Jura A1 vs ENA 4: Which Super-Automatic Is Better?

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Coffee aficionados around the world understand the significance of owning a high-quality coffee machine.

The perfect cup of coffee is not just a morning ritual but a sensory experience that sets the tone for the day ahead.

When it comes to renowned coffee machine brands, JURA and ENA are names that consistently emerge as leaders in the industry.

In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating world of coffee machines, specifically comparing two popular models: the JURA A1 and the ENA 4.

These machines represent the pinnacle of excellence in brewing technology, promising unparalleled taste and convenience.

We will explore the features, functionalities, and performance of the JURA A1 and the ENA 4, providing you with a comprehensive analysis that will assist you in making an informed decision when choosing the perfect coffee machine for your home or office.

If you’re looking for a quick answer: The Jura A1 is an ideal choice for coffee enthusiasts who prefer the simplicity of espresso, ristretto, and regular coffee without the need for milk-based drinks.

On the other hand, the Jura ENA 4 is a great option for those seeking a slightly upgraded machine with additional brewing options like Caffe Doppio and Espresso Doppio, along with intelligent preheating for optimal temperature control.

Here’s a table comparing the Jura A1 and Jura ENA 4 in terms of their key features:

Jura A1Jura ENA 4
Brewing OptionsRistretto, Espresso, CoffeeEspresso, Coffee, Caffe Doppio, Espresso Doppio
Milk FrotherNoNo
Hot Water DispenserNoNo
Customization Options2 coffee strength settings3 aroma settings
Water Tank Capacity36.8 ounces36.8 ounces
Bean Container Capacity4.4 ounces4.4 ounces
Used Coffee Container9 servings10 servings
Size10.5″ W x 12.7″ H x 18.6″ D17.5″ W x 12.7″ H x 10.7″ D
Built-in GrinderYesYes
Milk-Based DrinksNoNo
Intelligent PreheatingNoYes
LED Display ScreenLight-up display on topRobust LED display on the front
Energy-saving FeaturesYesYes

Overview of the Jura A1: Compact Simplicity with Exceptional Flavor

The Jura A1 is an impressive super-automatic espresso machine that combines compact design and ease of use without compromising on flavor.

As the entry-level model in the Jura range, this machine is perfect for coffee enthusiast who prefers a minimalist approach to their brewing experience.

While it offers the essential features of a super-automatic espresso machine, it comes at a slightly higher price point compared to similar models from other well-known brands.

Measuring just 20.5 inches in height, 12.7 inches in width, and 18.6 inches in depth, the Jura A1 boasts a sleek and slim profile that effortlessly fits into any kitchen or office space.

Its chrome finish adds a touch of elegance, aligning with Jura’s renowned brand aesthetics.

With its state-of-the-art touch technology and illuminated icons, operating the Jura A1 is a breeze.

Within seconds, you can select your desired cup size and flavor, thanks to the intuitive interface that enhances user convenience.

The Jura A1 shines in its ability to deliver three different beverages—ristretto, espresso, and long coffee—with a single touch of a button.

Each drink can be programmed to your preferred brew volume, ensuring consistency and personalization in every cup.

Whether you’re craving a quick morning espresso or a leisurely afternoon long coffee, the Jura A1 has you covered.

One of the standout features of the Jura A1 is its incorporation of Jura’s proprietary Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), which facilitates pre-infusion.

This cutting-edge technology optimizes extraction by pulsing water through the coffee grounds, resulting in enhanced aroma and flavor extraction, and ultimately, a superior cup of coffee.

To further elevate the brewing experience, the Jura A1 is equipped with an integrated AromaG3 grinder.

This grinder ensures that every cup is brewed with freshly ground coffee, allowing you to savor the rich and authentic flavors of your favorite beans.


  • Enjoy high-quality coffee and espresso with just a touch of a button, thanks to the Jura A1’s exceptional brewing capabilities.
  • Experience premium flavor in every cup, courtesy of the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), which optimizes extraction for maximum taste.
  • Simplify maintenance with the self-cleaning option, making it effortless to keep the Jura A1 in top condition.
  • Embrace eco-friendliness as the Jura A1 produces minimal waste, aligning with sustainable practices.
  • Benefit from a convenient and user-friendly interface that ensures a hassle-free brewing experience.
  • Customize your coffee drinks by controlling the water volume and brew strength, tailoring each cup to your preferences.
  • Slightly cheaper compared to the Jura ENA 4


  • The Jura A1 comes with a relatively higher price tag compared to alternative models in the market.
  • The machine has a limited menu and lacks a milk frother, which may not satisfy those seeking a wider range of coffee drink options.
  • The 2-year warranty provided with the Jura A1 may be seen as underwhelming, considering the higher price point associated with Jura’s espresso machines.

