Best Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker: Our Top 6 Picks

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Nitro cold brew coffee has become increasingly popular recently, particularly among coffee enthusiasts.

This is due to its unique taste, created by tiny nitrogen bubbles that give the coffee a satiny thickness and its sweetness and reduced acidity, achieved by cold brewing the beans.

It is usually sold at a higher price than regular cold brew due to the specialized equipment and time-consuming process required to make it.

The chain is anticipating that cold coffee sales will double in the next three years and hopes that nitro cold brew will be a significant contributor.

Transforming nitro cold brew from idea to reality took almost half a decade, but its popularity suggests that it was well worth the effort.

This blog post will cover what a cold nitro brew is and the different types of brew coffeemakers available.

We will also discuss our 6 favorite Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Makers currently available on the market. Let’s get started!

What is Nitro Cold Brew?

Nitro cold brew is a type of coffee created by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for several hours.

The resulting cold brew is then infused with nitrogen gas via a pressurized valve, giving it a unique texture and taste.

Nitro cold brew has become increasingly popular amongst coffee lovers due to its refreshing and smooth taste.

The tiny nitrogen bubbles add a delightful creaminess that regular cold brew coffee doesn’t have.

Nitrogen gas also helps to create a naturally sweeter flavor while still delivering the same caffeine buzz as regular coffee.

So, if you’re looking for a unique and delicious coffee experience, try nitro cold brew!

What Is The Difference Between Nitro Cold Brew And Regular Cold Brew?

Nitro cold brew and regular cold brew are similar because they both have a low-acidic and mild flavor.

However, the main difference between the two is the texture. Nitro cold brew is infused with nitrogen gas, which gives it a creamier, smoother texture and a natural sweetness.

Additionally, nitro cold brew contains more caffeine than regular cold brew.

While cold brew has a stronger coffee flavor, nitro cold brew has a softer flavor that is more mellow.

Ultimately, the choice between Nitro and regular cold brew comes from personal preference.

Is A Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Suitable For Me?

Here are some of the main reasons why people buy Nitro Brew Coffee makers:

  • Nitro cold brew coffee is an incredibly smooth and sweet drink that doesn’t require milk, sugar, or creamer, making it a healthier option for coffee drinkers.
  • Nitro cold brew has all the health benefits of coffee without any downsides that come from adding creamer and sugar.
  • Nitro cold brew is made in a nitrogen keg, which infuses nitrogen into the cold brew, giving it a thick, creamy texture.
  • The nitrogen bubbles in nitro cold brew give it a silky smooth texture and enhance the aroma and flavor of the coffee.
  • Nitro cold brew is easy to make and requires minimal effort to create.

Why May A Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Not Be For Me?

Some of the reasons why you might not want a Nitro cold brew coffee maker are as follows:

  • The cost: Nitro cold brew is expensive, and regular cold brew is already much pricier than regular coffee.
  • Unfamiliarity: Nitro cold brew is a newer type of coffee, so some people may not be familiar with it yet.
  • Preference: Some people may prefer the taste of regular coffee over a nitro cold brew.

What Are The Different Types Of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Makers?

There are two main types of nitro cold brew coffee makers available on the market.

The first type is the mini-keg models, which are virtually identical in size and design to the traditional beer keg.

These models are great for those who want to keep their cold-brew coffee fresh and carbonated. 

The second type is the dispenser models, which are slightly more expensive but provide a more efficient and consistent way to dispense cold brew.

The GrowlerWerks Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a popular example of a dispenser model and is rated highly for its ease of use and consistent performance. 

Now that you’ve learned about the various types of Nitro cold brew coffee makers, let’s go over the six best options available if you’re looking to buy a new Nitro cold brew coffee maker.

1. Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Maker


The Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Maker is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys nitro brew coffee.

It offers a reliable and easy way to make thick, indulgent, and velvety nitro cold brew coffee with a bold, sweet flavor. The build quality is top-notch, with heavy stainless steel and strong gaskets.

Adding nitrogen or nitrous oxide to your cold brew gives it a sweeter and fresher taste with cascading micro-bubbles.

The results are similar to what you would find at Starbucks, so you can enjoy great nitro cold brew without leaving home. People who have used it report that it has saved them many trips to the local coffee shop.

Depending on the desired flavor, the cartridges can be either nitrogen gas (N2) or nitrous oxide (N2O).

