Jura S8 Review: Take Your Coffee Experience to New Heights

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If you’re someone who cherishes the art of brewing a perfect cup of coffee, then you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s fast-paced world, where every moment counts, having a reliable and efficient coffee machine can make all the difference in starting your day off right.

The Jura S8 is a sophisticated and advanced coffee machine that promises to take your coffee experience to extraordinary heights.

Whether you’re a latte lover, an espresso enthusiast, or enjoy a classic cup of coffee, this cutting-edge machine offers a wide range of features and functions to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve deep into the Jura S8, exploring its design, performance, functionality, and overall user experience.

We’ll uncover the impressive technologies that drive its brewing prowess, examine its intuitive interface, and provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision before investing in this remarkable coffee machine.

From the moment you lay eyes on the Jura S8, you’ll be captivated by its sleek and elegant design.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this machine seamlessly blends form and function, making it a stunning addition to any modern kitchen or office space.

But it’s not just about looks—underneath its stylish exterior lies a powerhouse of innovative features that enable you to create coffee masterpieces with minimal effort.

Join us as we embark on this journey of exploring the Jura S8 coffee machine, unraveling its features, and discovering how it can revolutionize your coffee-drinking experience.

Key Features and SpecificationsJura S8
Machine TypeSuper Automatic Espresso Machine
Size13.7 inches (H) x 11 inches (W) x 17.3 inches (D)
Weight22 Pounds
Display4.3-inch touchscreen color display
Color OptionsChrome, Moonlight Silver, Piano Black
GrinderSteel conical burr grinder
Beverage Options15 drink options
Pump Pressure 15 Bars
Brewing TechnologyPulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.)
Milk FrothingAutomatic milk frothing with Professional Fine Foam Frother
Adjustable Nozzle HeightYes
Bean Container Capacity10 ounces
Water Tank Capacity64 ounces
Cleaning and MaintenanceAutomated cleaning cycles, RFID system for filter recognition, use of original JURA maintenance products recommended
ConnectivityJ.O.E. (JURA Operating Experience) app compatible
Energy Saving ModeYes
Warranty2 Years

Jura S8 Overview: Affordable Sophistication and Automation

The Jura S8 is a remarkable mid-range bean-to-cup coffee machine that brings together premium features and build quality at a more affordable price point.

With its sleek and modern design, available in silver, black, or chrome, this espresso machine is a visually striking addition to any kitchen.

Setting up and using the Jura S8 is a breeze, even for those unfamiliar with automatic coffee makers.

Every step of the coffee-making process, from brewing to milk frothing, is automated, allowing you to relax and enjoy your coffee while the machine handles the rest.

At the heart of the Jura S8 is its 4.3″ color touchscreen display, serving as your gateway to a wide variety of beverage options.

With 15 pre-programmed recipes and the ability to save up to 15 customized drinks, you have a world of coffee creations at your fingertips.

To ensure an exceptional extraction process, the Jura S8 employs the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P).

This innovative technology pulses hot water through the ground coffee in short bursts, while a short pre-infusion helps enhance flavor extraction by swelling the coffee before pressure is applied.

The Aroma G3 grinder, redesigned for improved precision and speed, allows you to grind your favorite whole bean coffee to perfection in a fraction of the time.

Customization is key with the Jura S8, as it offers 10 coffee strength settings and three temperature settings, allowing you to tailor your brew to suit your personal taste preferences.

While the Jura S8 boasts impressive features, it’s worth noting that similar functionalities can be found in the Jura E8 at a lower price.

However, the standout feature of the S8 lies in its larger touchscreen display, providing a more immersive and user-friendly experience.


  • Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P): The Jura S8 utilizes P.E.P technology to extract espresso with exceptional richness and intensity by pulsing hot water through the coffee grounds.
  • Aroma G3 grinder: With improved speed and precision, the Aroma G3 grinder in the Jura S8 ensures a quick and accurate grind, enhancing the overall coffee flavor.
  • Touchscreen display: The S8 boasts a vibrant 4.3-inch color touchscreen display, providing an intuitive interface to select from 15 pre-programmed recipes and save up to 15 personalized drinks.
  • Dual spouts: The TUV-certified dual spouts on the S8 are adjustable, facilitating easy cleaning and allowing for seamless preparation of both coffee and milk-based beverages.
  • HP3 milk system with adjustable microfoam: The S8 features an advanced milk system that produces adjustable microfoam, perfect for achieving creamy and velvety milk-based drinks.
  • Intelligent water filter system: The S8 incorporates an intelligent water filter system, ensuring the purity of water used in every brew for optimal taste and aroma.
  • Customizable drink menu: With the ability to customize the menu, the Jura S8 accommodates multiple users, allowing them to personalize their coffee preferences.
  • Mid-premium class: Combining the finest features from Jura’s entry and mid-level models, along with premium attributes, the S8 delivers an exceptional coffee experience.


  • Expensive: The Jura S8 falls into the premium price range, making it a higher investment compared to some of Jura’s other models.
  • Fewer drink options: While versatile, the Jura S8 offers fewer drink options compared to the more affordable Jura E8 model.
  • Shorter cup clearance: The cup clearance on the S8 is shorter than other Jura coffee machines, limiting the size of cups that can be used.
  • Occasional touchscreen issues: Some users have reported occasional touchscreen display issues, such as responsiveness or occasional jumps in operation.

Exploring the Remarkable Features of the Jura S8

The Jura S8 is not just another run-of-the-mill coffee maker; it’s a sophisticated piece of technology designed to elevate your coffee experience to new heights.

Let’s delve into the key features that set the Jura S8 apart, offering you a glimpse into the world of possibilities that await at your fingertips.

Ease of Use: Streamlined Workflow of the Jura S8

The Jura S8 espresso machine may boast advanced technology, but rest assured, it is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward.

With its 4.3″ high-resolution color touchscreen display, operating the machine is incredibly simple and intuitive.

The screen provides ample space to display all the necessary information, with easily recognizable icons taking center stage.

However, it’s worth noting that some users have reported occasional responsiveness issues with the touchscreen, making this a potential drawback.

One of the standout features of the Jura S8 is its extensive programming options, allowing you to customize your coffee to suit your personal taste preferences.

In programming mode, you can make permanent settings for all your favorite drinks, tailoring them exactly to your liking.

The large color touchscreen display prominently showcases the eight most common coffee drinks, while additional options are accessible via a dedicated button.

Making your desired coffee drink with the Jura S8 is a breeze.

For instance, preparing a latte is as simple as loading milk, water, and coffee beans, placing your cup under the frother, and selecting the latte option.

From there, the machine takes over, handling everything from brewing to frothing and even cleaning afterward.

You have the flexibility to adjust the amount of milk and foam to your preference, avoiding any accidental overfilling.

Programming the Jura S8 is equally effortless.

You can easily modify settings by pressing and holding any drink on the display or utilizing the P icon.

With a range of options available, you can choose from 10 coffee strengths, adjust the temperature, coffee volume (even as low as a half shot of 0.5oz), milk amount, type of milk (froth or steam), and crema.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to rename, copy, delete, or add new coffee recipes, all with the press of a button.

Another noteworthy convenience of the Jura S8 is the ability to program two different presets for a single drink.

This feature proves useful when sharing the coffee machine with individuals who prefer their lattes with varying milk quantities.

Exploring Specialty Coffee Drinks on the Jura S8

The Jura S8 excels at brewing a wide array of specialty coffee drinks, providing a delightful range of options with just a press of a button.

Some of the specialty drink choices available on the Jura S8:

  • Espresso
  • Coffee
  • Ristretto
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Macchiato
  • Latte macchiato
  • Flat white
  • Milk foam
  • Hot milk

The Jura S8 allows you to customize your specialty drinks according to your preferences. Choose between single or double shots for each coffee drink.

