength settings.
  • Laser-etched stainless steel filter enhances coffee taste.
  • Timer and pause features for convenience.
  • Self-cleaning functionality.
  • Choice of glass or thermal carafe.


  • Only makes 8 cups which is fairly limited for bigger gatherings.

Cuisinart DCC-1200BKSP1 12 Cup Brew Central: Runner-Up

While the DCC-1200 may not boast the same fancy reputation as the CPO-850, it’s a true gem at half the price.

The Cuisinart DCC-1200BKSP1 12 Cup Brew Central combines affordability with functionality, making it a fantastic value.

This coffee maker sports a sleek brushed metal finish and a modern industrial design, all neatly packed into a compact body that’ll find a cozy spot in any kitchen.

It exudes a classic charm and offers a variety of colors to match your kitchen decor.

With a 12-cup carafe featuring an ergonomic handle, dripless spout, and knuckle guard, it’s built for ease of use.

The DCC-1200 is fully automatic, offering 24-hour programmability, self-cleaning capabilities, a 1 to 4-cup setting, and adjustable auto shut-off.

Plus, there’s a handy brew-pause feature, so you can sneak a cup before the brew is done.

Temperature control is a breeze with the variable heater plate, and it even reminds you when it’s time for a descaling session.

Maintenance is hassle-free with a warning light that signals when descaling is due, and it comes with a charcoal water filter to ensure your coffee is always made with crystal clear water.

In short, the Brew Central is a popular choice for good reason.

It serves up great-tasting coffee while accommodating your busy lifestyle.


  • Affordable, offering great value.
  • Sleek design with various color options.
  • 24-hour programmability.
  • Self-cleaning function.
  • Brew pause for on-the-go coffee.
  • Variable heater plate and descaling alert.
  • Charcoal water filter for clear water.


  • Some users have mentioned that the Brew Central is a little heavy.
  • There have been reports of potential leakage issues.

Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 14-Cup Coffee Maker: Best Programmable Option

Introducing the Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 14-Cup Coffee Maker – a coffee machine that gives you ultimate control over your brew.

This programmable wonder can whip up a whopping 14 cups of coffee, making it ideal for large households or busy offices.

One standout feature is the brew-strength control, offering you the choice between regular and bold coffee flavors.

Plus, with its 24-hour programmability, you can set your brew time in advance, ensuring your coffee is ready when you are.

Navigating its settings is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly backlit LCD display.

You can even choose whether you want the ready tone on or off.

This coffee maker goes the extra mile with an indicator light that tells you when it’s time for a descaling session, keeping your machine in tip-top shape for delicious coffee every time.

With the largest capacity on our list, it’s perfect for gatherings and households that demand plenty of caffeine.

And if you’re only brewing a few cups, no worries – it has a low-capacity mode that maintains that great flavor.

What about taste? Well, it’s got you covered with a gold-tone filter and a charcoal water filter, both contributing to a superb cup of joe.

The water reservoir is thoughtfully marked for easy filling, but there are a couple of minor quirks.

The tank lid doesn’t open too wide, which can be a bit fiddly.

Also, be cautious when filling it, as it can overflow if you’re not paying attention.

Overall, the Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 has garnered praise from both customers and experts, making it a solid choice for coffee enthusiasts.


  • Highly programmable for brewing control.
  • Generous 14-cup capacity, ideal for large groups.
  • Brew strength selection (regular or bold).
  • 24-hour programmability.
  • User-friendly backlit LCD.
  • Indicator light for descaling maintenance.
  • Gold tone filter and charcoal water filter for great taste.


  • The water tank lid doesn’t open wide, slightly inconvenient.
  • Be cautious of potential overflow when filling the tank.

Cuisinart Grind & Brew DGB-550BKP1 Coffee Maker: Best Value For Money

If you’re a fan of grinding your coffee beans just before brewing, the Cuisinart Grind & Brew Coffee Maker has got you covered.

This 12-cup automatic coffeemaker comes equipped with a built-in grinder, ensuring your coffee is as fresh as it gets right before it starts brewing.

Not only does it brew great coffee, but it also brings a touch of elegance to your kitchen with its brushed metal Italian styling.

When it comes to convenience, it’s fully programmable, allowing you to set the brew time up to 24 hours in advance.