Nitrogen gas will produce a smoother texture and a better taste than nitrous oxide. However, it does not come with cartridges, so you must purchase them separately.

It is important to note that cartridges for nitrogen gas (N2) are more expensive and come in 2-gram sizes, while cartridges for nitrous oxide (N2O) are more affordable and come in 8-gram sizes.

Therefore, when buying a Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Maker, it is essential to factor in the cost of the necessary cartridges.

This machine has an impressive 64 oz capacity, perfect for large batches. A keg this size should last you roughly a week for an entire household.

There is also an option of upgrading to a taller 128-ounce version which is considerably larger than the 64-ounce version, so ensure that you have enough space in your fridge.

The Cold Brew Maker also has an incredibly user-friendly dual-action pouring system. The stout creamer faucet adds a unique texture to the pour, making it even more enjoyable.

It allows you to add a creamy topping to your pour, creating a yummy, lacy foam you can enjoy. This system works with 8g nitrous oxide and 2g nitrogen capsules, making it a versatile coffee maker.

This brewing system includes a convenient carrying bag, making it easy to take this nitro cold brew coffee maker with you wherever you go. This is perfect for camping trips, cookouts, or outdoor adventures.

The carrying bag is an excellent addition to this system and makes it an even more valuable purchase.

The last feature we want to go over is the tap plug. It includes a convenient tap plug to close off the faucet tip and ensure no leaking between pours.

The tap plug also helps optimize the interaction between the cold brew and the gas, ensuring that the cold brew is not too watery or thick. With the tap plug, you can enjoy the perfect cup of cold brew every time.

Read our full Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Review Here


  • Easy to make Nitro cold brew
  • Sweet and bold flavor
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Comes with a bonus carrying bag
  • Has a stout beer-style faucet
  • Has a compact design
  • Nitrogen infusion for creamy head and thick texture


  • Cartridges not included
  • Fragile faucet

2. HB Brewing Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker


The system comes with a sleek black powder-coated keg and a high-quality tap handle, which prevents any drips after the pour is complete.

It also comes in a nice color graphic gift box, which would make it the perfect gift for a coffee lover.

Additionally, the instruction manual is easy to understand and follow.

The coffee concentrate must be purchased separately, but it can be made at home or purchased at a local coffee shop or supermarket.

The HB Brewing Coffee Maker is an excellent option for those looking to make a delicious cup of nitro cold brew at home.

This all-in-one brewing system comes with pre-cut hoses, so you don’t have to worry about making any measurements.

It also has a pressure relief valve unique to this model, which helps ensure you get the perfect cup of coffee every time.

The keg-like pouring system ensures that every pour is full of flavor and smooth. Plus, the stainless steel construction makes it a highly durable option.

The HB Brewing Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker produces a smooth, creamy cup of coffee with deep flavor notes.

You can expect a cascade of rich aromas with every cup and a silky, velvety finish. Every pour is full of flavor, thanks to the keg-like pouring system. 

The last thing to go over very briefly is the capacity.

This cold brew coffee maker is 64 ounces in capacity which should be good for around 3-6 glasses, and can be kept fresh for about extended periods.

You can extend the freshness for up to 3 days if infused with nitrogen.

Overall, the HB Brewing Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker provides a tremendous cascading pour and a delicious taste, plus it’s an economical option for making your own nitro coffee. 


  • Includes all the necessary equipment such as a mini keg, stainless steel spear, stout faucet and tap handle, pressure relief valve, and pre-cut dispensing hoses.
  • Pressure relief valve ensures that your cold brew is evenly distributed.
  • Pre-cut hoses make setup easy.
  • Keg-like pouring system produces a creamy, flavorful cup every time.
  • Has a leak-proof construction made in the US


  • Keg can sometimes be finicky when pouring
  • Nitrogen cartridges are not included and must be purchased separately.
  • Cold Brew will have to be brewed separately as this is not a coffee maker

3. My Morning Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker


This Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker is an easy-to-use and portable home brewing kit that allows coffee lovers to make their own nitro cold brew coffee from the comfort of their homes.

This machine infuses cold brewed coffee with nitrogen to give it a sweet flavor and a creamy foam head.

It has all the necessary components to get started, including a cold brew keg, faucet, and an easy-to-follow guide.

