Keurig K Slim vs. K Mini: Key Differences 

Many people enjoy compact coffee makers for their convenience and affordability.

Since they take up less storage or countertop space, they are great for travel or those with limited space.

They are also easier to clean and maintain than many other types of coffee makers.

Many also come with a single-button operation, making it easy to brew a cup of coffee without having to fuss with many buttons and dials.

Additionally, some of them come with built-in coffee grinders, which is perfect for those who would like to brew their own coffee at home.

The Keurig K Mini and K Slim coffee makers are amongst Keurig’s best-performing machines! Despite their small size, they are powerful and can produce a perfect cup quickly.

Both devices are less than 5″ in width, making them ideal for tiny spaces.

They also have removable drip trays, energy-efficient auto-off features, and cord storage, making them perfect for use in small places. 

Furthermore, they can brew coffee for cups ranging between 6-12 oz, giving users options based on their preferences.

Both machines are great compact coffee makers that offer reliability, convenience, and excellent performance.

Choosing the best one for your home or office can be tricky, so we’ve compared the two models side by side to assist you in making your decision.

In short, If you want a compact single-serve coffee maker for personal use, the K-Mini is a great option.

However, if you want a machine for multiple users or larger groups, the K-Slim is a better option due to its larger water reservoir.

Read on to find out which Keurig will be perfect for your needs in our detailed comparison between these two compact machines.

Keurig K Slim Overview


The Keurig K-Slim is the perfect coffee maker for small spaces, as it takes up minimal counter space.

It has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to carry and a sleek design that blends in with most spaces.

It quickly and easily brews a delicious cup of coffee with minimal effort.

This single-serve machine is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for travel.

It also has a large 46 oz. Water reservoir, meaning you can get four 8 oz. cups of coffee from one tank of water.

The detachable component makes it easy to refill and clean. 

The Keurig K-Slim is a great entry-level machine that will give you delicious cups of brewed coffee every time!

Keurig K Slim Key Features

Here are some of the Keurig K Slim’s key features:

Multistream Technology

This technology distributes water across the coffee ground surface for even saturation of the grounds, maximum flavor, and aroma in every brew. 

Energy Efficient

The Keurig K Slim is a great space-saving coffee maker that brews quickly and easily and has an auto-off feature to help conserve energy.

This feature automatically turns off the K Slim after five minutes of inactivity.

This helps reduce unnecessary energy consumption and save money on utility costs. 

Travel Mug Friendly

It also has a travel mug-friendly design with a removable drip tray that can accommodate travel mugs up to 7.0″ tall and hold a full accidental brew for easy cleanup. 

Compact Design

The Keurig K Slim is designed to be both sleek and stylish.

It features a modern, streamlined look with an ultra-slim profile that fits nicely on the countertop. 

Multiple Cup Water Reservoir

The Keurig K Slim is a single-serve coffee maker with a multiple-cup water reservoir.

This reservoir holds up to 48 ounces of water, allowing you to brew multiple cups of coffee without having to refill the reservoir each time. 

3 Cup Sizes

The Keurig K-Slim offers an array of brew sizes to suit any coffee-drinking preference.

This single-serve coffee maker has a removable 46-ounce water reservoir and allows you to choose from three brew sizes: 8, 10, or 12 ounces. 

Things We Like About The Keurig K Slim

  • The Keurig K-Slim is perfect for small countertops or when you don’t want your coffee maker to take up a lot of space.
  • You can make coffee in minutes with the Keurig K-Slim. No more waiting around for your morning cup of joe.
  • The K-Slim only requires you to use one K-Cup of your choice, meaning you generate less waste and can enjoy different flavors with each cup.
  • A drip tray provides an area where you can pour overflow from overfilled cups.
  • The K-Slim can accommodate three different sizes of cups: 8 oz., 10 oz., and 12 oz.
  • The Keurig K-Slim has a larger water reservoir than the Keurig K-Mini, holding up to 46 ounces of filtered water.
  • The water tank is located at the back of the machine, making it easier to refill than the Keurig Mini’s top-located tank.
  • The sleek, round design of the machine fits into any kitchen design or color scheme.
  • Comes with an excellent instruction manual and is really simple to operate, ensuring you’re up and running in minutes.