Moreover, the machine offers an array of adjustable settings, including three brewing temperatures, ten coffee strength settings, and customizable coffee and milk foam volumes.

The high coffee dosing capacity of the Jura S8 ensures that each specialty drink is bold and full-bodied.

With the option to use up to 16g of coffee grounds per drink, the flavors shine through even in milk-based beverages.

The resulting cups boast a rich crema and a robust taste that satisfies even the most discerning palates.

The quality of each specialty drink on the Jura S8 is truly impressive.

Premium Bean Hopper: Freshness and Elegance Combined

The Jura S8 boasts a bean hopper that not only exemplifies elegance but also ensures the freshness of your coffee beans.

The bean container lid, crafted from hand-polished die-cast zinc, seamlessly integrates with the machine’s sleek design, adding a touch of sophistication.

Moreover, this lid plays a crucial role in minimizing grinder noise, allowing for a more serene coffee-making experience.

With a generous 10-ounce capacity, the Jura S8’s hopper provides ample storage for your coffee beans.

The gasket seal further enhances the preservation of freshness, ensuring that your beans retain their optimum flavor profile until they are ready to be ground.

The gasket seal forms a reliable barrier, preventing any external elements from compromising the beans’ quality.

The hopper’s status is conveniently displayed on the machine’s intuitive touch screen.

This feature allows you to monitor the remaining bean supply effortlessly, providing you with real-time information to plan for refills.

You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the hopper’s status without any guesswork.

Aroma G3 Grinder: Speed, Consistency, and Convenience

At the heart of the Jura S8 lies its impressive stainless steel conical burr grinder, known as the Aroma G3 grinder.

This upgraded version is a significant improvement over its predecessor, the G2 grinder, boasting double the speed for faster and more efficient grinding.

The Aroma G3 grinder on the Jura S8 is praised for its ability to consistently produce outstanding results.

With each use, the grinder ensures that your coffee beans are freshly ground, unlocking their full aroma and flavor potential.

Additionally, the grinder operates with remarkable speed and operates in near silence, enhancing your overall coffee-making experience.

To cater to your preferences, the Jura S8’s grinder offers seven grind settings, accessible through the convenient flip-top lid.

It is recommended to make adjustments while the grinder is running to optimize its longevity, a unique feature that sets Jura apart in terms of grinder maintenance.

Another noteworthy feature of the Jura S8 is the inclusion of a bypass doser compartment adjacent to the grinder.

This compartment allows you to add pre-ground coffee, making it particularly useful for those who desire a decaffeinated cup of coffee without interrupting the workflow of the machine.

Spacious and Stylish: The Jura S8 Water Tank

The Jura S8 boasts a generously sized water tank that can hold up to 63.6 ounces of water, ensuring an ample supply for multiple coffee servings without frequent refilling.

Conveniently located on the side of the machine, the water tank is designed to be removable, making the refilling process effortless.

Adding to its practicality, the tank even features a sturdy metal carry handle for easy transportation and handling.

One notable aspect of the Jura S8’s water tank is its visually appealing ribbed design, which seamlessly integrates with the overall aesthetic of the machine.

With the Jura S8’s water tank, you can enjoy the convenience of a large capacity that minimizes the need for frequent refills, allowing for uninterrupted coffee brewing sessions.

Enhanced Taste and Convenience: The Clearyl/Claris Smart Filter for Jura S8

When it comes to the taste of your coffee, using fresh and filtered water can truly elevate your brewing experience.

The Jura S8 offers the valuable feature of utilizing a water filter in its reservoir, which can have a significant impact on the flavor of your coffee.

The Jura S8 employs the Clearyl/Claris Smart Filter, specifically designed to effectively remove minerals and impurities from the water.

By doing so, the filter ensures that only clean and purified water is used in the brewing process, enhancing the overall taste and quality of your coffee.

To maintain the optimal performance of the water filter, periodic replacement is necessary.