Plus, it’ll keep your coffee nice and hot for up to 4 hours before switching itself off.

When it’s time to add beans or remove used grounds, the Grind & Brew Coffeemaker keeps things simple with a separate grinding assembly and filter chamber.

However, one thing to note is that the grinder can be quite noisy in the morning, so it might wake up the entire household, even those one floor above the kitchen.

Also, you’ll need to clean the grinder occasionally, which adds a bit to your coffee routine.

If you ever want to switch to pre-ground coffee, you can easily turn the grinder off.

All in all, considering its versatility, this machine offers great value for your money, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious shoppers.


  • Built-in grinder for freshly ground beans.
  • Stylish brushed metal design.
  • 24-hour programmability.
  • Keeps coffee hot for up to 4 hours.
  • Easy-to-use separate grinder and filter chamber.
  • Option to use pre-ground coffee.
  • Budget-friendly choice.


  • The grinder can be noisy in the morning.
  • Requires occasional grinder cleaning.

Cuisinart SS-15CP Coffeemaker: Best Premium Option

The Cuisinart SS-15CP Coffeemaker is your two-in-one coffee solution.

This versatile machine packs a punch with a fully automatic 12-cup coffeemaker on one side and a single-serve brewer on the other.

It’s like having the best of both coffee worlds in a single appliance.

The single-serve brewer doesn’t tie you down to one coffee brand—it’s compatible with any single-cup pod, including Keurig K-Cup pods.

Plus, it includes Cuisinart’s HomeBarista™ Reusable Filter Cup, a removable 40oz reservoir, and a handy removable drip tray for your travel mugs.

On the carafe side, you get a 12-cup brewer complete with a glass carafe sporting a stainless steel handle.

It doesn’t mess around with flavor, thanks to the gold-tone coffee filter that lets the pure coffee goodness shine through.

And of course, there’s a charcoal water filter to keep things clean and tasty.

This coffeemaker is all about convenience.

It’s fully automatic, with a 24-hour brew start option, a self-cleaning feature, adjustable auto-off, and a helpful ready alert.

Want your coffee stronger or need a quick sip? It’s got a brew strength control and brew pause feature.

And don’t forget the adjustable carafe temperature and easy-view water window.

Now, it’s true that this machine comes at a premium price, but remember, you’re essentially getting two appliances in one.

Just make sure you’ll make use of both functions since it’ll take up a bit more countertop space as a trade-off.


  • Two-in-one coffee machine for versatility.
  • Single-serve brewer compatible with various pods.
  • Carafe side with gold-tone filter for pure coffee flavor.
  • Fully automatic with 24-hour brew start and self-clean.
  • Brew strength control and brew pause for customization.
  • Adjustable carafe temperature and easy-view water window.


  • Premium price tag.
  • Takes up more countertop space due to dual functionality.

Cuisinart DCC-T20 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker: Best Design

The Cuisinart DCC-T20 is a top-rated coffee maker that’s a breeze to use and maintain.

It’s a fresh take on the PerfecTemp model, now with a sleek touchscreen interface in place of traditional buttons.

This machine puts you in control with its intuitive touchscreen control panel.

Set your desired start time, and shutoff time, choose the number of cups, and pick your preferred coffee strength.

And when it’s not in use, the panel gracefully dims, adding a touch of modern elegance to your kitchen.

The DCC-T20 is versatile, capable of brewing anywhere from 1 to 14 cups of piping hot coffee and keeping it warm for hours.

It’s perfect for large households, folks who enjoy multiple cups in the morning, or when you have guests over.

Need a cup mid-brew? No problem—the brew-pause feature stops the coffee flow when you remove the carafe from the heater plate, so you can pour a cup without waiting.

For those who dislike those early morning notifications (we get it), you can turn off the coffee-ready sound.

And if you’re particular about your coffee’s temperature and how long the machine stays on, you’re in control there too, ensuring peace of mind before leaving home.

The Cuisinart DCC-T20 comes in classic black, adding a touch of sophistication to your coffee routine.


  • Highly rated and easy to use.
  • Sleek touchscreen control panel.
  • Brews 1 to 14 cups, ideal for larger households.
  • Brew pause for mid-brew pouring.
  • Customizable start time, shutoff time, cup count, and strength.
  • Option to turn off the coffee-ready sound.
  • Control over coffee temperature and auto-shutoff.