Things We Don’t Like About the Keurig K-Slim

  • The plastic outer part of the coffee machine may feel a little weak and cheap.
  • It doesn’t have any features that make it stand out from other single-serve machines.
  • The single-serve brewing system will only work for smaller groups.

Keurig K Mini Overview


The Keurig K-Mini is a sleek and compact single-serve coffee maker that is perfect for any kitchen.

It’s easy to use and compatible with all regular K-Cups, allowing you to brew delicious coffee at the press of a button.

The K-Mini is also lightweight and offers excellent value for money, plus it comes in several fun colors.

However, it lacks a timer or self-cleaning features and can be noisy. 

Despite this, the Keurig K Mini still offers excellent value for money.

The K Mini is one of the market’s most compact single-serve coffee makers, making it perfect for small spaces.

The design is sleek and modern, with a single-button operation for easy use. 

The Keurig K Mini is an excellent choice for an easy-to-use, space-saving coffee maker.

Keurig K Mini Key Features

Here are some of the Keurig K Mini’s key features:

Matte Finish

The Keurig K-Mini coffee maker offers a sleek modern look with matte finish colors.

Available in a variety of colors, the K-Mini offers colors to fit any décor. 

Cord Storage

This feature allows you to easily store the 30-inch power cord in the back of the machine when not in use, eliminating clutter on countertops.

Because of this feature, the K Mini is a great option for people who want to keep their kitchen clean.

Energy Efficiency

The Keurig K-Mini is designed with energy-saving features to help reduce energy consumption.

One of these features is the auto-off feature, which automatically turns off the machine 90 seconds after the last brew.

This feature helps to conserve energy by ensuring that the device is not kept running unnecessarily.

The auto-off feature can be easily enabled and disabled with just a few simple steps. 

Brew Size

The K-Mini can brew between 6oz and 12oz of coffee, depending on how much water you put in the reservoir.

And with its removable 12-oz water reservoir, it’s easy to fill and use again and again.

So if you’re looking for a no-fuss coffee maker that takes up very little space, the K-Mini is an excellent option.

One Cup Reservoir

The Keurig K Mini has a one-cup reservoir that must be refilled each time you make a cup of coffee.

The one-cup reservoir is convenient as it allows you to brew one cup at a time, meaning no wasted coffee and no need to brew a whole pot of coffee.

Environmentally Friendly

It has been designed with more planet-conscious materials, making it the most environmentally friendly of Keurig’s coffee makers.

This is excellent news for those who are conscious of their environmental footprint.

Travel Mug Friendly

One of the great features of the K-Mini is that it is travel mug friendly.

The removable drip tray fits travel mugs up to 7″ tall and holds a full accidental brew for easy cleanup.

Things We Like About The Keurig K Mini

  • The Keurig K Mini is a great starter model that won’t break the bank. It’s also easy to use, with only two buttons and a curved light to control it.
  • The Keurig K Mini is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for small kitchens or tight counters. It’s also available in a range of fun colors.
  • This machine is compatible with all regular K-Cups, so you can enjoy your favorite brews at home. Plus, you can use the My K-Cup universal filter if you prefer reusable pods.
  • The Keurig K Mini brews fast and hot, so you can have your coffee ready in minutes. The auto-off feature will also turn the machine off 90 seconds after each cycle.
  • Keurig has added a High Altitude setting for better performance at higher elevations.
  • It’s made of durable plastic and has no sharp edges or protruding buttons, making it an excellent option for those who want a reliable machine.
  • The price point is also great for those looking to save money without sacrificing convenience or quality.

Things We Don’t Like About The Keurig K Mini

  • Not as high-end as other models in terms of features
  • Somewhat loud when in use.
  • No timer or programming options.
  • No self-cleaning features.

Keurig K Slim vs. K Mini: Ease Of Use

The Keurig K Slim and K Mini have a single button for operation.