The Jura S8 includes an Intelligent Water System (I.W.S) which uses RFID technology, a smart feature that conveniently notifies you when it’s time to change the water filter, ensuring that you always have the best water quality for your brewing needs.

One of the significant advantages of using the Clearyl/Claris Smart Filter is the reduced need for descaling your Jura coffee maker.

The filter effectively prevents the accumulation of limescale, reducing the frequency of descaling maintenance and simplifying the overall cleaning process.

For your convenience, replacement filters for the Jura S8 can be easily obtained online or from authorized Jura dealers.

Additionally, Jura offers cleaning and descaling tablets that aid in the regular maintenance of your coffee machine, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Adjustable Coffee Spout for Customized Brewing Experience

The Jura S8 presents a convenient feature in the form of an adjustable coffee spout, allowing you to tailor your brewing experience to your specific needs.

The spout’s height and width can be easily adjusted to accommodate various cup sizes and types.

With a height range of 2.8 to 4.6 inches (72 to 118 mm), the coffee spout ensures compatibility with a wide range of cups and glasses.

Whether you prefer a traditional coffee cup or a larger vessel, the Jura S8’s adjustable spout provides the flexibility to accommodate your preferred size.

It even accommodates many insulated coffee mugs, adding to its versatility.

One noteworthy benefit of the adjustable coffee spout is the ability to lower it to 2.8 inches.

This feature is particularly beneficial for preserving the thick and velvety crema that is characteristic of the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) brewing technology employed by the Jura S8.

By minimizing the distance between the spout and the cup, you can ensure that the rich crema remains intact, enhancing the visual appeal and flavor of your espresso shots.

In addition to preserving the crema, adjusting the coffee spout to a lower height also minimizes the risk of splashes and spills during the brewing process.

This thoughtful design consideration saves you from unnecessary clean-up and ensures a mess-free coffee preparation experience.

Enhanced Control and Convenience with the J.O.E. App

The Jura S8 offers a mobile app called J.O.E. (Jura Operating Experience) that brings added functionality and control to your automatic coffee machine.

Let’s explore some of the features and benefits of the J.O.E. app:

Bluetooth Communication

The J.O.E. app utilizes Bluetooth communication through a transmitter that can be plugged into the Jura S8.

While the absence of built-in WiFi connectivity is surprising, the Bluetooth-based J.O.E. app enables users to control their coffee machine using their smartphone or tablet, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Programming Options

With the J.O.E. app, users can wirelessly operate and program their Jura S8, allowing for customization and personalization of their coffee experience.

Users can also connect various accessories to enhance functionality.

Siri Shortcuts

The app provides the option to assign Siri shortcuts to favorite coffee specialties, offering the convenience of voice commands and expanding the possibilities of coffee customization.


The Jura Cockpit within the app serves as a helpful tool to keep track of maintenance and cleaning schedules.

It offers useful information, facts, and figures, along with tips and tricks to ensure users stay informed and maximize their coffee machine’s performance.


J.O.E. is compatible with all Jura coffee machines equipped with the Smart Connect accessory, extending its usability across the Jura product line.

Apple Watch Integration

The J.O.E. app extends its functionality to Apple Watch, enabling users to save and access three favorite specialty drinks directly from their wrist, simplifying the coffee-making process even further.

Mixed Reviews

While the J.O.E. app has garnered positive feedback from some users, others have reported issues related to connectivity and stability.

Some users have found the app interface to be challenging to navigate, citing concerns about its touchscreen design.

While some users have experienced limitations, the app’s functionality offers the potential to enhance your coffee brewing experience, providing an extra layer of customization and convenience.

Easy Steps to Enjoy Your Jura S8

Using the Jura S8 is a breeze, even for beginners.

The machine’s user-friendly design ensures a smooth setup and brewing process.

Here are the steps to get started and make the most of your Jura S8:

Bean and Water Preparation

Begin by adding fresh coffee beans to the hopper and filling the water reservoir with cold water.

If you haven’t installed a water filter, the machine will prompt you to input the water hardness level using the provided test strips.

