Unveiling the Mystery: Why Does My Keurig Have a Phone Jack?

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In the era of advanced coffee brewing technology, you might find yourself scratching your head when you stumble upon a phone jack on your beloved Keurig machine.

With modern coffee makers integrating innovative features and smart connectivity, it’s natural to wonder why your Keurig has a phone jack.

The short answer is that the Phone Jack is meant for Internet connectivity as stated by Keurig back in 2017. However, everybody has their own theory as to why this phone jack is included.

In this blog post, we will explore more potential reasons behind this peculiar inclusion, uncovering the surprising functionality it offers and the potential benefits it brings to your brewing experience.

The Enigmatic Phone Jack: Unveiling Its Location on Your Keurig

If you’re one of the fortunate Keurig 2.0 owners, you may be wondering where exactly this intriguing phone jack is situated on your machine.

Fear not, as we’re here to guide you to its peculiar location. To embark on this discovery, take a moment to examine the lower portion of your Keurig 2.0.

More specifically, direct your attention toward the middle of the drip tray holder. It is in this spot that you’ll find the phone jack port discreetly nestled, waiting to unravel its purpose.

However, if your Keurig model does not belong to the 2.0 lineup, it’s likely that your Keurig doesn’t have this port at all.

The phone jack port bears a striking resemblance to the familiar ports you would typically find in your home, where a landline phone plugs in, adding to the enigma surrounding its presence on your Keurig.

In the next section, we will talk about what exactly the purpose of this phone jack is.

Unraveling the Purpose: Decoding the Phone Jack on Keurig 2.0

The presence of a phone jack on Keurig 2.0 models has left many coffee enthusiasts curious about its purpose and potential functionality.

Keurig shed some light on this mystery back in early 2017, stating that the phone jack was intended to facilitate future connectivity options through an accessory.

However, since then, Keurig has discontinued their 2.0 line brewers, leaving uncertainty surrounding the realization of this envisioned internet connectivity.

As newer Keurig models no longer feature this port, it remains unclear whether Keurig still harbors plans for brewer internet connectivity.

Speculation has arisen within the online coffee community, offering alternative theories regarding the purpose of the phone jack.

One prevailing belief suggests that the port could serve as a means for machine servicing or diagnostic purposes, allowing technicians to access and analyze the brewing system’s inner workings.

Additionally, another source proposes that the phone jack serves as a software port designed exclusively for the technical personnel at Keurig.

This possibility implies that the port could be utilized for debugging, software updates, or internal testing, providing the Keurig team with a direct channel to interact with the machine’s software components.

While the exact purpose of the phone jack on Keurig 2.0 models may remain shrouded in ambiguity, it has undoubtedly sparked intrigue and speculation among coffee aficionados and tech enthusiasts alike.

Despite the discontinuation of the 2.0 line, the enigmatic phone jack continues to captivate minds, leaving room for imagination and curiosity as to the true nature of its intended functionality.

Grounded for Safety: The Reason Behind the Three-Prong Plug on Your Keurig

If you’ve ever noticed that your Keurig machine comes equipped with a three-prong plug, you may have wondered why it deviates from the typical two-slot configuration commonly found in electrical outlets across the United States.

The presence of this additional prong serves a crucial purpose: grounding and protection from electrical surges.

The standard electrical outlets in the US feature two parallel slots, with one slot slightly larger than the other.

Nestled between these two slots lies the third slot, positioned slightly lower and sporting a circular shape or a rounded top with a straight bottom.

Keurig machines employ a three-prong plug precisely because they require grounding, offering an added layer of defense against excessive surges in electricity.

This grounding feature is particularly significant for kitchen appliances like coffee brewers, including your Keurig.

As coffee machines are more prone to encountering moisture, the risk of potential electrical hazards becomes a concern.

By utilizing a three-prong plug and connecting to a properly grounded, three-hole outlet, Keurig ensures that the machine is safeguarded against electrical shocks resulting from short circuits.

When utilizing your Keurig machine, it is imperative to adhere to this grounding requirement.

Ensure that you have access to a correctly grounded outlet that features the necessary three holes.

Additionally, it is crucial to utilize the grounding wire and a plug designed specifically for grounding purposes.

By following these precautions, you actively reduce the risk of electrical shock, providing a safer environment for both yourself and your Keurig brewing experience.

Proceed with Caution: Plugging Your Keurig into an Extension Cord

While most Keurig models are equipped with relatively short power cords intended for direct connection to a nearby power outlet on your kitchen counter, there may be instances where this option is not readily available.

In such cases, using an extension cord to power your Keurig is a viable alternative, but it must be approached with caution to ensure safety and optimal performance.

When opting to utilize an extension cord with your Keurig, it is crucial to observe a few important guidelines.

Firstly, ensure that no other heavy-duty appliances or high-power devices are simultaneously connected to the same extension cord.

Overloading the cord with multiple high-power devices can lead to overheating and potential electrical hazards.

Furthermore, it is essential to disconnect your Keurig from the extension cord when it is not in use.

This simple precaution helps minimize the risk of any unforeseen electrical issues during idle periods and reduces the chances of accidental damage.

It is important to note that a power strip should not be mistaken for an extension cord. Power strips are specifically designed for low-power loads, typically for use with computers and similar devices.

They lack the capacity to handle the higher power demands of coffee makers like Keurig machines. Hence, it is imperative to utilize a proper extension cord that can adequately accommodate the power requirements of your Keurig.

While plugging your Keurig brewer directly into a dedicated outlet is always the preferred option, using an extension cord can be a safe alternative when employed with care.

By following these precautions, you can ensure both the safety of your Keurig and the integrity of your brewing experience.

Exploring Smart Plug Compatibility with Your Keurig

In the realm of smart home automation, the emergence of smart plugs has revolutionized the way we control our wired devices remotely.

With the ability to power various appliances at your fingertips through a smartphone or tablet, the question arises: can you use a smart plug to enhance your Keurig experience? The answer is yes, but with some considerations.

Using a smart plug to supply power to your Keurig is indeed possible. However, it’s important to note that a smart plug cannot automate the brewing process itself.

You will still need to manually press the appropriate brew button on your Keurig device to start the brewing cycle.

Compatibility depends on the type of power switch your Keurig has. If your Keurig model features a mechanical power switch, it should generally work seamlessly with a smart plug.

On the other hand, if your Keurig is equipped with an electronic switch, it may not be compatible or may have limitations when used with a smart plug.

It is worth mentioning that smart plugs typically work best with “dumb” appliances, referring to devices without advanced electronic controls or complex programming requirements.

While some users have reported success using smart plugs with Keurig machines, results may vary due to the specific model and functionalities of both the smart plug and the Keurig device.

If you decide to integrate a smart plug with your Keurig, ensure that it aligns with your expectations and requirements.

While the smart plug can provide convenient power control, it may not offer full automation of the brewing process.

Take into account the compatibility considerations, and keep in mind that the primary purpose of a smart plug with your Keurig is to remotely power the device rather than automate the brewing functions.


The phone jack on your Keurig machine may have left you puzzled, but now you understand its purpose.

Whether it was intended for future internet connectivity, servicing, diagnostics, or software interactions, the phone jack showcases the intersection of coffee and technology.

While newer Keurig models may not include this port, the enigma surrounding the phone jack on your Keurig will continue to pique curiosity and inspire speculation.

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