This button is used to power the machine on and off and to control the brewing process.

When the button is pressed, the device will heat up and begin to brew.

The button can also select the size of the cup of coffee, from 6 ounces to 12 ounces. The button is clearly labeled and easy to use.

Both models also feature a light indicator to tell you when the machine is on and ready to brew.

The K Slim has a removable 46-ounce water reservoir, compared to the K Mini’s 12-ounce single-cup reservoir, making it much easier to brew larger batches of coffee.

In addition to this, the reservoir on the K Mini is not removable as the K Slim. 

In terms of size, the Keurig K Slim and K Mini are designed to fit into small kitchen spaces, and they both measure less than five inches in width, making them easy to fit into even the tightest of places. 

The K Mini and Slim are both less than 5″ in width, making them perfect for those with small kitchen spaces.

However, the K Mini is slightly smaller than the K Slim in dimensions and is the more suitable choice for those looking for the most compact coffee maker. 

Lastly, both machines feature a removable drip tray, making it easy to clean off accidental spills and overflows.

The K Mini also has the advantage of filling a 7″ travel cup easily by removing the drip plate to add more clearance.

In addition, the K Slim further enhances this feature with its multi-cup reservoir and multiple brew sizes.

Keurig K Slim vs. K Mini: Brew Quality

The Keurig K Slim has a clear edge over the K Mini in terms of brewing quality, mainly because of its Multistream technology.

This feature only comes with the Keurig K Slim and not the K Mini. 

This unique technology distributes the water stream across the coffee ground surface for a more even saturation and a richer, fuller flavor.

Plus, it’s easy to use and clean, making it an excellent choice for busy households.

The Keurig K Mini can still make a delicious cup of coffee.

However, it won’t be as effortless as using the Keurig K Slim due to its more well-rounded features.

You can make various hot and cold drinks with the Keurig K Slim and K Mini.

The Keurig K Slim and K Mini are compatible with K-Pods in various flavors, such as French roast, vanilla, and hazelnut.

You can also use the K-Cup adapter to make your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with your own ground coffee or tea leaves. 

The adapter allows you to use any ground coffee or tea leaves to make a delicious cup of hot or cold beverage.

You can also make iced coffee and iced tea with the Keurig K Slim and K Mini, making them the perfect choice for any occasion!

Keurig K Slim vs. K Mini: Cleaning And Maintenance

The Keurig K Slim and K Mini are easy to clean and maintain.

The removable drip tray makes cleaning off accidental spills and overflows easy.

This feature is also helpful for travel mugs, as it creates extra clearance for larger cups.

To clean the exterior of the machines, a damp cloth should be used to wipe away any dirt or residue.

It is essential to avoid using abrasive materials or liquids as this could damage the exterior of the machines. 

Furthermore, regularly descaling your machine is vital to keep it running efficiently.

To do this, you fill the reservoir with a descaling solution and run it through the machine.

This will help keep it running smoothly and ensure you get the best cup of coffee every time.

Keurig K Slim vs. K Mini: Value For Money

Both machines are great value for money and offer impressive features and performance.

While the K Slim has more advanced capabilities, the K Mini is an excellent option for those who want something simple and economical.

Both coffee makers are highly energy-efficient, have removable drip trays, and can brew coffee in minutes. 

The K Slim also offers a multi-cup reservoir and multiple brew sizes, while the K Mini offers cord storage and is compatible with travel mugs.

In conclusion, both models provide a great combination of size and performance, making them excellent value for money.

Keurig K Slim vs. K Mini: Key Similarities

The following are some key similarities between the Keurig K Slim and K Mini:

  • Both machines are highly compact and measure under five inches wide, making them ideal for small kitchens and travel.
  • They are both aesthetically pleasing, with minimalist designs and interfaces. 
  • They both use K-Cups, so you can enjoy various coffee flavors with both machines.

Keurig K Slim vs. K Mini: Key Differences

The Keurig K-Slim and Keurig K-Mini are both slim and compact coffee makers that offer convenience for those who want a quick cup of coffee.