Intuitive Touchscreen Menu

The Jura S8 features an intuitive touchscreen menu that guides you through the drink preparation process.

It’s easy to navigate, allowing you to choose your desired beverage effortlessly.

Don’t worry—the machine provides clear instructions and support along the way.

On-the-Fly Adjustments

A notable feature of the Jura S8 is the ability to adjust settings while your drink is being prepared.

This flexibility allows you to fine-tune your beverage to your preferences.

Once you’ve achieved the desired settings, the machine gives you the option to save them for future use.

Exploring Advanced Settings

For those who enjoy tinkering with their coffee settings, the Jura S8 offers an extensive menu of customizable options.

You can adjust the temperature, strength, and even shot volume for espresso, including the option to make authentic ristretto shots with a lower volume.

To brew your coffee with the Jura S8, follow these steps:

  1. Fill the water tank with fresh, cold water.
  2. Turn on the machine using the power button.
  3. Position a cup or mug under the spout.
  4. Use the touch screen to select your desired beverage from the menu.
  5. Customize your drink by adjusting strength, temperature, and volume, if desired.
  6. Press the start button to initiate the brewing process.
  7. Once brewing is complete, discard the used grounds and rinse the drip tray and removable parts with water.
  8. To ensure the longevity of your machine, regularly clean and descale it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

With these simple steps, you can effortlessly enjoy a variety of delicious beverages using the Jura S8.

Whether you prefer a classic espresso or a creamy cappuccino, the Jura S8 makes it easy to indulge in your favorite coffee creations.

The Perfect Frothed Milk with the Jura S8

Adding beautifully foamed milk takes your coffee experience to another level, and the Jura S8 excels in delivering this with its exceptional milk frothing system.

Here’s what you need to know about the milk frother on the Jura S8:

Versatile Milk Pickup

The Jura S8’s frothing system is designed to pick up milk from any container using a tube, allowing you to use your preferred milk source.

This flexibility ensures convenience and accommodates different milk types.

Adjustable Froth Density

With the Jura S8, you have control over the froth density to suit your taste.

The frothing system features an adjustment lever that allows you to dial in the desired frothiness, whether you prefer a fine froth for a latte or an airy froth for a cappuccino.

Unique Brewing Sequence

The Jura S8 stands out with its ability to brew espresso first and froth milk last for a perfect flat white—a rare feature found in other machines.

Additionally, the machine intelligently switches the pouring sequence depending on the drink.

For example, in a latte macchiato, the milk is poured first and allowed to settle before pulling the espresso shot.

Milk Accessories

While the Jura S8 doesn’t come with a milk container, you have the option to enhance your milk frothing experience with Jura’s milk accessories.

These include thermally insulated containers with built-in refrigeration, ensuring that your milk stays at the desired temperature.

Customizable Foam and Pause Time

The Jura S8 allows you to customize the foam texture by adjusting the lever and achieving the desired consistency for your favorite milk-based beverages.

Moreover, you can set a pause time after frothing, allowing the milk to separate and create the distinct layers found in an Instagram-worthy latte macchiato.

Convenient and Easy to Clean

The milk frothing system on the Jura S8 saves space and is designed for easy cleaning, as it comprises minimal parts.

This ensures a hassle-free maintenance routine, allowing you to focus on enjoying your coffee.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance of the Jura S8

Keeping your Jura S8 in pristine condition is made easy with its automated cleaning functions and maintenance features.

Here’s what you need to know about cleaning and maintaining the Jura S8:

Cleaning Cycle

The Jura S8 is equipped with a built-in cleaning cycle that should be run regularly.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to perform the cleaning cycle properly and ensure optimal cleanliness.

Milk System Cleaning

The Jura S8 features an automatic milk system cleaning function, which simplifies the cleaning process for the milk system.

Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to perform the milk system cleaning correctly and maintain hygiene.

Machine Cleaning

Use a soft cloth to clean the exterior of the machine, ensuring it remains free from dust and stains.

