Best Instant Decaf Coffee In 2024: The 9 Best Picks

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For coffee enthusiasts who savor the rich flavor of coffee but prefer to skip the caffeine buzz, the search for the perfect instant decaf coffee can be both challenging and rewarding.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 9 instant decaf coffees that promise to deliver exceptional taste without compromising convenience.

If you’re a busy professional, a dedicated traveler, or simply someone who values a quick and satisfying cup of decaffeinated coffee, this comprehensive guide aims to simplify your decision-making process.

9 Best Instant Coffees: At A Glance

  1. Nescafe Taster’s Choice Instant Decaf Coffee: Best Overall
  2. Mount Hagen Decaffeinated Organic Medium Roast: Runner-Up
  3. Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Italian Roast: Best Value For Money
  4. Sanka Instant Decaf Coffee: Best Budget Choice
  5. Cafe Altura Organic Fair Trade Decaf Instant Coffee: Best Organic Option
  6. Folgers Classic Decaffeinated Instant Coffee: Best Classic Blend
  7. Colcafé 100% Colombian Instant Decaf Coffee: Best Bold Flavor
  8. Waka Coffee Instant Decaffeinated Medium Roast: Best Colombian Decaf
  9. Hills Bros Decaf French Vanilla: Best For Cappuccino Lovers

1. Nescafe Taster’s Choice Instant Decaf Coffee: Best Overall


Nescafe holds a strong reputation in the world of instant coffee, and it’s no wonder their Instant Decaf coffee secures a top spot on our list.

Among their various decaf options, Nescafe Taster’s Choice truly stands out.

The process is pretty straightforward: they start by selecting premium coffee beans, roast them just right, grind and brew them.

What makes it special is the extra step—freeze-drying the resulting brew to lock in that rich roast flavor and aroma.

Then, when you’re ready for a cup, all you need is hot water—no machines, no hassle.

Taster’s Choice Instant Decaf Coffee, made from responsibly sourced beans, offers a smooth and mild-roasted decaffeinated experience.

It comes in single-serve packets, canisters, and jars to suit your preference.

With a 99.7% caffeine-free tag, it ensures a delightful taste without the kick.

The light to medium roast brings out bright, fruity notes, leaving a pleasantly sweet aftertaste that lingers.

Each 7 oz. jar allows you to make about 105 cups of premium instant coffee, and if you’re a heavy drinker, you can stock up with the bulk option of 3 jars.

However, it’s important to note that due to its light roast, this coffee might be a bit acidic for those with digestive issues.

Despite this, for those seeking a convenient and flavorful decaf option, Nescafe Taster’s Choice is a solid choice.


  • Premium blend of coffee beans
  • Freeze-dried for rich roast flavor and aroma
  • Smooth and mild-roasted for a delightful taste
  • Bright, fruity notes with a sweet aftertaste
  • Each 7-ounce jar makes 105 cups
  • Bulk option available for heavy drinkers


  • Light-roasted, potentially too acidic for those with digestive issues

2. Mount Hagen Decaffeinated Organic Medium Roast: Runner-Up


Mount Hagen Decaffeinated Organic Medium Roast is a decaf coffee crafted from 100% USDA Organic, Fairtrade Arabica beans.

Using a patented CO2 decaffeination process, 99.99% of the caffeine is removed while preserving the rich aroma and full-bodied taste.

The blend features 100% Arabica beans from various regions, combining the fruitiness of Papua New Guinean coffee, the subtly nutty Peruvian beans, and a touch of Honduran warm spice for a well-rounded profile.

Utilizing the CR3 Natural Liquid Carbon Dioxide Coffee Decaffeination Process, this coffee minimizes health risks by only coming into contact with safe substances: carbon dioxide and pure water.

With less than 6-9mg of caffeine per serving, it is perfect for those keeping an eye on their caffeine intake.

Available in jars and single-serve sticks, Mount Hagen Decaf Instant Coffee is an award-winning choice that consistently earns a spot on lists of the best instant organic coffees.

The only drawback is the jar version’s size, at 3.5 ounces, yielding around 50 cups.

This may require more frequent repurchases, particularly for avid coffee drinkers.