  • Available only in black.
  • The water tank is tricky to refill.
  • The controls might take some getting used to.

Cuisinart DCB-10P1 Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker: Best For Cold Brew

Picture this: a scorching hot day and the craving for a refreshing cold brew coffee.

The catch? Traditional cold brewing takes so long that by the time it’s ready, the sun has set.

Well, Cuisinart has come to the rescue!

Meet the Cuisinart DCB-10P1 Automatic Cold Brew Coffeemaker, your ticket to enjoying cold brew coffee in just 25-45 minutes.

Yes, you read that right—no more waiting around.

Plus, the entire process is a breeze, thanks to its fully automated design.

This coffee maker isn’t just about speed; it’s about choice too.

With a Strength Selector offering mild, medium, and bold coffee options, you can tailor your brew to perfection.

And while it’s doing its magic, you’ll witness a mesmerizing whirl and swirl that extracts the coffee’s full flavor—all without any heat involved.

How does it do this so quickly? The secret sauce is spin technology, which circulates the coffee through water, achieving the same fantastic taste you’d expect from manual methods, but in a fraction of the time.

The result? Naturally smoother and sweeter coffee that’s a joy to sip.

The machine comes with a 7-cup glass carafe, complete with a removable stainless steel filter lid.

And for the easiest cleanup, rest assured that the carafe and all removable parts are dishwasher safe.

So, when that craving for cold brew hits, the Cuisinart DCB-10P1 has you covered—fast and delicious.


  • Speedy cold brew in 25-45 minutes.
  • Fully automated for effortless brewing.
  • Strength Selector for customizable coffee.
  • Spin technology for quick flavor extraction.
  • Naturally smoother and sweeter coffee.
  • 7-cup glass carafe with removable filter lid.
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


  • Limited to 7 cups per batch.
  • The spinning noise of the machine is mentioned as a detractor by some users.

Cuisinart Plus CHW-12P1 Hot Water Coffee Maker: Best For Tea Lovers

If your household is home to both coffee and tea enthusiasts, then the Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

This versatile machine combines a programmable coffee maker with a convenient hot water system.

With a 12-cup glass carafe featuring a drip-free pour spout and a comfy handle, it’s designed with your convenience in mind.

The hot water system operates independently from the coffee maker, allowing you to use them separately or simultaneously—ideal for a quick breakfast with oatmeal and coffee.

What sets this machine apart is its two separate water reservoirs: one for coffee and another for hot water.

The hot water system is user-friendly, sporting indicator lights that signal when the hot water is ready.

A simple press of a lever lets you dispense hot water for instant soups, hot cocoa, tea, and more.

And don’t worry about accidental spills; there’s a safety lock in place.

Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the ability to increase the carafe’s coffee temperature—a handy feature if you’re among those who can never have their coffee hot enough.

As for convenience, it’s fully automatic, offering both auto-on and auto-shutoff features.

However, there are a couple of minor drawbacks.

Accessing the filter basket and water tank when the lid is fully open can be a bit tricky.

Also, the height of the coffeemaker may require you to move it to pour in water and add ground coffee.

But all in all, the Cuisinart CHW-12P1 Hot Water Coffee Maker is a versatile machine, packed with features and functions, making it an excellent choice for both coffee and hot beverage enthusiasts.


  • Combines coffee maker and hot water system.
  • Independent reservoirs for coffee and hot water.
  • User-friendly hot water system with indicator lights.
  • Adjustable coffee temperature for customization.
  • Fully automatic with auto-on and auto-shutoff.
  • Versatile for coffee and hot beverage lovers.


  • Tricky access to the filter basket and water tank with the lid fully open.
  • The overall design is fairly bulky.

Who is Cuisinart?

Cuisinart is a renowned American kitchen appliance and cookware brand under Conair Corporation and has been a household name since its establishment in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer.

It all started with their pioneering food processors, making a splash at the 1973 Chicago Food Show, and soon, “Cuisinart” became synonymous with top-tier food processors.

The name itself is a blend of “cuisine” and “art,” a reflection of their commitment to culinary excellence.