While aesthetically, they look similar, there are a few key differences between the two models.

  • The Keurig K-Slim has a larger water reservoir at the back of the machine that holds up to 46 ounces, while the Keurig K-Mini has a smaller reservoir at the top of the device that holds between 6 and 12 ounces.
  • Aesthetically, both machines have a sleek and minimalist design. Still, the Keurig K-Slim is slightly larger at just under 5 inches wide compared to the Keurig K-Mini, which measures just over 4.5 inches.
  • The Keurig K-Slim is better suited for larger groups and those who want features like adjustable temperature settings, auto-off timers, and a programmable LCD screen. However, the Keurig K-Mini is better for single users who want an easy and affordable coffee maker that takes up minimal counter space.

Keurig K Slim vs. K Mini: The Verdict

The Keurig K Slim and Keurig K Mini are both great coffee makers.

They are both slim, small, and energy-efficient, making them the perfect choice for those who want to save space in their kitchen.

They offer a range of brew sizes, and both come with removable drip trays, making them easy to clean.

The K Slim has additional features, such as multistream technology and a larger water reservoir.

However, both models are great options for those who want great-tasting coffee in a small package.

The Keurig K Slim offers more features than the Keurig K Mini.

The K Slim has advanced features such as a multi-cup reservoir, multiple brew sizes, and multistream technology, which the K Mini does not have. 

The K Mini is perfect for those looking for something simple and economical to fit in their small kitchen or countertop.

It is only a few inches wide, making it the ideal solution for cramped spaces. 

Ultimately, we love both coffee makers, and you won’t be disappointed with whichever one of the machines you decide to buy!


Do The Keurig K Slim and Mini Use The Same Pods?

Yes, the Keurig K Mini and K Slim both use the same pods.

Both machines are compatible with other cups and pods, not just Keurig-licensed cups.

This means you can use regular K cups, reusable K cups, and other cups and pods with these models. 

What Are The Best Alternatives To The Keurig K Slim And K Mini?

The K-Slim and K-Mini are both great entry-level Keurig machines, but if you’re looking for something better, there are a few alternatives that offer more features and better coffee.

The K-Express is an excellent option if you’re looking for an inexpensive machine that still makes great coffee, and the K-Compact is a good choice if you need a small and compact device that can still hold 3-4 cups of water in its reservoir.

Another option would be the K-Select, a slightly more expensive machine with more programmable settings that can produce a more flavorful cup of coffee.

Does The Keurig K Slim Or K Mini Make Better Coffee?

The K-Mini Plus offers the best-tasting coffee of the three machines due to its “Strong” button, which slows down the water flow through the k-cup, giving you a more complete flavor extraction.

This setting will also brew your coffee slightly slower, but most people won’t notice the extra 20 seconds of wait time.

On the other hand, the K-Slim does not offer a strong button and therefore does not produce the same quality of coffee as the K-Mini Plus.

The K-Slim is limited to 8, 10, or 12oz of water from its water tank and does not produce a full-flavored cup compared to the K-Mini Plus.

Does The Keurig K Slim Or K Mini Have Water Filters?

The Keurig K Mini and K Slim do not have water filters.

However, an easy way around this is to simply use filtered water instead.

What Are The Brew Times Of The Keurig K Slim And K Mini?

The Keurig K Slim is much faster than the K Mini in brewing.

The K Slim can brew a cup of coffee in just over 30 seconds from the moment you press the brew button, while the K Mini takes about 45 seconds.

If you’re using a K Mini Plus, you can press the brew button, which will make the brew longer.

However, you will get a better-tasting cup of coffee. 

Which Is The Best Between The K Slim, K Mini, And K Mini Plus?

The K-Mini Plus offers the best overall experience regarding brewing coffee with a Keurig K-Cup machine.

While the K-Slim and the base model K-Mini offer entry-level performance, the K-Mini Plus provides a “Strong” button that slows the brewing process down so that the brewed coffee tastes better.

It also provides multiple brewing sizes in 6, 8,10, and 12 ounces.

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