Despite this, if you prioritize both taste and ethics in your coffee, Mount Hagen remains a standout choice.


  • 100% USDA Organic, Fairtrade Arabica beans
  • Patented CO2 decaffeination process (99.99% caffeine extraction)
  • Rich aroma and full-bodied taste maintained
  • A blend of beans from Papua New Guinea, Peru, and Honduras
  • CR3 Natural Liquid Carbon Dioxide Coffee Decaffeination Process
  • Available in jars and single-serve sticks


  • May require more frequent repurchases for heavy coffee drinkers

3. Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Italian Roast: Best Value For Money


When it comes to coffee, Starbucks is a name that always comes up, and they’ve got their own instant decaf coffee option.

Meet Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Italian Roast—a classic dark roast designed for a sweet and intense flavor experience.

It boasts a deep, full-bodied taste with hints of caramelized sugar, all held together by a robust aroma.

Crafted from 100% Arabica beans, this instant coffee can handle cream and sugar gracefully.

Slightly darker than Starbucks’ Espresso Roast but without the smoky edge of French Roast, it provides a bold taste without overwhelming bitterness.

Conveniently available in instant packets, this decaf coffee comes in a self-dispensing cardboard box containing 50 single-serving packets.

Each packet is pre-measured at 0.11 ounces, just right for a 6-ounce mug, making it a breeze to enjoy at home or on the go—no measuring required.

Perfect for travelers, all you need is a mug and water to whip up a cup of this Starbucks goodness.

And if you’re a fan of the whole-bean experience, they offer this roast in-store, with a taste that’s remarkably similar to the instant version.

The precision and skill of Starbucks roasters shine through in the Italian Roast, showcasing quality and consistency.

It’s worth noting that Starbucks prioritizes ethical sourcing, ensuring their coffee is produced sustainably and transparently.

However, a couple of downsides to consider are the slight astringent mouthfeel and the price tag.

Despite these, Starbucks VIA Instant Italian Roast secures a spot on our list as it offers excellent value for money from a trusted brand in the coffee industry.


  • Starbucks quality in instant form
  • Expertly crafted dark roast with sweetness and intensity
  • Deep, full-bodied flavor with caramelized sugar notes
  • Strong aroma for a bold taste
  • Convenient single-serving packets (50 in a self-dispensing box)
  • Ethically sourced coffee, focusing on sustainability and transparency


  • Slight astringent mouthfeel
  • Higher price point

4. Sanka Instant Decaf Coffee: Best Budget Choice


Sanka Instant Decaf Coffee stands out as a popular choice for those who want the rich flavor of coffee without the caffeine kick.

This classic decaffeinated option is custom-roasted to create an inviting aroma and a wonderfully smooth taste.

It’s 99.7% caffeine-free, ensuring you can enjoy a cup and unwind without the jitters.

Having been a favorite for nearly a century, Sanka, distributed by Kraft Heinz in the United States, has solidified its place in the decaf coffee market.

It’s also available in various jar sizes that include 2 and 8 ounces.

Sanka is recognized for its mild and smooth taste, blending seamlessly with milk or non-dairy alternatives.

While you won’t find an array of complex flavors, it offers a subtle sweetness with a hint of chocolate and a slight acidity that adds a touch of brightness without weighing heavy on your digestion.

Its well-balanced profile and medium body make it enjoyable on its own, but it truly shines when mixed with cream and sugar.

However, one downside worth noting is the packaging—Sanka still opts for plastic jars after a century on the market.

A switch to glass or aluminum might not impact costs significantly but could enhance the coffee’s freshness.

Despite this packaging quirk, Sanka Instant Decaf Coffee remains an excellent choice for those seeking a satisfying cup without caffeine.

And the best part is that it’s perfect for those on a budget!


  • Mild and smooth taste, blends well with milk or alternatives
  • Subtle sweetness with a hint of chocolate
  • Slight acidity for brightness without heaviness
  • Well-balanced profile and medium body
  • Excellent when mixed with cream and sugar
  • Great budget choice for an instant decaf coffee


  • Packaging in plastic jars after a century on the market

5. Cafe Altura Organic Fair Trade Decaf Instant Coffee: Best Organic Option


For an excellent organic pick in the world of instant decaf coffee, look no further than Café Altura Organic Decaf Instant.