For removable parts like the drip tray, use a damp cloth to clean them.

Pay attention to the contacts in the drip tray, as the accumulation of wet grounds can cause false readings.

Clean the contacts and the drip tray with soap and water for thorough maintenance.

Maintenance Products

To guarantee perfect hygiene and protection, it is recommended to use only original JURA maintenance products.

Jura offers a range of phosphate-free maintenance products designed for easy maintenance at the touch of a button.

The CLEARYL filter ensures excellent water quality, while the cleaning tablets keep the brewing unit clean, resulting in consistently impeccable cleanliness and perfect coffee.

Exquisite Espresso Taste with the Jura S8

The Jura S8 is known for its ability to brew exceptional espresso with a rich and robust taste, accompanied by a delightful crema and enticing coffee aromas.

This super-automatic espresso machine incorporates the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (IPBAS) to release the coffee’s aroma and achieve optimal water-to-coffee ratio with each brew.

The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) and Aroma G3 grinder enhance the extraction process, resulting in a more flavorful espresso.

The machine’s Intelligent Water System maintains clean water using RFID technology and the Claris Smart filter, reducing the need for descaling.

The Jura S8 consistently delivers high-quality coffee with a satisfying taste, making it a favorite among coffee enthusiasts.

Value for Money: Assessing the Jura S8

The Jura S8 presents a compelling offering, essentially being a Jura E8 with the added convenience of a touchscreen.

While there are some minor differences, such as additional coffee strength and temperature settings, the decision between the S8 and E8 comes down to personal preference and the willingness to pay an extra $500 for the touchscreen functionality.

The Jura S8 is available at a cost of around $2,500, with slight variations depending on the finish chosen.

It is undeniably a high-end automatic coffee machine, featuring touchscreen controls, automatic milk frothing, and customizable settings.

While the Jura S8 may not be within everyone’s budget, it offers excellent value for money considering its advanced features and superior build quality.

The innovative Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) brewing technology ensures exceptional espresso, rivaling the taste of any we’ve encountered.

The S8’s espresso quality, enabled by P.E.P., contributes to its overall value proposition.

However, it’s worth noting the potentially high cost of Jura milk cleaning liquid.

Nevertheless, there are more affordable alternatives available, providing options for budget-conscious users.

Jura S8 vs Other Super Automatic Espresso Machines

When it comes to super-automatic espresso machines, the Jura S8 stands out as a top contender.

Its advanced features, remarkable brewing technology, and exquisite coffee quality make it a favorite among coffee enthusiasts.

However, before making a decision, let’s compare the Jura S8 with some other popular super automatics on the market.

Jura E8Jura S8Jura Z8
GrinderSteel conical burrSteel conical burrSteel conical burr
Beverage Options171521
Display2.8-inch4.3-inch touchscreen4.3-inch touchscreen
Pot of CoffeeNoNoYes
Bean Container10 ounces10 ounces9.9 ounces
Water Tank64 ounces64 ounces81.3 ounces

Jura S8 vs Jura E8

When considering super-automatic coffee machines, two popular options from Jura, the E8 and S8, often come to mind.

While both machines offer exceptional brewing systems, there are several key differences that can influence your decision.

Let’s take a closer look at the features that set the Jura E8 and Jura S8 apart.

Jura E8:

  • The Jura E8 comes with a more affordable price tag, being nearly $500 less expensive than the Jura S8.
  • It features a smaller 2.8-inch display screen, which may affect the ease of navigation and interaction with the machine.
  • The nozzle height adjustment on the Jura E8 is less extensive compared to the Jura S8, potentially impacting the flexibility to accommodate various cup sizes.

Jura S8:

  • The Jura S8, on the other hand, comes at a higher price point, costing around $500 more than the Jura E8.
  • It boasts a larger 4.3-inch touchscreen color display, providing a more visually engaging and user-friendly interface.
  • The Jura S8 offers a greater range of nozzle height adjustment options, allowing for better customization based on different cup sizes or preferences.