This kit is perfect for those looking for a convenient way to make their own nitro cold brew coffee.

This Coffee Maker is perfect for those who enjoy the slow steeping process.

It has a unique design that allows it to steep coffee slowly over 12 hours at the quickest or up to 24 hours more a more effective brew.

Overall, the coffee maker is perfect for those who want to take their time and savor the flavor of a perfectly brewed cup of nitro cold brew.


  • Really easy-to-use cold brew coffee maker
  • Includes a great user manual to help you get started quicker
  • Has a stainless steel stout faucet
  • Comes with a generous amount of spare parts
  • Compact and stylish design


  • Some users have reported leakage issues

4. GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker


This Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a durable and well-constructed brewing device. It is made of stainless steel and features a black chrome finish that provides an attractive yet resilient exterior.

It also comes with a cool-looking handle that allows you to enjoy your coffee anywhere you go.

Making a large batch of cold brew coffee is possible thanks to the 50 oz capacity, and the threaded lid and pour spout guarantee that the coffee stays flavorful and fresh.

Additionally, the double-walled insulation keeps coffee hot or cold for hours, making it an ideal device for anyone looking to enjoy a cold brew at any time. 

It features a regulator cap that allows you to easily adjust the desired pressure, ensuring that your coffee is always fresh and delicious.

The regulator cap also provides a secure seal, keeping your coffee fresh for up to two weeks and preventing accidental leakages. 

When purchasing Coffee Maker, customers should note that nitro gas chargers are not included with the device.

Customers can buy boxes of 5 16-gram food-grade Nitro Gas cartridges directly from GrowlerWerks, delivered on their schedule for convenience.

This ensures that customers have plenty of nitro gas chargers to keep their uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker brewing.

This innovative coffee maker is designed with a compact footprint that makes it easy to store and set up.

Its compact design allows you to easily place the coffee maker anywhere in your fridge with minimal hassle.

With the uKeg Nitro, you can brew and infuse delicious Nitro cold-brew coffee with a creamy head of foam in no time. 

The uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Maker keeps cold brew coffee smooth, fresh and creamy for weeks.

This innovative coffee maker features Nitro Tap Technology, a full cascading pour, a creamy texture, and a delicious taste.

The capacity of 12 cups will keep you caffeinated for less money. Enjoy smooth, fresh coffee for weeks with the help of Growlerwerks uKeg Nitro 50 oz. Cold brew coffee maker.

This device uses Nitro Tap technology to offer a smooth, creamy texture and a delicious taste. With its 12-cup capacity, you’ll be able to stay caffeinated for less money.

Plus, its vacuum insulation keeps contents cold all day. The uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Maker also comes with four coffee bags, a serving mat, and a coffee funnel. 

To sum it up, the GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker is perfect for those looking to make and store the perfect cup of cold brew.

Whether you’re looking for a quick cup of cold brew or want to keep it for later, the GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a perfect choice.


  • Brew and pour draft cold brew coffee in the comfort of your own home.
  • All-in-one brewing system
  • Nitrotap technology allows for a more flavorful cup of coffee
  • Keeps cold brew coffee smooth, fresh and creamy for up to two weeks.
  • Comes with a serving mat, coffee funnel, brewing bags, and manual.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • High-quality construction
  • Double filtration system prevents clogging


  • Nitro gas cartridges are not included.
  • Price is higher than other models of cold brew coffee makers mentioned in this article

5. Hatfields London NitroPress Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker


The NitroPress is the best option for enjoying nitro cold brew coffee in the convenience of your own home.

It is an easy-to-use, affordable whipping siphon that dispenses nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee with a cascading effect.

It is equipped to use N2, N2O, and CO2 bulbs, with N2 bulbs producing the best results and the smallest bubbles.

The NitroPress is fully portable, dishwasher friendly, and can be stored in the fridge, ready to use at any time. Its features include a 500ml canister capacity made from stainless steel.

The NitroPress also consists of a nozzle, piston valve, canister head, and charger holder. Nitrogen Cocktail Chargers are sold separately.

Its simple four-step process of pouring, screwing on the lid, shaking, and dispensing makes it quick and easy to use and clean.

The NitroPress Cold Brew coffee maker also allows you to spice up your cold brew with natural ingredients such as cinnamon sticks, mint leaves, and cacao nibs.