This coffee brings together a flavorful blend of freeze-dried and Fair Trade-certified coffees, providing a caffeine-free and easy-to-make option for coffee lovers.

Crafted with 100% Arabica beans from three continents, it undergoes a mild roast and certified organic freeze-drying, preserving the smooth taste and aroma without a hint of bitterness.

The decaf blend features coffees from Indonesia, South America, and Central America, resulting in a well-balanced and neutrally crisp flavor.

Notably, it closely mirrors the taste of its caffeinated counterpart, making it a delightful choice for those who appreciate a lighter palate.

Packaged in a 3.53 oz jar, this coffee is lauded for its delicious taste and convenient preparation.

Café Altura Organic Decaf Instant is a coffee with credentials—it’s Fair Trade certified, USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Kosher certified.

Decaffeinated through a chemical-free process, it stands as a quality option for those seeking decaf without compromising on flavor.

While it might lack the aromatic punch of some alternatives, it’s worth considering, especially if you appreciate a lighter coffee.

The only drawbacks to keep in mind are its lack of aroma and a slightly higher price tag.


  • Organic and Fair Trade-certified
  • A flavorful blend of freeze-dried, certified coffees
  • Crafted with 100% Arabica beans from three continents
  • Smooth taste and aroma without bitterness
  • Well-balanced, neutrally crisp flavor
  • USDA Organic, Non-GMO, and Kosher certified


  • Less aromatic compared to some alternatives
  • Relatively higher price point

6. Folgers Classic Decaffeinated Instant Coffee: Best Classic Blend


Folgers Classic Decaffeinated Instant Coffee lives up to its name, offering a true classic coffee experience.

Combining both Arabica and Robusta beans in a medium-roasted blend, this decaf option is a popular choice for coffee lovers who want the taste without the caffeine buzz.

At 99.7% caffeine-free, it comes in convenient packaging options, including jars and single-serve packets.

Folgers use ethyl acetate for decaffeination, a natural compound found in certain plants.

This process is safe, leaving no chemical residue and preserving the beans’ oils for an intact flavor.

In terms of preparation, you can easily mix the coffee crystals with hot water or milk for a quick and effortless decaf coffee fix—no coffee maker required.

The medium roast ensures a well-rounded and balanced flavor profile, offering the rich aroma and delicious taste that coffee enthusiasts seek.

With low acidity, it caters to those who prefer bold, savory flavors.

Packaged in an 8-ounce container, equivalent to about 120 cups, it reduces the need for frequent restocking, although the plastic packaging may not be ideal for preserving freshness.

Consider transferring the coffee to a glass container upon arrival.

For added convenience, Folgers Classic Decaf is also available in single-serve packets, perfect for on-the-go moments.

This coffee complements cream and sugar well, providing a satisfying decaffeinated coffee experience.

The only drawback is the dull mouthfeel it leaves, which we’re not huge fans of.


  • A classic medium-roasted blend of Arabica and Robusta beans
  • Available in jars and single-serve packets
  • Uses ethyl acetate for a natural decaffeination process
  • Preserves beans’ oils for an intact flavor
  • Well-rounded and balanced flavor profile
  • 8-ounce packaging equals roughly 120 cups


  • Plastic packaging may not preserve freshness optimally
  • Has a slightly dull mouthfeel

7. Colcafé 100% Colombian Instant Decaf Coffee: Best Bold Flavor


Colcafé 100% Colombian Instant Decaf Coffee is your go-to choice for a quick decaf fix.

Made from carefully selected beans, manually grown, harvested, and dried, this instant coffee retains its unique well-balanced flavor and aroma.

Packaged in a convenient 3-ounce granulated jar, it’s perfect for those sensitive to caffeine.

This Colombian creation is cholesterol and lactose-free, providing natural antioxidants.

You can find it on shelves at popular stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Cordialsa USA, bringing the bold taste characteristic of Colombian coffees right to your cup.

While it’s quick and convenient, it’s important to note that the instant nature of this decaf is evident in its quality.

Despite this, it offers a well-balanced profile with dark, smoky, roasty notes and hints of cocoa.