Overview of the Jura ENA 4: Streamlined Excellence for Espresso and Coffee

The Jura ENA 4, a slightly upgraded version of the Jura A1, maintains its focus as a high-end machine catering to those who primarily seek espresso or coffee.

While the basic function remains the same, this model offers a few enhancements that elevate the brewing experience.

Claiming to brew four beverages, the Jura ENA 4 includes options for espresso, coffee, espresso doppio (two 1.5-ounce shots of espresso), and caffe doppio (two coffees brewed in succession).

However, some may view these as two beverages, with the ability to brew two cups of coffee in quick succession.

The ENA 4 incorporates the AromaG3 grinder and the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), ensuring optimal flavor extraction and maintaining the Jura brand’s commitment to quality.

In addition, intelligent preheating has been introduced in this model, guaranteeing hot espresso and enhancing brew quality by consistently keeping the water at an optimal temperature throughout the brewing process.

Despite its robust features, the ENA 4 manages to embody the functionality of four kitchen appliances in a compact design.

With dimensions of just 10.7 inches in width, 12.7 inches in height, and 17.5 inches in depth, it is an ideal choice for kitchens with limited countertop space.

The matte Full Metropolitan Black finish of the ENA 4 exudes simplicity and elegance, while the cylindrical diamond-look water tank adds a stylish accent, blending seamlessly with modern kitchen aesthetics.

Positioned on the front of the machine, the symbol display and clearly defined operating panels make the ENA 4 user-friendly and straightforward to use.

With just a press of a button, you can indulge in the rich flavors and exquisite aromas that this machine effortlessly delivers.


  • User-friendly operation ensures a seamless brewing experience, making the Jura ENA 4 simple to use.
  • Enjoy customizable aroma levels with three options, allowing you to tailor the intensity of your coffee or espresso.
  • Benefit from the fast AromaG3 grinder, ensuring quick and efficient grinding for a prompt brewing process.
  • The elegant, compact, and minimalistic design of the ENA 4 adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen or office space.
  • Indulge in flavorful coffee and espresso, as the Jura ENA 4 consistently delivers a rich and satisfying taste.
  • Simplify cleaning and maintenance with the ENA 4, enabling you to keep the machine in optimal condition effortlessly.
  • Experience a fuller aroma in your cup of coffee, thanks to the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) technology incorporated into the ENA 4.
  • Enjoy the convenience of a speedy brewing process, allowing you to savor a cup of coffee or espresso in no time.


  • The Jura ENA 4 comes at a slightly higher price compared to the Jura A1, which may impact budget-conscious buyers.
  • The lack of a milk frother limits the variety of drinks that can be prepared with the ENA 4, particularly for those who enjoy milk-based beverages.
  • The strength of espressos brewed with the ENA 4 may not meet the preferences of individuals seeking a particularly robust flavor profile.

Jura A1 vs ENA 4: Key Differences

While both machines come from the prestigious Jura brand and offer exceptional brewing capabilities, they cater to slightly different preferences and requirements.

In this section, we will carefully examine the contrasting features and functionalities of the Jura A1 and ENA 4. Let’s get started!

Design and Build Quality: Jura A1 vs Jura ENA 4

When it comes to design and build quality, both the Jura A1 and the Jura ENA 4 exude elegance and sophistication, enhancing the aesthetics of any kitchen or office space.

Let’s explore the nuances that set these machines apart in terms of their design.

Jura ENA 4: Sleek and Accessible

The Jura ENA 4 showcases a sleek and compact design, measuring 17.5 x 12.7 x 10.7 inches.

This smaller footprint makes it an ideal choice for those with limited countertop space.

The ENA 4 is available in a stylish black color option, adding a touch of modernity to your brewing experience.

One notable feature of the ENA 4 is the redesigned water tank, which is conveniently positioned on the side of the machine.

This placement offers easy access and allows for hassle-free refilling, contributing to a seamless brewing process.