Cuisinart isn’t just a brand; it’s a comprehensive culinary resource, trusted by chefs and cherished by everyday cooks.

They’re all about innovation, functionality, and top-notch quality.

Their product range is extensive, spanning cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, flatware, cutlery, kitchen tools, gadgets, and even outdoor grilling equipment.

Beyond products, Cuisinart is also recognized for its culinary education efforts.

They’ve teamed up with various educational and charitable organizations to share cooking tips and techniques, transforming their products into culinary tools.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Cuisinart Coffee Maker

When searching for the ideal Cuisinart coffee maker to suit your needs, several key factors come into play.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision.

Brewing Capacity

Consider how much coffee you typically consume or plan to serve.

Cuisinart offers coffee makers with various brewing capacities, from single-serve models to those that can brew up to 14 cups.

Choose one that aligns with your daily coffee demands or the number of people you’ll be serving.

Coffee Type

Do you prefer drip coffee, cold brew, or espresso-style coffee?

Cuisinart provides a range of coffee maker types, including standard drip coffee makers, cold brew machines, and espresso makers.

Ensure the machine you select caters to your preferred coffee style.


Many Cuisinart coffee makers offer programmable features, allowing you to set the brew time in advance.

If you value waking up to a freshly brewed pot or want your coffee ready when you get home from work, look for a model with this option.

Brewing Strength

Some Cuisinart coffee makers offer brew-strength control, allowing you to adjust the coffee’s intensity.

If you like your coffee bold or prefer a milder flavor, this feature is essential for customization.

Size and Space

Consider the available countertop space in your kitchen.

Cuisinart coffee makers come in various sizes, so ensure the chosen model fits comfortably within your kitchen layout.

Thermal or Glass Carafe

Decide between a thermal or glass carafe.

A thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for hours without needing a hot plate, while a glass carafe is more traditional and allows you to see the coffee level.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Look for models with features that simplify cleaning, such as self-cleaning options and removable parts that are dishwasher-safe.

Easy maintenance can save you time and effort in the long run.

Additional Features

Consider any extra features that may enhance your coffee-making experience, such as pause-and-pour functions, adjustable carafe temperature, water filtration systems, or hot water dispensers for tea and other hot beverages.

Price and Budget

Set a budget for your coffee maker purchase.

Cuisinart offers a range of models at different price points, so there’s likely one that meets your budget while fulfilling your coffee needs.

Reviews and Reputation

Before making your final decision, read reviews from other users and consider Cuisinart’s reputation for quality and customer service.

Hearing from others who have used the product can provide valuable insights.

Warranty and Support

Check the warranty offered by Cuisinart and the availability of customer support.

A longer warranty period can provide peace of mind, and responsive customer service is invaluable if you encounter any issues.

The Verdict: Which Cuisinart Is Best?

We’ve crowned the Cuisinart CPO-850P1 8 Cup Coffee Brewer as the Best Overall Cuisinart coffee maker.

It’s got the SCAA Home Brewer Certification, brews with precision, lets you customize your coffee, sports a cool stainless steel filter, and offers nifty features like a timer and self-cleaning.

It delivers exceptional coffee quality, making it a top choice for coffee enthusiasts.

What grind is best for Cuisinart coffee maker?

For a Cuisinart coffee maker, it’s best to use a medium-coarse grind.

This grind size is ideal for automatic drip coffee machines.

Coffee grounds that are too coarse may lead to under extraction, resulting in a weak and unsatisfying brew.

On the other hand, coffee grounds that are too fine can lead to over-extraction, giving your coffee a bitter taste.

It’s important to remember that the optimal grind size can vary depending on the brewing method.

What is the average life of a Cuisinart coffee maker?

The typical lifespan of a Cuisinart coffee maker falls within the range of 2 to 5 years.

Nevertheless, this can vary based on several factors including the machine’s quality, how well it’s maintained, and how frequently it’s used.

High-quality coffee makers that receive regular maintenance can endure for more than a decade.

To ensure your coffee maker stands the test of time, it’s advisable to maintain it properly through regular cleaning and descaling routines.

Are More Expensive Coffee Machines Worth It?

When it comes to coffee machines, more expensive models are generally worth the investment.

Expensive coffee makers perform better because they are made with high-quality materials that have been tested for their performance.

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