In terms of drink options and customization, the Jura S8 provides 15 coffee selections, while the Jura E8 offers 17.

However, the Jura E8 has fewer customization options with eight coffee strengths and two temperature settings, compared to the Jura S8’s 10 coffee strengths and three temperature settings.

If affordability is a significant factor, the Jura E8 presents an attractive option.

However, if you value a larger and more interactive display screen, as well as greater nozzle height adjustability, the Jura S8 may be the better fit for you.

Jura Z8 vs Jura S8

When it comes to Jura’s premium espresso machines, the Jura Z8 stands out as the top-tier model, offering enhanced user-friendly features alongside the key functionalities found in the Jura S8.

Jura S8:

  • Positioned in the mid-premium segment, the Jura S8 measures 13.7 inches in height, 11 inches in width, and 17.3 inches in depth.
  • It features a steel conical burr grinder, ensuring a precise and consistent grind for optimal coffee extraction.
  • The Jura S8 lacks a pot of coffee function, focusing primarily on individual drink preparations.
  • With a bean container capacity of 10 ounces, it provides ample storage for your coffee beans.

Jura Z8:

  • As the premium model, the Jura Z8 offers an elevated coffee experience, standing 15 inches tall, 12.6 inches wide, and 17.7 inches deep.
  • Similar to the S8, it includes a steel conical burr grinder, guaranteeing superior grinding performance.
  • The standout feature of the Jura Z8 is its pot of coffee function, allowing you to brew larger quantities for gatherings or sharing with others.
  • It has a slightly smaller bean container capacity of 9.9 ounces but remains sufficient for most users’ needs.

Both machines share certain similarities, such as touchscreens, lengthy menus, and dual spouts for simultaneous coffee preparation.

The Jura Z8 incorporates an intelligent feature called Smart Mode, which automatically arranges beverages on the display screen based on your brewing preferences.

It offers a broader range of drink options, with a total of 21 compared to the S8’s 15, including 16 pre-programmed selections.

In terms of coffee flavor, the Jura Z8 delivers a more robust and aromatic experience compared to the Jura S8.

It offers a greater variety of beverages and features a larger water tank capacity of 81.3 ounces.

Additionally, the Jura Z8 utilizes two thermoblocks for heating, which may lead to temperature variations between drinks, whereas the Jura S8 operates with a single thermoblock.

However, it is important to note that the Jura Z8 has been discontinued, with the Jura Z10 taking its place.

When comparing the Jura S8 and the discontinued Jura Z8, the latter offers premium features and superior coffee quality.

Nevertheless, if budget-friendliness is a priority, the Jura S8 remains a solid option.

Jura Z8 vs DeLonghi Dinamica Plus

When comparing the Jura Z8 and the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus, two automatic espresso machines that offer impressive features and performance, there are some notable differences to consider.

Jura Z8:

  • The Jura Z8 is known for its sleek and visually appealing design, showcasing Jura’s premium craftsmanship.
  • It delivers exceptional espresso quality, thanks to its Professional Fine Foam Frother and the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), ensuring a rich and flavorful coffee experience.
  • With a comprehensive touchscreen interface, the Jura Z8 provides intuitive control and easy navigation through its extensive drink options.
  • It offers 15 coffee drink choices, allowing users to enjoy a diverse range of beverages.

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus:

  • While the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus may not possess the same aesthetic elegance as the Jura S8, it compensates with its exceptional espresso quality.
  • The LatteCrema system of the Dinamica Plus creates impressive milk texture, resulting in delectable lattes and cappuccinos.
  • Featuring a fantastic touchscreen display, the Dinamica Plus offers a user-friendly interface for seamless operation and customization of coffee settings.
  • Notably, the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus excels in producing superb iced coffee, making it a desirable choice for those who enjoy cold coffee beverages.
  • With a price tag of around $1,700.00, the Dinamica Plus presents an attractive alternative to the Jura S8 in terms of affordability.

While the Jura Z8 boasts an elegant design and delivers a robust coffee experience, the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus offers its own strengths.