The NitroPress also has a unique patented nozzle that creates a more significant cavitation effect within the liquid.

This results in a smoother and creamier mouthfeel with smaller and more consistently mixed bubbles throughout the beverage.

This produces a draft-cascading head of foam that is incomparable to the stiff, thick foam produced by conventional methods.

With the NitroPress, you can enjoy a nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee with a rich, smooth taste and a light, creamy texture. 

Cleaning the NitroPress is a breeze. All you need is the included cleaning brush and some warm water.

Remove the parts, give them a good scrub with the brush, and rinse them in warm water. Cleaning the device after each use is advised to keep it in top shape.

The parts are also dishwasher safe, so if you want to save time and effort, you can throw them into the dishwasher after use.

For those who want to quickly prepare nitro cold brew coffee in a cafe or enjoy it at home, The Original NitroPress is the ideal solution.

With its affordability and compact design, the Original NitroPress is perfect for home baristas, coffee shop owners, and anyone who wants to make delicious nitro-infused cold brew coffee.


  • The NitroPress is made with premium-quality materials, such as stainless steel, giving it a more professional feel and ensuring it is highly durable.
  • Brewing nitro coffee with the NitroPress is simple, as all you need to do is fill the canister with cold brew, attach the nozzle and lid, shake for a minute and a half, and then dispense over a glass.
  • With the NitroPress, you don’t need to buy large gas canisters, as it works with 2g N2 capsules. This makes the device more cost-effective compared to other nitro coffee makers.
  • The NitroPress is not just designed to make nitro coffee but can also make other refreshing drinks, such as nitro tea or cocktails.
  • You can put the whole device into the fridge if you don’t want to drink all the coffee at once.
  • The specialized nozzle closely replicates an authentic stout faucet for dispensing beer. 


  • While you can buy the official NitroPress chargers with your purchase, you will generally need to buy them separately.
  • The NitroPress only has a 500ml capacity, meaning you can only brew a limited amount of nitro coffee at once.

6. NutriChef NCNTROCB10 Cold Brew Coffee Maker


The NutriChef NCNTROCB10 Cold Brew Coffee Maker is an easy-to-use machine for coffee lovers to brew their favorite beverage at home.

With its 64 oz. Capacity, the coffee maker is perfect for making a large batch of cold brew.

With the 1:4 ratio, you can easily make your own cold brew in no time.

Assembly and cleaning are both a breeze, and the machine comes with a pressure-relieving valve and stout creamer faucet for a complete brewing system.

This device features a stainless steel keg, pressure relieving valve kit, and stout creamer faucet to ensure that your cold brew is made to perfection.

The temperature of the cold brew is kept constant throughout the brewing process so you can enjoy a consistently smooth and flavorful cup of coffee. 

In terms of build quality, this Cold Brew Coffee Maker is constructed with food-grade S/S 304 rust-proof stainless steel, making it a highly durable and reliable choice.

With its solid stainless steel construction, your beverage will stay cold for longer. It is also relatively compact, making it easy to fit in most home refrigerators.

This stout creamer faucet has a pressurized valve that releases cold-brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas.

It also features an upgraded faucet for an extra creamy cold brew experience. With this upgraded faucet, the NutriChef Cold Brew Coffee Maker is perfect for any home barista looking for a smooth, frothy, and flavorful cold brew.

Another critical thing to note before buying this cold brew coffee maker is that it does not come with the N20 charger, which must be purchased separately.

A single charger is usually enough for an entire keg of nitro cold brew. The cartridge holder in the coffee maker is compatible with 8g N20 cartridges, so keep this in mind when buying these cartridges. 


  • Reasonable price for the great build quality
  • N20 compatibility
  • The upgraded Faucet makes a huge difference 
  • Compact design making it easy to store in most refrigerators
  • The S/S 304 rust-proof stainless steel design makes the cold brew coffee maker highly durable


  • Nitro Gas chargers are not included in the package and must be purchased separately.

Key Factors To Consider Before Buying A Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Here are some critical aspects to think about before purchasing a nitro cold brew coffee maker to aid in your decision-making:


Before choosing a nitro cold brew coffee maker, it’s essential to consider the size of the machine.

If you plan on serving cold brew to many people, opt for a larger machine that can accommodate a larger volume of coffee.