It’s a bold cup that pairs excellently with cream and sugar, making it a good choice for those who appreciate Colombian beans.

Just be aware of the somewhat lacking quality and a slightly astringent mouthfeel.

If you can overlook these aspects, Colcafé Instant Decaf won’t let you down.


  • Manual growing, harvesting, and drying process
  • Cholesterol and lactose-free
  • Provides natural antioxidants
  • Bold taste characteristic of Colombian coffees
  • Well-balanced profile with dark, smoky, roasty notes
  • Pairs excellently with cream and sugar


  • Instant nature may impact the quality
  • Slightly astringent mouthfeel

8. Waka Coffee Instant Decaffeinated Medium Roast: Best Colombian Decaf


Waka Coffee is known for having some of the best instant coffee around, and their decaf option is no exception.

The Waka Coffee Instant Decaffeinated Medium Roast stands out as a premium choice, made from 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced from Colombia.

The freeze-drying process retains the beans’ aroma and flavor, and the decaffeination process, using ethanol acetate, effectively removes caffeine without altering the flavor profile.

This decaf medium roast offers a well-balanced, smooth-bodied experience with citrus notes.

Each packet contains approximately 4 mg of caffeine, catering to those seeking rich flavor without the buzz.

However, if you’re prone to acid reflux from coffee, it’s worth considering before making this your go-to option.

Available in single-serve packets and resealable bags, the packaging is both convenient and environmentally friendly, made with post-consumer recycled content.

Its compact size makes it an excellent travel companion, fitting easily into backpacks without worry of accidental spills.

Packaged in California, it includes brewing instructions, lot number, and expiration date information.

With proper storage, it can last up to two years.

Customers appreciate the flavor, convenience, and quality, solidifying its popularity in the world of decaf coffee.

On the downside, it comes with a higher price tag, and some may find the taste a bit weak, possibly requiring the use of two packets for desired strength.


  • Made with 100% Arabica beans from Colombia
  • Freeze-dried to preserve aroma and flavor
  • Ethanol acetate decaffeination process for rich flavor without caffeine
  • Well-balanced, smooth-bodied medium roast with citrus notes
  • Packaging made with post-consumer recycled content
  • Compact and travel-friendly


  • Higher price point
  • The taste may be too weak for some, requiring multiple packets for desired strength
  • Consideration is needed for those prone to acid reflux

9. Hills Bros Decaf French Vanilla: Best For Cappuccino Lovers


Hills Bros Decaf French Vanilla is an instant cappuccino mix that delivers a frothy, decadent beverage with a rich and creamy vanilla flavor.

With a legacy spanning over 137 years, this decaf option caters to those craving a delicious treat without the caffeine.

Whether enjoyed as a warm, frothy cup or a chilled, ice-blended cappuccino, this mix adds versatility to your coffee routine.

It can even replace cream and sugar in your brewed coffee.

It’s also easy to prepare, just add water to unlock its delightful taste.

The 16-ounce packaging ensures you won’t need to restock frequently, making it ideal for households full of coffee enthusiasts.

Each serving packs only 3mg of caffeine, making it a perfect nightcap that won’t interfere with your sleep.

Customers rave about the rich and delicious taste, solidifying its popularity among those seeking a caffeine-free indulgence.

However, it’s important to note the packaging material, similar to milk jugs, might absorb flavors over time, potentially affecting the drink’s taste.

Some customers have reported issues with defective packaging, including products arriving without a lid.

Despite these considerations, Hills Bros Decaf French Vanilla remains a great choice for a satisfying decaf cappuccino experience.


  • Instant cappuccino mix with rich and creamy French Vanilla flavor
  • Versatile—enjoy warm, chilled, or use as a coffee creamer
  • Easy preparation, requiring only water
  • Large 16-ounce packaging ideal for households
  • Each serving contains only 3mg of caffeine


  • Packaging made of material similar to milk jugs may absorb flavors over time
  • Some reported issues with defective packaging, including missing lids

Navigating the Instant Decaf Coffee Aisle: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Decaffeination Process

When choosing the best instant decaf coffee, it’s crucial to consider the decaffeination process.

Various methods are used, such as ethyl acetate, Swiss Water Process, and carbon dioxide extraction.