Jura A1: Streamlined Elegance

With its refined and streamlined appearance, the Jura A1 stands tall at 10.5 x 12.7 x 18.6 inches and weighs 20 pounds which makes it slightly larger than the ENA 4.

The A1 is available in two classic color options: piano black and piano white, allowing you to choose the one that best complements your kitchen decor.

In contrast to the ENA 4, the water tank of the A1 is positioned at the back of the machine, offering a sleek and seamless look from the front.

This placement ensures easy access during refills while maintaining a clean and clutter-free countertop.

Both the Jura A1 and the Jura ENA 4 demonstrate Jura’s commitment to elegant design and premium build quality.

Whether you prefer the compact and accessible nature of the ENA 4 or the streamlined elegance of the A1, these machines are sure to elevate your coffee brewing experience with their sophisticated aesthetics.

Brewing Options: Jura A1 vs Jura ENA 4

The Jura A1 and the Jura ENA 4 share similarities in their brewing capabilities, ensuring consistent delivery of high-quality espresso and coffee.

However, it’s important to note that neither machine incorporates a milk system, limiting their ability to produce milk-based drinks like lattes or cappuccinos.

Let’s explore the specific brewing options offered by each model.

Jura ENA 4: Versatile Simplicity

The Jura ENA 4 provides users with two cup-size options: espresso and coffee.

Whether you crave a bold shot of espresso or a larger cup of coffee, the ENA 4 delivers on both fronts.

Additionally, the machine offers three aroma settings, allowing you to customize the intensity of your brew to match your personal preferences.

Notably, the ENA 4 provides the convenience of using either whole coffee beans or pre-ground coffee, providing versatility in your choice of coffee input.

Jura A1: Strength and Size Customization

Similarly, the Jura A1 offers a range of brewing options to cater to your coffee preferences.

With the A1, you have the flexibility to adjust the strength of your coffee with two settings, allowing you to tailor the taste to your liking.

In terms of cup sizes, the A1 provides three options, accommodating various serving preferences.

Whether you prefer a small shot of espresso or a larger cup of coffee, the A1 ensures that you can savor your desired quantity.

Both the Jura A1 and the Jura ENA 4 offer the ability to customize the brew strength and volume of your beverages.

However, the ENA 4 takes customization a step further by providing three strength settings, whereas the A1 offers two.

Feature Comparison: Jura A1 vs Jura ENA 4

When it comes to features, the Jura A1 and the Jura ENA 4 have their own unique offerings, catering to different preferences and needs.

Let’s explore the distinctive features of each machine.

Jura ENA 4: Intelligent Preheating and Enhanced Display

The Jura ENA 4 sets itself apart with an intelligent preheating feature that optimizes the brewing temperature.

By compensating for heat loss between the heating element and brewing unit, the ENA 4 ensures that the water is at the ideal temperature when it comes into contact with the coffee grounds, resulting in an exceptional brew.

Additionally, the ENA 4 boasts a more robust LED display screen positioned on the front of the machine.

This intuitive display provides clear and detailed information, making it easier to navigate through the machine’s settings and options.

With its enhanced display, the ENA 4 offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the brewing process.

Jura A1: Top Display

In terms of display, the A1 relies on a light-up display positioned on the top of the machine.

Though it may not be as extensive as the ENA 4’s LED display, the top display of the A1 provides a clear visual representation of the selected options, allowing for easy navigation and operation.

If you prioritize intelligent preheating for optimal temperature control and prefer a more comprehensive display, the ENA 4 is the preferred option.

Capacity Comparison: Jura A1 vs Jura ENA 4

When it comes to capacity, the size of the water tank, bean container, and used coffee container can greatly impact the convenience of your coffee brewing experience.

Let’s compare the capacities of the Jura A1 and the Jura ENA 4 to determine which machine offers a more accommodating capacity.

Jura ENA 4: Efficient Capacity

The Jura ENA 4 features a diamond-like water tank that can hold up to 36.8 ounces of water, ensuring an ample supply for brewing multiple cups of coffee.

The bean container of the ENA 4 has a capacity of 4.4 ounces, allowing you to store a fair amount of your favorite coffee beans for immediate grinding and brewing.

The used coffee container will also hold around 10 servings.

Jura A1: Spacious Water Tank and Storage Options

In terms of capacity, the Jura A1 offers a removable water tank with a generous capacity of 36.8 ounces.