Make sure to select a nitro cold brew machine made with high-quality materials built to last.

Look for machines with stainless steel components and other durable materials.


Consider the cost of the nitro cold brew machine before making a purchase.

There are several different types of machines available at various price points, so make sure to choose one that fits your budget.


There are two types of nitro cold brew machines: the keg-style and the whipper-style.

The keg-style machines are more popular for nitro coffee applications, as they are easier to set up and use.

On the other hand, the whipper-style machines are great for making small batches of nitro coffee.

Foamy Finish

Nitro cold brew is a unique beverage with a foamy finish.

Ensure that the nitro cold brew maker you choose creates the desired level of foam.


Look for a nitro cold brew maker with all the necessary accessories, such as hoses, fittings, and kegs.

This will help you start your nitro cold brew-making experience immediately.

Charger Type

When buying a nitro cold brew coffee maker, one crucial factor to consider is the type of charger.

Two types of chargers are used with this coffee maker: nitrogen and nitrous oxide.

Nitrogen chargers create a cascading effect, while nitrous oxide chargers are more powerful and create a smoother, richer flavor. 

By considering these key factors, you can be sure to choose the best nitro cold brew maker for your needs.


Nitro cold brew coffee makers are a great way to make delicious, creamy coffee with a bold taste.

A smooth, nitrogen-infused beverage that is flavorful and healthier than regular hot coffee can be made with the touch of a button.

The nitrogen also provides a unique texture that makes the drink more enjoyable.

Plus, it’s incredibly convenient to have a nitro cold brew machine that can steep coffee and infuse it in one device.

Therefore, a nitro cold brew coffee maker is a necessity if you’re looking for a quick way to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

The 6 options discussed in this article are a great place to start if you’re struggling to decide which Nitro cold brew coffee maker is the best option for you.

Of course, if you have any questions regarding anything mentioned in this post, please do reach out to us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Is Nitro Cold Brew Stronger Than Regular Coffee?

Nitro cold brew is a coffee option that is stronger and smoother than regular coffee.

It is brewed with more coffee grounds than regular coffee, resulting in higher caffeine content and a stronger flavor.

It also has a thicker and smoother texture than regular coffee and is less acidic.

Although nitro cold brew does not taste dramatically different from cold brew, the differences are immediately noticeable. 

What Does Starbucks Use For Nitro Cold Brew?

Starbucks uses Nitro Cold Brew coffee as its signature beverage.

Nitro Cold Brew coffee has become increasingly popular due to its smooth texture and unique flavor.

The coffee is made by steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in cool water for a long period.

The resulting coffee is then infused with nitrogen to give it a velvety texture and foam layer.

To enjoy the Nitro Cold Brew’s full flavor, remove the lid and sip it directly from the cup.

This method ensures that the foam is not bypassed by using a straw.

Is Nitro Cold Brew Healthier Than Regular Coffee?

Nitro Cold Brew is often considered healthier than regular coffee, as it contains more caffeine while having less sugar and calories.

Nitro gas has no sugar or calories, while black coffee has almost no sugar.

Moreover, as the nitrogen already makes the coffee sweeter and frothier, there’s no need for additional sugar packets. 

Is Having Nitro In My Coffee Safe?

Nitro coffee has become an increasingly popular beverage due to its smooth, silky taste and health benefits.

Nitro coffee is free of alcohol and has less sugar than other drinks, making it an excellent option for healthier alternatives to carbon dioxide-based drinks.

The nitrogen-infused coffee also has a lower acidity than regular coffee, reducing the risk of stomach discomfort.

In addition, the way it is prepared inhibits the growth and spread of germs, making it a safe choice in the current health crisis.

With its lack of added sugar and lower acidity, nitro coffee is ideal for those on diets.

It can be enjoyed without anything added for a fresh, delicious taste.

Can Nitro Cold Brew Be Made At Home?

Yes, it is possible to make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee at home! You only need coarsely ground coffee, filtered water, a paper filter, and a cream whipper:

  1. Mix 9 ounces of the coffee grounds with 3½ cups of cool tap water and seal the whipper.
  2. Charge the whipper with one shot of nitrous oxide (N2O).
  3. Dilute ½ cup of cold brew with ½ cup of water, pour it into the whipper, and seal it tightly.

After that, you can enjoy your homemade Nitro Cold Brew Coffee!

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