Ethyl acetate is a natural compound found in certain plants and offers a chemical-free decaffeination process.

Swiss Water Process uses water and osmosis to remove caffeine without chemicals, ensuring a more natural flavor.

Carbon dioxide extraction is another chemical-free method that uses CO2 to dissolve and remove caffeine.

Coffee Bean Quality

The quality of the coffee beans used is a fundamental factor influencing the taste of instant decaf coffee.

Look for options that use 100% Arabica beans or a blend that includes Arabica for a smoother and more nuanced flavor.

Arabica beans are generally considered higher quality than Robusta, offering a well-balanced taste and aroma.

Roast Level

Roast level is a critical factor influencing the flavor profile of instant decaf coffee.

The roast can range from light to dark, each offering a distinct taste.

Light roasts often preserve more of the coffee bean’s original characteristics, showcasing bright acidity and floral notes.

Medium roasts provide a balanced flavor, while dark roasts offer a bold and robust taste with smoky undertones.

Coffee Bean Origin

Different regions produce beans with unique characteristics.

For example, Colombian beans are known for their mild acidity and well-balanced flavor, while Ethiopian beans may offer fruity and floral notes.

Understanding the origin allows you to explore and choose a decaf coffee that aligns with your taste preferences.

Another aspect to consider is whether they are single-origin or a blend.

Single-origin, as the name implies is from a single origin, this will usually result in a more unique flavor profile.

A blend is made by carefully selecting coffee varieties from different origins to create a well-balanced and rounded flavor profile.

Flavor Profile

Taste preferences vary, so consider the flavor profile that suits your palate.

Some instant decaf coffees boast a bold and robust flavor, while others may have subtle notes of citrus or chocolate.

Read product descriptions and customer reviews to get a sense of the flavor characteristics, ensuring they align with your preferences.

Packaging and Freshness

The packaging of instant decaf coffee plays a role in maintaining freshness.

Look for options with airtight and moisture-resistant packaging, preferably in resealable containers or single-serve packets.

Packaging made from materials like glass or aluminum can better preserve the coffee’s flavor compared to plastic, which may absorb odors over time.

Caffeine Content

Even though it’s decaffeinated, there might still be trace amounts of caffeine in instant decaf coffee.

If you are sensitive to caffeine or strictly avoiding it, check the caffeine content per serving.

Some brands offer ultra-low caffeine levels, providing a truly caffeine-free option.

Brand Reputation

Consider the reputation of the brand producing the instant decaf coffee.

Established brands with a history of quality and positive customer reviews are more likely to deliver a satisfying product.

Look for brands that prioritize ethical sourcing, sustainability, and transparent production practices.

Convenience and Versatility

The convenience of preparation and versatility in usage are additional factors to weigh.

Instant decaf coffee should be easy to make with just hot water, and some products may offer versatility by being suitable for cold beverages or even as a creamer in brewed coffee.


While not the sole determinant of quality, the price of instant decaf coffee should be considered in relation to the quantity and overall value.

Some premium options may come at a higher cost, but it’s essential to balance quality and budget when making a selection.

How to Brew Instant Decaf Coffee

Brewing a satisfying cup of instant decaf coffee is quick and convenient.

Follow these simple steps to enjoy a delightful caffeine-free coffee experience:


  1. Instant Decaf Coffee
  2. Hot Water


  1. Mug
  2. Spoon
  3. Kettle or Hot Water Dispenser


1. Boil the Water:

Start by boiling the water using a kettle or a hot water dispenser.

Ensure the water reaches the desired temperature, typically just below boiling point.

2. Prepare Your Mug:

Choose your favorite mug for brewing.

Using a clean mug ensures that your coffee remains untainted by any residual flavors.

3. Measure Instant Decaf Coffee:

Check the recommended serving size on the instant decaf coffee packaging.

Use a spoon to measure the appropriate amount of coffee granules based on your preferred strength.

4. Add Coffee to the Mug:

Once the water is ready, add the measured instant decaf coffee granules to the mug.

5. Pour Hot Water:

Carefully pour the hot water into the mug over the instant decaf coffee granules.

Use the amount of water recommended for the serving size you measured.