Similar to the ENA 4, the A1 also has a bean container with a capacity of 4.4 ounces, ensuring an ample supply of coffee beans for your brewing needs.

Additionally, the A1 boasts a used coffee container that can hold up to 9 servings.

Really no difference in this aspect as the capacity on both machines are pretty much identical.

Key Similarities: Jura A1 vs Jura ENA 4

When comparing the Jura A1 and the Jura ENA 4, it becomes apparent that these two machines share several key similarities that contribute to their overall excellence in brewing exceptional coffee and espresso.

Let’s explore these similarities in more detail.

Super-Automatic Operation for Effortless Brewing

Both the Jura A1 and the Jura ENA 4 offer super-automatic operation, ensuring that you can enjoy high-quality coffee and espresso beverages with just a press of a button.

These machines handle all the brewing steps, from grinding the beans to extracting the perfect shot, making them user-friendly and convenient.

Compact Size Ideal for Small Spaces

Both the A1 and ENA 4 boast a compact size, making them well-suited for kitchens with limited countertop space.

Their small footprints allow you to easily incorporate them into any kitchen setup without sacrificing valuable space.

Adjustable Coffee Spout for Versatile Cup Sizes

Both machines feature adjustable coffee spouts, allowing you to accommodate various cup sizes.

Whether you prefer a small espresso cup or a larger coffee mug, you can conveniently adjust the spout to ensure a perfect fit.

PEP Pre-Infusion System for Flavorful Espresso

The A1 and ENA 4 are equipped with Jura’s Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) pre-infusion system.

This innovative technology enhances the extraction process, resulting in rich and flavorful espresso shots that truly satisfy your taste buds.

Energy-Saving Features for Efficiency

Both machines prioritize energy efficiency with their built-in energy-saving features.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the A1 and ENA 4 come with automatic shut-off and energy-saving modes, reducing power consumption when not in use.

Compatibility with JOE App for Smart Control

For tech-savvy coffee enthusiasts, both the A1 and ENA 4 can be paired with the JOE app, enabling remote operation of the machines through a smartphone or Apple Watch.

This feature adds an extra layer of convenience and control to your coffee brewing experience.

Powder Chute for Pre-Ground Coffee Brewing

Both machines incorporate a powder chute, allowing you to bypass the grinder and use pre-ground coffee for a single cup.

This feature is particularly useful for households that occasionally require decaf coffee or other specialty blends.

Built-in AromaG3 Grinder for Freshness and Flavor

The A1 and ENA 4 are equipped with the AromaG3 grinder, ensuring that each cup of coffee is made with freshly ground beans.

This built-in grinder preserves the maximum freshness and flavor of the coffee, elevating your brewing experience.

Integrated Cleaning Programs for Easy Maintenance

Both machines feature integrated rinsing, descaling, and cleaning programs, simplifying the maintenance and upkeep of these automatic coffee machines.

With these automated cleaning programs, you can keep your A1 or ENA 4 in pristine condition without hassle.

Sleek and Modern Design for Kitchen Aesthetics

Both the A1 and ENA 4 boast a sleek and modern design that adds an elegant touch to any kitchen decor.

Their aesthetic appeal ensures that these machines not only deliver exceptional performance but also enhance the overall ambiance of your kitchen.

These shared features highlight the commitment of both the Jura A1 and the Jura ENA 4 to deliver convenience, quality, and style.

Absence of Milk Frother and Built-in Hot Water Dispensing

Both the Jura A1 and Jura ENA 4 offer impressive features for brewing coffee and espresso, but it’s important to note that they lack a milk frother and built-in hot water dispensing.

These omissions limit their versatility in preparing milk-based drinks and accessing hot water for other purposes.

Let’s explore these missing features in more detail.

Milk Frother

One notable absence in both the Jura A1 and Jura ENA 4 is a built-in milk frother.

Without this feature, users are unable to create frothed milk for popular beverages like lattes, cappuccinos, or macchiatos directly from the machines.

This limitation restricts the ability to enjoy a wide range of specialty coffee creations that require the creamy texture and frothy foam provided by a milk frother.

Built-in Hot Water Dispensing

Another missing feature in both machines is a built-in hot water dispensing option.

This means that users cannot readily access hot water for purposes such as making tea, preparing instant soups, or any other hot water-based beverages or recipes.