The Dinamica Plus shines with its impressive milk texture and exceptional touchscreen display, along with its ability to create superb iced coffee.

Moreover, its comparatively lower price might make it a tempting option for those seeking a balance between performance and affordability.

Who Should Buy The Jura S8?

The Jura S8 is an ideal choice for coffee connoisseurs who appreciate the nuances of well-extracted espresso and rich flavors.

It appeals to technology enthusiasts with its advanced features, including a large color touchscreen display and automated cleaning functions.

Milk-based beverage lovers will enjoy its milk frothing system, which allows for customizable foam consistency.

The sleek design adds aesthetic appeal, and its super-automatic functionality makes it suitable for busy individuals who want convenience without sacrificing coffee quality.

Ultimately, the Jura S8 offers a premium coffee experience and is a great investment for those seeking exceptional coffee with ease.


Is the Jura S8 a good machine?

Yes, the Jura S8 is considered a high-quality super-automatic espresso machine.

It offers advanced features, such as the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) for excellent espresso extraction, a touchscreen display for easy navigation, and automatic milk frothing capabilities.

The S8 is known for producing rich and robust coffee with a nice crema, making it a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts.

Who is the competitor of the Jura S8?

One of the main competitors of the Jura S8 is the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus.

Both machines are super-automatic espresso machines that offer a range of features and customization options.

While the Jura S8 is known for its advanced brewing technology and build quality, the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus is praised for its excellent espresso quality and milk texture.

How many drinks can the Jura S8 make?

The Jura S8 offers a wide variety of drink options, including 15 different beverage choices.

These options typically include various espresso-based drinks such as espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, and more.

Additionally, the S8 allows for the customization of coffee strength and temperature to suit individual preferences.

When was Jura S8 released?

The Jura S8 was released in 2018. It has since gained popularity among coffee lovers for its advanced features, high-quality coffee extraction, and user-friendly interface.

Can Jura S8 make a latte?

Yes, the Jura S8 is capable of making a latte.

It features automatic milk frothing with a Professional Fine Foam Frother, allowing you to create the desired milk texture for your latte.

The machine can brew espresso first and then froth milk, or vice versa, depending on the specific drink you select.

This makes it convenient to prepare a delicious and creamy latte with ease.

Is the Jura S8 loud?

No, the Jura S8 is known for its quiet operation.

Unlike many other machines, the Jura S8 produces minimal noise during operation.

This is achieved through the use of a heavy metal lid on the bean hopper, which effectively reduces the noise generated by the grinder.

Additionally, the Aroma G3 grinder used in the Jura S8 is not only fast but also remarkably quiet.

Therefore, you can enjoy your coffee preparation without any significant disturbance from the machine’s noise.

Does Jura S8 have a milk container?

No, the Jura S8 does not come with a built-in milk container.

However, it is compatible with Jura’s milk accessories, such as thermally insulated containers with built-in refrigeration, which can be purchased separately.

These accessories allow you to store and dispense milk while keeping it at the desired temperature.

So, while the Jura S8 does not have a milk container included, you have the option to use Jura’s milk accessories to enhance your milk-based drink preparation.

Where is the Jura S8 manufactured?

The Jura S8 is manufactured in Switzerland.

While some of its components may be sourced from China and Malaysia, the final assembly of the machine takes place in Switzerland.

This ensures that the Jura S8 maintains the high-quality standards and craftsmanship that are synonymous with Swiss manufacturing.

Does the Jura S8 have WiFi?

Yes, the Jura S8 is equipped with WiFi capabilities.

By using the Jura WiFi Connect accessory, you can establish a reliable and speedy WiFi connection with the coffee machine.

This enables you to connect multiple mobile devices to the S8 through WiFi.

To operate the coffee machine conveniently, you can utilize the Jura Operating Experience (J.O.E.) app on your smartphone or tablet.

This app allows you to control various functions of the Jura S8 remotely, enhancing your overall coffee experience.

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