6. Stir Thoroughly:

Use a spoon to stir the coffee and hot water thoroughly.

Ensure that the coffee granules are fully dissolved for a consistent flavor.

7. Customize (Optional):

Customize your coffee to suit your taste.

Add sugar, cream, or any preferred flavorings to enhance the experience.

8. Enjoy:

Allow the coffee to cool slightly before sipping.

Enjoy your cup of instant decaf coffee!


  • Experiment with water-to-coffee ratios to find your preferred strength.
  • Consider using filtered water for the best taste.
  • If using a hot water dispenser, wait a few seconds after the water stops to achieve the optimal temperature for brewing.
  • To make iced decaf coffee, dissolve the coffee granules in a small amount of hot water first, then add ice and cold water.

The Verdict: Which Instant Decaf Coffee Is Best?

Our #1 Choice

Nescafe Taster’s Choice Instant Decaf Coffee is our #1 choice for its exceptional balance of flavor, convenience, and quality.

With a meticulous process from premium bean selection to freeze-drying, it delivers a rich and smooth decaffeinated experience.

The light-to-medium roast profile ensures a bright, fruity taste with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste.

Its versatile packaging options and 99.7% caffeine-free content make it a top choice for a consistently satisfying cup.

The Runner-Up

As the Runner-Up, Mount Hagen Decaffeinated Organic Medium Roast stands out for its commitment to organic and eco-friendly principles.

The blend of Arabica beans from different regions produces a well-balanced and subtly nutty flavor.

The CR3 Natural Liquid Carbon Dioxide Coffee Decaffeination Process ensures health-conscious decaffeination.

Despite a slightly smaller jar size, its award-winning taste and ethical sourcing make it a strong contender for those prioritizing both flavor and sustainability in their decaf coffee choice.


Is instant decaf coffee good for you?
Instant decaf coffee can be a suitable choice for those looking to reduce their caffeine intake without sacrificing the coffee experience.

It eliminates most of the caffeine, making it a good option for individuals sensitive to caffeine.

Additionally, decaf coffee retains antioxidants found in regular coffee, contributing to potential health benefits.

Is Nescafe decaf really caffeine-free?
No, Nescafe decaf coffee is not entirely caffeine-free, however, the Taster’s Choice Instant Decaf boasts a remarkably low caffeine content of 99.7% caffeine-free.

The decaffeination process effectively removes the majority of caffeine, making it a suitable choice for those seeking a decaffeinated option with minimal caffeine traces.

Can you get 100% decaf coffee?
Achieving 100% decaf coffee is challenging due to the nature of decaffeination processes.

Even the most thorough methods leave trace amounts of caffeine.

However, many decaf coffees, including instant varieties, can achieve a caffeine content as low as 97-99.9%, providing a nearly caffeine-free option.

Why is decaf instant coffee so expensive?
Decaf instant coffee can be more expensive than regular instant coffee due to the additional steps involved in the decaffeination process.

The methods used, such as the Swiss Water Process or CO2 extraction, are often more intricate and costly.

Additionally, the use of high-quality beans and specialty roasting techniques further contributes to the higher cost of decaf coffee.

Does instant coffee have less caffeine than brewed coffee?

Instant coffee generally contains slightly less caffeine than regular brewed coffee.

One teaspoon of instant coffee can contain between 30-90mg of caffeine, whereas a cup of freshly brewed coffee made with grounds comes in at anywhere between 80-120mg of caffeine.

How is instant coffee made?

Instant coffee is made by brewing coffee as usual, often under high pressure and temperature to dissolve more than is typical.

The resulting coffee extract is then dehydrated through freeze-drying or spray-drying to remove the water and create a powder or granules that can be rehydrated with hot water to make a cup of coffee.

Can you use instant coffee with a French Press?

Yes, you can use instant coffee in a French press, but it’s not the ideal use of a French press.

French press coffee makers are designed to immerse coarsely ground coffee beans in water and then press the mixture through a mesh filter to catch larger grounds.

Instant coffee, on the other hand, is not created to be used in a French press and is brewed differently.

While it is technically possible to use instant coffee in a French press, both coffee lovers and manufacturers of French press machines generally don’t recommend it.

The result may not be as tasty as using freshly ground coffee

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