While the A1 and ENA 4 excel in brewing coffee and espresso, the absence of a dedicated hot water dispenser can be inconvenient for those who desire a multi-functional machine.

What’s The Solution?

However, it’s worth noting that even though the A1 and ENA 4 lack these features, there are alternative methods to work around these limitations.

For example, you can heat the milk separately using an external frothing device, such as a handheld frother or a standalone milk frother.

Similarly, for hot water needs, a kettle or a separate hot water dispenser can fulfill the requirement.

Choosing Between Jura A1 vs Jura ENA 4: Which Should You Choose?

When deciding between the Jura A1 and Jura ENA 4, it’s crucial to consider your specific preferences and brewing needs.

While both machines excel in producing high-quality coffee and espresso, there are certain factors that can help guide your decision-making process.

Jura A1: Perfect for Minimalists

The Jura A1 is an ideal choice for coffee enthusiasts who value simplicity, compactness, and straightforward operation.

It’s minimalist design and easy-to-use interface make it a great option for those who prioritize a hassle-free coffee experience.

The A1’s compact size allows it to fit seamlessly into small kitchens or limited countertop spaces.

If you primarily enjoy classic espresso, ristretto, or a regular cup of coffee without the need for milk-based drinks, the A1 is well-suited for your needs.

Its programmable brew volumes and adjustable coffee strength settings allow for customization, ensuring your coffee is prepared to your desired taste.

However, it’s important to note that the lack of a milk frother restricts the creation of specialty milk-based beverages.

Jura ENA 4: Enhanced Features for Versatility

The Jura ENA 4 is a step up from the A1, offering additional features and brewing options.

If you want a more versatile coffee experience, the ENA 4 is an excellent choice.

With its expanded beverage repertoire, including espresso, coffee, caffe doppio, and espresso doppio, you can enjoy a wider range of coffee options.

The back-to-back brewing capability of the doppio options is particularly beneficial for households where multiple servings are needed without waiting for the machine to reheat.

Additionally, the ENA 4’s intelligent preheating feature ensures optimal brewing temperature, enhancing the flavor and consistency of your espresso.

The machine’s slightly larger LED display screen provides a more detailed interface, offering convenient navigation and control.

While the ENA 4 lacks a milk frother, it can still be a suitable choice for those who prefer non-milk-based drinks or are open to using alternative frothing methods.

Similarly, if you occasionally require hot water for other purposes, external solutions can be utilized alongside the ENA 4.


Does the Jura ENA 4 make espresso?

Yes, the Jura ENA 4 is capable of brewing espresso.

It offers two cup sizes, espresso, and coffee, allowing you to enjoy a rich and flavorful espresso shot.

Does the Jura ENA 4 dispense hot water?

No, the Jura ENA 4 does not have a dedicated hot water dispenser.

It focuses primarily on brewing espresso and coffee beverages, without the ability to dispense hot water separately.

Can the Jura A1 make a regular coffee?

Yes, the Jura A1 can make regular coffee. It offers three beverage options: ristretto, espresso, and coffee.

The coffee setting allows you to brew a standard cup of coffee to suit your preference.

Where is the Jura A1 manufactured?

The Jura A1 is manufactured by Jura Elektroapparate AG, a Swiss company renowned for its coffee machines.

Jura products, including the A1, are proudly made in Switzerland.

Does the Jura A1 have a milk frother?

No, the Jura A1 does not come with a built-in milk frother.

It is designed specifically for brewing espresso, ristretto, and coffee.

If you want milk-based drinks like lattes or cappuccinos, you may need to consider alternative options or purchase a separate milk frother.

Does the Jura A1 make hot water?

No, the Jura A1 doesn’t have the ability to dispense hot water.

What drinks does the Jura A1 make?

The Jura A1 can prepare three different beverages: ristretto, espresso, and coffee.

These options cater to various coffee preferences, ensuring you can enjoy a range of flavorful and aromatic drinks.

How much coffee does the Jura A1 use?

The machine comes with a bean container that can hold up to 4.4 ounces (125 grams) of coffee beans, allowing you to enjoy multiple cups of coffee or espresso before needing to refill the container.

How big is the Jura A1?

The Jura A1 boasts a compact and space-saving design, making it ideal for kitchens with limited countertop space.

It measures approximately 10.5 inches wide, 12.7 inches high, and 18.6 inches deep, ensuring it can fit comfortably in various kitchen setups.

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